Adpatch function of e-mail notification does not work

Hi all

I'm about to apply a huge patch (12.1.1 patch) which will have at least 12 hours. When I was testing this before that I have answered the question about 'Yes' email notification and added my email address, but for some reason adpatch did not send email when a worker failed.

How can I study the origin of this problem? Where adpatch reads information from the SMTP server of?

Any comment is appreciated.

Thank you

You must configure the e-mail of the BONE - test telnet SMTP to perform according to them (how to perform a significant Telnet SMTP test to troubleshoot Java Mailer to Send Notifications by e-mail [753845.1 ID]). If you can send an e-mail message from the operating system, you should be able to receive emails from adpatch session.

Thank you

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    Thanks for the advice (and sorry for my English).

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    Have you tried to use the WLAN without using FN + F8?

  • Hyperion email notification does not work

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    I was wondering have you set admin email id in the planning of the preferences? It's something that we've missed during the configuration of e-mail beyond for our planning system. You must connect using the admin username and identification of email that you use during the configuration of the value. There are also that all users key in their mail electronic id in the preferences of the user for an application as well...

    Just a wild guess, maybe you already have.

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    You can solve by the PDF, that so fine because in Acrobat, then the link is OK. You also can not prevent to open in the browser, because the browser manages how to open a PDF file. PDF included browser readers can be turned off or there are (probably) settings always open the PDF file in an external application (Adobe Reader, etc.).

    However, I also create PDF files of in Indesign (although non-interactive ones), which include hyperlinks for e-mail, and put it on our Web site. If I use Chrome and click any PDF link, it opens in the browser and hovering over an e-mail address reveals the mailto: link (subject not included, is not serious in any way) and a click opens my mail client. Works perfectly.

    Can you provide a link to one of your PDF files online for testing?

  • Function adobeDPS.libraryServices.folioMap.sort does not work

    Hello, I work with custom showcase and until yesterday the folioMap.sort function works fin, I get all folios published with this function, but today it does not work, I still get an empty array and my library looks like this:

    Screenshot 2014.05.30 16.40.47.png

    If I debugger it I found that my folios is always an empty array:

    Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.01.18 PM.png

    What I am doing wrong?

    It is an option in the constructor of the App. I checked it once and my folioMap was also empty. So never mind.

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    Anyone happen to have another solution?

    Thank you!!

    Assuming that in Thunderbird

       Preferences > General > When new messages arrive > Play a sound

    has not been disabled by mistake and that you indeed have an IMAP setting, try to go to the "Config Editor" in the same way as before and search for "mail.imap.use_status_for_biff", then put 'false. '

    This setting is said to take a little longer (maybe more so on older computers or slower internet connections).

    What it does [1]:

    "It causes Thunderbird select explicitly each folder to be updated summaries of message, rather than using the STATUS command." It has more load, but some IMAP servers return the STATUS correctly. »

    [1] references: and others.

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    Also, even after I reboot my phone it always has this problem after a few minutes...

    Try the procedure described in this article from Apple.

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    Toad hall, I'm sorry for the delay in responding, the work and personal problems. Individual accounts, I was was by clicking on are shown after you click the arrow next to the "Get Mail" button and drop-down list has given us the means to recover the mail from both account individually.

    Yes we use POP servers and they are told to go to Global InBox so we don't see the individual account folders, just one InBox. And Yeah the that little box 'Include this server when getting new mail' was not checked and since has worked wonderfully since! Thank you

    Part of the problem, I think, it's the mouse, we use a little only several clicks and if your not careful, you will remove two e-mails at a time or check and uncheck or save and not save, all with the click. I see this only with Mozzilla products, which are the most used and clicked solange. I'm glad I double check your suggestions because I could have sworn they were previously verified. I thank all of you for your time and suggestions

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