Advanced use of TestStand Deployment Utility

I want to automate the build process for my bench of test systems.

Is it possible to call and build a .tsd automatically from labview or command line?

If not is it possible to call post actions after a build completed successfully (i.e.. Zip and move files, etc etc)

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.



I don't think you can automatically create a DNT.

But once you have a DNT file, you can automate the deployment process such as 'Path of the DeploymentUtility.exe' command-line - build "tsd_file_path".

After deployment, you can check DeploymentUtility.log in your cfg folder to see if the construction is successful or not

Others such as zip files or travel are very basic, you can do this using any scripting language

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  • TestStand Deployment Utility bugfixes

    I am currently using TestStand 4.2.1 and recently received by e-mail on the 2010 version.  I read 4.2.1 bug list here but I was wondering if one of them slipped in 2010.

    Is there a list of bug fixes Deployment Utility included in TS 2010?

    Would you recommend the upgrade of TS 4.2.1 for 2010 if I have problems with the deployment utility?  Most of my problems were displayed on the forum but no clear solution.

    Hi hellochicago,

    I have attached a HTML version of the Readme 2010 TestStand file. This includes the list of bug fixes for this release.

    As another note, the deployment utility was strongly improved in 2010 TestStand, so I recommend you upgrade without worrying.

    I hope this helps!

  • TestStand deployment utility error

    I get the error below in an attempt to build a TestStand deployment.  I'm under TestStand and 9.0.1f3 Version of LabVIEW 2009 Service Pack 1.  Any help would be appreciated, because I can't find the screws mentioned in error.  Thank you!

    From newspapers.
    Based on the analysis
    Transformation of workspace...
    Workspace treated
    Analysis completed
    Internal error code 6503 treatment live...
    Failed to process screws LabVIEW. Fix all screws broken before the reconstruction. LabVIEW error:
    Exception occurred in LabVIEW: LabVIEW: The VI is not executable. Most likely the VI is broken or one of its subVIs is not found. Select file > open to open the VI and then make sure you are able to run it. Dynamically call Build VI distribution LV 8.6 or higher -> TestStand - call Build VI Distribution Unique VI hierarchies LV 8.6 or> TestStand - Package> TestStand--> TestStand - Distribution Wizard> TestStand - to start the deployment utility
    An installation program was not created due to an error
    The build process is done.

    Hi Shawn,

    I got the same error when you try to create a blank deployment containing only the TestStand engine.  I think the problem with screws with names in double (not my screws, but NEITHER provided screws) that I managed to solve my problem by uninstalling all my software of NOR and then reinsert only my latest software versions 4.2.1 TestStand and LabVIEW 2009 SP1.  My previous installation was versions have been updated over time and that may have led to a screw copy?

    Thanks for your help.


  • TestStand deployment error - error: unable to locate all the screws saved subVIs because it lacks a Subvi


    I am a systems and software engineer based in Vancouver. I developed a test system automated using 2013 LabVIEW and TestStand 2013 with custom operator interface.
    I encountered problem 'lack screw' which is kind of weird because I went to analyze the sequence for the TestStand Deployment Utility and TestStand sequence editor > files broadcast tab.
    But when I tried to build the installer and reach the point ' called distribution screw, it always throws an error saying "an error occurred trying to read the error of the screw, possible because the screws are not saved in the latest version of LabVIEW. Do you want to save any changes now? ". I tried both (that is to say Yes and no) for this option, but it has not solved the problem.

    This is part of the original error message displayed in the TestStand deployment utility:
    " ***************************
    Then the treatment live...
    Error: Cannot locate all the subVIs screws saved because a Subvi is missing or the VI is not registered in the last version of LabVIEW.
    The chain of calls to missing screws:
    1 -
    2 - (missing)
    3 - (missing)"

    All screw missing come from userlib.

    Actions performed:
    -File of sequence analyzed by using the TestStand Deployment Utility and TestStand sequence editor
    -Checked "search directories" include all the necessary files/dependencies.
    -Mass to compile the directory of the missing screws
    -Added all the necessary files and folders in the workspace file.

    The result is always the same function according to the actions performed.

    Debugging last I did earlier, is that I tried to find the sequence and steps missing screws as shown above (for example
    and I discovered that the measure appears to be an empty action step. This would be possible even if it has already passed the analysis?

