Add the new storage provider


I try to add the new provider (HP P2000 G3 MSA FC) storage for VMware vSphere Web Client 6, then these steps vSphere 6.0 Documentation Center

What is the "URL" or where I can find it? I used which is the web storage console IP, but get error "the specified provider URL is not valid.



VASA Provider URL is accessible via HP OneView plugin for VMware vCenter...

See details in the section "Support of VASA" on page 37 of this white paper from HP to address official:

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  • Add the new SCSI controller and new drive - powershell SDK

    Hi all

    I'm trying to add the new disc of paravirtual to my VMs. There are two types of virtual machines in the environment; a Paravirtual controller attached and others are without controller; so my task is to set the new drive of paravitual using powershell SDK.

    So far I am successful with my code if the controller is already present but the script fails when I try to attach the controller. with the error.

    RecommendDatastores: The method call failed because [System.Object []] contains a method named "RecommendDatastores".

    C:\NodeDeployment\Inprogress\Add_newPVScsiDisk.ps1:111 tank: 44

    + $generatedkey = $SRM. RecommendDatastores < < < < ($storageSpec)

    + CategoryInfo: InvalidOperation: (RecommendDatastores:String)], RuntimeException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId: MethodNotFound

    I know that this script is not good enough to post here because it is an initial draft, but in the script attached please help me with the present part-

    The Script requires a csv with VMname entry; Disksize to be attached and store cluster data

    else {
                Write-Host "Paravirtualized SCSI Controller Not Found in $vmname.. Trying to add new scsi controller and additional Hard-disk..."
                $NewSCSIDevice = New-Object VMware.Vim.VirtualDeviceConfigSpec
                $NewSCSIDevice.operation = "add"
                $NewSCSIDevice.device = New-Object VMware.Vim.ParaVirtualSCSIController
                $NewSCSIDevice.device.key = -222
                $NewSCSIDevice.device.busNumber = ($allScSiController.BusNumber.Count)
                $NewSCSIDevice.device.sharedBus = "noSharing"
                $NewDiskDevice.device.controllerKey = -222
                $NewDiskDevice.device.unitNumber = 0
                $NewDiskDevice.device.capacityInKB = ($diskSize * (1024 * 1024))
                $storageSpec.configSpec.deviceChange += $NewDiskDevice
                $storageSpec.configSpec.deviceChange += $NewSCSIDevice
                $generatedkey = $SRM.RecommendDatastores($storageSpec)
                $key = $generatedkey.Recommendations[0].Key

    OK I have it myself; I guess busnumber was the problem. He converted to INT working like charm...

    Now, I have to work with storage Drs IE. with the ReconfigureVM_task method. hoping that will work also...

    else {}

    [int] $busnumber = $allScSiController.Count

    Write-Host "paravirtualized SCSI Controller not found in $vmname... Try to add the new controller scsi and extra hard drives... »

    $NewSCSIDevice = new-Object VMware.Vim.VirtualDeviceConfigSpec

    $NewSCSIDevice.operation = 'Add '.

    $NewSCSIDevice.device = new-Object VMware.Vim.ParaVirtualSCSIController

    $NewSCSIDevice.device.key = - 222

    $NewSCSIDevice.device.busNumber = $busnumber

    $NewSCSIDevice.device.sharedBus = "noSharing".

    $NewDiskDevice.device.controllerKey = - 222

    $NewDiskDevice.device.unitNumber = 0

    $NewDiskDevice.device.capacityInKB = ($diskSize * (1024 * 1024))

    $storageSpec.configSpec.deviceChange += $NewDiskDevice

    $storageSpec.configSpec.deviceChange += $NewSCSIDevice

    $generatedkey = $SRM. RecommendDatastores ($storageSpec)

    $key = $generatedkey. Recommendations [0]. Key

    $SRM. ApplyStorageDrsRecommendation_Task ($key)




  • Add the new hard drive into the data store in ESXi 4.1

    Hi all

    I got ESX 4.1 installed on the Dell server, and I have 3 virtual machines on a data store.

    I added a new 500 GB scsi hard drive to the server,

    and I need to add it to the datasore or create a new...

    How can I see this new hard drive? and add it to the data store?

