Adding border to the text using script field

1 can someone tell me how to add in the text field border using script.

2. in this case, what should be the default properties for this text field.

LiveCycle Designer version: 7.0

Player version: 9.0

I have

You can try like this...

TextField1.border.edge.presence = "visible";

Not sure if it still works on version 7.0...

Thank you


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    I click on 't' to type text and color of the text, for example, orange; If I then try to add a black outline in Edit | Stroke, I noticed that "Stroke" is grayed out.

    How can I add this black border around the letter (s), then, please?

    Thank you.


    Use the layer styles.  Double click on the layer which will open the dialog to styles of layer, and you will see the path of the race to the bottom of the list.

  • Change the text using script

    I am new to scripting and still so much to learn to please bear with me. I worked on a script that will allow me to update the information of slug on the files I work with on a daily basis. I use a combination of scripting and actions on my documents that clean the documents, but aussient to fill specific information for each document. As I learn more about scripts, I could consolidate my scripts and actions.

    Currently, I am working on the selection of specific text frames based on what their note value is using this code:

    var textFrames = activeDocument.textFrames;
          for (var i = 0 ; i < textFrames.length; i++)
            if (textFrames[i].note == "JOBNAME") {
              var frameName = textFrames[i].contents = "JOBNAME";

    Here is a small list of items I would change

    Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 11.33.07 AM.png

    I can go about it the wrong way, but my ultimate goal is to run a script that runs through each text field, and a dialog box allows me to enter text, then it is replaced by what is entered in the field of dialogue.

    It may be easier to create a dialog box that has all the fields and allows me to enter the value for each of them, but as I said, I'm new to scripting and don't know how to do this.

    I tried to enter my slug information using variable data, with spreadsheets, but I need to convert the xml spreadsheet and I have a lot of luck with that. I found that the use of variables in illustrator can be a little tricky.

    In the end, just trying to simplify my work and make things more efficient. In the process, I would like to know as much about the scripts as I can.

    Thank you

    This should help you get started with the change of name based on the note, with the help of guests

    var textFrames = activeDocument.textFrames;
    for (var i = 0 ; i < textFrames.length; i++) {
        if (textFrames[i].note == "JOBNAME") {
            var jobname = prompt ("Enter JOB NAME", "Your Name", "Note Changer");
            textFrames[i].contents = jobname;
  • I've created a form that uses the value field text to fill the text of another field.  Does not take into account changes

    I've created a form that uses the value field text to fill the text of another field.  However, if I need to change the text, the second field does not update this change.  Instead of reset the form each time, is the Javascript code to update the fields if they have been modified?

    For example I Text1 and Text2.

    When I type in Hello in Text1 I see Hello in Text2.

    Later, if I decide to change to Goodbye Text1, Text2 remains Hello.

    The shape of the hoe can recognize this change?

    Thank you

    Edit: I think I have misunderstood the situation.

    If you want to both fields have the same value, just to give them the same name.

  • How to get a subset of the text in a field of varchar2

    Hello.  I'm trying to select a subset of the text in a field of varchar2.  It is the view dba_audit_trail login information.  Here is an example of the field (dba_audit_trail comment_text):

    Authenticated by: Word of PAST DIRECTORY; EXTERNAL NAME: cn = orcladmin, cn = Users, dc is idacorp, dc = local; Customer's address: (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = tcp (PORT = 99999))(HOST=555.555.555.555))

    I'm trying to simply select the text of 'sleep' - i.e. everything after the first ' = 'up to the first"

    I can get everything after the first '=' with this:

    Select substr (comment_text, instr (comment_text, '=') + 1) of dba_audit_trail

    ... but I don't know how to stop at the first «,»

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Here's a way to do it:

    WITH got_pos AS


    SELECT comment_text - and whatever the other columns you need

    INSTR (cooment_text, "=") AS equal_pos

    INSTR (cooment_text, ",") AS comma_pos

    OF dba_auit_trail

    WHERE--no filtering is going here


    SELECT SUBSTR (comment_text

    equal_pos + 1

    , comma_pos - (equal_pos + 1)

    ) AS first_cn

    OF got_pos


    You could do it without a subquery; you would just do the exact same INSTR 2 times, I used equal_pos 2 times.

    You can also get the results desired using regular expressions, such as:

    SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR (comment_text

    , '=([^,]*),'





    ) AS first_cn

    OF dba_audit_trail


    Although this uses less code, it is slower than with a SUBSTR and INSTR.