    Other considerations include:

    I'm using sp1 2013 LabVIEW and TestStand 2013. We tried the building three 3 computers and we only managed once to a freshly installed comptuer.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards

    Michael Panganiban
    Engineering systems and software
    [email protected]

    Hi all

    We were able to solve the problem. First of all to note is that the release notes in 2013 TestStand is obsolete and we confirmed engineer OR Austin TestStand 2013 works very well with LabVIEW 2013 SP1.

    Second, we played option deployment TestStand that solved the problem. Attached are the pictures.

    We have activated just the 'delete unused Components VI'. It could be one of the libraries (lvlib) we have included in the compilation, but we've not thought of it again because we have checked that all the screws are working. It could also be something else that I think is very hard to find from information. However, if someone had the same problem, this could be useful.

    Again, we return to using 2013 TestStand and LabVIEW 2013 SP1.

    I appreciate all comments and feedbacks. Otherwise, you can close this request for assistance.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards

    Michael Panganiban

    Engineering systems and software

  • TestStand deployment error Code 1055 when using LabVIEW storage VIs

    After a few days of playing with TestStand deployment. I have final stalked the VI which was the origin of this error.

    He was using the LabVIEW storage screw to save data in a TDM file.

    My work around at the moment is to use a Wrapper VI and call this VI by reference.

    In this way the deployment TestStand cannot detect the Sie of storage.

    I'm using LabVIEW 8.6.1 and TestStand 4.1.1 does anyone know if this issue was address TestStand 4.2?

    It seems that the upgrade can be worth it.


    After investigating the matter further, I found that we had already encountered this bug. It has been fixed in 4.2 TestStand and LabVIEW 2009 I tested your files with 4.2 TestStand, LabVIEW 2009 and everything built successfully without any hiccups on the way.

  • Deployment utility and Labview Modules


    I'm relatively new to TestStand. I created a TestStand sequence that calls a number of modules of Labivew. Everything works fine on my development computer.

    I'm deploying to another computer running a development basic license. I ran the utility of development and created one setup.exe which I just installed on machine 2.

    When I go to run my test on machine 2 sequence, it cannot locate the modules labview called in the test sequence.

    So my questions are:

    1. Can TestStand to deploy these files for me or do I have to do it manually?
    2. If it is possible, is there a specific folder, I would store all the failet of labview on my development for the deployment utility machine, picks them up?
    3. Is there an option in the deployment utility that I have to settle for TestSTand pick up these modules?
    4. There is a special option that I should set in the movie file? Search box?

    Thank you best regards &,.



    You should be able to see the LabVIEW VI in your deployment tool. If you can't then this is why you don't see them on the target system.

    Do you use a TestStand files work/project space?


    Ray Farmer

  • error code - 40 in teststand deployment

    I just got a new laptop and installed all the products NOR including TestStand I had in my old laptop. Using the same deployment file I had on the old laptop, I run the deployment utility and get the following errors.  What I am doing wrong? :

