Address a problem with your LOCAL WIFI card__Your network card has stopped working properly .___To find out if a version update of your wireless network card is available, contact the manufacturer of your device or computer. __ __


A problem with your wireless network card

Your wireless card has stopped working properly.

To see if an updated version of your WLAN card is available

Hello Jeroen Ratz,

You should visit your computer manufacturer's website to download all updates for your hardware. Never leave the windows update utility, update your hardware to your computer. Hope this helps you. Let us know anyway. Make it a great day!

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  • Your wireless card has stopped working properly.

    Often, I receive this message "problem reports and solution:
    A problem with your wireless network card

    Your wireless card has stopped working properly.
    There is a network adapter that allows your computer to connect to a wireless network.
    To find out if a version update of your wireless network card is available, contact the manufacturer of your device or computer.

    Even if I get this message that I am able to connect to wireless internet. I checked on the DELL website, and according to them, I have the driver for my Inspiron 1520 then I would like to know how I can stop this annoying message that appear all the time? Is there an updated driver that I don't know?
    The problem refers to my Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card (Driver version

    I would be grateful for any advice.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi dtw1970,

    While I was researching online error message met that it is a known issue on dell computers and there are a few steps available in the dell Web site.

    Check the link and try the steps mentioned below.

    You can also try posting your query in the Dell Community, see the link below.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
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  • Error - "Kaspersky Anti-virus has stopped working properly." in the Windows Vista-based computer.

    Original title: Phantom appearance of reference of Kaspersky Anti-virus in my system.

    I get a problem report "Kaspersky Anti-virus has stopped working properly." and "to resolve this problem, run the update automatic tool provided with I have never installed this program, and it does not appear in my list of installed programs, in fact I never heard before that." Why do I get this message? What should I do about it? (My security program is Panda Global Protection 2012, if by chance it has something to do with it.)

    I did a full restore, but the error has occurred three times today. I know that Kaspersky is not on my computer and has never been. I think it's a virus.

  • Windows live mail has stopped working properly. Can view the Inbox but not send e-mail messages. Send a message: problem with page caused either to stop working.

    My windows live mail has stopped working correctly: I can view my Inbox but not send emails, because a box appears and indicates a problem with this caused page internet explore to stop working. This seems to be connected to the other problem I have with windows live messenger, who says his side by side configuration is incorrect.

    I uninstalled windows live essentials and reinstalled it but still the same result. Have also installed all updates via the windows installer.

    I am close to throw the computer because the problem seems irreparable: HELP!


    The question you have posted is related to Windows Live, and would be better suited in the Windows Live forum. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

  • Vista and Solutions problem reports: "a problem with PSIKey. PSIKey has stopped working properly. An update is available that solves this problem. » __

    I downloaded the update from the site Web of Protexis Inc., but still the warning returns to every start. What can we do?

    Sounds like the program still has problems.  Protexis would need to provide an update of the program that doesn't crash.  Consider uninstalling the software and reinstall the latest version, or contact the manufacturer of the software for further assistance.

  • Problem with my Atheros Wifi/Bluetooth Combo card to reboot. in windows 8 pro 64-bit

    Hello I have the following problem with my free wireless/Bluetooth combo card.
    I have personally installed a new combo entered only the material of a third party wireless card
    online market. The device was immediately discovered Windows 8 and installed the drivers that he thinks are best for the device. Both wireless and Bluetooth work as expected and the problem happens when I put the machine power off or reboot the system, Hibernate does not affect the operation of the device. When the system is rebooted / turned from cold start. Windows 8 displays a red X on the wireless icon and Bluetooth does not work. troubleshooting tool and Device Manager act as the device is installed correctly. To resolve this issue, uninstall Bluetooth and wireless both drivers leave system scan for changes, it then reinstalls the device and the system works as expected for both Bluetooth and wireless. I'm looking to solve this problem, I didn't notice any problem yet in the operating system other than windows 8.
    Details of important system information:
    Windows 8 Professional. x64bit
    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]
    Card added to my Asus G74SX
    Operating name: Atheros
    Model: AR5B195 (WiFi: AR5B195) (Bluetooth: AR3011)
    The Device Manager shows the follow-up:
    General tab:
    Qualcomm-Atheros AR3011 Bluetooth 3.0
    Location: Port_ #0001.Hub_ #0003
    Advanced tab
    Manufacturer ID: 69
    HCI LMP 5.39321 a 5.39321 version
    Driver tab
    Driver provider: Qualcomm Atheros Communications
    Driver date: 08/06/2012
    Driver version:
    Digital signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher
    Network cards:
    General tab
    Qualcomm-Atheros AR9002WB-1NG
    Geographical area: PCI Slot 1 (bus PCI 3, device 0, function 0)
    Driver tab
    Driver provider: Microsoft
    Driver date: 03/07/2012
    Driver version:
    Digital signer: Microsoft Windows
    Driver file details:
    Provider: Qualcomm, Atheros Communications, Inc.
    Version of the file
    Digital signer: Microsoft Windows
    Provider of: Microsoft Corporation
    File version: 6.2.9200.16384 (win8_rtm.120725 - 1247)
    Digital signer: Microsoft Windows
    Error Viewer:
    Task category: (16)
    The description for event ID 15300 source WPDMTPDriver is not found. Either the component that triggers this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.
    PSG WPD driver

