Adding a port series HP xw6600, xw8600, and other workstations

Based on some advice from Dan_in_WGBU (which is a HP engineer and an excellent source of information in this forum), here's how to add a serial port backplane HP.  To access a serial port still can be very useful for some projects.

As is done with many more recent work positions the xw6600 and the xw8600 both have no ports series on their basket funds, but HP has designed some of their motherboards with a special type of powered serial port header consisting of two rows of pins... 8 pins on 1 side, 7 on the other.  Who is supposed to accept a cable sheet with a record of 8 holes with a 'white' (filled plastic) which allows the other end go on the motherboard header in only one correct orientation.  For the xw6600 this header is down on the lower edge of the motherboard, just left of the SATA port to the left, under the lowest PCI slot.  It's a '8 x 2 males header' with a single missing pin, which is where plastic filled wil end of shooting overall.  The same device is used with a number of new jobs Z, too.

The small device at the other end of the ribbon cable is known as a "2nd serial port adaper" since when virtually all workstations had a built-in serial port in the bottom of basket.  With the HP xw6600 and before xw8600 workstations this unit should really be called the "1st serial port adapter".  Dan indicates that this unit can be used on any HP motherboards with special serial port header powered 8 x 2 this necessary.  You can see the unique circuit board at the end of supplypaper-mother of the device below, which receives power from the motherboard to the appropriate serial interface and signals.  Note that this is not a simple transmission device on a cable in water, which is used by some other manufacturers to get signals to/from the motherboard serial port.  Head of series of motherboard HP 8 x 2 location is easy to find in your Workstation Service and technical reference Guide.  These manuals are easy to find via Google.

Combined perimeter wire / Ribbon / two brackets PCI 'part option' number PA716A, but the key for a cheap purchase on eBay must know he has reference number is 264534-001 283984-001 (alias).  You can find them on eBay in one of these three designations, with the more expensive under the option part number.  Make sure you get the included ribbon cable... Mine cost me about $10.00 total, including shipping.

XP/W7 32/64-bit OS will recognize this material added automatically, and I bet that Windows 8.1 would be too.  Here is an example of the complete kit, you will get directly from HP, including full-height and low profile PCI brackets.  Many found on eBay are sold without this special ribbon cable coming from the top... Be sure to get one of these.  I bought used... difficult to wear one of these stars:

I can't post the patterns, but it's OK for me to show the pinout of the connector on the motherboard, since most of them are already in technical reference guides.

The serial port follows the standard RS232, once the card is installed.  On the motherboard, the serial port UART signals are routed to the Super IO on the connector of P53, but the motherboard is not the interface RS232 circuit needed to provide the interface voltage levels to meet the EIA/TIA-232 standard and to provide ESD protection on the serial port.  So do not try to connect a serial port connector and connect it directly to the motherboard.  It will not work and may damage the motherboard.

The PA716A card is very simple.  It contains an RS232 interface circuit, more a handful of components ensure the electric compatibility and quality of the signal.  This card is identical to the one used on some HP desktop computers and workstations since about 2002.  If you can get one at a great price, it's probably not worth making your own.

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    Best regards


    Versions previous hardware could always hardware ports series and parallel within the virtual of the motherboard SuperIO chip, even when there are no virtual serial ports or virtual parallel ports configured for the virtual machine - quietly ports would be "present but disconnected", so they would use more space i/o and IRQ, and always appear to be present in the list of devices in your guest OS IRQ and I/O port map.

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    I had 10 Professional 64-bit Windows and running on these xw workstations for months now, starting by the W10 preview release, and then at the end of July with the RTM version and all recently with the large W10 November update.  W10 works very well on these workstations and is very fast.  I'm usually running 8 GB of RAM, but some have 16GB.  I only use SSDS and generally SATA II types of Intel versions.  I upgrade to the fastest processors, both of them and for example use usually two SLAEJ sSpec code quad cores in the xw6400.  I use two of the code core E5450 quad sSpec SLBBM in the xw6600.