    From newspapers.
    Done processing environment file
    Analysis completed
    An installer is being created.
    Loading information of product deployment
    Error: Internal error. (Error code - 40)
    There was a problem, the information on the source of product 'NOR DataFinder Destop Edition' distribution
    Final report of the error
    WARNING *.
    Deployment information of a product not identified to jump because the-40 error code occurred while loading file: C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Shared\MDF\Manifests\NI, Destop DataFinder edition {7D5297CE-E2B6-458C-91F4-47F674A94A8F} .xml
    Error: Internal error. (Error code - 40)
    There was a problem, the information on the source of product 'NOR DataFinder' distribution
    Final report of the error
    WARNING *.
    Deployment information of a product not identified to jump because the-40 error code occurred while loading file: C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Shared\MDF\Manifests\NI DataFinder {D6B1E623-A952-421A-9C50-1958A056C63B} .xml
    Error: Internal error. (Error code - 40)
    There was a problem, the information on the source of product 'NOR DIAdem' distribution
    Final report of the error
    WARNING *.
    Deployment information of a product not identified to jump because the-40 error code occurred while loading file: C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Shared\MDF\Manifests\NI tiara {2C52C774-1B40-4848-95EF-735D22EF9203} .xml
    Error: Internal error. (Error code - 40)
    There was a problem, the information on the source of product 'NOR DIAdem' distribution
    Final report of the error
    WARNING *.
    Deployment information of a product not identified to jump because the-40 error code occurred while loading file: C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Shared\MDF\Manifests\NI tiara {3CB2BF3F-9C33-477B-8D99-251491541ED1} .xml
    Error: Internal error. (Error code - 40)
    There was a problem, get information on the source of product 'SignalExpress Steps' distribution
    Final report of the error
    WARNING *.
    Deployment information of a product not identified to jump because the-40 error code occurred while loading file: C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Shared\MDF\Manifests\SignalExpress steps {84172037-613A-4B72-B797-E36C04BA5D17} .xml
    Error: Internal error. (Error code - 40)
    There was a problem obtaining information on distribution product source 'SignalExpress_App '.
    Final report of the error
    WARNING *.
    Deployment information of a product not identified to jump because the-40 error code occurred while loading file: C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Shared\MDF\Manifests\SignalExpress_App {8169D9AA-A2DE-4EA0-BF27-2E7D1CF52D87} .xml
    Adding files to install
    Makes adding files
    Preparing to build the deployment
    Copy of the products of distributions
    Deployment of building
    Copy of the configuration files
    Merged configuration database information
    Definition of product information
    Information for the developer settings part
    Final construction of departure
    Internal error: A tool or the library returned an error. (Error code - 21)
    Error messages
    Error: Party to the path "c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\national instruments\mdf\productcache\ni c interface to labview [1.0.1]\lvcinterface\lvcinterface.msi" was registered by 2 products: "NI LabVIEW C Interface" and "NI LabVIEW C Interface.

    Final report of the error
    Deployment of the completed building
    Internal error code-21 a Setup program is being created.
    The Setup is completed
    Construction is completed


    I found more information about your error code.

    When you generate a deployment, you have the option to cache information about the installation additional programs that include you in your deployment, if you do not have to insert the disc every time.  This error code means that the deployment utility is looking for cached information to add to your additional installers, but it is not.  Clear all your records of cache (C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Shared\ProductCache or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\National Instruments\MDF\ProductCache) and build again.  The deployment utility must ask any disk must be added to the installer, and it will create a new cache.

  • Why my TestStand deployment installation appear under my Windows will not start menu of my target machine?

    Why my TestStand deployment installation appear under my Windows will not start menu of my target machine?

    I managed to install the deployments of work to the target machines. However, I expected to see the classified facility "My TestStand system" in my Start menu, but it is not. Am I misunderstanding something here?

    Also, if I do another target second deployment to the station as "My TestStand system B", all LabVIEW files in my previous installation for "My system TestStand" disappear from the directory (c:\Program Files\My TestStand system) target.

    I use TestStand Professional 4.2.1 on Windows XP and LabVIEW 2009 development station.

    Thank you Paul,.

    That solved my second problem and inspired me to look deeper for the response to my first problem. The answer lies in the tab 'distributed file","Installer properties' box 'create a program item:

    Wouldn't be nice if it is automatically checked by default for main sequence files? Wouldn't also nice if "Upgrade Code" was regenerated automatically by default whenever we have saved the file *.tsd under another name?

    Thanks again,


  • Executable test sequence TestStand deployment


    I would like to automate my test using TS environment and the BT.

    My goal is to have one machine with the development of TS (Inc. LV) for construction of test software that is compiled in one .exe file to run on the tested machine that does not have TS or LV

    Can I use the software for this task?

    It is for the main development computer:

    779601 35

    NEITHER Developer Suite, English, include 3 years SSP


    779602 35

    NEITHER Developer Suite Automated Test Option, include 3 years SSP


    It is for the machines to run the tests on:

    777774-3505 NI TestStand Base Deployment Engine License 5 unit Bundle

    I would like to have an option to monitor the performance of the tests on each machine and if necessary to perform debugging on the tested machine operations.

    If the package above will provide this capability so where can I find the documentation to create .exe files to run on test computers?

    If not, what software will provide this capability?

    Thank you

    His Lev


    These are the correct packages for TS development and deployment.  The only thing is that you have little debugging with the deployment license features.  If you want to debug, so instead of the deployment license they have licensed TestStand Debug.

