Add Exception pop up at the first time of a URL access


I'm working on BB10 application which is built based on HTML5 and jquery.

I need to load a url in my iframe applications, but when I try to load the url for the first time, then it shows exception popup adds first time. the subsequent access to url is fine.

I have in the white list of the URLs in my config.xml file, then also this pop up appears on the first access to url in my application, why is this problem? and I'm missing something other that added tag for this url?

Let me know.


There was a problem of SSL certificate server side of the URL that is loaded into the iframe, after installation of the certificate, he started to work very well.

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    You could just add links to each box, but a better solution would be to use svg for this. Unfortunately, it is easier for me to write for someone who does not know svg to do.

    If you have Adobe Illustrator create your svg using this program, then it would be a case to add links manually to each box created in the svg code. SVG is an xml-based language and not a real image, even if this is how a browser will display the it.


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    My guess was very good.

    Yes, you have a race condition.  You read some values through a local variable in the upper part of your VI.  But you write in fact of all values of these indicators until the first image in your sequence structure.  Either thing could happen first, but it is very likely that your local variables are read first.  Thus the default data meaningless.  You should put these calculations in the first image of the sequence structure.  And use wire to one of the constants in the calculations rather than a local variable.

    In fact, I don't know if you need to use local variables anywhere in your VI.  And I also believe you can eliminate both your internal and external sequence structures.  You should always use wires to define your data flow.  The structure of your internal sequence pretty well done this already.  And if you get rid of your local variables and connect to the source of these values, no sequence structure, no variables, and no race condition.

    Try this VI.  I cleaned up.

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    Thank you
    Rajeev G C
    Phone: 9886540640

    Hello Rajiv Iyer,

    There is a forum for questions about Microsoft Lync 2010.
    Click here for a link to repost your questions in forums Microsoft Lync.

    Thank you


  • When I choose my quick selection tool, I click and drag the first time, and he adds (my selection). BUT if I let go of the mouse button and try to select more it goes to Negative (-) and removes all selections I made and won't allow me not one

    When I choose my quick selection tool, I click and drag the first time, and he adds (my selection). BUT if I let go the mouse button and try to select it goes to Negative (-) and removes all the selections I made and not will not let me add again. I never had this problem before, you usually need to hold down the Alt (or Option MAC) to subtract from selections. No one knows what happened or how to fix this problem, maybe a setting I accidentally hit? Thanks for your suggestions! :))

    Look at the options of quick selection - particularly the four icons on the left.

  • problems of the admin: message saying insufficient privileges: you must be an administrator when you run this application for the first time

    I bought this new comp with windows 7 already installed. has worked fine up intill a week or two it y a. I installed a new game, and after installation, I press launch to play it and pop up with a message saying not sufficient privileges: you must be an administrator when you run this application for the first time. also, I thought that I must be the administrator when I tried to launch the disk defragmentation. my account is the administrator account so I don't understand why they say that.

    I'm sorry. I was reading through additional FAQS regarding the same problem. I saw where someone said to try to add another admisistrator account to try to take on the former. but I had no luck with this ether. I also downloaded the program of the UAC, and I turned it off, reset my computer and still no change to my problem. I also tried to download the MSE restore tool, but I found myself with a message saying that I have no MSE

    Sorry, the MSE tool is to set the MSE when its broken.
    UAC controller Tool v1.0 can be used to control the
    The UAC settings.

    However, I suggest you restart the PC and after BIOS hold the F8 key
    and when the Windows Startup Menu appears, select Mode safe mode with networking.

    Now, you will enter Safe Mode. On the page to connect, you will see the
    Standard Windows administrator click it to open a windows session, press and hold
    in mind, the password can be blank.

    Once you have done that make a new account administrator and giv it a name.
    Restart the PC. That you did this newspaper using the new account.
    Once you have done that decide what to keep with your current administrator
    account once you've done it restart the PC, BIOS hold down the F8 key and
    Select Mode safe mode with network and enter dependencies the Standard Windows administrator.

