Add SSD to the Studio XPS 8100 with 2 HARD drive


I have a request similar to this one in this thread: but I went a little lower on the line, need some advice and help on the Intel Rapid Storage Technology controller.

I have a Dell Studio XPS 8100 with discs of Segate to 2 x 1 TB which have stripes.

Configuration is SATA 1 + 2 = hard disks scratched; 3 = BluRay ROM/DVD RW SATA; SATA 4 = not used.

I bought a Samsung SSD 840 series.

What I want to do is add the new SSD controller and install Windows 8 without messing/breaking the existing 2 x HDD Striped Array.

First, I installed the SSD SATA 4 and started Windows 8 to DVD but Windows 8 says it could not install on this disk because it is not bootable (SSD is not formatted/not partitioned right now but I guess that Windows 8 installation will do for me.

If the questions are:

(1) if I go the SSD SATA 1, could I (physically) move the existing striped 2 HDD SATA 2 and 3 and set this configuration in technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology controller without losing the striped table?  I don't want to find that the controller will set up a table of fees which then requires a fresh format in order to to use.

(2) is there a documentation of this controller I could read on what concerns the reconfiguration/options and their effect?

Thank you

I am pleased to learn that you have to work.  Sometimes I forget that the newer Dell BIOS will allow allows you to select a SATA port for the start.  My XPS 410, being an older machine, allows me only to the ability to choose 'SATA hard drive' as boot device.  Because it does not give me the option to choose a specific port, the bootable SATA drive must be attached to the first port.

Once a RAID has been configured, the parametric data written to readers allow the RAID ROM figure out how the RAID has been configured.  I've been through all this on a Studio XPS 435 t/9000; We had a problem after adding a new video card in the system that caused startup failure, error message "one or more of your drives are locked".  We have solved by moving readers from the ports of third and fourth (or Dell originally installed them) to the ports of first and second.  Requirement to keep records in the same relative order of port, you can of course make this transition and maintain the operational computer.

I wish that your installation does not end with an arrangement of dualboot on its own; Maybe Windows 8 works differently from Windows 7.  The XPS 410, I'm currently using is a RAID 0 which has been initially configured with Windows XP.  When I decided to try Windows 7, I has narrowed the original partition and run the Windows 7 Installer to install in the unallocated space resulting.  The installation went normally and I found myself with a system dual boot without ever having had the opportunity to indicate that I wanted a system dual boot.  Since it was my goal, I'm not complaining, but I see that it might be inconvenient for some people who had the intention like that.  Before installation, you accidentally set your SSD on port 4 to be the first in the boot order?

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  • Update graphics card for Studio XPS 8100 with 600W PSU


    I just joined the forums of Dell and I was wondering if I could get help for choosing a new graphics card for my studio xps 8100.

    I just bought a power SUPPLY Corsair 600w PSU and was looking for a good graphics card for games (something which runs the games current and near future at the top or above), preferably between 70 and 100 pounds. I took a look at the Geforce GTX 650, and I think that the power supply 600w she'll be fine, but I wasn't sure whether she would be fit in my office. Any advice on the appropriateness of the GTX 650 will fit / work, or any recommendation of something better, would be great.

    See you soon

    Hello Oni21,

    My apologies for the delay in response and if was not clear in my previous post. I wanted to say before you buy the GTX650, take the computer to a local store and check if the graphics card works on the system.

    Please write again if you have any additional questions.

  • Studio XPS 8100. Update graphics Nvidia GTX 650 or 750 GTX


    I have a studio XPs 8100 with a Radeon 5770 (1 GB) graphics card. If it was a good card when I bought the system, I think to upgrade the card to an Nvidia GTX 650 (4 GB) or a 750 GTX card 2GB.

    Apart from buying a new power of W 600 or 700 unit, is there anything I should know about?  Did anyone tried these cards in the XPS 8100? The motherboard and the case would argue one of them?  I have a GB of Ram 1333 6, I have to increase it too?

    Thank you very much in advance for the help.

    I have not had to install a new ps. The 750 TI FTW attracts only and extra 25 watts and a regular 750 TI does not yet use this extra power. And Yes, you can change the ps in a 8100 but they are irregular in size but can be found. I'd say you'd be fine with any 750 cards and honestly, you can get 50 fps or better in most of the games with them, a lot of maps. My son has a ti 750 FTW in a xps 8700 and gets 70-80 fps in his favorite tank game.