    0 x 80070002
    Source: BTHUSB
    Event ID: 17

    The local Bluetooth adapter has failed in an indefinite manner and will not be used. The driver has been unloaded.

    I guess the problem with my card is out dated drivers for my wireless card.


    I at first sight, that this would not help, as it does not address the question, or the other.

    1st stage however was a yellow triangle! Sign up for troubleshooting. reboot and I checked for internet/bluetooth. I got my net upward and did two step, windows told me, he had the best drivers for the device. I went to the menu where you select wireless cards then. and it occurred to me, for some reason my wireless card had been cut, and troubleshooting of windows didn't catch it. My G74SX, so now like with most laptops, has a Wireless on and off function, I pressed the button for this and then on my bluetooth and windows wireless. I then tested the function of these two, and did a reboot and shutdown, test market and the system works perfectly. Now, I wonder if that was the problem at the beginning.
    Thank you.
  • Your wireless card has stopped working properly, because a compatible driver is not available for this version of Windows.

    I'm not very tech-savvy... like everything. So I have no idea what to do on this subject, but the problem is very irritating because my wireless just randomly stops working for a short period of time, and it happens quite often. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    My computer told me to go to the website of Buffalo, but I had no idea what to do from there.

    Hi Chadbassett,

    Thank you to contact the community Microsoft and we will be happy to help you with your concern.

    According to the description provided, I understand that you are facing a problem connecting to the wireless network.

    He would be grateful if you can answer this question in order to help you further.

    1. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    2. What is the brand and model of your computer?

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    Run the windows network troubleshooter, and check if it helps.

    Using the troubleshooter from network in Windows 7:

    Method 2:

    I suggest you to download and install the latest drivers wireless in the factory.

    Note: If the drive is not compatible with windows 7, I recommend you to install the driver software in compatibility mode and check if that helps.

    Windows 7 Compatibility Center:

    Make older programs in this version of Windows:


    Problems in Windows wireless and wired network connection:

    We would be more than happy to help you if the steps above did not solve the problem.

  • I'm just an old man with computer problems. Aspire M3970 WINDOWS 7, my office has stopped working

    I was stupid enough to scan with REGSERVO and since then very few things come without a fault, most common is

    C:Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop... is not available or has been moved. System Restore does not work,

    When I look at the properties of the system it is all grey fault 0 x 81000203 views. Desperate ChapChappie

    Thanks IronFly,

    You fixed the restoration of the system for me and is currently working.

    The problem with the desktop really only apply to the missing icons, they were more a symtom of the fault on all the software that I tried to run. It came after I scanned with 'Regservo' that I would NEVER use again and advise others NEVER use.

    I couldn't remember go with a system of failure so I had to resort to pay a technician to fix my problem, seems fine now!

    Thank you very much once again you get a Kudos from me


  • Why my computer keep stop inadvertently with this message: address a problem with the NVIDIA Graphics Driver__NVIDIA graphics driver has stopped working properly. ? __

    Recently my computer (laptop) was stopped when I put the command "sleep".  It displays a message about my NVIDIA Graphics Driver does not. I have check the driver to use and it shows like th emost current and NVIDIA hardware works correctly... who is not lying.

    A recent Microsoft update would be the cause of this problem suddenly?

    Try a system restore to a Date before the problem began:

    Restore point:

    Do Safe Mode system restore, if it is impossible to do in Normal Mode.

    Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

    Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.

    Read the above for a very good graph shows how backward more than 5 days in the System Restore Points by checking the correct box.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [11] = power % 20Management

    Read the info on sleep disorders in the tutorial above.

    Also read this tutorial; as well as the 'related links' at the bottom of the links above.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • What is the problem with new OS El Capitan? First does not work properly

    I just installed the new OS El Capitan, but first gives me a lot of problems. Preview works when I play timeline shape, but when I stop the video preview becomes kind of red with a lot of scratches. Another project does not recognize the clips on the timeline

    I'm in a deep deep deep Sxxx I need to work

    Here, the solution solved the problem for me, that sounds like the same problem I had.

    Re: Premiere Pro graphic problem?



  • Dell Latitude d630 with Windows 7 edition integral-DVD drive has stopped working.

    On the Dell website, they don't support my laptop for Windows Vista and XP. Can anyone help?


