Adobe Camera Raw (CR2) files not able to be opened by the glance

I get this message on my Mac when I try to open the downloaded files from my camera CR2: "The plugin Photoshop Camera Raw did not recognize the format of one or more files." Some files can be opened in Adobe Bridge, but not others.  All can not be opened in Quick Look.  I have not knowingly changed no settings, my camera or software.  Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.  After rebooting my computer, the problem was solved!

Moreover, the Canon G1X MkII works very well with Adobe Photoshop CS5 like Lightroom CS5.

Thanks again for you concerns and support.



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  • I downloaded Adobe camera raw 8.4 so that I can open raw files with pictures taken with the camera Sony a6000.  However, it does not open images in camera raw.  What can I do?

    I downloaded Adobe camera raw 8.4 so that I can open raw files with pictures taken with the camera Sony a6000.  However, it does not open images in camera raw.  What can I do?

    I suggest you please update Camera Raw 9.1.1: Camera Raw of Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6 Installer

    Once done, launch Photoshop and click Help > about plug-in > Camera Raw.

    And check the version of Camera Raw, you see there, it should be the most recent.

  • I've just updated Adobe Professional, but I'm not able to add, to delete the pages more. Before the update, it wasn't a problem. I missed something?

    I've just updated Adobe Professional, but I'm not able to add, to delete the pages more. Before the update, it wasn't a problem. I missed something?

    Are you sure that you're not open your files with the free player instead of using Acrobat? And please do not post the same question multiple times. Also, try to be more specific. "I am not able" can mean many different things.

  • Rename and delete Presets - Adobe Camera Raw (settings folder does not appear)


    I want to delete, rename, etc... presets for Adobe Camera Raw. I use Mac so I open ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw / but the settings folder, where the presets should be, does not appear.

    Screenshot 2015-10-18 18.22.41.png

    However, I can use them and if I, for example, I'm trying to open a doc of this file with Photoshop, it appears the library settings, as well as 'Curves', 'Flow', 'The Corrections'... etc.

    How do I access the folder settings so I can manage the presets? Thanks in advance

    Screenshot 2015-10-18 18.22.52.png

    Trying to find where exactly him are stored by clicking on both load and save settings. You can move them to the location by default if you would like, so rename.

  • 5.6 ACR settles (XP)? get camera raw.8bi file to install manually

    ACR 5.6 will not install on my XP 32-bit using the .exe installer.

    Y at - it an option to get the camera raw.8bi file to manually install somnewhere?  Having the Canon 7 d and would like to be able to use the converter from Adobe.


    C:\Program Files\Fichiers Adobe Plug-Ins\CS3\File Formats

    Remove the old and the water drop in version 5.6 of camera raw.8bi

  • I have Photoshop CC 2015, how do I install Adobe Camera Raw & Bridge?

    Our IT support tried to download creative cloud but everything is labeled 'Trial' and it is a licensed copy of Photoshop.  Bridge has been uninstalled when this computer has been updated since Photoshop CS6.  Y at - it a separate installation of the bridge and Adobe Camera Raw?  If not, is there a full version of creative Cloud available to be installed with Photoshop CC 2015?  Thank you.

    Hi Jim-Wy,

    You can download Photoshop CC2015 from this link: Photo editing software | Download the free trial version Photoshop CC

    It would download setup of creative cloud you need to run and he would start the installation of Photoshop.

    Bridge CC can be used in another application that can be installed via creative cloud app itself.

    Camera Raw is a Photoshop plugin that could settle with the installation of Photoshop.

  • CC 2015 not open in photoshop with Camera Raw CR2 raw files, please help?

    It works very well so far.
    I have a mac OSX 10.8.5, photoshop is installed and up-to-date - CC (2014). I own a 700 d camera Canon. I have not recently updated the operating system of my computer, photoshop and camera raw have been working well since creative cloud last updated - a month ago?
    When I try to open a raw file (open with > adobe photoshop)
    Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.26.31 PM.png

    I get this error message
    Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.28.18 PM.png

    I had this also when I tried to go file > open recent > IMG_138.CR2. So I went to photoshop > Preferences > camera raw... to see what was going on and I got a different error messageScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.26.17 PM.png

    I had this same error message when I tried to look in photoshop > about plug-in > camera raw.
    Camera Raw works not in Photoshop Elements.
    Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 1.19.32 PM.png

    But this makes no sense because I can open raw files yesterday, everything worked fine. In Photoshop Elements, I went to Photoshop Elements > about plug-in > Camera Raw, but all I get is the following:
    Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.27.17 PM.png

    When I click it, it disappears. When I go to photoshop elements > Preferences > plugins, camera raw does not appear:
    Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.27.47 PM.png

    Photoshop Elements open digital, negatives, but Photoshop won't and I get the same dialogue "cannot recognize the file type. I doubt that using a digital negative converter / raw file will change that. I need camera raw to work in photoshop.

    I restarted my computer, when I uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop does not solve, but again, I got the same answer.

