Adobe illustrator app does not download on my ipad air 2 more. Operating system is uptodate. Will not let me delete. Help available?

Adobe illustrator app does not download on my ipad air 2 more. Operating system is uptodate. Will not let me delete. Help available?


Hi Trimmertop,

Have you tried to reboot your iPhone and then retry installing? If you have and which did not work, have you tried a forced restart of the phone?


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  • Adobe Illustrator CC does not start

    Adobe Illustrator CC does not start

    Hi ruuthuus,

    The minimum system requirements to run Illustrator is 10.7 and above. Please see the link: I recommend you to upgrade your operating system.

    Kind regards

    Romit Sinha

  • CC of Adobe Bridge (Mac) does not - nothing seems to help

    I can't get my CC bridge to open. When I click the icon, it bounces in the dock a few times, and then quit.

    I feel I have tried everything that I could come up with to help solve this problem. I uninstalled the app and installed it again – did not help. I have uninstalled all single Adobe app and creative cloud, installed new - did not help. I tried to open the application in safe mode, deleting the temporary files - did not help. I tried to do a fresh install on a different user account, tried setting user permissions and all the advice simple I could find online - as all mentioned on this thread: Adobe Bridge CC does not open - and I have tried everything several times just to be sure.

    -J' had this problem for over 6 months, and no updates of Adobe software it has set.

    Now I'm desperate - that happens in the world will it take to do my job as bridge CC again?

    I use Mac OS X 10.11.5

    Hi Anders,

    We have released a new version of Adobe Bridge (CC 2015) today. This update is available via the Adobe Creative Cloud application.

    We addressed some crash bridge issues experienced on the launch of the application. Please try the new version and are looking for the crash problems you encountered.

    If you are not able to locate the bridge (CC 2015) on the creative cloud application, you must update the creative cloud application.

    Kind regards


  • I bought a package from Adobe, but it does not change (add, delete pages or insert headers)... need to add these applications to my Adobe package?

    I bought the Adobe package in June 2016, but it does not change (add, delete pages or add headers/footers) can I increase my package from Adobe to include these applications?)

    is it a question of acrobat?

    If so, exactly what have you bought?  (IE, check your account - Adobe ID )

  • Adobe illustrator draw does not save the format the file as adobe ideas layered?

    I m adding the adobe Illustrator drawing files in the creative cloud but its only the png file backup. I want to save the files on creative cloud just as adobe ideas so that I can still use them on adobe illustrator... is there work around or friend missing something?


    Unfortunately, it seems that the only way to transfer full files out to attract the Illustrator must have a monthly creative cloud. If you pay for that you get a 'Send to Illustrator' button in the application.

  • Remove adobe revel - app does not refresh

    My Adobe Revel application do not open or update, although it shows as requiring an update. Can someone tell me how to remove it? Thank you.

    Please see the answer to:

    Problem installing Adobe Revel 2.3.2

  • Essbase App does not start. Please help me

    When I am trying to access Essbase Application (version 9.3) via Excel Adin, then it's getting below error.
    "Failed to load application 'App_Name' error number [4294967295].

    After that, I checked my app Essbase in the Regional service console and it stopped mode and tried to start and new show also error below.

    "Error 1200442 load application: [Fri Oct 16 22:45 2011] Local/App_Name / / / Error (1200442).
    Java Virtual Machine error. "

    I checked the "JVM.dll" & "$$ DM_App ' files exist.

    Can someone please suggest the clear solution to solve this problem

    Thanks in advance

    Just try different options, stop all applications, kill no matter what process of esssvr which are still ongoing, if this does not work, see if restarting essbase allows, if it isn't the essbase Server

    See you soon


  • Adobe cc app does not run

    After the last update (I'm not on that is why) I can't launch the CC app on my desktop win 10.

    I am not able to uninstall and reinstall not help.


    Yes, I tried that without success... I already made contact with the helpline and the problem is solved... but thanks a lot anyway!

  • [Adobe Illustrator draw] Does not show my drawing, while I paint (ANDROID 6.0)

    I tried to re - install the app, but shows the same problem

    Displays only points when I draw a lot of lines. However, in the layers option shows my drawing.

