Adobe Acrobat 9 has no download link

I can't download my product (Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro) because there is no link available to download.

Refer to the products download Acrobat | 9: 8

I hope this helps.

Thank you


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  • I have a subscription monthly-pay to specific Adobe through creative cloud.  All of a sudden to create Adobe PDF back "your request could not be performed.  Adobe Acrobat license has expired or not been activated. »

    I have a subscription monthly-pay to specific Adobe through creative cloud.  All of a sudden to create Adobe PDF back "your request could not be performed.  Adobe Acrobat license has expired or not been activated. »

    Are you referring to Adobe Acrobat?  If so, please take a look at this link and see if it helps:

    Acrobat license expired trial or renew the expired subscription


  • The Adobe Acrobat program has been removed. How can I reinstall the program?

    The Adobe Acrobat program has been removed. How do I re - install and use the program?

    Hi selwynr79524557,

    If you are already enrolled in Acrobat Pro DC then just install the application and sign in with your Adobe ID and it will be activated.

    Thank you


  • "Adobe Acrobat DC has stopped working" shortly after I open the program without doing anything

    Recently I bought Adobe Acrobat DC and installed on my machine. However, it's very weird: whenever I open the program, just in a few seconds a Windows System Message will appear "Adobe Acrobat DC has stopped working".

    I tried to uninstall and install all programs PDF on my PC several times (including your Acrobat & reader DC as well as other like Foxit Reader PDF viewers), but the problem persists.

    I also tried the "repair install" under the two menu 'Help' so that in the Control Panel, but did not work as well.

    Could I get a response? Don't want to lose my subscription each month.

    My PC is Windows 7 Service Pack 1. It is 64-bit.

    Hi Omegaman22,

    Try this: -.

    1. do you have the preview pane enabled in file Explorer? If so, you can temporarily disable it to see if the problem goes away? On Windows 8, in Explorer, go to the view tab, and if you press the button "Preview Pane", UN-press it. On Windows 7, upwards to the right (to the left of the help icon) there is a button "show preview pane." UN-press it.

    2. ensure that the following directories exist on your machine. If this isn't the case, please create them:



    Replace USERNAME with your username.

    Is - do this 1 or 2 to solve this problem?

    Kind regards


  • Adobe Acrobat DC has stopped working

    New to Acrobat WAA DC, but recently installed the latest version and have problems with printing PDF amd, sometimes just to open a PDF file.

    The program hangs and gives an error indicating "Adobe Acrobat DC has stopped working".

    This program is installed on the system win8.1/64 bit and worked very well until all of a sudden, that it started.  Now, it happens almost every time.

    What suggestions are there to solve this problem.

    Hi Steve,.

    Please try to fix the installation under the Help menu, help-> repair the Installation.

    I would like to know if there is an improvement.

    Kind regards


  • Acrobat 9 Pro - Mac download link?

    I need a download of Acrobat 9 Pro for MACINTOSH link - I bought in 2010 and have a serial number valid but cannot find the link to download it from the Adobe site (but oddly, there is one for windows...)

    I tried to use the live chat for assistance which proved less than helpful - the agent failed to provide support because it is not the latest version. (???)

    (Apparently I'm is no longer considered as a customer is worth to help because my software is not later... am not quite get that but ok... * cancels cloud creative subscription *)

    Has been advised to post in the forum for help, however, I know this question was asked before several times before and no one seems to go very far with it, but worth a try.

    Thank you

    Hi Rebecca,.

    Sorry for the trouble, try the following steps to get the Acrobat 9 pro for mac.

    Go to the below mentioned URL

    Download Adobe Acrobat free trial | Acrobat Professional XI

    Once the trial of Acrobat 11 opens, paste the URL (replace the old one at that)

    Thank you

    Vikrantt Singh

  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended (download)

    Where can I download Acrobat 9 Pro Extended? I saved on my Adobe software, but as it has been downloaded, not discs. I have a new computer and you want to install this software, as I used it frequently since it was installed on my old comp thanks

    You can get an Acrobat 9 pro trial here, if you follow the 7 steps:

    I don't know if your license for the extended version will work with no extended version, but give it a try.