    I posted here on what I'm doing 'activate Windows 10' a workstation.  Clonezilla or Acronis is what I use and I have clone W7Pro64 or W8.1Pro64 on a SSD 'stunt' work, then do the upgrade of the downloadable installer MS. W10... I run the .exe rather than boot from the thumb drive and choose to save nothing.  Once a job is activated it will be activated for ever, and I can do a fresh install of W10 on this later when I have free time.  It is my understanding that harvests of activation process of MS W10 the UUID of the BIOS string and thereafter you are registered for this type of W10 install in the servers of activation for the long-term.  This makes the cloning an installation image W10 to a xw6400 above another work of xw6400 active fine... If both are W10 is transparent.

    Regarding the drivers... MS did the drivers that are compatible W10 integrated into Setup (which automatically interacts with MS central servers, and which MS has updated according to comments from the owners of these workstations on doing just that and does not work.  It's a great advantage to have a HP workstation... MS is willing to invest the time and effort to do things for HP.

    For W7 and W8 there is universal installers HP that I receive from the Z620, etc... HP RealTek, Broadcom card PCIe USB3 TI and install them properly on xw6400/xw8400 pilot sites.  They are able to install drivers for the motherboard chips that predate the machine, they are offered for because the previous chip drivers are included in the program installation (but not necessarily with HP).  For example, the Z620 had a Broadcom NIC in option and you can find the HP Broadcom universal installation program which interacts with the motherboard the xw6400 Broadcom chip also perfectly to get the modern drivers loaded.

    I don't go to the former site of HP driver for these old jobs, who stopped to be updated for years.  I use the latest version of the BIOS, of course.  I now only use SSD... usually Intel 320 series 300 GB or 160 GB SATA II those off eBay, used.  I use firmware update and software Intel Toolbox to optimize these.  I'm only using nVidia Quadro... now generally FX1800, FX3700, Quadro 2000 and 2000 d cards.  The FX580 gives a lot of bang for the buck also, and they are all off eBay.  The idea was faster more reliable performance at a reasonable cost, with parts of HP.

    Many details to absorb, but things are working fine, stable and fast.  I have personally loaded W10Pro64 on several xw6400, xw8400, xw6600 and Z620 workstations.  All good and I need to do for the benefit of the long reach of our group, but I like W7Pro64 the best yet.  However, I am surprised how well W10 done at this stage.

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    I have confirmed that it is a right.  I'll try a null-modem cable.

    Thank you!

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    Mon 7 Nov 15:43:03 2011 bbnet cannot connect to the server XXX_17f on port 161

    Mon 7 Nov 15:43:03 2011 bbnet cannot connect to the server XXX_9f on port 161

    Mon 7 Nov 15:43:03 2011 bbnet can't connect to XXX server on port 161

    Thank you


    no need to adjust anything in bb-hosts. If you have added setings in bb-hosts, delete them. Also remove associated in bbvar/logs log files. (otherwise, you'll have purple when you delete the SNMP, trap tags bb-hosts)

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    Hi Danielle65,

    You can try the following steps and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    You can also perform a clean boot and check if it helps.

    A clean boot to check if startup item or services to third-party application is causing this issue.

    You can read the following article to put the computer in a clean boot:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: Make sure that you put the computer to a Normal startup once you are finished.

    Method 2:

    You can also check in Event Viewer about what is causing the problem. Alternatively, you can publish the results, so that we can help you solve the problem.

    Open event viewer

    What are the information contained in the logs of the event (Event Viewer)

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    Very well. First make sure that the wlc which management Manager and thus lies on the same vlan. Also, make sure that it is not signposted in the wlc which means that it is set to '0 '. On the trunk dot1q, assign it vlan native what the wlc is configured for. Make sure that you do not have the global command "tag dot1q vlan native. Also male that the service port has an ip address and not routable in your network.

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    Kind regards


    Hi Muhannand, the confusion seems obvious. When you use a WAN 2 connection with load balancing, OUTGOING connections will share on each WAN traffic. If you use the smartlink backup, only the primary WAN is active up to the failure of this connection.

