Advantage of ink HP deskjet 2545: advantage of hp deskjet 2545 ink cannot print

I just bought the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 and install the driver on my desktop Microsoft windows vista 32-bit, but it can not print and the print also test error. After that, I try to my computer window 7 64-bit laptop and the problem was the SAME, it can't print anything and test printing also error. I tried many way solve the problem, but there is still same, example: 1) select the checkbox hide all Microsoft Services, disable all services and then click on OK and rebbot.
(2) temporarily disable all Antivirus software.

(3) reinstall the driver

4) using print and scan doctor


Hi @TommyHong,

Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I understand that you are not able to print to your HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545, since your computer running the Windows Vista operating system.  I see that you did a lot of troubleshooting steps already, thanks for that! I would try a different approach, please follow the steps below:

1. perform a clean boot: How to perform a boot in Windows

2. now, go ahead and use the System File Checker: use the tool File Checker system to repair missing or corrupted system files

3 uninstall/reinstall:

1. disconnect the USB key if you use a direct connection.

2. remove the HP software DJ 2545 uninstall from the control panel of your computers an option of the program.

3. restart the computer.

4. make sure that all the software DJ 2545 disappeared from the list programs, but also your HP folder listed under all programs in your Start Menu.

5. now move forward and start to Setup the printer to a wireless network for the HP Deskjet 2540 and 2545 all-in-One Printer Series

Here is the link for the software and drivers:

HP Deskjet 2540-All - in - One Printer series full feature software and drivers

6. go ahead and print a test page.

7. If you are unable to print a test page, please run the HP Print and Scan Doctor- designed by HP to provide users with troubleshooting and problem-solving features needed to solve many common problems encountered with HP print and scan products related to Windows computers.

Please let me know if it was successful! I'll watch for your reply.

Thank you

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  • 2545 HP cannot print size A4

    Hi all

    My problem is that I can't print A4 full size as shown below, my A4 paper leave blank(1cm) to the size of the right hand.

    So I have this problem. Even I go through all the settings, but there is no settings can solve this problem.

    Is - this driver issue or what? any who can solve this problem?


    Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 does not support borderless printing.

    You can find the specifications listed below, the printer hardware may not exceed the margins:

    Print margins: Top: 1.5 mm; Bottom: 14.5 mm; Left: 3.2 mm; Right: 3.2 mm
    Borderless printing: No

    Kind regards


  • HP Deskjet 2510. Cannot print from PC.

    I have some - PDF995 - software on my PC that converts documents to PDF format.  It seems to interfere with the printing of documents for the screen, with my HP Deskjet 2510.  Whenever I try to print a document, after hitting the "print" key, the PDF995 software opens each time.  I have the HP printer as my default printer selected, and I also select him as the printer you want before you hit 'print '.  But the software PDF 995 maintains just opening.   Any ideas would be appreciated gratefully.   Thank you.

    Hi wilen,.

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I see that you are using a free pdf converter software and it interferes with your HP Deskjet 2510 printer. When you try and print a document, even if your DJ 2510 is set as your default PDF995 software opens instead.

    After some research on the PDF995, I managed to download on my computer running Windows 7, download a file readme.html gave me. I noticed that it states the following:

    "Print a document from any application by choosing the PDF995 printer in the printer dialog box. Do NOT select "print to a file." You will be asked to enter the name of the PDF file you want to create. "

    It tell me that it will automatically set the PDF995 printer driver to the printer by default, after you have downloaded and installed, I go to my devices and printers the PDF995 has been set as the default printer. When I changed the default value for my HP printer you want, my pdf software arises as well. I made sure to hit them apply and save the changes. When I went to print it printed on the HP printer - I don't have the pop up.

    I know that you have already configured your printer by default for DJ 2510, but please try the following steps, listed here:

    1. go to your devices and printers

    2. right click on your DJ 2510, and then select set as default printer

    3 now, please do a restart of your computer

    4. Once your computer is back, please make sure the DJ 2510 is always defined as a default

    5. now move forward a document place desired that you want to print

    6. go in the file options and scrolling to print

    7. your printer dialog box opens, your DJ 2510 must always be on the defaultprinter

    8. click on print and the test document

    Were you able to print correctly without the pdf995 software arise? If this is not the case, continue below:

    Go ahead and run HP print and Scan Doctor- it has been designed to provide users troubleshooting by HP and features fix needed to solve many common problems experienced with HP print and scan the products related to Windows computers.