  • Adobe Acrobat 7 has worked well under Win 7RC1 (32 bit), cannot create Adobe PDF Port_Printer in Win7 (64 bit)

    I had Windows 7RC1 intalled Acrobat 7 (32 bit) and everything worked perfectly.  Now, I have installed the 64 bit version of Windows 7 and get an error message "Warning 20225. Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Setup was unable to create a new item: Adober PDF Port_Printer.  The PDF Adober printer may be unavailable.                "GetLastError: the operation completed successfully."

    It is just incompatible with the 64-bit version?  Information from Adobe on the said error message is not compatibile Win 7, but it certainly worked well in the 32-bit release candidate of Windows 7.


    When you try to install Adobe Creative Suite 3 on a 64-bit version of Windows, the installer returns the error message "the file AdobePDF.dll on Windows Vista CD-ROM is needed." You are given the option to search for the file.


    Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional is installed with Design Premium, Design Standard, and Creative Suite 3 Web Premium versions. Although Adobe has tested Adobe Acrobat 8.0 (Standard and Professional) on the operating systems Microsoft Windows 64-bit running on a 64-bit processor computer, there are known limitations. For more details, see additional information.

    Solution (Windows Vista 64-bit)

    In order for Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional to be supported, the application must be updated after installation.

    1. When the error occurs, click Cancel to exit the dialog box and continue with the installation.
    2. Install Microsoft has Hot Fix, such as documented in Microsoft Knowledge Article #930627 available on Base
    3. Update Acrobat version 8.1 or later. The Acrobat update is available on the Adobe website at .

    Solution (Windows 7 64-bit)

    Manually extract the 'adobepdf.dll_64 ' of the file file before installing Acrobat. When the prompt appears, navigate to this file and select it.

    1. Navigate to the folder that contains the file setup.exe to your installation of Acrobat 8.
    2. Locate the file "" and open it (this may require a third-party compression utility, such as WinZip).
    3. Inside the content list, locate the file "adobepdf.dll_64" and copy it to your desktop.
    4. Run the program setup.exe installation and when the prompt appears, select Browse and select the file that you copied to the desktop.
      Note: If the file cannot be selected, change the file type drown down in the dialog box to "All files", or rename the file "adobepdf.dll" by removing "_64" from the end of the file extension.

    More information

    Because the Adobe PDF printer is not supported on 64-bit operating systems, version 64 bits of the AdobePDF.dll does not get extracted during installation. So, the installation program is unable to locate him. Although Acrobat is installed, the Adobe PDF printer will not install. Following the update procedure above will address the issue.

    333360 : support policy for Adobe Acrobat (8.0.x Windows x 64)
    333780 : support policy for Acrobat 7 and 8 on Windows Vista

  • Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard online download

    Hello everyone, I recently got a new laptop that does not have a CD player. I had Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard installed on my old laptop and have a serial number for it. Is it possible to download Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard online? I don't see as an option in the downloads available on the Adobe Web site. All the tracks/guidance will be greatly appreciated.

    Hi ah38256492,

    You can download Acrobat standard 8 of the link mentioned below:

    Shared files -

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • At Adobe Acrobat XI EOL for download?

    Our team of creative Cloud all used XI for all their needs of Acrobat and one of them accidentally installed the "DC". I tried to find Adobe Acrobat pro XI on the new site, where is the link?


    Please use the link below to download Acrobat X 1: -.

    Hope this helps!

  • Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro download

    In 2008, I bought and downloaded Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro.  Now, I need to move it to a new computer.  I can't find the .exe file is not available in my download history in my account.

    Any Suggestions?


    Probably you already have your serial number ranger somewhere?

    Download the trial of and then enter your serial No.

    Very important instructions on this page first if the links don't work.

  • Adobe Acrobat DC has zapped my security settings and watermark saved, help...