    For port forwarding, if you want an incoming connection for WAN 2 at the same time then you will need to use load balancing mode.

    Now, if you have the complication that you need a specific service such as HTTPS (443) expire so it is when you use the binding protocol to force an OUTGOING connection on 1 WAN port.

    Please mark replied messages useful

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    Dear team,

    We tried to create the channel of port between UCS FI and MDS 9124

    But the port channel do not take action in mode F on MDS 9124

    FI is in host FC end Mode

    We have allowed FC uplink on FI trunking

    We have activated NPIV on MDS

    We have activated the MDS trunk

    FI and MDS in default VSAN

    To check that we have changed the way FI FC channels mode and switch port became active, but in E mode

    When we enabled CF trunking of uplink on the port mode FI channels and FC Switching became active in mode TE

    but in both cases above, showflogi database shows WWPN of SAN alone does not have the any fi.

    How to achieve this?

    Have read that no need to change the mode switching mode of CF swicthing and keep FC Endhost way

    SO how to channel ports with mode F MDS and FI (Display Mode as NProxy)

    What is it has nothing to do with the MDS NX - OS version? (

    If yes how to put as license for ports came with the camera and we don't have any CAP/PAK or license file as she came

    with license

    Also, we saw 2 files available for download (m9100-s2ek9-kickstart - mz.5.2.8 .bin and m9100-s2ek9 - mz.5.2.8 .bin b b) to use

    Thanks and greetings


    Hi Jo Bo.

    What version of the software if your MDS race?

    On your UCS do connect nxos and show ficelleStringString ficelleT inteface and find the mac address.

    It is possible that you could be hitting the bug below. If this is the case, you may need to update the firmware on your MDS.

    Add MAC YES '002a6a', '8c604f', '00defb' for 5 k/UCS-FI CSCty04686


    Link change cannot connect any other Nexus or other Cisco Switch in mode VAN with a port channel F.   Question can be viewed in older versions of 5.1


    but not later


    Release. Question is also found in

    5.2 (1) N1 (1)


    6.0 (2) N1 (1)

    and later versions.


    Nexus configured for the link SAN PortChannels or NPIV Nexus mode connected to the UCS via regular F port channel where UCS VAN VAN edge mode switch: YES switch manufactured FI or another Cisco UCS Port WWN: xx:xx:00:2 has: 6a: xx:xx:xx or xx:xx:8 c: 60:4f:xx:xx:xx

    Workaround solution:

    Turn-off on Nexus 5 k TF-port question link mode does not happen with standard F-PORT SAN to remove Portchannel config

    Other Description of the problem:

    To check question collect please see the flogi-event history internal errors whenever the port is attempted OLS, AMENDMENTS, PBA counters will increment. This can be determined via the following output, view port internal info to see all the internal-historic port of error events

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    It's because you have installed CloudFogger, which protects your files in enrcytpt them to ensure safety for DropBox or GoogleDrive. Probably, you have not installed the program, that's why it shows all files with the extension .cfog I you Explorer.
    Re-install the program and you connect to your account back on your files.
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    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.

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    Ø Have you connected the USB hard drive to the computer directly or you have used an external USB hub to connect?

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    Method 1:
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    Method 2:
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    Method 3:
    If this does not help, then follow these steps:

    (a) remove all your USB devices. Use the safely remove the feature to turn them off.

    (b) open Device Manager and navigate to the section for USB. Uninstall all USB drives. There should be one for each USB port, and then restart.

    To open Device Manager, go to the link below and follow the steps:

    (c) Windows should re - find all of the devices. If it is not the case, note the error message and let us know.

    You can also navigate to the link below and follow the steps to install the USB device.

    I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Hi - I am trying to draw an irregular shape (series of straight lines) and fill it with the color... How can I do this?

    I need to draw a shape irregular, closed, which is a series of joined lines and fill it with the color, etc., I can only see square, polygon, etc...

    Any suggestions?

    You can set the polygon tool to 3 sides, or use the pen tool.

Maybe you are looking for