    Waiting for your help.



    Oracle system engineer


    That's all I can help you.  These instructions are based on the Perc 5 / i controller, which I think you have on our system.  You have not specified the server so I just assumed that this is so.

    1. unscrew the hot spare that you just made.  Follow this link from Dell.

    2 follow the link for the installation of virtual disks -

    This link has three steps to void, skip the step on "spare parts of designate hot."
    a. create the virtual disks and select virtual disk options.   -Online steps to create another disk group and add the new disk to the disk group.
    (b) designate the drives hot spares (optional). =>, YOU CAN SKIP THIS STEP
    c. initialize virtual disks. -online must do.  just do not initialize the incorrect disk.

    After the step #2 c, you should be able to access the drive in ESXi or command-line (list of nmp esxcli devices).

    And no, you cannot add this manaully until do you step #2 above which is to define the disk group, creating virtual disks and initialize the virtual disk.

    Good luck.

  • Cannot add the new nfs datastore


    I would like to get some advice how to add a new nfs data store. Here are the steps I did:

    (1) I have setup a stand-alone ESXi 4 server. I configured the VMNIC0 with IP with Vswitch0.

    (2) I have setup a NFS storage. The NFS share is file://\\\share. I tried using a Windows laptop and I can access the share.

    (3) ON the ESXi server, I created another Vswitch1 with VMNIC1 IP I connect my storage to VMNIC1. ESXi, I'm able to ping my storage

    (4) I connect my Windows laptop (IP to VMNIC0. I am able to Vsphere Client to the ESXi server.

    (5) using the Vsphere Client user interface, I click on 'add the new data store '. The fields that I get are "" and "share". I got the below error message:

    "Error while configuring the host: NFS error: unable to mount filesystem: unable to connect to the NFS server.

    What it went wrong?

    Kind regards


    No claim, the NFS must be in the same subnet as your ESX VMKernel Port and your VI Client must be in the same subnet as the Console of the ESX Service / Management Port. But in many cases (especially with ESXi and if not configured otherwise) management and VMKernel are on the same Interface / subnet.

    Kind regards

    Gerrit Lehr

    If you have found this or other useful information, please consider awarding points to 'Correct' or 'useful '.

    Co-author of the German reference work on virtualization and VMware

    "Das Virtualisierungsbuch" -

    Regular author on virtualization and other topics in the Magazine German FreeX IT in ass

  • Add to that a drive to RAID5 ESX didn't add the new space?

    I need more space for the ESX Server so I add 4th same drive size to existing RAID5, I had 3 discs 264.50 I now see in open manage once I add the 4th car total 408 GB is 260 something in ESX under storage always fresh watch 46 GB 264.50 GB of space even old information and restarted ESX even question? How can I add the new space of ESX?

    Thank you

    Always backup your virtual machines if you are not sure

    For me, because I am familiar with the disk partitioning, I would just to repartition the disk.  Depends on your comfort level.  method 1 is the "safest".


  • Data to be moved to the new storage array: ASM_POWER_LIMIT question

    DB version:
    Solaris operating system: 5.10
    Setup: 2 NŒUD RAC storage 2 TB of data in 4 LUNS (all 4 LUNs belong to a single storage group)

    We will replace our IBM 2 existing a new 4 TB storage array to Sun Storagetek.

    That's what I decided to do after a few R & D.

    Below are the steps that I've prepared based ML Note: 557348.1

    Create 4 LUNs on the new storage, and then create a test using Diskgroup
    SQL> CREATE DISKGROUP TEST EXTERNAL REDUNDANCY DISK '/rdsk/c0t1s1', '/rdsk/c0t1s2', '/rdsk/c0t1s3', '/rdsk/c0t1s4';
    Check if the diskgroup is created and mounted:
    If so, then manually mount on other instances of ASM:
    If the previous steps were successful and the diskgroup TEST can be mounted with success (on each ASM instance), and then drop the diskgroup TEST as follows:
    SQL> alter diskgroup test dismount; --(from all the ASM instances, except from one).
    SQL> DROP DISKGROUP TEST; --(from the ASM instance, which the diskgroup is still mounted). 
    Records of candidate is ready to be added to the desired diskgroup:
    SQL> ALTER DISKGROUP <my production diskgroup> ADD DISK '/rdsk/c0ts1', '/rdsk/c0t1s2', '/rdsk/c0t1s3', '/rdsk/c0t1s4';
    My question:
    Since involved LUNS are of large size, and rebalancing would make the command Add DRIVE slower. Right?
    I am thinking of setting the ASM_POWER_LIMIT to 0 until I started to do this and later new rever to 1. Is this a good approach?


