Adobe air and FSX


Sorry about that but I have the accessories with eurofighter typhoon Flight Simulator FSX in Windows 7 home pre when I install in my pc and try to play
There are adobe air error it's can't run pls I want all help coz I tried to play for 3 weeks.
Thank you

I suggest you uninstall FSX using The Windows Installer Cleanup utility , and then install the game.  After getting the game installed test it prior to installation of modules, patches or updates.

You can also check on the Web of FS page as there is a lot of information here.  Microsoft Flight Simulator  Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    What is Adobe Air, and what is Adobe Community Help?  What is the relationship between them?

    The AIR is a runtime environment for running certain applications. The customer to help Adobe Community is an AIR application. This is a viewer for the help documents.

    I prefer not to use the client application for community support. Instead, I use the HTML version of the help in my browser or the PDF version when I'm not online.

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    I looked at Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition - and it does not even recognize the AIR installer as an installer of Adobe.

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    You might be able to do by creating a bootstrapping application to start the installation program.  Here are a few documents about the distribution of AIR in enterprise environments as well as a link to our distribution agreement.

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    Thanks in advance

    Then, you use the wrapper of aerial part or a third party for a flash projector.

    you have already paid for the air, so as long as requiring your application must be installed by users is acceptable, use air.

    and Yes, just change your publication settings and code you need by using the air api.

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    To convert a PowerPoint file in PDF format, you will need our service CreatePDF or our desktop, Adobe Acrobatapplication.

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    Hi sportzbangalore,

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    No you don't need it.

  • I might add my Showcase of Adobe AIR app?

    Hey Adobe,

    So I published my application called "News Center" on multiple platforms, I built this app using Adobe AIR SDK and the SDK Flex Apache kit.

    Mac version:

    Center news on the Mac App Store

    iPad version:

    News Center for iPad on the App Store

    Android version:

    News Center - Android applications on Google game

    The product Web site:

    I might add my Showcase of Adobe AIR app? It could be a good example for developers of AIR and Flex.

    Adobe AIR and Flex of Apache are awesome, please keep on the great works!

    GE Zhou


    Hello Ge Zhou,

    Please follow the guidelines of presentation mentioned here: Adobe Flash and AIR Showcase Gallery

    Once you have things ready for good want to send us an email to [email protected] for evaluation.

    Kind regards


    AIR team

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    Hello!  In order to use my Cricut Craft software, I have to be running Adobe Air.  The latest version has done something that I could not use Cricut support proposed the machine so I have uninstall Adobe Air and reinstall the archived version.  I downloaded, but does not know how to install it in fact.  Thanks for your help!


    you want the download of runtime, not the SDK.

    Find and download archived versions of Adobe AIR SDK

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    I downloaded a game that requires Adobe AIR. I went on the official Adobe download site. Download a beautiful and well, but when I clicked on the game, he said that it was necessary to Adobe Air to work. So I clicked on the same file to download Adobe Air and a few seconds later he told me that it is already on my computer. I have searched all over my computer, but I couldn't find it. I checked the game twice and it has just shown the same message over and over again. I downloaded again this installation of Adobe Air, and it continues to display the same message. I also searched it in creative cloud, but it doesn't do a thing, unfortunately. I don't really know where I downloaded Adobe Air. I have all the time in the world, so I don't need a response.

    Right click of your win start button > click Control Panel > programs > uninstall the program and see if adobe air is installed.

    If this is the case, the problem is probably this game.  you could test that in trying a few other game/application needs adobe air.

  • Problems using Adobe AIR

    I have a Kids Eat Free activities related to the directories and I have tried to install Adobe AIR allows you to use the software of curation of content called CurationSoft ( and it is not working properly. I saw on their website that there are problems with Adobe AIR and google chrome. Here is the link of reference see: It's my first time using Adobe AIR and is not a good experience. Please help.

    you have a misunderstanding.

    Adobe Air does NOT work with a browser.  It is a run time that can be installed on your computer and used with adobe air applications, adobe air applications can also be made containing the execution as part of their package.

    One can think of adobe flash player is a browser plugin, which allows to read swf files in a web browser.

  • Given that the installation of Adobe Air creative cloud update no longer works


    I recently installed the update for Adobie Air and now I can't creative cloud Manager to load the files to screen or apps home screen or otherwise I just get the blue spindle.

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    Please notify

    Thank you,


    Adobe Creative Cloud:

    Homepage screen / blue constant spinning wheel

    MAc OS x LION

    I had the same problem:... continued for weeks...

    Fixed logging on all my active Adobe Creative Cloud...

    Restart the machine and resigining in...

    everyyyyy where...

    Now looks kool...

    See you soon,.


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    try to download the update to adobe air and error 16820


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    You mentioned that you uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Air and the error still appears.

    Can you uninstall the app again and then turn off and restart your computer to check if the message without the application installed on your system?

    This will help us to narrow down the cause of the problem.

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