  • Question of graphics Dell Studio XPS 8100

    I plan to upgrade my desktop computer Dell Studio XPS 8100 with a new graphics card, so that I can play new games such as Skyrim and Star Wars the old republic.

    Can someone tell me which of these cards is best for this purpose, corresponds to my computer and if other changes are needed (ideally no)?

    EVGA GTX 550 VGA (GDDR5, PCI-Express, 2 GB)
    Sapphire 6750 (PCI Express, DDR3, 2 GB)
    Sapphire 6790 (PCI-Express, GDDR5, 1 GB)
    PALIT GTX 550 Ti (GDDR5, PCI Express, 1 GB)

    Thanks in advance,


    Based on the recommended for Skyrim card, you will need to go with the HD 6790 or GTX 550 it.  However, your biggest problem is food that is only 350 watts.  For all these cards, a higher power is recommended by the manufacturer.  The HD 6790 is the best on the list with the GTX 550 Ti in 2nd.  I'll take the other two on your list because they would fall the recommended card, but they would always play the games.   I would recommend if you upgrade the power supply to go with a unit of minimum mark of 500 watts with the necessary connections.

    Skyrim recommended card: 1 GB RAM NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 or higher; ATI Radeon 4890 or higher).  Old video card then the ones I showed would be comparable.

    If you choose not to change your diet, a GTS 450 or HD 6750 can work.  I don't see much interest to get a card of 2 GB to this level.  It's going to be better than GDDR3 memory GDDR5.

  • Studio XPS 8100 - (Best Buy Version) bought end of 2010 4 GB DDR3 Ram problems 1333Ghz


    I bought a Studio XPS 8100 in late 2010 at a Best Buy store. It came with 4 cylinders of 2GB 1066Ghz (each cylinder), adding up to a total of 8GB spread on 4Slots, all of a sudden one of the slot (Slot 2 to be precise) Ram began to fail, so computer would beep to reveal no ram or sometimes ram write failure etc. So, to avoid problems with this slot (Slot 2), I got rid of all four locations of 2 GB and wanted to replace them with the following ram: "(Kingston HyperX FURY 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 CL9 DIMM quantité = 2 d'ajouter jusqu'à 8Go en Kit) ', but my computer is beeping not revealing no ram detected." Now, according to the Studio XPS manual, the configuration can be either Ghz 1066 or 1333 Ghz as long ram DDR3 of Ram.

    I would like to know why my new 8 GB kit (2x4gb 1333 Ghz) does not work with my computer Studio XPS 8100? RAM is correctly inserted on the slot 1 and 3 (I even tried different slot combinations).

    It would be a great help if you guys can let me know what DDR3 1333 Ghz Ram is compatible with my Studio XPS 8100.

    Thank you!

    I contact Kingston technical support and get their help.

    I think the chipset on the studio XPS 8100 is H57.

    H57 is not listed as a compatible chipset on the webpage the HyperX fury.

    Could it be the timing or Sub timings and memory density or...

    Kingston has maybe a different kit that will work and they can exchange.

    or return it and check the crucial.

  • Studio XPS 8100 - how to remove the cover of the modular Bay?

    I would remove the plastic cover of the modular Bay on the front of my venerable Studio XPS 8100 so I can install a USB 3.0 3.5 inch hub instead. However, I can't find instructions for it. In fact, I can't find any description of how to use the modular Bay.

    To start: how to remove the cover plastic modular Bay?

    Also: If someone has found the instructions on how to insert a player or another device in the modular Bay, I would be glad to know where I can find them.

    Hello rdunnil

    I took off the glasses and I saw how the metal plate is attached. Applying light pressure with a screwdriver flat head will do the job. Exchange on USB 2.0 ports would also work: I found directions for the removed from their metal case. Whatever it is, I'm all set. Thank you for pushing me in the right direction. It is much more valuable than the useless, generic link you gave me.

  • What is the cheapest video card that will work in a Dell Studio XPS 8100?

    Map of 5770 in my Studio XPS 8100 seems to be dying.  The screen keeps have corrupted and I can't do anything until I restart, then it happens after a few minutes.  I have a corsair cx430 power supply installed.

    The only weird thing I've noticed is that when it is started in safe mode the display seems to work perfectly.