    My question:
    Since involved LUNS are of large size, and rebalancing would make the command Add DRIVE slower. Right?

    No, when you run the command ' add/drop disc' ASM reads and writes only metadata in the headers of all asmdisks (belonging to the diskgroup) and the guest is released.
    The complete rebalancing of the data process runs in the background.

    The fact that the guest to be released does not mean that the operation has ended. You need to check on the V$ ASM_DISKS (GROUP_NUMBER, PATH, HEADER_STATUS, NAME) to determine if you can remove the disks to the HOST.

    see this example (no difference at the time of change of power of rebalancing)

            ADD DISK '/dev/oracleasm/disks/ASM_VOL'
            DROP DISK DG_DATA_0000
    Diskgroup altered.
    Elapsed: 00:00:07.90
            ADD DISK '/dev/oracleasm/disks/DISK01'
            DROP DISK DG_DATA_0001
    Diskgroup altered.
    Elapsed: 00:00:08.21

    I am thinking of setting the ASM_POWER_LIMIT to 0 until I started to do this and later new rever to 1. Is this a good approach?

    You must know that the rebalancing will take place when there is a change of configuration diskgroup.
    Be careful, affecting the ASM_POWER_LIMIT 0 can let the diskgroup in a State of imbalance or unbalanced. (I do not recommend this)

    My recommendation:

    (* 1) save all your databases and valid backup (always required to protect your data). *

    You NEED to check the note below before add your ASMDISK.
    * Block Corruption in ASM while that balance [ID 1098453.1] *.

    2) run in two steps

    alter diskgroup  add disks  rebalance power x;
    alter diskgroup  drop disks  rebalance power x;

    Or Execute in a single step. (My favorite)
    Alternatively, we can run add disk & drop drive statements in a single operation, in what way that a rebalancing operation will be launched.

    alter diskgroup 
     add disk 
     drop disk 
    rebalance power 9;

    Wait until the end of the operation of rebalancing.
    You can follow the process of rebalancing using the following queries:

         ROUND(TOTAL_MB/1024)  TOTAL_GB,
          ROUND( FREE_MB/1024) FREE_GB,
    select * from v$asm_operation; 
    select * from gv$asm_operation;
    select      NAME,
         ROUND(TOTAL_MB/1024)  TOTAL_GB,
         ROUND( FREE_MB/1024) FREE_GB,

    Kind regards
    Levi Pereira

  • Move Tables an index to the new storage facilities


    I have two tables IEFSENCY_TAB and IEFSENCY_IDX, first areas contain tables and the second is the index.
    The IEFSENCY_TAB, I have to separate 3 DASC, DSUBEX and tables DOBJ who has 57 MB and 4 GB, 9 GB, new storage spaces.
    These tables have the following index on the IEFSENCY_IDX tablespace:
    DASCI2, DASCI3 table DASC.
    DOBJI1, DOBJI2, DOBJI3, DOBJI4 of DOBJ table

    Can I use the its sql following to move tables to the new tablespace:

    on the case of DOBJ, for example:

    ALTER table DOBJ move tablespace IEFSENCY_TAB2;

    ALTER index rebuild tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2 DOBJI1;
    ALTER index rebuild tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2 DOBJI2;
    ALTER index rebuild tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2 DOBJI3;
    ALTER index rebuild tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2 DOBJI4;


    I did the following:

    SQL > create tablespace IEFSENCY_TAB2
    2 datafile 'L:\DataENCY\tabENCY_SUB.dbf '.
    3 size M 100
    4 extent management local uniform size 1 M;

    Created tablespace.

    SQL >
    SQL > create tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2
    2 datafile 'L:\DataENCY\idxENCY_SUB.dbf '.
    3 size M 100
    4 extent management local uniform size 1 M;

    Created tablespace.

