Adding an Apple TV 4 to one address active MAC network, what a task.

Not sure if this is the right place to post this.

I helped someone get their 4 ATV connected to a network address mac-compatible. Normally it's pretty easy. WIFI MAC address are on the box or the documentation. Not so in this case. How Apple has it set up I could not just go to "Network' page blah blah" About"page and get the address. I had to actually connect the Ethernet of the ATV in the router and then access the routers GUI to get the Ethernet address and then add this address to the allowed devices and continue with the implementation.

Once I get it set up when connected via Ethernet and "update" the ATV went to find the MAC address of WIFI and even, it was a bit a task, lol. Of course I had to unplug the Ethernet to find, but when it appeared he ended up at the bottom of the page almost not visible and this page won't let me scroll down to exit the faded area, that is. Incredible. At least, I found and could add to the list of devices 'allowed', lol. Maybe there is an easier way, but I'm not hang something like that every day it's like a new learning experience, whenever I'm helping someone hang one of these devices.

I could not use my iPhone for the configuration because I needed to add the address ATV4 to the network wifi enabled devices. Also, I could not use the iPhone to the owner because it fell recently and has connection "issues."

I hung it in the end and work and maybe this can help someone else.

Does anyone else have experience? Is there an easier way?

I'm still learnin'


quick way to disable mac filtering connect and use airport useful app on a computer or ios device to check the mac address and enter him and enable mac filtering, and add address mac

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    If you want to try using the A1084 Express, it can be implemented and administered using an older version of AirPort 5.x on a Mac or a PC utility. No matter which version of AirPort 6.x...or.. utility. AirPort on an iPhone or iPad utility may NOT be compatible with the A1084 Express.

    If you are considering a new AirPort Extreme... and... or buy at Apple, so you have one day 14 return privilege on the product, if it will not do what you want, you can return it for credit or a return.  The older A1084 expected to collaborate with the new AirPort Extreme if you spot a version 5.x of AirPort on a Mac or a PC utility to configure the product.  But... saying "should work" is not the same thing as saying "work"... then it will be one of those moments where you won't know how well... or even if it will work until you try.

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    Make sure that the MAC address of the wireless network adapter in the MAC address filtering tab. To get the MAC address of the wireless network card. Click on start-> Go to run-> type-> CMD-> Hit Enter type ipconfig/all

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    Download and install this:

    Restart your Mac.

    Reset the printing system:

    -Go to System Preferences > print & Scan
    -Right (or control) click in the rectangle listing your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign more to add a printer. Select the default tab on the top of the window. Search for the printer, select it, and then beside the dropdown 'Use', select the model of the printer (not AirPrint). Wait for the 'Add' button becomes available. Until it clicks.

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    We have 2 servers ESXi 4 in our network. We do not know why, but both have the same MAC address on the network card virtual for the management network. That's a lot of problems with the connectivity of one of ESXi servers.

    Is it possible to change the MAC address?

    Best regards


    Removal and addition of the vswif of the service console should generate a new MAC address.

    esxcfg-vswif - l

    Note the detail.

    esxcfg-vswif vswifN d

    where N represents the number of vswif, d Deletes

    esxcfg-vswif - a n-i < IP > < vswifN > < portgroup > Pei, netmask

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