    ·         Since when you are facing this problem?

    ·         Did you change your computer before this problem?

    I suggest you to check first if the DVD Rom is detected in the Explorer or not.

    If this isn't the case, then I suggest you to run the fixit of the article below and check if that helps.

    I also suggest you to run the fixit of the article below and check if it helps.

  • I get an error that Word (running locally but is Office 365) has stopped working when I try to save a word.doc to a .pdf file?

    Why does the word end when I try to save a .pdf file?

    I assume you are using the Save in format PDF Adobe Acrobat CC feature.

    If this is the case, the problem is in the code of Microsoft for which an update was issued the week last by Microsoft. Update your Office 365 and the problem should go away.


  • In a problem report it says that Windows Defender has stopped working properly - I'm not an advanced user KB article is like a foreign language to me - HELP!

    Command line utility Windows Defender


    08-06-2009 22:22

    More information

    Signature of the problem
    Problem event name: MpTelemetry
    Signature of the 01:80240022 problem
    Signature of the problem 02: ProcessDownloadResults
    Signature of the problem 03: download
    Signature of the problem 04: 1.1.1600.0
    Signature of the problem 05: MpSigDwn.dll
    Signature of the 06 problem: 1.1.1600.0
    Signature of the problem 07: Windows Defender
    The system version: 6.0.6002.

    Additional information about the problem
    Bucket ID: 29795427

    Hi 1pinktink,

    Welcome to Microsoft answers forums!

    a. What is the exact error message that you receive?

    b. don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    c. what anti-virus program you installed on the computer?

    This problem may occur if there is a conflict between windows defender and the security software installed on the computer.

    I suggest you try the following steps:

    Step 1: Disable security software, follow the steps mentioned below

    Note: Activate security software back once the test is completed.

    Step 2: The System File Checker (SFC) utility allows administrators to perform an analysis of all protected resources to make sure they are the correct version. Whether SFC should find all incorrect versions in one of these protected resources, SFC will be replaced by the correct versions.

    You can still run a SFC scan on the windows vista computer. To run a scan suite SFC as follows:

    a. Click Start, in the start search bar type cmd, right-click on the command prompt icon in the box programs and then click Run as administrator.

    b. at the command prompt type sfc/scannow , and then press ENTER.

    Step 3: Install the latest updates for windows defender

    To check updates in Windows Defender, follow these steps:

    1. start Windows Defender if it is not already open. To do this, click Start, click programs, and then click Windows Defender.

    2 search for new definitions. To do this, click search for updates now

    Please check the links below, which deals with a similar question

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • Computer has stopped working properly after a Norton updated.

    Yesterday, my computer did a update of Norton, and since then I can't use my computer.  I double click on an icon & it just "chew" and does nothing.   Then I try & press "CTRL/ALT/DELETE" to stop this & nothing happens.  Or, other times I double click on an icon and nothing happens.   Rebooted the computer several times & still nothing.  I have Windows XP.  I want to just bring the computer back to 2 days ago & everything goes back to how it was.

    What Norton product and version do you use?

    You can try the system restore to go back a few days. But first you need to disable the product Tamper Protection Norton.


  • ThinApp Capture fails with file system tool virtual "Build Fail" has stopped working

    Hi people,

    Anyone know the cause of what I have this on many applications try to build the project.

    Win7 x 86 package clean.  Thought it might be the file names long so I did Capture a local folder on the root of C: Notthing fancy here capture the basic machine...

    Any help, I would be happy I'm getting thin work me on it for a dau or...

    At soon Norm

    ... just remove *.debug files in the... Directory of Gimp\lib\gimp\2.0\python\ and the construction!

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    The version that has downloaded the 8.1 Windows has all the other features that previous versions do so it is difficult to manage your mail and read it. In addition, Firefox blocks to return to your email once you click on an attachment that was incl

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    Experience of other posts about it and have not yet understood what I am doing wrong.  I can't find the node of HDL in an FPGA VI.  I described the steps that I did below.  Seems to me all FPGA modules installed as well.  The only work around I could

  • Restore questions after replacing the hard drive

    I have created a backup image and restore full of my computer after getting the hard drive errors via the MS utility on a USB key.  I replaced the hard drive internal and restored Vista using recovery disks.  Now when I want to restore the backup, Wi

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not find a theme/app uninstalled in my list

    Hello i've installed and unintalled a theme.I want to download it again, but I can't in my dl list already.Search in the app world I find, but the installation/download button appears. the theme I want to come back is the black os7 theme. strange is

  • Configure the read-access via user-defined privilege level

    Hello everyone, I m looking for the best configuration to restrict a user read-only. The restriction must be configured through CLI not GANYMEDE. Material: 3750 (probably not interesting for that matter) More old IOS: 12.2 (53) SE1 The user should be