Additional e-mail addresses blackBerry Smartphones

Already I have two email addresses Setup on my Blackberry and realized I could have up to 10 but when I go to the Setup email and select internet e-mail account, it returns me to the configuration screen. I do not have enterprise software, the device is a private.

Since the device, go to
Scroll to connect and click Send.
Click on join now for the e-mail service you want to add and see if it works.

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  • E-mail address blackBerry Smartphones Blackberry - where can I make changes and log

    I'll try to keep this short, sweet and simple. I have a new curve 8350i and set up a blackberry to this topic e-mail account: [email protected]. I use this mail to redirect emails from Outlook work. So far, it has worked great, but I would like to be able to log-in to the email account and change the 'Reply-To' so when I e-mail people back to the blackberry e-mail, they will automatically respond to my work instead of a blackberry email address.

    Anyway, I can't figure out how to log-in and make this change. I used a couple of sprint.blackberry including different URLs. com. It does not work.

    What Miss me?

    Fortunately, there was a phone number to call. I called him and after puzzled the guy from support with my problem, he suggested we delete my email account and try to re-register. The only downside was that I would not be able to use the same name for e-mail. Well, it worked!

    And here's the other confusing part... I use because my phone is a Nextel Blackberry, but the e-mail address is still There is more confusing than that, it?

    In any case, thanks for your help!

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    See here - iCloud: create or modify e-mail aliases

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    Hi all

    I have two old email addresses I want to remove from my Apple ID: none of them is my main email address. In tha Apple support page on your Apple ID - Apple supported email addresses , section "additional e-mail addresses", I see:

    If you want to remove one of your additional e-mail addresses, click on next to the address.

    But if I go to next to my additional email addresses (ACCESSIBLE to...) I see only one question mark (?), and if I touch the mouse with a pop-up explains that "This is an alias for your Apple ID email address", but no way to delete.

    So, what is the way to remove unwanted email...?

    Thank you, best regards.



    iCloud: create or modify e-mail aliases

    iCloud: any e-mail alias - Apple Support

    Please see the article above, it will help you!

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    When I up graded to Windows 7, my spellchecker didn't work anymore.  Help, thank you, June

  • Configuration of e-mail from blackBerry Smartphones work not...

    On my Blackberry Bold 9650 - I am unable to do the menu configure my e-mail address. I chose the configuration application. When I choose the icon email accounts that nothing happens! If I try to get out of this app, the phone freezes & I'm unable to access & have to stop on the phone. I still get out of this APP. I took it to a Verizon Wireless Technician & they say they are unable to determine the problem. Suggestions?

    Try this:

    Since the device, go to
    Scroll to connect and click Send.
    Click on join now for the e-mail service you want to add and see if it works.

  • E-mails of blackBerry Smartphones

    can someone help me with my internet, as soon as I get a message on my blackberry, it is immediately deleted even if I ticked the box requesting confirmation of deletion and keep messages for 30 days and says remove the solicitation, any other message thank you suggestions gratefully received


    KB11328 - E-mail messages are removed from the BlackBerry smartphone


    KB13814 - Messages on the BlackBerry smartphone are deleted due to low memory

  • Configuration of e-mail from blackBerry Smartphones?

    Hey. I just my new Curve 8900 after that I gave up my old one. I have problems setting up emails on this subject.

    On my old handset simply, you went to the configuration of email in your e-mail address and password and the whallah! But when I go to the Setup email there now an option "I want to use a professional email with Blackberry Enterprise Server account."

    What is the Blackberry Enterprise Server? and how do I set up email for my personal e-mail with hotmail account?

    Kind regards


    Scrap that, I have it solved.

  • E-mails of blackBerry Smartphones do not remove the phone when removing online

    I'm an America Online e-mail address game on my blackberry. When I delete aol or on my computer at emails, emails are not deleted on the blackberry. So I have to go and do it on the phone too!

    I'm went to reconciliation of the Email in the Options, and under 'On the conflicts' I have it configured as 'mailbox wins '. Is there a way I can set up so that when I delete e-mails online, it automatically removes from the phone?

    The only way to see if it works is to see the result... the item removed from the HH... then Yes, give him time.

  • Compensation/remove recipient mail history blackBerry smartphones

    Accidentally sent an email to the wrong address (minor misspelling). Now, whenever I try to send an email to the correct address, incorrect address appears in the list of list selection drop-down address. This can be a bit confusing.

    Is there a way I can select some previous winners of the mail sent to remove, or clear all and start over?

    for example:

    Need to send e-mail to "[email protected]".

    but accidentally sent to '[email protected] '.

    Now whenever I send an email to the correct address, incorrect address appears as well.

    I don't have the complete solution, but at least you can stop showing all the recently used e-mail addresses:

    Go to the mailbox, display of messages and actions, options, uncheck the "Show recent contacts when writing email.

    keep u posted as soon as I find the pefect solution.

  • Adding additional e-mail addresses on a macbook pro

    Im trying to add a third email address but the error message says that she said the e-mail address already exists, how can I change this?

    When you try to add the e-mail address?

  • 'Other e-mail accounts' blackBerry smartphones does not not (BB 8520)

    Hi, I'm new in the world of BB, and I have some big problems to set up my email accounts

    I have an account and 2 more that are pop accounts. domains

    I've seen videos and manuals in saying:

    1. go in the e-mail options

    2. choose other accounts

    3 place a e-mail address to hit an error (?), which I found very odd.

    4. click on OK

    5. it will give you the advance e-mail options

    Did not work

    I did repeatedly, to update the OS (, applications and I restarted several times with no goal reached.

    Please help me!

    Thank you



    Our system allows up to 10 e-mail account but it depeneds on support, so I think you should give a call to your carrier Claro they can help you in this regard.

    Thank you.

  • Agenda of contacts to be synchronized with email address, blackBerry Smartphones


    I address 3 emails and my contacts & the order of the day is synchronized with one of my 3 email address.

    I would like to know how to synchronize these 2 items with another of my e-mail address.

    who could help me?

    Thank you in advance



    Hi Patrick78,

    When you configure synchronization with an e-mail account, the data can only be synchronized with this email account.

    Thank you.

  • Return of the frustrating problem of e-mail with blackBerry Smartphones

    After having my BB still reset my TI guy, I brought it home to install a few programs (box letters BES and some games).  When I plugged the device on my computer after starting dm (version 4.2) I was encouraged because it did not sync things that she had done in the past.  I installed the software and voila, I get the nice email telling me that I am no longer connected to the BES.  I tried to remove the battery for a minute or so, but not joy.  Exploring further, I noticed that under options > advanced options > Enterprise activation that my e-mail address is missing.  I had this thing reset every day this week, I can't figure out what I could do wrong.  Any ideas?

    Just uninstall dtm of add/remove programs and then reinstall it on the cd delivered with BB, and during the installation, choose BIS as an installation option.

    Yes, you have to buy 6 pack I guess.

  • Default e-mail setting blackBerry Smartphones

    Where can I put what is my default email account?  Also, I thought that I could click on the reply address and select which e-mail account, I wanted to use.  My Pearl doesn't seem to have the address I got the message from.  Why can't I select one of my other 5 accounts?


    When you answer, you can answer only to the address that received the email... it's just the way it works. If you transfer, you can use one of your e-mail accounts, but you will need to re - treat email as it is a. This is how it works.

    As for your 'default' e-mail address, it is a different matter. What makes really BB, it's remembering, on emails that you are created, representing you sent for anyone in your contact list. So, the next time that you launch an email to them, it will use the same account for 'from' that you have changed to used for this destination. A tip, that!

    Hope that helps!

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