    Help, please.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Diana,

    I think I answered you feedback in-app, but just in case you see this first...  You are on a MotoG3?

    A number of other people who use this device have reported this same problem. Our engineers work on solving the problem and hopefully have a beta version of the app available soon.

    I'll post as soon as it is available. I'm sorry for the inconvenience


  • Trial of Illustrator CC does not let me use Image path?


    I recently downloaded the demo of Illustrator CC for my Macbook pro update and eventually found that it won't let me use image trace or even pull up to the tracing control panels... I can pull up the area of follow-up work, but if I try to click 'trace image' nothing happens and if I try to open the presets dropdown, even when nothing happens... The title of the principal in the drop-down menus, track of the image or a form any tracing is not found...

    If the tracking is not included in the trial and I just did not get the memo or something wrong?

    Thank you very much for any help!


    You can start on the following and we hope that you will get only the easier until it works, or someone comes up with something better.

    Here is a general list of things you can try when the question is not in a specific file (you tried/made some of them already). 1 and 2) are easier for temporary strangenesses and 3) and 4) specifically may be corrupted preferences):

    (1) close Illy and open again.

    (2) restart the computer (you can do that up to 3 times);

    (3) close Illy and press Ctrl + Alt + Shift / Cmd + Option + shift during startup (easy, but irreversible);

    4) move the folder (follow the link with this name) with closed Illy (more tedious but also more thorough and reversible);

    5 look through and try the relevant among the other options (click on the link with that name, item 7) is a list of the usual suspects among other applications which can disturb and confuse Illy, point 15) applies to the maybe CS5, CS6 and CC);

    Even worse, you can:

    (6) uninstall, run the vacuum cleaner tool (if you have CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC), and then reinstall.

  • My setting appears to be locked 3 x 5 does not let me change HELP!

    HP 6830 is stuck on 3 x 5 allow me to change the setting of the impression. Help

    Hi DaynaMike,

    Remove the printer input tray and put back in place.

    You should see the paper configuration Menu once you replace the tray.

    Here you can set the paper size and Paper Type that the printer supports.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


  • Active library created in illustrator cc does not appear in the model of adobe

    Are one-way unique active library? Those created on adobe mobile apps (draw, shape, comp) appear in desktop applications. But not the external manner around? I created a graphic library asset in illustrator cc. But although the new name for the library, I created showed upward in the model, the graph or the good does not. Appreciate any help on this.

    It works for me. I made a new document of comp. I chose the icon of chart (top-right). In the column of import of the expert group who opened, clicked on my files. He showed me the files that I had stored in my CC account. He showed two files HAVE that I had downloaded. I already have one and you click Open. He was placed in my layout.

    Good luck.

  • Creative cloud update downloader app does not.

    Update creative cloud app does not. the message to update downloader creative cloud but whenever I try to use the updated installer it bounces updated app or quit smoking. Seems to be a problem.

    Babsrr please see where this subject has been discussed and provides instructions for Mac OS.

  • I get download error messages, could not be opened beak helper app does not exist, chg association suggestions - what to do?

    I get - download error - / Users/ffrasher / / Desktop/Firefps
    3.6.13.dmg could not be opened, because the associated helper app does not exist. Changing the association in your preferences. I run MOSX 1.3.9 Firefox What I can do to upgrade.



  • App does not download

    App does not download what is the problem

    Name of the application you are trying to download?

    What web browser do you use to download?

    Web site, you are trying to download the application from?

    What type of Internet connection you are on, wired or wireless? If you are on a wireless connection, try switching to a wired connection and try the download.

    Click Start, type: cmd

    Right-click on cmd, and then click Run as administrator

    At the command prompt, type the following:






    leave the command prompt

    Click Start, type: folder

    Press enter

    Delete the contents of the temp folder

    Restart the computer and try to download again.

    If the problem persists, try resetting your router if you are connected to one.

    Turn off the router, unplug it, wait 10 minutes

    Plug it in again, power up once again

    Reconnect the Ethernet cable

    Try to download again

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