    My computer must have a certain amount of available storage space for camera raw to run? The only thing that has changed on my computer since I was last able to open files in photoshop raw is the amount of space on my computer - since the importation of raw files from my camera using image capture I have only 32,37 GB left on my computer (raw files take up a lot of space!). I made were not all other massive applications opened while I did it then he should have enough ram. I have an external hard drive, I can move pictures to to free up space, but if this should not be a problem for camera raw then I don't know what else to do.

    The only other thing I can think who might have caused it, that's the last time I opened photoshop a few days ago, I received this warning message

    Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.36.51 AM.png
    I just clicked 'OK' and after that the raw camera seemed to work perfectly fine. It worked as he normally does, so I assumed nothing was wrong and that the acceleration of the GPU or anything that was is no longer disabled. Now, I can't even open dialogue Camera Raw Preferences.

    I looked in the application of plug-ins, I'm not sure what is supposed to be there but Camera Raw is certainly not. The generator folder is empty - is this a problem?
    Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 1.31.53 PM.png

    I tried looking through the other threads on this kind of problem with camera raw, but I have seen one for 2015 of CC, and still less one where he was working very well and now is not, or that the operating system has not been updated recently. I prefer not to update the operating system of my computer, it would be the first thing you suggest. I don't see how it could be the fault of the operating system - it worked fine until today. He managed the CC perfectly well up-to-date.

    It is vital that Camera Raw is operational, I need it for my college photography class work and assignments. It would be pretty boring and very embarrassing if the only way I could get my work would be to travel to use the computers on campus, especially since I'm paying $28 (NZ) a month for this software (which is more than the city $14,99 per month for students of secondary and tertiary).

    Help would be very appreciated!

    Kind regards

    Ellie Crowe

    The ACR 7.4 700 d or newer of the 70 d (if there was typo) requires and ACR, 8.2 or newer.

    PS CC 2015 as the title says needs OS X 10.9 or newer so PS CC 2014 is the most recent CC PS, you can run on your 10.8.

    11 elements of Photoshop that supports RTAs 7.1 also supports ACR 7.4, so you should be able to update your PSE11 to 7.4 of the cab and open the 700 d raw files.


    It is unclear why your PS CC 2014 cannot be updated at least 8.2 RTAs that must run on your old operating system.

    I would be completely uninstall the PS CC 2014, reboot, then reinstall and use the help / updates to see if you can get a new Camera Raw plugin that works.

  • elements of Adobe photoshop 11 will not read my canon T5 raw CR2 files.

    elements of Adobe photoshop 11 will not read my canon T5 raw CR2 files.


    need help!

    Hi Zach.

    Sorry to say but 12 items came out a few months before your camera. Adobe stops the files updated camera raw for the older editions of software in order to get people to buy new versions of software when they get a new camera. It happened to me with LR3 when I got a new camera.

    Work towers there but they are a lot of steps, and I think you would be the conversion of files to one format other than RAW (tiff?) and that I'm not sure that will happen the same.

    I think you just need to get a newer items.

  • 5 d mark II raw (CR2) file is different from the 5 d CR2 file? Adobe Camera Raw error on mk II No 5 d

    I use the plugin Photoshop Camera Raw (Adobe) to preprocess the colors, and then complete the prepare image in Photoshop.  Never a problem with opening files CR2, usually from my own camera 5 d.  But a customer sent a few files CR2 which opens not (error says this is bad kind of document).  So far no explanation nor patches from users of Photoshop... thought I would ask experts to Canon.  Why file CR2 from the 5 d mk II fail but 5 d CR2 files all open ok?

    Still using Photoshop CS2 and the plugin Camera Raw is 3.7 v.  I really want to continue this workflow (works for me), prefer not to experiment with dpp or other opportunities.  Not ready to move yet to Photoshop CS6.

    No, CR2 (and all files camera RAW manufacturer) are modified somewhat for pretty much every version of the camera.  Similarly, manufacturers of software like adobe are always updated their software for the new models.  Your version of Adobe Camera Raw is extremely old, so that it can not read the 5 d 2 files.  And Adobe limited backward compatibility, so I don't know if you can load a sufficiently recent version to recognize the 5 d 2 files.  If you can't, then you're only choice would be to use the Adobe DNG Converter, convert batch files to DNG, the 5 d 2 then read those.

  • I can not open raw files three of Adobe Camera Raw to Nik Efex

    Something strange happening never happened before.  I used to be on CS6 but now am on CC with the latest Adobe Camera Raw.  I used to be able to select three photos in camera raw, then click on tools and then I see my Nik Efex plugins and pick the one I wanted.  But I see now is Photoshop under tools at the bottom as an available option to open files.

    How can I open three files in HDR Efex Nik of Camera Raw?  Is there something wrong here or am I just not doing things right.  It seems that I did this before and now I can't.

    It should be listed under Google, because they bought Nik.

  • I just bought a Canon 7 d Mk2 but raw files will not open in Cs5 and Adobe Camera Raw 8.7 downloads will not install. What can I do?

    I just bought a Canon 7 d Mk2 but raw files will not open in Cs5 and Adobe Camera Raw 8.7 downloads will not install. What can I do?

    CS5 cannot go higher than 6.7. If your device requires a more recent version, download the free Adobe dng converter. You convert your RAW to DNG, which can then be processed 6.7 in camera raw.