  • Setting the text of a field with values from the list


    I created a list with three properties and three values. I also three fields when the user types in
    simple text characters in the fields (fieldA, fieldB and fieldC), a button and a field empty that I created.

    In the list, I put = the text in each field property values. When I click on my button, I want to display
    ONLY the values of each property in the same field (for example: "Geils"). I can display a value of a property,
    but I need to display all the values of three properties. For example, if text fieldA =, text of fieldB = B and fieldC text = C.
    then when I hit the button, I would like to than "Geils' to read 'ABC '.
    Here's the jargon I've attached to my button (see the commented lines in the script for more info)

    global partNumber
    partNumber = [#prop1: the text of the field 'fieldA', #prop2: the text of the field "fieldB", #prop3: "fieldC" text]

    -the following line works to the value of #prop1 in "Geils".
    put getaProp (partNumber, #prop1) in the text of the "Geils" field

    -When I try the jargon to the next line, I get "[#prop1: 'A', #prop2: 'B', #prop3: 'B']" in the "Geils".
    Put the PartNumber in "Geils".

    I don't want the properties, only the values of all three in the field "Geils".
    I'm simplifying the explanation for ease of understanding. The application and the user input is to generate
    a reference number of a standard product offering that has several options for Assembly of products.
    Is this possible? I'm not that great at lingo and any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much
    Chris kotlinski ([email protected])

    Put PartNumber [#prop1] & [#prop2] PartNumber or PartNumber [#prop3] in
    Member "Geils".

  • How to get the border around the text


    Attached is a logo that has a border around the text that im trying to duplicate I tried dropshadows and with the help of a stroke, but the two did not work if someone could tell me how this is done I would greatly appreciate it's for a logo design btw im. Just trying to learn new tricks in illustrator.

    Thank youCutepen.png

    Appearance Panel, add a line (at the bottom of the appearance Panel). Move the line under the fill in it entering on the right side of the Panel, drag down filling. Make the race heavy enough to achieve the desired effect.


  • How to save the custom of the user using PHP field?


    I am looking for a way to share specific data to the user between connected users. For example, all participants must know each other IDs (our own system IDs, no ACC).

    Custom user fields seems the best solution for this, but I can't find a way to save one using PHP, while creating the room.

    How to save the custom of the user using PHP field? Or maybe there's best solution to do such things?

    Had, just add the new node to the UserManager collection.

    const USER_MANAGER_COLLECTION = 'UserManager';
     const USER_INVITE_ID_CUSTOM_FIELD = 'inviteId';
     static private function createUserManagerCustomFields($room){
       $account = self::init();
       $collection = self::USER_MANAGER_COLLECTION;
       $account->subscribeCollection($room, $collection);
       $account->createNode($room, $collection, self::USER_INVITE_ID_CUSTOM_FIELD, self::$USER_MANAGER_CUSTOM_FIELD_CONFIGURATION);
  • Turn on the border of the text field only when the content is entered


    Can someone tell me a method to achieve the following objectives:

    Using LiveCycle ES2, I want to set some text to have no default border fields.

    When the user enters text into a field in the finished form, I want to turn on a border for this field.

    When there is no text in this field, I want to turn off the border.

    Is this possible? If Yes, are there any suggestions?

    Thank you!

    Just put in the output of the textfield event (in formcalc):

    If ($.isNull == 0) then

    $. border.edge.presence = "visible".

    else $. border.edge.presence = "hidden".


  • Beyond a simple text on the Clipboard in the text using the key field


    You would tell me is it possible of past a simple text on the Clipboard into a field of text using button with javascript or something else?

    What is my problem?

    I have prepared a simple form using adobe acrobat dc. This form will be used in the local network. so, we can open the form of google chrome. There is a large text field in this form and we have passed the text to the Clipboard in there.

    normal, when we are using adobe acrobat to open the form, it is easy to right click and select "PASTE". but we need open the form using google chrome. in this case, no item to paste from the Clipboard.

    Please help me.


    In General, no, it's not possible.

    However, if you apply a certain change in the registry then work could . I told you how do it here: paste it from the Clipboard text box in form

  • I want to create a model so that I can change the text using MS word, then merge with my form that I must not create fields every time I have an amendment to a document

    I have a complex form of semi involving 30 or text fields, a few drop-down lists, radio buttons. I have Acrobat Pro and MS word (2011).  I create the source with MS Word, then saving them as PDF.  I then open Acrobat Pro and create using the PDF file saved.  Problem is that whenever I have make a change to the source and save as PDF I have to start over the process of "creating" and add all text fields, drop-down menus, radio buttons, etc.  Is it possible to merge or to build a model that covers the Acrobat Pro established fields on my PDF evolving?

    by opening the original form using Acrobat Pro.  By using the function 'replace' in the pages, you can remove the old source and replace it with a new one.  Save the file, and then close.  Reopen the case and chose to create.  You can then change the fields if move you the source.  Kludgy, but it worked.