    Go to control panel-> user accounts control and security for the family-> user accounts, then
    Select manage another account. In the list, select the administrator account
    your select and then delete the account, then it will ask you if you want to keep
    files etc, it's your own decision.

  • Always incompatible error when using the app for the first time

    We get the following error every once in a while when you realize an IISReset and newspaper, GSM or SCRM or NDP (have not tested the other apps) for the first time.  The only recovery of this seems to be to make an another IISReset and try again keep doing so until the stop occurring.  Does anyone else have this problem?

    Exceptions: System.Web.HttpUnhandledException: Exception of type 'System.Web.HttpUnhandledException' was thrown. ---> System.ApplicationException: could analyze not String Boolean value: "${UserInRole:CP_SYSTEM_ADMIN} '-> System.FormatException: string was not recognized as a valid Boolean value.

    at System.Boolean.Parse (String value)

    at Xeno.Web.UI.NavigationControls.Builder.Helper.AttributeSetter.ParseBooleanValue (String attributeValue)

    -End of the exception stack trace internal-

    at Xeno.Web.UI.NavigationControls.Builder.Helper.AttributeSetter.ParseBooleanValue (String attributeValue)

    at Xeno.Web.UI.NavigationControls.Builder.Helper.AttributeSetter.SetAttributeValue (String attributeName, attributeValue, menuObj, Boolean isIgnore Object String)

    Xeno.Web.UI.NavigationControls.Builder.YApplicationMenuBuilder.BuildMenuItem (model IMenuModel, BaseMenu menuToBuild)

    Xeno.Web.UI.NavigationControls.Builder.YApplicationMenuBuilder.BuildMenuItem (model IMenuModel, BaseMenu menuToBuild)

    Xeno.Web.UI.NavigationControls.Builder.YApplicationMenuBuilder.BuildMenuItem (model IMenuModel, BaseMenu menuToBuild)

    Xeno.Web.UI.NavigationControls.Builder.YApplicationMenuBuilder.Build (model IMenuModel)

    to Xeno.Web.UI.NavigationControls.NavigationControlContainer.OnInit (ByVal e As EventArgs)

    Oracle support should be able to provide a help file, AssembliesPage.aspx, that you can place in your WebCommon directory. When you then navigate to this page in the URL, it will try to load all the dll dependent and relevant. If one of the required DLL is not found, it should give you a message at the bottom of the page showing you what dll (if any) was absent. It is the most common cause associated with this type of error reported. If you add the missing dll, dealing with the issue.

    You can access the support page by typing the address bar something like the following:
    https:// /gsm/WebCommon/AssembliesPage.aspx
    This assumes that you have placed the page in the directory web\WebCommon

    - - - -
    Kind regards


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    I want to record with < alt > < s > in the Exact program online. This function does not work. This is the first time I use this program with firefox.

    edit, escaped mod < s > in order to avoid the line through question

    A web page can be defined a "accesskey" for an item. Unlike IE/Chrome/Safari, who use the Alt key only, Firefox requires pressing Alt and Shift to activate the element. In other words, try

    ALT + SHIFT + S

    and see if it works.

    I don't know of any way to change this so that the change is not necessary. There may be an add-on?

  • Why firefox is always as he installed the first time?

    Firefox always opens as program installed at the first time. I mean check the Add-ons and a screen of 'what's new' shows at the beginning, every time when I open it. Why is this happening?

    Windows 7 Home Basic
    Firefox 6.0.2
    Pentium P6100
    3 GB ram

    1. Firefox-> Options (or tools-> options if you have the firefox button is disabled)
    2. Make sure that you are on the general tab
    3. Clear your home page to and type what you want as your homepage to be (ie: Subject: House or or just leave it empty
    4. Click OK

    See also: Firefox has just updated tab will appear whenever you launch Firefox

  • Script not running corrextly for the first time


    I have a strange problem.

    Always wenn first time (after the opening of tiara), I run my script, it doesn't work for the masses. Creating a report specifically does not.

    When I run the script for the second time (and each additional hour) everything works fine and correctly?