    SQL > alter system table. DSUBEX move tablespace IEFSENCY_TAB2;

    Modified table.

    SQL > alter the indexing system. DSUBEXI1 reconstruction tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2;

    The index is modified.

    SQL > alter the indexing system. DSUBEXI2 reconstruction tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2;

    The index is modified.

    SQL > alter the indexing system. DSUBEXI3 reconstruction tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2;
    change the indexing system. DSUBEXI3 reconstruction tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2
    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-01652: unable to extend segment temp of 128 in tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2

    How can I solve this error?

    Thank you

    ORA-01652: unable to extend segment temp of 128 in tablespace IEFSENCY_IDX2

    Published by: user641364 on 17-Apr-2009 05:22

    Well, I did add the new data file in the IEFSENCY_IDX2 tablespace, I guess I should calculate the size of the index to rebuild

    Published by: user641364 on 17-Apr-2009 05:57

    This is exactly the solution. Consider defining new storage pamateres if you like to shrink space

  • Add the new entry name of folder of bookmarks does not

    (There's a reason I'm fool the previous thread on this subject, as well as my response to this: I couldn't find a way to add FireFox 10.0.2 to the tags of the thread.) If the thread tags may be edited/added, I wouldn't highlight problems with FireFox 10.0.2 by launching this new thread.)
    RE add new bookmarks folder, can not enter the name of the new folder:

    I am now having this problem with FireFox 10.0.2, 11/03/2012

    When I click on add a folder, a new folder appears in the tree view and the folder name field is highlighted for the entry. But when I start to type characters in the field, I can only type 1 or 2 characters at the most seized stops accept input. I then go to the bookmarks menu, locate the new folder, right-click it, click Properties and complete the registration of the name of the folder.

    At worst, the folder name field will cease to accept entry as soon as I type the first tank, in which case the name of the folder will remain as "new folder." I find the new folder in the bookmarks menu to change the name, as described above.

    It is very annoying because it adds a number of additional steps just to add a new folder in the bookmarks menu. Add the new folder through the "Show all bookmarks" and navigate through the folder hierarchy are an alternative workaround, but that records all the steps.

    Any ideas or solutions?

    Hi John99,
    It has worked well in Mode without failure. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I'm going offline a bit to understand what add-on, plugin, etc., could be causing it. In the meantime, I have marked your suggestion to use Mode safe as useful so that anyone else coming here could get the clue.

    I should probably drop another line in the thread for the guy who in (or has been) using FireFox 7...

    I'll post my results if I can understand it.


    I went after any add-on which had nothing to do with bookmarks.

    It was the first add-on I tried, SortPlaces 1.9.1 that automatically sorts bookmarks in various ways according to the parameters. When I disabled it, the problem disappeared.

    I re-enabled it and checked the options to see if I could understand why she was stop to add the new folder. In the 'Options' tab, there is a time limit for how long interval SortPlaces will wait before you sort a bookmark changed or added. It was set to 3 seconds.

    It is not long enough for old men by typing the new name of folder. I put it in 10 seconds. Then, I created a new folder of bookmarks and start typing a name long nonsense, while I looked at the clock. After that 10 seconds it stopped accepting the entrance, right on the mark. What this hidden for me earlier, it was that when he stops to accept input, you don't see the new folder to place in the position of sorting on the menu add a folder. You will see that if you expand the folder later. It's probably why I didn't connect the two.

    Anyway, problem solved. I'm leaving the delay to 10 seconds. If I ever need to be longer, I'll just increase it.

    Thanks again for the suggestion of Mode safe and enjoy the next season of mud.

    Alan Mintaka

  • How to add the 'new tab' button next to the last tab?... I use version 9.0.1. and they are missing and I can't find how to add.

    I got the new tab next to open tabs button, but with a recent update of Firefox, the tab button disappeared. Went through all the help points, but how do I add the new Help tab is not listed. The only way to open a new tab is manually using the buttons on windows/t or opening the file and choosing the new tab.