    This machine is my server machine, so I only need to make a minimum of working directly on the machine.

    I think I should just replace the video card.  What is the cheapest video card / lowest which will work in my 8100?

    Thank you


    The Sapphire 6450 is a video card large budget.

  • Studio XPS 8100 does not start

    Hello!  I have a 2010 studio xps 8100 (Intel (r) Core i7 CPU 860 to 2.80 GHz, 8 GB ram) and it's great when it works.  Last week, I was out of town and when I came back it would not start upward.  I can turn it on and start the fans, but it does not pass the POST and therefore does not start.  I tested the ram and it seemed ok (two beeps when trying to boot without ram, no beeps when ram is correctly placed).  The original of the graphics card died last year and I had it replaced with an EVGA Geforce GTX 750, I chose because it was one of the few cards that could work with the power supply 350w provided with your computer.  I thought that maybe the PSU was then replaced by a 500w PSU, but the problem persists.  I then read somewhere that if you SNYC date/time problems (which I was when the computer would turn on) that you need to replace the battery on the motherboard, so I did and still does not start.  I don't know what I can do, is the dead motherboard?  I tried the drain the power thing (release the button so that disconnected power for 30 seconds) and that didn't work either.

    Yes, but I'm sure that the battery is not the issue.  If it was I'd get stack codes error beep (5 beeps).

    Not necessarily...

    It does not pass the POST because it does not start...

    If the video card is faulty, the PC can still start but you just do nothing appears on the monitor, so I don't know that you can actually say that it does not pass POST.

    When you have tested the monitor with your laptop, did you use the same cable and video port on the monitor that you use with desktop? If you have used another port on the screen with the laptop with the office, this is not a fair test.

    Have you tried reinstalling the video card into its slot and check the connections of the video cable at both ends?

    This system has onboard video and Pluggable software component video card. So, you can remove the add-in card and switch the monitor to the onboard video port. According to the specifications, the onboard video has HDMI and DVI outputs, so assuming that your monitor supports either people, you have an easy way to test more.

    NOTE: The embedded video ports are DISABLED unless you physically remove the video card. If you cannot move just the video cable to a built-in port while the video card is installed.

  • Studio xps 8100 fan speed

    I have a studio xps 8100. The cpu fan started reving to about 3000 rpm, then back to 300 rpm around every 8 seconds. There is no adjustment of the fan in my bios, and I have the latest version of the BIOS update. I blew all the dust. I went from fans with my wifes computer and she always does so is not the fan itself.  I installed speedfan is watch without adjustments for the speed of the fans, he didn't tell my the CPU cores are running around 40 to 50 degrees Celsius and the chart for fan1 up and down from 300 to more than 3000 rpm. Any ideas on what is the problem and how can I solve this problem? The fan slows to 300 RPM will damage my CPU? Appreciate any help I get. Thank you.

    @MJAyr - I sent you a msg.

  • Replacement radiator/fan CPU in Studio XPS 8100 problems

    I'm looking to replace the CPU fan/radiator in my Studio XPS 8100 desktop computer, using a Dell model 0TJ5T2 ( is my actual unit).  The Amazon seller, I ordered it from class compatible with the 8100 XPS (; redirect = true & ref_ = oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00), but I'm having an extremely difficult time, install the new fan.  The screws on the line of the fan with the holes on the motherboard upward; but when I press firmly on one of their chiefs/Springs, the screw's not going deep enough to really catch on anything whatsoever (and pressure usually ends up causing the heatsink to slip away from the CPU).  Y at - it something I am doing wrong, or this model fan is not really compatible with the 8100?

    There is a thread X on the bottom of the motherboard heatsink live in.

    If this is not the same then its wrong son.

  • Studio XPS 8100 Wifi not recognize connections

    Hello, I recently moved to College with my Dell Studio XPS 8100. The school offers wifi, which I can connect to a bit on my laptop, telephones and even consoles. However, my computer tower in the same exact place can't save even that wifi connections exist.

    While the school wifi does not seem to use some sort of proxy, I can locate and connect to it fine on my laptop Dell Inspiron positioned at the same place as my turn, so I don't think there is a problem with the routers or the school wifi connection. There are also other close connections (my roommate printer, wifi from a neighbor) that are independent of the school which are also not be picked up by my computer. Only, he has a red X over the wifi symbol and said that no connection is available.