    More about licenses:

    One thing you should realize is that TestStand creates no executables.  Because TS is essentially a scripting language, you deploy the raw files.  These raw files feeding the TestStand engine and execute the steps in order.

    TestStand comes with 10 different (fully customizable) User Interfaces.  What are executables and run above the TestStand engine.  They allow you to run your sequence files (mostly scripts).  You will only need to use 1 of them.  The User Interface is so technically the executable for a deployment machine.

    More information on automation TestStand deployment:

    Chapter 14 of the reference manual:

    Interfaces user is in Chapter 1 to chapter of the major components:

    I hope this helps.

  • Deployment Utility-error including .dll in the install\system32 folder

    We install building my deployable version of my sequence and need to include a .dll file in the C:\Windows\system32 directory.  Did this before but I'm not sure why I get an error this time...

    «Error: could not not copy files, the destination may not be writable, not have enough disk space, or exceed the maximum path length.»  Failure of the copy for the following files:
    C:\MySeqDir\MyLib.dll to C:\MySeqDir\Installer\system32\
    See the TestStand online help for more information about how to troubleshoot deployment errors.

    Why I get this error?

    Help, please!

    Too bad, I had to delete the workspace .dll file and my dir, then paste it back into the dir, replace it in the workspace, then it pops up in my deploy utility with the right destination... I guess that, in some way, the path was stored ill of my workspace?  .. .weird

  • With the help of dynamically called screw in TestStand deployment

    I write code to interface with a & Rohde Schwarz ZNB Network Analyzer.  I use LabVIEW 8.2 and TestStand 3.5.  For reference the ZNB driver is available here: R & S of ZNB Driver.  I use a slightly older version of the driver, some before they needed to LabVIEW 2009.  I am writing all the code on a development machine that has the full version of TestStand/LabVIEW and it works on another machine that has the TestStand deployment license.

    This driver is dynamically linked to some things he needs.  I am able to operate with simple LabVIEW EXEs but not in TestStand deployments.  The following excerpt comes from their documentation, explaining a little about how the driver works and how to use in LabVIEW EXEs.

    3.4.2 How to generate executables or libraries in LabVIEW driver kernel drivers instrument based on attributes is dynamically bound to any VI performed during execution. This can be recognized by the LabVIEW application builder. The LabVIEW application builder follows all the static dependencies and include them in the package distributed at the generation of an executable file.

    To create an executable in LabVIEW, please manually add all the screws in the \PREFIX \_utility\callbacks folder to the LabVIEW project. In the case of project based please add private to your project folder. With this reference manual, the driver core is included in the compilation and the driver core is accessible during execution.

    I can't get this to work in TestStand deployments at all.  I can't even connect to the device since the VI Init has these issues.  I get the same error for all the various attempts that I made.  The same error is that when you add manually the screws for the LabVIEW EXE.


    Property in Rohde & Schwarz Vector> network node

    Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network>

    Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network>

    Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network>

    Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network>

    Example 1 setting of the Instrument 24Default .vi:1->

    Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network Analyzer.lvlib-> efault Instrument

    Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network>

    Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network>

    Connection of ZNB testing.VI

    VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF000E) the given reference of session or the object is not valid.

    So far, I tried the following, all solutions producing this same error.  I struggled with this and turned off for awhile then maybe there are other solutions attempts I forget.

    (1) it looked like a lot of the report to go to the private folder were finished in SupportVIs.  I manually pasted the rest there, too.

    (2) I added all driver files on my workspace and included in the files with the rest of my deployed screws.

    (3) I added all driver files on my workspace and said pilot TestStand to deploy them to the original location in Program Files.

    Someone at - it ideas?  R & S didn't even know what was TestStand, so that they could not help me.

    I was finally able to solve this problem on mine, the other day.  I brought the Network Analyzer to my office and did a lot of tests in this way.  Eventually, I discovered that I needed to include the folder private pilot deployment, what I was doing in one of previous attempts.  It turns out that you must also maintain the original of this file directory structure when you include it, otherwise dynamic calls are not looking in the right place.  Once it worked on my PC, I got it on the machine test and worked as well.

  • How to find the IP address assigned to Dev Alpha for use with blackberry-deploy?