    To understand:

    -I'm doing some (mathemtical) analyze - still works correctly

    -Load / Append ReportLayout prepared, add curves, create text objects - does not work for the first time, then it alwas works correctly

    The error is, that all the curves (that should be in several Annex layouts and text objects) are added to the first sheet of report responsible (although the reportsheets have been added)

    As I said, when I run the script second time (and each additional hour) everything works as it should?

    Thank you


    I think I solved the problem by myself.

    I inserted "Call PicUpdate" between the two as an interim step, and now it works fine (even running the script first time)

    Thank you all

  • 3000 N200 starts the first time, but he will start for the third time!


    My old N200 of 2 years has recently decided not to initialize the first time. Usually it starts the third time lucky this changes in the cold outdoors when it may take 7 or 8 will but or does not start later.  I think it started after that I left the machine running on battery power a day forgotten and the next day it took a few goes to start after plugging it load up.

    When it wont start the fan lights just like the Windows screen comes on and after a few seconds, it dies as if I had pressed and held down the power button as you would to turn off if the system was no answer, and he makes the same noise. When it finally starts the fan is silent!

    This one worked!

    Thank you very much

    I don't know that I have never done this? Certainly not intentionally. Well, I seem to have solved the problem by resetting the CMOS as described elsewhere in the forum. Machine boots first time every time now, so he must have had something to do with it. Or I also during the same operation was released and returned to the my 2 GB memory add on and I think that may be related to poor startup performance if it is not inserted correctly.

    What a relief and after being where I bought they had no idea and wanted to send it away etc etc and I pay £11 a month for such a service, I had a lot more less than an hour on this forum

    Thanks for the reply

  • Stop at the first time (on the first picture)


    It there a way to "stop" a framework when you first launch?

    I want the user to play a frame when the user a touchscreen.

    For the first time, the stage must be stopped.

    Thank you.

    Yes.  You can add the code via the Actions Panel (window > Actions or press F9).

    For the ActionScript documents, use:


    Or to HTML5 canvas documents, use:

    This.Stop ();

    To learn more about adding code/interactivity here: Add interactivity with code to animate CC

  • Slidemenu does not load the first time in JQuery Mobile App


    I have a Jquery Mobile app with a slidemenu in overall page, and it appears with the push of a button or a simple touch on the screen, the style of facebook. My problem is that the first time that the application loads, the menu never pops out, even if you press the button a thousand times. You must refresh the page, and then in the works in all pages of the application over the life of the session. If your disconnection and enter again, you need to refresh.

    You can see an example here: p = 112:2 user: Demo Passw: 1234abc

    The menu is in a region "after the heading" as a type "list: Menu ' with this custom model:

    The button has the following attributes: data-slidemenu = "#slidemenu" data-slideopen = 'false' style = "margin-left: 0px!" important; »

    Maybe the Javascript or CSS are not load correctly the first time, but insert the menu in other areas has not worked for me. I read with pleasure your comments and suggestions.

    I use Apex 4.2.0.

    Thanks in advance.

    With some research, I found the answer to my question, please check this:


    The problem is that I was not load menu in the login page (which is the first of all) classes and when you've actually got to the page where the button and the menu is displayed, it has not loaded classes.

    Solved the problem of loading of the components in the first page but keeping hidden.

  • My names of files in Flash CS6 change every time I have save for the first time

    When I got Flash CS6, I worked on an animation and has called "grumpy." Now, 2 years later, whenever I'm doing a project in Flash and save it for the first time, he adds "": grumpy ' at the end of the file name. "

    For example, I'm working on a project now with the point leader name "2_1.fla segment." When I recorded it for the first time, it changed to "segment 2_1.fla*: grump.»  Adds it at the end of any project, regardless of the type (ActionScript 3.0 or 2.0).

    I have no idea why Flash is doing this, because this project is not connected to the original 'grumpy' somehow. I don't know how to remove it, either. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!!

    reset your preferences - flash:

    you could also disable AutoSave to see if that solved the problem.

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