    Also, I found when I used the software, I kept getting annoying pop ups, I have found this:

    "The free versions display a sponsor page in your web browser each time that you run the software. If you prefer not to see sponsor pages, you may upgrade by obtaining each of the keys

    Please take a look at the pdf995 frequently asked Questions: FAQ

    I hope this helps, please let me know the result if you use always problems, please leave the following information:

    1. What is your operating system?

    2. have you tried to use the command print-Ctrl + P? Do you have the same results?

    3. what browser are you using to print from, or what program?

    I'll watch for your reply.

    I found this information here:

    Thank you

  • HP Deskjet 1050 J410 cannot print in black and white

    Hey everybody,

    My HP Deskjet 1050 J410 on 64-bit Windows 7 is unable to print in black and white, even after selecting the option to do so. There is no error message, and the diagnostic tool on the HP site can not solve this problem too.

    Your help is appreciated.

    Hello world

    Follow the steps described in the following document below.

    Troubleshooting print quality problems

  • Model of HP Pavilion p7-1240: Office Deskjet 8615 Pro cannot print out web

    I can't print anything on the web, he wantes me to everything save.



    You can use Google Chrome browser?

    Google chrome opens the print dialog box, and then press the button change.
    Select your printer from the list instead of the default save as PDF option and try to print again.


  • HP Deskjet 3522. Cannot print from the windows photo gallery


    I use windows vista home premum. I am connected via a wireless network. I can't my phone eprint and print photos from my email. I can also print from the internet. When I try to print a picture from my hard drive I get "unable to communicate with the printer" error message. The message to suggest that I update my IP address. The IP address is updated and accurate. Also, when I check my status of the printer, everything is OK and I can print the test very well. Help, please!

    Thank you!!

    It worked! I removed my old printers and it will show now! Thanks for the help!

  • Cannot print using HP Deskjet F4500 of Inspiron 1525 w/Vista

    HP Deskjet F4500 Series cannot print in Inspiron 1525 w/Vista.  Work is in the province of Quebec but prints  Start/printers displays an error.

    Uninstall/reinstall your printer.

    Get the drivers on the link.

    Get the manual, help, etc. by link above.

    For more problems, contact HP:

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 does not print Cyrillic

    Hi all

    My HP Deskjet Ink Adnavtage 2545 does not print Cyrillic characters, for example: България. I installed the latest drivers from the link below, but the problem persists:

    I will be grateful if you help me to solve this problem.


    I called the support in Bulgaria, but the cause has not yet been identified. :-(

    Update (10/03/2015): the problem was caused by the original-black cartridge - which came with the printer. It has been cleaned and now everything works fine.

  • HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515: Printer HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 cannot print size A4

    Dear HP,

    I just bought printer HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 this morning. After arived in the House, I set up the printer much. and I'm trying to print a photo in photo gloss paper A4 180 gr. I put the picture full size A4. but when I print it, the result makes me disappointed. It cannot print to A4 size. isn't that reach the size of the letter. my picture cut at the end of the book.

    I read the specs of the printer before buy you. It is said that the printer can print A4 size. but they do not mention on a Cup at the end of the book.

    My question is:

    • what I can do about the problem? (I tried the regional and language settings, but it does not work)
    • is this hardware problem or a software problem?
    • Can I get my warranty to be replaced by a new and fixed? How?

    I hope that there is solution. help me with that.

    Thank you


    The technical specifications list the print margins, the printer may not exceed the margins you can find listed in the paper handling > print margins:

    As you can see below in the section of handling paper, borderless printing is not supported for the printer:! tab = specifications

    This is not a defect, these are the limits of the printer that you can find listed by its specifications.


  • Advantage of ink HP Deskjet 2520: could not print

    Hi, I would like to ask you a few questions is aboutj my printer. I bought this printer 2014 form.