    While at home, I had no problem and the unit has not changed since then. I don't think there is a wifi external change, so I don't think I fell anything during the move. (But if I'm wrong, please let me know).

    As far as I can tell, I've checked the Device Manager, all the drivers seem to be activated and functioning. I tried a system restore to the week last to see if an update may have changed something, but it had no effect. I also went to the Dell drivers & downloads and downloaded and installed the latest network driver (1525 Wireless Atheros WLAN Mini Card Desktops, v., A02) which was available for my model. It also did not help.

    System information:

    Network Card(s):           3 NIC(s) Installed.                           [01]: Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet                                 Connection Name: Local Area Connection                                 Status:          Media disconnected                           [02]: DW1525 (802.11n) WLAN PCIe Card                                 Connection Name: Wireless Network Connection                                 Status:          Media disconnected                           [03]: Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter                                 Connection Name: Wireless Network Connection 2                                 Status:          Media disconnected
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, a computer without wifi does me no good so I'm banging my head on the wall trying to figure this one out.

    Well, I must say that I am a little disappointed that I have not received a response from the help here. Way to go Dell. Really feel the 'support '.

    I love how a problem one sentence posted a few days later got more than 100 responses. Maybe next time I not giving all the details of the sentence and just say "my wifi is not working help me please?

    Anyway, pretty passive aggressive. For anyone who comes across this post with the same problem, here is how I fixed it:

    I jumped open the computer because I was sure it was a hardware problem, and of course, there was a layer of dust on my ethernet card and connection strips but seemed dull and did not make a good connection. Carefully, I removed the card and cleaned, replace it. I also made sure my antenna that comes with the computer has been fully connected (believe me, this tour can not pick up wifi at all without them, to ensure that the antenna is in!)

    A few reboots later and he remained in service.

  • Studio XPS 8100.

    I bought a system Dell Studio XPS 8100, about 2 years, for about $800,00 and in the first year, from many problems. Against freezing up just stop without reason. No malicious software installs or something like that. After fighting it for far too long, I have just attributed to get a lemon because dells were supposed to be the best. So rather than go through the disorders associated with repair shops, I decided to just get a new. So, I went out and paid $850,00 for an another Dell. An i5 Studio XPC. Now, all my troubles would be behind me. I kept the other one just for a backup. So now, here, it's about 2 years later, and the more recent does exactly the same thing. I'm going to walk away from him for about 2 h., back and completely frozen up. It happens again and again. Need to remove the main power plug and restart to do anything. I guess my question is, are all these unwanted Dells today? I've been buying computers for more than 20 years, and I have never spent so much money for this garbage. I could get a nice HP for a lot less and probably had far fewer problems. Needless to say that Dell will never get another dime from me, or someone asking me for suggestions of computer brand. Absolutely disgusted.


    I bought a system Dell Studio XPS 8100, about 2 years, for about $800,00 and in the first year, from many problems. Against freezing up just stop without reason. No malicious software installs or something like that. After fighting it for far too long, I have just attributed to get a lemon because dells were supposed to be the best. So rather than go through the disorders associated with repair shops, I decided to just get a new. So, I went out and paid $850,00 for an another Dell. An i5 Studio XPC. Now, all my troubles would be behind me. I kept the other one just for a backup. So now, here, it's about 2 years later, and the more recent does exactly the same thing. I'm going to walk away from him for about 2 h., back and completely frozen up. It happens again and again. Need to remove the main power plug and restart to do anything. I guess my question is, are all these unwanted Dells today? I've been buying computers for more than 20 years, and I have never spent so much money for this garbage. I could get a nice HP for a lot less and probably had far fewer problems. Needless to say that Dell will never get another dime from me, or someone asking me for suggestions of computer brand. Absolutely disgusted.

    Two systems, that you got were thinner and should continue to work well. Please run diagnostics in both entities:

    If the diagnosis then the two systems are likely due to a reinstall of Windows operating system. Preferably a clean install opposed to factory settings.

    The Studio XPS i5 especially if it is a system of Windows 8, has probably just upgraded to 8.1 Windows and Microsoft of this 'Service Pack' deployment has been far from perfect. A new installation of Windows 8.1 will correct the problems with the update.