    It could be that he is hidden behind another icon. Please try this: right click on the empty space after the last tab and Customize.... With the mini window open, you can move the other toolbars and icons to check if the new tab button is hidden. You can also check inside the mini window customize the icon named new tab or click Restore Default Set that will be hopefully restore back. Please note that if nothing is uninstalled or disabled when you click on restore by default, you will have to redo all changes to manual/personal toolbar.

    Customize toolbars

  • What does offline or online when you say: servicing an image Windows 7 to add the new application online? and what is the difference between the online and offline maintenance image

    What does offline or online when you say: servicing an image Windows 7 to add the new application online? and what is the difference between the online and offline maintenance image

    Your question it will be better answered in forum Windows 7 installation and deployment on TechNet:

    Windows 7 installation, Setup, and Deployment Forum

  • Unit - mailbox moved to the new storage group is not available


    I have a 4.0 (4) unit UM with a message from Exchange 2003 offbox store. During the initial installation, only the first storage group on the mail server was present and mailboxes of the users are hosted here.

    Recently, a new storage group was created on the mail server and a mailbox has been moved from the first group of storage to the new storage group. The Subscriber is able to receive voice messages via e-mail, however his MWI does not illuminate. When it tries to connect to retrieve messages on his phone, the unit said "your messages are not available now.

    I am able to create or import users that are hosted in the new storage group, but I'm having the same symptoms. Is it necessary to rerun the configuration of message store wizard?

    Thanks in advance.

    Have you run Assistant permission for the new Bank of mailboxes?

    The other thing to do is to restart the AvMsgStoreMonitor service; But wait after hours. A reboot will do the same.

  • How to add the new column in existing table to our desired location?

    How to add the new column in existing table to our desired location?

    For example, I have to add the new column 'course' before the salary column in the emp table.

    I think the best way is to add the column at the end of the table and create a new view with the order of the columns...

    Another option...

    places the data into a temporary table and recreate the table with the correct order of the columns, and then insert data to the table from the temporary table


    Add column (from table) in the desired position


    CREATE TABLE temp_my_user LIKE)

    SELECT * FROM password);

    DROP TABLE password;

    (Password) CREATE TABLE

    userID NUMBER

    , first name VARCAHR2 (25)

    , middleInitial VARCHAR2 (1)

    (, name VARCHAR2 (25));

    INSERT INTO password (userID, firstName, lastName)

    (SELECT username

    first name


    OF temp_my_user);

    DROP TABLE temp_user;

  • Add the new payment group


    Could someone explain in details the steps to create the new group of payment like cash on delivery?

    Please don't tell me to refer to the documentation because I did not understand what

    the implementation is not clear

    Any help is appreciated... Thanks in advnace

    Create a payment CashOnDeliveryPaymentGroup extension of PaymentGroupImpl with its group properties

    create the interface and implementation classes - CashOnDeliveryProcessor with the following methods

    Public CashOnDeliveryStatus permits (CashOnDeliveryInfo, cashOnDeliveryInfo, CashOnDeliveryPaymentGroup cashonDeliveryGroup);

    public CashOnDeliveryStatus flow (CashOnDeliveryInfo cashOnDeliveryInfo, CashOnDeliveryStatus cashOnDeliveryStatus, CashOnDeliveryPaymentGroup cashonDeliveryGroup);

    public credit of CashOnDeliveryStatus (CashOnDeliveryInfo cashOnDeliveryInfo, CashOnDeliveryStatus cashOnDeliveryStatus, CashOnDeliveryPaymentGroup cashonDeliveryGroup);

    Create CashOnDeliveryProcessorImpl application CashOnDeliveryProcessor processor pipeline

    Create CashOnDeliveryStatus PaymentStatusImpl extension

    create ProcProcessCashOnDelivery payment processor that extends ProcProcessPaymentGroup and replace authorizePaymentGroup, creditPaymentGroup and debitPaymentGroup methods to return the CashOnDeliveryStatus object

    Create a bean object of CashOnDeliveryInfo containing all the data required by the methods of CashOnDeliveryProcessorImpl

    Create ProcCreateCashOnDelivery pipeline processor, which should create CashOnDeliveryInfo and add it to the object PaymentManagerPipelineArgsDictionary