    My printer now have a few problem is when I have my printer is connected to my laptop and power running, the power, media icon light and the light on the printer display will Flash.  and I check the guidelines that show the status light flashes is show that scan some problem and you need to restart the printer. Yes, after I restart the printer flashing icon is disappear, I try to print my staff of Mr. my printer connected to my laptop and I press print my documents, the document comes out and I m sure that I put the paper on the paper tray. I have to restart my printer but still cannot print paper. sometimek the printer will I spent 2 hours just to print a document.  also, you can not copy any document.

    This is my problem and I hope can be resolved as soon as possible.  Thank you very much.

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)



    Hey @jiax,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see that you have a problem with printing from your PC to 10 Windows for the Deskjet Ink Advantage all-in-one printer 2520. I can help you with that.

    First of all, make sure that the printer is plugged directly into a wall outlet, not a surge protector. Once this is done, try and make a copy of the front of the printer.

    If you are unable to make a copy:

    The printer is having a hardware problem. When the printer is on, remove the power cord at the back of the printer for one minute. If you are still unable to make a copy, the printer needs to be replaced. You can contact the HP Support by clicking on this link and fill out the form below to discuss the options based on your warranty.

    If you are able to make a copy:

    1. If the printer is connected to your PC via a USB cable, remove it.
    2. Close all other programs that you have open.
    3. In your search type in printers bar and open devices and printers.
    4. Right click on all the icons in your printer listed.
    5. Click on remove the instrument.
    6. Repeat for any other copies of the printer listed.
    7. In your type of Services Research and open Component Services.
    8. On the left, click Services (Local).
    9. On the right, do a right-click on print spooler.
    10. Click on stop.
    11. Open your drive C:\, then Windows, System 32, coil, and printers.
    12. Delete everything in this folder.
    13. Return to the Component Services window.
    14. Right-click on print spooler.
    15. Click Start.

    Now, if you have disconnected the USB cable, plug it. Otherwise:

    1. Return to the printers and devices window.
    2. Click Add printer, and follow the prompts to add your printer to your computer.

    Please let me know the results of the rest of the foregoing. If you are able to print, click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click it by clicking the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

  • Advantage 2545: Too noisy printer

    Is anyone experiencing the same thing with all-in-one printer, HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545. The printer works fine, but it has an annoying problem. It is curious when you're printing. It's really disturbing. Is it possible to make it less noisy?

    I am a writer and blogger at . I like and use of HP products in my office.

    Hi @Delarno

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I understand that your 2545 seems to be stronger, then it should be.

    Spec wise, it is not that strong. Although all the ears and reviews of the sound intensity is different.

    (Viewer position) of acoustic pressure: LpAm 50 (dBA) (mono project printing)
    Sound power: 6.3 b (a)

    Source: Plug printer for HP Deskjet 2540, 2545 printers

    I do not have the printer, but if it is strong, it would be interesting to talk to a hotline. This link will create a case.

    It also brings a squeak?

    Is this a new issue or the printer since always noisy?

    So new, this is an event where he started to be noisy?

    Look for any obstruction or broken in the transport path part.

    Make sure that the carriage moves freely.

    Remove and reinsert the cartridges to ensure that they are properly installed in the device.

    Perform a hard reset. (while the printer is on, unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and then reconnect the power supply)

  • HP deskjet D1520: incorectly color printing after changing the black ink

    I replaced my color ink the printer was working fine, then the necessary black replaced so I replaced that and now print colors turned off. I did a test on my computer. The upper part is the color on the screen, the bottom is the printed color. Help, please! I removed my devices, Cup of the printer and reconnected, then reinstalled and it still printed in this way.

    Hi @sadie731,

    Welcome to the HP Support forum.

    I understand that you have a HP Deskjet D1520 printer that prints wrong colors when sending your computer Windows 8 print jobs. I would like to help with that.

    Page 87 of the HP Deskjet D1500 Series user manual, providing the steps which can solve the problems of print like that quality.

