Adobe reader printing problems


MAC (El Capitan)


Software Adobe reader prints small square and rectangles instead of numbers and letters.

What is the secret to printing of the player?

Thank you.


You must select the option "Advanced" in the dialog box print of Acrobat and it prints an image which is OK.

Resolved if all you want is a copy of bad quality.

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  • Windows 8 and want to 4500 using Adobe Reader printing problems

    I have a laptop HP Pavilion (July 2013) with the dreaded Windows 8 and HP ENVY 4500 printer (November 2013). I will have questions, a booklet for printing Adobe Reader that displays only a few pages, and then the print job is canceled. I also noticed that a blue dialog box comes up saying an error has occurred and can not print, added to that, I now leave the printer in standby because another blue dialog box used to say that the printer is offline and I couldn't get it back in line without uninstalling and then reinstalling the printer. I have installed and uninstalled Adobe Reader X 1 and also the Adobe Reader X and I have also installed and uninstalled the printer about 6 times.

    The strange thing is that the same pdf file will appear as a brochure when I use my old Pavilion laptop (Circa 2009) which has Vista as the o/s.

    Anyone know how to solve the problem?

    Hi Mister_A,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I read your post and see that you are not able to print a booklet from Adobe.

    I'll be happy to help you.

    You use the downloaded full feature software or driver Windows preinstalled?

    Here's the URL for the HP ENVY 4500 e-all-in-one printer drivers.

    Select the operating system, and then click Next.
    Click on driver - product Installation software and download the drivers.

    You can try and set it to print a picture to see if it will work.

    Go to file, print, click on the Advanced button and select print as Image.

    Run all updates from Adobe. Updates.

    Here is a URL to temporarily turn off all the start up programs to see if one of them is causing problems.

    How to change Windows 8 start programs.

    Temporarily disable the Antivirus software.

    Try to print again.

    You must follow the same steps to reactivate all the and turn on the Antivirus software.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Adobe Reader print problem

    When you print a PDF file, the screen goes to Windows Media Center.  I use Windows 7.  I downloaded a new version of Adobe Reader XI.  I ran the repair Adobe Reader in the help file, and it does not help.

    Yet once in the Control Panel, under programs, under default programs, click on "Make a type of file always open in a specific program"

    Scroll to PDF and click change program.

    If it shows something else Adobe reader to access the AcroRd32.exe in the folder 11.0 programs/Adobe/Reader / player and choose as the default for PDF files. click apply and then click OK.

  • Adobe Reader printing problem

    After the installation of "install_reader10_en_mssa_aih", the print dialog box appears many times greater than normal and all the buttons and options are grayed out, so that any other pjrinting that by default is impossible. The patch offered 'AdobeReaderPatch10.1.2_cpsid_92870' has been without help. And, NO, restarting does not help.

    OK Pat, that's what I did in response to your suggestion.

    1 uninstalled Adobe Reader 10.1.2 and went into the business transfer

    the page you suggested. I downloaded Adobe Reader 9.5 and installed. I have

    has a PDF and the print dialog box. It is exactly what it should be.

    2. I then downloaded and installed Adobe Reader 10.1.2 and did the same.

    It's like the toilet of the print dialog box:

    but more than 4 times the size. When I try also to cancel the dialog box, I get

    What follows:

    3. I then installed the patch got this:

    but of course beyond the bottom of the screen. Choose another

    PDF file, I get a similar, but so wide dialog box that it overflowed the

    width of the screen several times.

    I guess I'll stick right with AR 9.5 until Adobe figures that the

    It is.


  • The Adobe reader print window menu, the button print is covered by the Windows 7 taskbar

    The Adobe reader print window menu, the button print is covered by the Windows 7 taskbar.  I can still print on my laptop by pressing on enter, but I can't resize the print windows to narrow down, or click on the "print" button from my bar tasks it covers.

    In the middle of the three buttons at the top right. Make sure the middle one shows one box. Then you can drag the window down and in and grabbing the banner at the top to raise it above the taskbar.
    Make sure that there are no other open windows including minimized in the taskbar, and then close Adobe Reader. Windows will remember the size as long as it is the last window closed.
  • Why the Adobe reader print

    Adobe Reader has stopped printing for me. I don't remember when the problem started, but until recently that I was able to print easily. Now, whenever I try to print any PDF file (old or new, including files I printed before), I have his message: "the document could not be printed", followed by "it has not chosen to print pages". This last statement is always false. I should add that I have no problems printing from other programs.

    Today, I uninstalled Adobe Reader 11.0.08 and downloaded the program again. No difference when I tried to print.

    What can I do to restore the print function?

    Two things to try: Adobe Reader | Change | Preferences

    • Security (Enhanced) disable the Safe_mode at startup
    • in the Documents, change to consult documents in PDF/A mode forever
  • Adobe Professional 8 - the adobe pdf printer problem

    Running windows 7 64-bit enterprise edition and have installed adobe 8 Professional. When I have fx. to print a file "adobe pdf" printer the most recent work is completed. It's just stay in Quebec of the printer and nothing happends.

    Tried to remove the Reader Adobe XI, who has been installed, if there could be conflict, but did not help. I also tried with a repair of the prof. together adobe package, but still the same problem.

    If I look on the adobe pdf printer and watch on which port it is the impression of standing as LPT1? -is correct. There is not any other port of pdf from adobe available if I want to create a.