  • Cannot open the Canon 6 d Raw files in CS5. [was: Camera Raw / Photoshop is not compatible]


    I just upgraded from a Canon 1000 d with a Canon 6 d, during shooting in raw and try to open it with photoshop, it says the camera raw is not compatible and it uses a different format, even if both devices have the CR2 file, I never had problems with my 1000 d. I have photoshop CS5 and have tried to update, but it still does not work. Someone knows how to fix this? I'm a photography student and my deadline is in 2 weeks, so I really need to get to this sorting asap! Advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    It uses a different format, even if both devices have the CR2 file

    CR2 is not a fixed file format. It varies with each camera model that make cannon. It is the same for all the camera manufacturers.

    New camera, new file Raw, same Raw file extension format model (CR2 = Canon, NAVE = Nikon, etc.).

    Devices supported by Adobe Camera Raw

    Camera Raw plugin and Adobe application compatibility

    The 1000 d is supported in Camera Raw 5.1 and later - compatible with CS4 and later. CS5 can open these Raw files.

    The 6 d is supported in Camera Raw 7.3 and later - compatible with CS6 and later. CS5 cannot open these Raw files.

    RAW support is never added retroactively to older versions of the Adobe software you will never be able to open files 6 d Raw in CS5.


    1. Join the Cloud (Plan of photography) and get Photoshop CC 2015 + Lightroom CC 2015 for $10 / month (as long as your computer can run)
    2. Download the free Adobe DNG converter, convert all the 6 d to DNG Raw files, then change the DNG files in CS5. An extra step for you, but no extra costs.
      Digital Negative (DNG), Adobe DNG Converter | Adobe Photoshop CC
      Camera Raw: How to use Adobe DNG Converter - YouTube
  • I have a 80 d but iPhoto, Lightroom 5 & Photoshop will not import RAW (CR2) files

    I just bought n 80 d and was happy with the possibility of processing the RAW (CR2) files, but all my photo programs will not import the files, because they are not recognized. iPhoto, Photoshop and Lightroom 5.  I'm under Maverick on my Mac.  Strange thing however, Image Capture will import them. Any suggestions?

    The 80 d is a bit too new.  It is normal that updates camera RAW trolling a few months.

    I see that Adobe does support your camera if you upgrade to Lightroom CC.  See:

    As for Apple, you can see a big difference between updates of the Mavericks:

    vs updates for El Capitan (Mavericks is two complete versions behind):

    Even though Apple has not yet released the Digital Camera RAW for the 80 D update, I'm pretty confident that you will find that you have to upgrade to get to El Capitan.  BTW, OS updates are free from Apple.  Just launch your app 'App Store' and check the updates and you should see which indicates that an upgrade of the OS is available for you.  (Apple has stopped selling updates of the BONE several years ago.)

  • Will Adobe Camera Raw DNG Converter 7.4 or the work version 8.7.1 on premium design CS5.5 Adobe on a MAC OSX Version 10.7.5 Lion, I recently acquired a new X100S of Fuji camera that is listed on 7.4 Mac download, I can't open the Raw of RAF FRO files

    Will be Adobe Camera Raw DNG Converter 7.4 or the work version 8.7.1 on premium design CS5.5 Adobe on a MAC OSX Version 10.7.5 Lion, I recently acquired a new X100S of Fuji camera that is listed on 7.4 Mac download, I can't open the files Raw of RAF of the camera in photoshop CS 5.5 or will I have to spend to CS6 and it will work then?  Thank you very much, Paul

    I'm afraid that the answer is the same as your other request. It is not a question of the difference between Photoshop CS 5.5 and the Design Premium version. This is the version number. And Photoshop CS Design Premium 5.5 is only compatible with Camera Raw up to 6.7. The DNG Converter is always your best choice if you're not ready to upgrade your Photoshop.

    But then I realize I have not read your question closely. The DNG Converter does not work with any program. It is a separate stand-alone program which is used only to create copies of your DNG (digital negative) raw images. You can use the DNG Converter as your software download, conversion of images as they are transferred to your computer. Then, you will be able to open them with older versions of Camera Raw that are compatible with your version of Photoshop. Some people fear that the DNG Converter means a step further. But if you use it in your download software, I think you will find that it can streamline things considerably.

    When you configure the DNG Converter, make sure that a compatibility option that is compatible with your version of Camera Raw. Also, take note that the DNG Converter will prompt you for a FILE containing raw images. Choose the folder, but do not open it.

  • camera raw 6.7 need so I can open my 5 d mark iii Canon CR2 files

    I buy PS CS5 and says that my camera is compatible and it won't open the CR2 files camera raw to my canon 5 d Mark iii camera. I have used in the past and the highest ranking my hard drive for MAC OS x 10.9, bought new PS CS5 and Adobe will not update the Camera Raw 6 to 6.7 that using my files...

    Hi , redtulips54,

    There you go. Download the one you need, depending on your operating system.

    Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Windows: Camera Raw 6.7.1 update

    Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Macintosh: Camera Raw 6.7.1 update

    Hope that helps.

    See you soon!

    ~ David

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