    If it's a matter of print quality caused by the software and printer drivers. It would be better to completely uninstall the software and printer drivers. Here is a video that you can use to reference - uninstalling in Windows 8 HP printer drivers, if needed.

    Once uninstalled, you must reinstall the software and drivers. Here is a link to the page where you can start downloading - drivers and software HP Deskjet full functionality.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

    In fact, if it helps you to find a solution, please click on the 'accept as Solution' and the 'thumbs up' buttons down below in this message.

    Thank you!

  • all-in-one Deskjet 1515: do not print from MS word

    My printer prints not MS prints from all other programs except for ms word. Ive tried everything I could think, suggestions

    Hey @mangee,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I would like to help you today to solve the printing problem of Microsoft Word that you encounter when you try to print from your computer Windows 8.1 for the printer all-in-one HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515. Because you are able to print from all programs except one, I don't think that what you feel is a conflict driver on your computer Windows 8.1. To resolve this conflict, can I please have you perform the following steps.

    How to add another driver:

    1. Open your screen to Start by clicking the windows button in the lower left corner of your computer screen or by selecting the "Windows" button in the bottom left of your keyboard to the left of the Ctrl key
    2. In the screen type start "devices and printers
    3. If the option devices and printers automatically fills, click settings at the top right and then click on devices and printers.
    4. In the devices and printers folder right click on your HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 and left click on printer properties
    5. Left click on the Advanced tab
    6. Left-click on new driver
    7. When the new driver window just press 'Next' until you see a list of manufacturers on the left and a list of Printers on the right.
    8. Select HP as the manufacturer on the left
    9. DeskJet 9800 select the printer on the right. If Deskjet 9800 does appear to only select "Windows Update" at the bottom left and once the update is completed, you will be able to select Deskjet 9800.
    10. After selecting Deskjet 9800 hit Next to complete the wizard driver new
    11. Under the printer properties window, select "Apply", but don't hit not OK
    12. Select the general tab
    13. Rename your printer HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 at
    14. Click OK
    15. Finally, right click on your HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 one more time and click on Printing Preferences
    16. Left click on the paper/quality tab
    17. Left click on the drop down menu 'Normal' for quality printing at the bottom right and change its normal fast
    18. Press apply and OK

    Now that the other pilot is successfully added to, please try to print the new Word.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. I look forward to hear from you!

  • DeskJet 3070 ceased to print a few days after replacing the black print cartridge

    Please help me, I have HP Deskjet 3070. There works well since then, but I replaced just the black cartridge with original ink and he confirmed that it was a real ink, I printed a few documents and everything was fine and it's just less amonth ago.

    But unfortunately I turned on the printer a week later, but it prints, it only passes through the paper as if it is printing but instead he brings her on a white sheet.

    The task of mentenance using I could see the State of health, says the good. Show full of ink cartridge ink level. Device report - derniŠre indications affixed some pink, blue, yellow rectangles and the printed report print 4 holders.

    I noticed someone has posted a simlar here question one obtained help same day via private message that he has fixed his problem, I commented here a week ago and had asked for help, but have had no response to date.

    Today, I installed a new black ink, thinking that he could be in ink, but she does not always print anothere.

    Please help me.

    New replacement printer arrived today with the new inks, installed game machine with the new inks and everything works as it should. Old machine is to immerse for recycling as advised.

    I'm relieved and I appreciate the after sale HP just rendered services. Although I am a little worried and now fear that it could happen again "after the guarantee" since no clear explanation is given in what concerns what could have caused the failure. And judge with an option of replacement is the best solution, it seems like the cost of the den could be greater than the value.

    Finger is crossed, I hope that it will serve this time or at least give reseonable service before getting on my nerves.

    Thank you HP.

  • Re: HP Deskjet 3520 - will not print black text

    Re: HP Deskjet 3520 - will not print black text

    so frustrating piece [language edited by moderator]

    Hi @Jaaanosik

    Please use the following document to solve the problem. Printer cannot print black ink or color ink, or prints blank Pages.

    If the problem persists, I would call you HP regardless of your warranty status. The number of call HP is 1-800-474-6836 for the Canada and the United States, or you can Contact HP worldwide.

Maybe you are looking for