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This has been a problem for years, and many people complained to this topic. There are thousands of messages. Why Apple does not take care of this? I am trying to create a professional signature with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links. But I want the links to be placed on the appropriate logos. I tried the HTML version and it all works, it has a very strange formatting. I tried the "Edit image" version when I click on "Add a link" and it SEEMS fine, but then when I close the signature window and go to write an email, instead of having different links on each image, the first link contains ALL the photos and the warning below.

For example, the first image is a logo FB link to the official page of David Bowie FB. The second image is the logo of twitter which is supposed to link to the official twitter account. The third image is the Instagram photo that is supposed to link to our page of instagram. And the last picture below these three is a banner of sorts, link to official site. Signature looks perfect when I change it. When I close the menu signature and go to write an email, signature of all including disclaimer is all a link - link only to the official FB page (which was the first link). I've tried absolutely everything and it keeps just change it to that.

I also tried to create the GIS in an e-mail and send it to me so I can copy paste. Look in the e-mail, but copy paste creates the same problem as before. The first link takes over all other images and exclusion. Why is it so hard to create something so simple? I don't own a PC and have not in years but I had no problem (for years now) creating a signature in Outlook on my work PC. I love infinitely more Apple, but when it comes to the mail app, it's stuck in 1999.

Is there someone who can help with this?



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