Adding contacts in Windows Mail

I am the administrator on my PC.  Have no harm to add to my contacts in Windows Mail.  Secondary accounts on PC cannot add contacts to their contact book.  They get the message "an unknown error has occurred during the execution of the action requested on this Contact".  Any idea?


Hi Mark Go cards,

Are a. you not able to add contacts at all?

B. from when what happens?

C. an error with the message code?

D. recent changes made on your computer?

Try this step.

1. open Windows Contacts
2. right-click anywhere in the right pane.
3. Select "Properties" at the bottom of the list
4. click on the tab 'Customize' on the 'Properties' page that opens.
5. change the 'Type', 'Contacts' folder
6 try to add a contact and check if the problem persists.

Manage your contacts

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