    I just installed the following Tech Comm 2015 (on subscription). He installed an update to Acrobat for DC and it's horrible, I hate it. He blew my saved security settings and the older version of Acrobat has disappeared. Where they hid the option to watermark? The clues as if all of my saved stuff like saved watermarks and security settings are hidden somewhere I can shoot in the new version?

    So, I hate the way that Adobe makes difficult upgrades. My subscription to Office 365 is a dream full of improvements seamless automated, compared to this expensive mega package which took all afternoon to deal with, and I had my hard drive to the bits and pieces of a "suite" of search and reset everything up.

    OK, so I just answered my own questions so'm in answers here in case someone searches for similar things...

    So... it seems that all the user settings are not carried forward with the upgrade and I know it was not even an option to check something for this.

    So, to find the things you need... look


    11 was the last version on my PC and where were the critical bits.

    In preferences, there is a subdirectory called watermark. So I just copied it in the directory of 2015.

    Ditto for the Security directory. Do security policy appear, in Acrobat to manage security policies and to make them favorites.

    What a flippin saga! I'm on a flippin subscription in interest. It shouldn't be that amount of the intervention of the user. You probably expect to keep your own settings by DEFAULT with maybe a clean install option. So I have the experience, it's a frustration "I hate the upgrade" thing... probably is not what they wanted. It is not rocket science customer just to the point. Oh I forgot, we're talking about Adobe here.

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro for Mac download and install - does not open?

    I just got a new Mac when I want to download my old Adobe Acrobat Pro. It worked perfectly before.

    All goes well until it opens onto the dock, after that nothing happens for example the window in the middle of the screen appears saying that Adobe does, he asks the password of the Mac, followed by the Extras 'install' button continue. The black dot next to the icon indicates that it is run, and the bar menu at the top of the screen contains just the Acrobat next to the Apple... that's where it stops.

    Please advice.

    Thank you.


    reset your preferences-

    Acrobat: .html

    Adobe media encoder:







    Muse (mac):


    Photoshop elements: .html, references_file.htm

    elements of first: .html

    First pro:

  • Adobe Acrobat XI has stopped working

    I just installed Adobe Acrobat XI Standard on a 32-bit Windows 7 computer and when I go to start it, I get in a box of Adobe's Acrobat - Adobe Acrobat has stopped working.

    Any suggestions?

    The details of the problem are

    Signature of the problem:

    Problem event name: BEX

    Application name: Acrobat.exe

    Application version:

    Application timestamp: 505fd1ce

    Fault Module name: amtlib.dll

    Fault Module Version:

    Timestamp of Module error: 5034a4c4

    Exception offset: 0013c 029

    Exception code: c0000417

    Exception data: 00000000

    OS version: 6.1.7601.

    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information 1: 5e58

    More information 2: 5e58e259699bb62ce3ad263e212efdc8

    Additional information 3: de53

    Additional information 4: de534c69301cf9ea61d38c9eddedd316

    Hi grinolot,

    This seems to be allowed the problem to me.

    Please, try the following steps and let me know if this helped:

    Delete all the files in the following folders:


    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\SLCache

    And delete all the files in the folder following except cache.db

    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\ Adobe PCD

    Then launch Acrobat, accept EULA and re-enter the serial number.

    Kind regards


  • Adobe will not provide the download link CS3

    I just finished going in circles with Adobe on trying to get a download link for Adobe CS3 Web Premium.  My shop bought 5 licenses and now Adobe tells me that we are out of luck, and they cannot provide a download link.

    There is no way that I will propose to my employer that we buy new licenses for Adobe products if that's the way they reward the loyalty of the customers.

    I kept getting mentioned on the forums.  They have a link in the forums but it does not work.

    Thank you Adobe.  I now have to find a way to edit old flash movies and edit graphics without spending thousands of dollars.

    Hi Anthony Spears,

    You can download the trial of Adobe CS3 software: .

    Please follow the very important instructions given on the page before you click on the download link.

    user single license (retail license) users can use the serial number to activate even.

    Kind regards

    Jatin derfoufi

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