    The Playbook, I use blackberry - deploy to install the .bar file. It requires the IP address assigned to the Playbook, which is available by clicking on an icon in the status bar in development mode.

    However, I don't see such an icon on the alpha of dev. Is it possible to find the IP address assigned to Alpha of Dev that I can use with blackberry-deploy?

    Answered my own question. Its network connects-> advanced-> Internet connection.

  • I can't share my Wifi using Intel my WiFi utility

    I use ACER 4830TG more than a year & I am pretty satisfied. My problem is that I have a Nexus 7 (WiFi) & I used generally to share my wifi PC internet using my WiFi utility intel. But for a few weeks, I am unable to share my Wifi using Intel my WiFi utility. It shows always connect & disconnect info with in a few seconds. But if I share my Internet then it connect with my Nexus 7 & of course, I'm not able to use internet then. Need urgent help please. BTW, earlier, I tried intels new dashboard 15.1, but it does not support my WiFi adapter. So, I rolled back & connect with a common, but now I can't!
    My WiFi profile current settings:
    Security: WPA2-PSK
    Type of encryption: TKIP
    Filter network traffic: disabled
    DHCP and DNS server: enabled
    Default channel: 3
    No device is blocked!
    BTW, I used to connect to the same profile settings, but now it is connect any more.
    Need urgent help please

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community Forums.

    I understand from the description of the issue, that you have problems with wifi on the Windows 7 computer connection sharing. I will certainly help you in this regard.

    I appreciate if you could help me with more information.

    -Don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?

    Method 1:
    Firstly I suggest to enable network discovery and check if this helps you solve the problem. To do this, please follow the steps below:

    (a) Open advanced sharing settings by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type network, click network and sharing Center, and then in the navigation pane, click change advanced sharing settings.

    (b) to increase the profile of the current network.

    (c) click turn on network discovery, and then click Save changes. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    To learn more about this feature, please visit the below mentioned link:


    It is also possible that the Windows Firewall and the antivirus on the computer may be blocking the printers print.


    Method 2:

    I wish that you disable the Windows Firewall as well the antivirus temporarily.

    View items-

    Enable or disable Windows Firewall

    Disable the anti-virus software

    Note: make sure that you re - activate the antivirus and Windows Firewall because the computer may be at risk of infection by the virus.

    Method 3:
    Also I suggest to run a network diagnostic tool and check the hope that will solve your problem.

    To make this problem troubleshooting, please follow the steps below.

    (a), click on Start > Control Panel.

    (b) click network and Internet, click network and sharing Center.

    (c) under network and sharing Center, click on solve the problem.

    For more information about how to resolve common network problems, please see the links below:

    Back to us for any problem related to the Windows operating system. We will be happy to help you. We at Microsoft try to provide our customers the best experience.

  • Use the TestStand error callback if in the editor

    We have an error message reminder custom in our process model to display errors of the operator.  What we would do is if in the sequence editor, use the TestStands error handling (where he gives the options of cleaning, put end to, ignore, etc.).  I don't see the code for this anywhere.  I could put in the example so that if in the editor, use the example which has similar options, but which has a shape and a different feel.  Is it possible to use programattically built in reminder vs recall process model we have created?

    Sorry about that. Try this one.

  • Impossible to share internet using my Wifi Intel utility

    Hi, I use Dell Inspiron N5110, OS, Windows 7 64 bit

    I am facing problem when you try to share my internet from my laptop using my Wifi Intel utility.

    The hotspot can be put in place and my camera is connected to my laptop with wifi. However, the problem comes when I try to turn on the share 'my internet' and he said: ' year error occurred while he was trying to turn on goes my Internet.
    I tried unistalling and reinstalling the card Miniport virtual Mircrosoft, but it did not work as well.

    Please advise and thank you.

    Thanks for the reply. However, I have not followed your method.

    I had successfully shared my internet by opening the "network and sharing Center" and in "the change map settings.

    I did a right click on the "Network Service" and select 'Properties', then in 'Sharing', check "Allow other users of the network to connect through this computer's Internet connection" and there is a column down to select 'Domestic network connection' and in my case the card/connection which is be my hotspot is "Wireless Network Connection 3" and then activate this I can share my internet through the hot spot.

    In any case, thanks for the reply.

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