Adding a graphics card from nVidia GT640 to a new desktop HP Envy

Since buying a new HP ENVY 700-147c desktop PC and a new nVidia GEForce 640 GE video card on in November 2013 (cybermonday sales), I could not have the HP Envy boot with the GE 640 card in place. After hitting the Start button, with one of the HDMI ports allow (same results using a VGA > HDMI adapter), I get a series of POST messages is with the screens VGA HDMI to stay black.

I removed internally AMD video drivers such as recommended by the technical support from nVidia, but with the same results. When I removed the card GE 640, the Win 8.1 has reset the original drivers, and I can run off the coast of the internal VGA / HDMI ports on the desire, but with much lower resolution than the 640 GE would allow card.

I repeated this procedure and checked the BIOS to see if there is an adjustment could be made, but none have been noted... Please advise if I have missed anything in the BIOS of envy.

I repeated the procedure with a well-known nVidia GEForce 9500GT card from another HP Pavilion PC running Windows 7 Pro. Power over the results were the same. black screens with POST messages about 4-5 seconds after switching on.

After the withdrawal of the 9500GT card, I was still able to operate with the integrated graphic card HP Envy.

Please advise on how I can add the GE 640 card, I bought the new envy, for graphics work I do.


You need to change two settings of the BIOS, then reinstall your new video card.

Please see the info on the link below to change the BIOS settings.

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    Excellent choice. The card fits, and your power supply meets the minimum required.

    Fortunately, the PNY graphics card comes with the power cable PCIE 2 you will need.

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    You kidding me? The power supply for this unit is 5188-2625, by HPPartsSurfer.

    HP 5188-2625 DPS-300AB HP-D3057F3R power SUPPLY 300W. Size: 5.9 "(W) x3.4" (H) x5.5 "(D) adapt ATX Standard"

    (published on 07-01-14 20:00 to reflect that should have been addressed to WandaiWrection).

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    Cumpaq-Shakur, welcome to the forum.

    I do not see a video slot on the motherboard:

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    Update graphics card is not possible.
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    Good bye

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    The power of 300 watts in your PC will be sufficient for a MSI graphcis cards that I had mentioned.

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    You will need to replace the motherboard, which, on this model, replace the CPU as well, such as the CPU and GPU are permanently soldered to the motherboard.  Who's going to replace the expensive - probably 30 to 50% of the original system costs.  It will also void your warranty, if it is a review.

    If the system is less than twenty-one days of shipping, return it and order the model improved as you want.  If it's more than that, sell and buy the system improved - this is the only way to preserve your warranty and it will cost probably less than the replacement of the Board of Directors.

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    stevemctee wrote:

    I enjoy the conversations of the sidebar and it's valuable information, but I'm really hoping to hear from Adobe on why this card is not listed, supported by the AE.

    Oooh, I can answer this too!

    Development and release of the CC, they do not work with the rendering engine raytraced we did at all (except in the align each version for compatibility reasons), so no more cards have been (or is going to be) tested and added to the white list.

    It may be a bit before someone with the official logo of has is available in. This is a user forum. We are grateful that Adobe people push their heads in many (seriously, gets it the AE Forum is a lot of love by considering how tiny the AE team), but sometimes it can take a while so that they appear. (Especially if some of them are on holiday). That's why they have people like us; We cannot have has, but we have M, V and P

    Speaking of the integration of C4D: when I recently visited the offices of the Adobe team, I must have a look at some of the new technology, they are working on future versions. I am very pleased of the future development of the AE. The lines between 3d and compositing are really starting to fade. Some of the things that currently lack us (expressions to control the animation of models C4D, for example) will be addressed.

    Now, if you plan to do a lot of work in 3d which is most often the titles and that sort of thing, I think looking at the 3d or 3d Zaxwerks Invigorator element. Latest version of the item makes it extremely fast given it's beautiful, it can look. It's amazing, really. (And it uses the GPU!)

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    Here are the recommended GPU in system requirements. Any GPU more 1 GB VRAM should be supported, but the more VRAM, the better. Your more 2 GB so you should be OK. Hope that helps!


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    How to replace the graphics card Nvidia FX1500M in my Compac HP nw9440 (faulty after a fan failure). Works well with VGA HP

    chart but when FX1500M applied, it hangs at the blue screen.  Suspect that the graphics card from Nvidia have suffered under excessive heat due

    to a fan failure.


    Should be in the book above. It shows you all.

    Good luck.

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    I have a brand new Dell Windows 10 laptop.  It has a Nvidia GeForce 960 M 4 GB GDDR5 graphics in addition to the Intel video card, the computer comes with.  In the settings "Preferences / Performance" of Photoshop, it just says that the Intel HD Graphics 530 card is detected.  What is the procedure for Photoshop detect graphic card from Nvidia?  Thank you.

    These links can help


    -Why link

    -Use the BIOS to select a graphics card

    - vidia-optimus-technology/2

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    Really, you should consider buying this MSI NVIDIA GTX 750 for $120 after rebate.  He will be head and shoulders most of the cards for the money.

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    Check here processor upgrade information:

    You can update your graphics card to any card with a maximum requirement of 300 W power supply.

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