  • Adding a layer of text using the creation Date or guest Date

    I want to add a text layer for the date. My problem is if the file has the EXIF info, the script below works, but if the image has no EXIF info (for example, sample sunset sunset in Windows), it will not ask for the date so I can type the date that I love. What I'm doing wrong here?

    Here's the example script. Open an image and run the script:

    var originalUnit = preferences.rulerUnits

    preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PERCENT

    displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO

    var docRef = activeDocument;

    var exifInfo = ();

    If (exifInfo ="") {}

    var phoTime = prompt ("' enter the DAY of the PHOTO in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy" ", 1 January 2012 '");


    else {}

    var numExifItems =;

    for (var i = 0; i <; i ++) {}

    exifInfo = exifInfo + [i] [0] '=' + [i] [1] + "\r";

    Key = [i] [0];

    keyData = [i] [1];

    If (key == "Date time Original") {}

    var phoTime = keyData;

    var dateArray1 = phoTime.split ("", 2);

    phoTime = dateArray1 [0];

    phoHour = dateArray1 [1];

    var dateArray2 = phoTime.split(":");

    var monthsArray is ['January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'may', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October', 'November', 'December'];.

    "phoTime = monthsArray [dateArray2 [1] - 1] +" "+ dateArray2 [2] + ', ' + dateArray2 [0];"

    var picYr = dateArray2 [0];




    var textRef = docRef.artLayers.add ();

    textRef.kind = LayerKind.TEXT; = "Date of photography."

    var mytextRef = textRef.textItem;

    mytextRef.size = 14;

    mytextRef.font = "Arial";

    newColor var = new SolidColor(); = 0; = 0; = 0;

    mytextRef.color = newColor;

    mytextRef.position = new Array (50, 40);

    mytextRef.justification = Justification.CENTER

    textRef.blendMode = BlendMode.NORMAL;

    textRef.opacity = 100;

    fill the text layer based on the date of the file, or everything that has been typed for the guest

    mytextRef.contents = phoTime

    Thank you!

    It is the missing line! It worked and thanks! This script simplifies knowing that the date photo copyright release of photos by providing the date where the photo was taken in PSD form with information on releases and which are saved in PDF format.

  • Is it possible to change the text using fonts Std of ITC Officina Sans Acrobat Pro?

    Is it possible to modify the test using std Officina Sans ITC fonts in Acrobat? I just downloaded acrobat and when I tried to change a few tests in the PDF file, a message popped up saying that the Std of ITC Officina without is not available or cannot be used in editing. Any ideas, downloads or similar fonts that I can use to solve this problem.

    Really need this font if not the whole PDF will look bad.

    Mise put on fast day, turns out I can't use Armada is a police. It seems that Acrobat Pro 11 has not all fonts I need.

    Discover the answer to Dov Isaacs in this forum announcement. Re: fully embedding the fonts in PDF format

    His comment:... Acrobat never uses the font incorporated to text editing - you must have the fonts installed on the system to make these changes. (emphasis added)

  • Can not see the text in certain fields on a particular PDF

    Hello, all:

    I have a weird problem happening with my .pdf.  I have a 3 page form that was sent to me by a co-worker.  He filled all the form fields, but when I look at using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, I don't see the text in one of the fields on pages 2 and 3 (only the fields on the 1st page appears on my machine; the 2nd and 3rd pages have empty fields).

    Meanwhile, another colleague uses Bluebeam and he sees everything on the form very well (all fields in all 3 pages).  What could be the problem?

    Hi Tara,

    The question seems to be relarted by using an Adobe Application not used to complete the form, (for example preview for MAC). Please ask your colleague to use Adobe Reader to fill in the form and you would be able to see the answers.

    However, in order to verify the same, please click inside the field, you do not see the informed answers and you should be able to see the answer.

    Thank you

    Vikrantt Singh

  • Wrap the text in a field in the hierarchy Viewer

    I use Oracle JDeveloper

    I have a field that is within an af:panelGroupLayout of a dvt:node of a dvt:hierarchyViewer.

    The field data is truncated because of the value of the field.

    Is there a way to encapsulate the text?

    Thank you very much.

    Wrap and rows properties control this behavior.



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