    For the XPS 8100, it will be Windows 7 64 bit, again judging by his calendar was probably a problem when installing Service Pack 1. Follow my A install clean windows for best results, it will instruct you in the download installation media and clean install Windows updates before you install the drivers in the system leading to optimal performance, then do a new sanitation recovery partition:

  • The Studio XPS 435MT graphics card upgrade

    Hi all

    I have a Dell Studio XPS 435mt with these specs:

    Intel Core I7 2.67 ghz

    6 GB of RAM

    ATI Radeon HD 4570 512 MB graphics card (it's the original one)

    I got nothing so far, but now I want to change the graphics card because I want to play games that require higher performance, I play with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080 p).

    So what do you suggest me? What is the best graphics card can I take, compatible with the studio 435mt?

    I don't want to change the other components (and I mean the PSU in particular) I don't want to change the graphics card.

    So what is the graphics card that pushes the limit of this computer?

    I have another question.

    I bought this computer in Italy and it's because I'm Italian xD.

    Now I'm in Boston for the summer holidays and I would buy the card here. There is a compatibility problem between Italian and American computers?

    I mean the GPU are all the same despite the country or there are a few differences to take into account?

    I'm sorry if I am repetitive, but I don't know if my questions are clear and understandable.

    Thanks for your help!

    I have no budget.

    True, but even once, why would you spend $129 when the same one that costs only $89 HERE at Newegg.  Personally, I wouldn't put a high end as the HD 6970 card in your system, but it is up to you.  For me, just is not there, but I know that others have fact.   Cards more recent performance today they run cooler and are smaller than the last generation.  I know there are people who have put in the hot and power hungry GTX 295 in this system.  If you want a high end card without going overboard, take a look at the HD 6850 and HD 6870.  However, if you have money, you can do whatever you want if you use an i7 processor to go with it.  I'm just a little at low cost.

  • Studio XPS 8100, GPU upgrades?

    Nice day. I hope an expert can help me.

    My computer: Desktop computer Studio XPS 8100 Dell, intel Core i7 870 2.93 GHz, 8 MB, etc.
    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 single memory 1 GB. Reading, not sold at retail and is now no longer available

    I do not use the computer to play games. Graphics card fan started making noise and heat, perhaps should be changed. I can on this card - EVGA GeForce GT 620 700 MHz HDMI PCI-Express could it be a compatible replacement. CCAN you Please provide DETAILS for me a graphics card in replacement of approximately the same 'power' +. I can myself, slot load driver and be operational. No not in the evolution of the other pieces. In the meantime, thank you for your help.


    You've always had a "have a constant orange light on the motherboard" means that you have AC and 5v standby is available.  If you have no light there is no input power and so you will NEVER turn. The day before on the card itself power light. Once the PC is plugged in and power supply is turned on, even if the PC is always OFF. Because the LED is about the size of a bullet, some call it at the flea market.

  • Dell xps 8100; Disk failure hard error 2000-0142 0 self test status 79

    Hi guys, I was wandering in the forums for a few hours, now looking for ana response to this question, and can't find anything clear. I have a XPS 8100 that I run a diagnostic and received a 2000-0142 error code that says MSG: error code 2000-0142 hard drive FAILURE 0 self-test status: 79 based on what I read in the forum is that there is a disk failure, and the only recourse is to solve the problem in my view is to replace the drive. Firstly, can someone please give me an absolute confirmation that it is indeed what I have to do, or is there something else I should do to fix this problem first? If a replacement drive is there someone could please tell me how can I do to get my OEM software off the coast of the partition recovery and on my new drive. I now office preinstalled and, of course, premium Windows 7 I would like to see on my new hard drive and I was not provided with one of the disks at the time of purchase. Thanks in advance to all those who respond

    Hi XPS8100kid,

    Welcome to the Dell Community Forum.

    The 200-0142 error is for hard drive failure and you need to replace the hard drive.

    Since the hard drive has not, you would not be able to access the partition recovery on it. Data would be lost and the software already installed on your computer will need to be reinstalled.

    Windows 7 will need to be installed on the new hard drive. Please click the link below to get the procedure of re - install Windows 7.

    If based in the United States, you can ask for the backup drives by clicking the link below:

    I would like to know if additional assistance is needed.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Babita S

    For easy access to the drivers, manuals and updates, please visit our Support Site .

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