    Updates are essential when you use an older version. Even older versions can be implemented in 32-bit systems, but must have workarounds. However, people have reported success for AA8 with systems 32 and 64-bit, but critical updates.

  • Adobe Reader printing blank Pages

    document is fine.  When I go to print the page goes through the printer but nothing prints.  If I pull the cartridge out and put it again then it prints.  I tried printing an image, it prints Virgin.  I uninstalled and reinstalled and it still prints blank.  I use the version 10.1.2 HELP!

    Please try the workaround available of the number 2 (Adobe Reader 10.1.2 sets WE default duplex printing) at and let us know if this solves your problem.

  • Adobe Reader print does not to a certain printer

    I have a network HP LaserJet 4050 and a teacher who has a connected locally (USB) HP LaserJet 1012 printer in its class. She has the 1012 set up as its default printer and when she needs to print large jobs, she switches to the 4050. The problem is when it tries to print a PDF file to the 4050, the print job is still in the 1012. The 4050 uses the universal printer PCL5 V5.1 driver, although it seems not to matter what version of the universal driver I choose.

    When I spend the 1012 to the 4050 in the drop-down list of the name in print (in the Adobe Reader program) window, it still says hp Laser Jet 1012 in the Type field. When I click OK to print with the selected 4050, it still prints of the 1012. It's like Reader (Version 10.1.1) does not recognize the 4050. When I do the 4050 the default printer, the status and Type fields are empty. When I click the menu drop-down and select the 1012 fill these fields with 'Ready' and ' hp Laser Jet 1012 ", respectively."

    I don't know how to solve this problem. What I'm afraid, is that it has to do with the age of the 4050 printer.

    Dear user,

    Thanks for reporting the problem.

    It looks like a kind of set up the question on your side and I ask you please uninstall and reinstall the two pilots. Things work very well at our end.

    Thank you

    Atul Agarwal

    Adobe Systems

  • After 10 installed Reader printing problems

    Recently deployed Reader 10 for approximately 300 workstations by using Group Policy.  Several machines no longer able to print on network printers.  These printers are HP using the universal print driver.  When you try to print, we get an error and the Adobe Reader app crashes.  However, it will print to other network printers that use a driver specific older device, print to the same print device.  Download the latest driver from HP, but it did not help the situation.  Printing worked well with Reader 8 and Reader 9.   Anyone with an idea?

    Thanks for reporting the problem.

    Please perform the following steps to see if the problem exists:

    (1) launch Adobe Reader.

    2) go to Edition--> Preferences

    3) go to the General options on the left side.

    (4) uncheck "Enable protected at startup mode" and press OK.

    (5) close the drive and restart.

    You still see the issue?

    If you then try repair by clicking help--> repair Adobe Reader Installation. Please let us know if this solves your problem.

    Thank you

    Atul Agarwal

  • Adobe Reader XI problem

    After that I was invited to download Adobe Reader XI, installed and tried to use it, a pop-up message is displayed indicating that Adobe Reader has encountered a problem and needs to close.   I tried several times and still no.  I can't read pdf and file what can I do?  Very, very frustrated.

    Download, unzip and run the registry script attached; It allows to disable the Protected Mode.

  • Adobe Reader toolbar problem

    I'm having a problem of bar TOOLS Adobe Reader 10.0 and 11.0. When I update the 9.0 Reader either of the foregoing, I do not get a toolbar, so I must go back to 9.0. What is the problem? My operating system is Windows XP 64.

    You can enable or disable the toolbar using F8.

  • Software Adobe reader prints multiple copies of documents in the wrong order: 11 22 33 instead of 123 123

    When you print multiple copies of the same document, printing output is always Page 1 one on the other, the whole, Page 2 stacked ETC. Example: Print 5 copies of a 3 page document, it will come out as 11111 22222 33333 instead of 12345 12345 12345, this has been the case with reading 8-11 and also DC

    Hi Vanessa,

    Your printer can sort multiple copy tasks. For example, if you print two copies of a three-page document and you choose not to collect them, the pages printed in the following order: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3.

    Make sure that you check the mark before printing.

    Let me know if you are still having a problem.

    Kind regards


  • The Print Setup dialog box is provided by the operating system. To make sure that you can use the features of the full Adobe Reader printer, please set all printing of the print request dialog box options. Do you want to continue?

    What does this error message mean? How should I do?

    Hi cj80795752,

    Please refer to this topic for the same problem of layout - printing on tabloid pages

    Kind regards


  • When I open a document in Firefox with Adobe Reader 9, I can't print (no problem if you use Internet Explorer)

    I am running Windows 7 (64-bit), using Firefox 8.0. When I open a document with Adobe Reader 9, I am unable to be with her (printing, recording, etc.) another what to see. When I use Internet Explorer I don't have this problem.

    The plug-in may not work well in Firefox because you are using an older version of Adobe Reader.

    Please note that there is currently a security breach uncorrected in Adobe Reader that is actively exploited by criminals.


    The current version of Adobe Reader (unpatched) is:

         Adobe Reader X (10.1.1)

    As an alternative, consider using

    You need to uninstall Adobe Reader unpatched software and install one of the PDF readers alternatives to its place as long as product Adobe is fixed, although you may find you like other products all also, or more.

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