    Add the pipelinechain in paymentpipeline.xml for an example

    Add the new entry in PaymentManager.paymentGroupToChainNameMap

    & paymentGroupToChainNameMap =.

    xyz.payment.CashOnDeliveryPaymentGroup = cashOnDeliveryProcessorChain

    Add the new class to the paymentTypeClassMap and add the new class of real estate beanNameToItemDescriptorMap to OrderTools and

    & paymentTypeClassMap =.

    cashOnDelivery = xyz.payment.CashOnDeliveryPaymentGroup

    & beanNameToItemDescriptorMap =.


    xyz.payment.CashOnDeliveryStatus = cashOnDeliveryStatus

    In OrderRepository.xml

    Add to the point-descriptor paymentGroup

    create descriptor of the item with the properties and create the db as a result table

    Regardless of the required properties

    Regardless of the required properties

    It could be useful, Wow I spent 20 minutes on this

  • Cannot add the NFS storage to the data device


    I try to add the NFS storage unit of data.

    I followed the documentation, and when I ran the script supposed to mount/add NFS storage to the device, an error message indicating that the export is read-only, which is actually not the case:



    HOST: is alive.

    Mount.NFS: deadline set for Fri Mar 8 21:33:13 2013

    Mount.NFS: try the options based on the text 'hard, rsize = 32768, wsize = 32768, intr, addr ='

    Mount.NFS: prog 100003, try around = 3, prot = 6

    Mount.NFS: try the port TCP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX prog 100003 3 prot 2049

    Mount.NFS: prog 100005, try around = 3, prot = 17

    Mount.NFS: try XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX prog 100005 3 UDP port 1234 prot on/opt/zimbra/store10 type nfs (rw, sync, noatime, hard, rsize is 32768, wsize = 32768, intr)

    Error has occurred: directory does not exist or is not writable: / opt/zimbra/store10

    zmvolume failed at ligne./ 49.

    Of course, I tried to go to the mount point (in this case/opt/zimbra/store10) and quite capable of writing in it (touch, create the file + dir, etc...).

    The data device has root access to the NFS export. I have no idea about the cause of this error.

    Any clue?

    Thank you very much


    In my view, that ashish ask you to run the following command, so that the folder is owned by the user «zimbra»

    chown-r zimbra:zimbra

  • Cannot add the new data store

    VM dear supporters,

    My vSphere environment: 1 vCenter Server Foundation, 3 vSphere 4.0 Enterprise 5.0 and vSphere Client 5.0

    1. read the error message in the attachment:

    "hostdatastoresystem.queryvmfsdatastorecreateoptions...". »

    2. already the ESX02 reboot but still unable to add the new data store.

    New size of the data store = 3.1 TB

    Need to vmsupport on this subject.

    Thank you


    Size Max LUN VMFS is 2 TB-512 MB in vSphere 4 (your hosts are in version 4), if you want to add 3.1 TB LUN first upgrade ESX hosts to version 5

Maybe you are looking for

  • Updated Apple TV?

    EU it happens twice until today ' today on my two month old 32 GB Apple TV 4. Shortly after the awakening of the Apple TV, a black screen with white lettering opens.  Basically, he told me that there is an update and asks me if I want to do the updat

  • Internet "disconnected" on a regular basis

    I bought my Toshiba Equium A300D Tuesday, which came with Vista Home Premium and since then I had problems with the internet "disconnect" on a regular basis - I say "disconnected" because in reality there is nothing wrong with my connection to all th

  • HP ELITEBOOK FOLIO 9480M: Additional SSD for BOOT HP EliteBook Folio 9480 m

    Hello all, I need to know what are the possible ssd m2 which can be mounted on the hp elitebook Folio 9480 m and especially if it can be used as a boot diskThank you very much

  • T431s plugged in, but does not charge!

    Hello I just got a new ThinkPad T431s. However, I can not load even my laptop, that I plugged in. Could someone has an idea what is happening? BTW, T431s can not manually remove battery.

  • Texts of Mac from e-mail instead of phone number

    My texts of Mac recently started coming to my email instead of my phone. Unless I put my phone also the text of my e-mail does not sync the two so I have two threads to send SMS. I'm not sure how to solve this problem, but it is a problem when someon