advantage of ink HP deskjet 3545

I bought the new printer. It shows paper jam. What to do.

m c soti

I bought the new deskjet printer 3545 02/05/2014 through While installation it is showing paper jam.i don't know how to solve this problem

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  • Advantage of ink HP Deskjet 3545: unable to ASNA/copy to printer hp 3545

    bought about 2-3 months ago... everything was working fine... today after 10-15 pages of scanning... He stopped scanning... or it can copy... the bar showed scanning n even the printer... n the progress bar was running constantly, but... There will be no scanner. On Cancel... only he seemed stuck again... and he says: "cancellation", who has not finished either. After the execution of Dr. Wizrd, he says the scanner driver cudnt communicte or sumthing like that. I've complained... But I need as soon as possible. Help, please

    Hi @Gaurav1992,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I read your post and see that you are unable to scan. I want to help you solve this problem. If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "Accept as Solution" down below in this message. If you want to say thanks for my effort to help, click on the 'Thumbs Up' to give me a Kudos.

    I have provided a document a few steps to try, to see if that will solve the problem of communication, Printers HP - A Communication or connection error displayed when scanning.

    I suggest you try to use the HP scanning and capture App if the problem persists, HP Scan and Capture - installation and use HP Scan and capture App (Windows 10).

    How is the printer connected?

    Please let me know the result and if there is anything else I can help you. Thank you.

  • Advantage of ink HP deskjet 2545: advantage of hp deskjet 2545 ink cannot print

    I just bought the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 and install the driver on my desktop Microsoft windows vista 32-bit, but it can not print and the print also test error. After that, I try to my computer window 7 64-bit laptop and the problem was the SAME, it can't print anything and test printing also error. I tried many way solve the problem, but there is still same, example: 1) select the checkbox hide all Microsoft Services, disable all services and then click on OK and rebbot.
    (2) temporarily disable all Antivirus software.

    (3) reinstall the driver

    4) using print and scan doctor


    Hi @TommyHong,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I understand that you are not able to print to your HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545, since your computer running the Windows Vista operating system.  I see that you did a lot of troubleshooting steps already, thanks for that! I would try a different approach, please follow the steps below:

    1. perform a clean boot: How to perform a boot in Windows

    2. now, go ahead and use the System File Checker: use the tool File Checker system to repair missing or corrupted system files

    3 uninstall/reinstall:

    1. disconnect the USB key if you use a direct connection.

    2. remove the HP software DJ 2545 uninstall from the control panel of your computers an option of the program.

    3. restart the computer.

    4. make sure that all the software DJ 2545 disappeared from the list programs, but also your HP folder listed under all programs in your Start Menu.

    5. now move forward and start to Setup the printer to a wireless network for the HP Deskjet 2540 and 2545 all-in-One Printer Series

    Here is the link for the software and drivers:

    HP Deskjet 2540-All - in - One Printer series full feature software and drivers

    6. go ahead and print a test page.

    7. If you are unable to print a test page, please run the HP Print and Scan Doctor- designed by HP to provide users with troubleshooting and problem-solving features needed to solve many common problems encountered with HP print and scan products related to Windows computers.

    Please let me know if it was successful! I'll watch for your reply.

    Thank you

  • Advantage of ink HP deskjet 2136: HP deskjet ink advantage 2136 printer all in a FAKE or NOT?

    Hello. I am from Mauritius. I just bought a HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2136 all-in-one printer installation CD and manual for 2130 on the bottom of the printer, it says 2135 I have not hit what, the printer is still in its plastic packaging regulatory model number is SNPRH-1504-01, which when I checked said is a 2135. Serial number (deleted content), which the audit said 2136. Both numbers were checked on the HP website. Is this normal for HP products?  Thank you


    It should say 2136 and I assume that a bad sticker has been placed in the factory

  • advantage of ink HP deskjet 2545: printing problem

    Sometimes when I print or copy, the result is correct, but sometimes it copies and prints only like 1/3 of the page. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, stopped, but the problem always arises. Is the quality of the influential paper on the print job? Sometimes, when I want to print something, pptx pdf or doc, it will print only 1 page then it stops, as he finished. But when I see the impression of doc, it is said made when in reality it is not

    Hi @maleyhalim

    paper and/or the quality of the paper can certainly affect print quality. Please use the following document to solve the problem; Fixing the problems of print quality for the printer HP Deskjet 2540 and Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 all-in-One Printer Series.

    If the problem persists, I suggest that we call. Do not hesitate to call, even if the printer is out of warranty maybe, cartridges could be as collateral; so, it would probably be a fee for telephone assistance. We will, at our discretion, either replace products under warranty proved to be defective or refund the purchase price.

    We could even determine after the troubleshooting that it's a problem with the printer, in which case they may offer you a discount on a newer model.

    The number to call is 1-800-474-6836 for the Canada and the United States, or you can Contact HP worldwide.

    To find the 'End of warranty' date, look in the following table for the location of the date on each product. The date follows the YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY/MM, where YYYY is the year, MM shows the month and DD specifies the day.

  • advantage of ink HP deskjet 4645: noise of printer

    New printer, hp deskjet ink advantage 4645 has started making a strange noise. This noise changing field as he climbs and goes down swinging.
    When the printer is turned on, the noise becomes quite heavy and boring. The sound is still audible when the printer is in the position of however it is less strong. When the printer is connected to the power outlet but off the noise can still be heard if the room is silent. The only time where that noise disappears when the printer prints, it is just after printing finishes.
    Sine the printer is in my room, that I can't sleep without unpluging it every day. Very annoying. Many others reported the same problem on other models

    If its brand new you all just return it and get another new printer.

    If you wait too long you will eventually talk to HP support and they will probably send you a refurbished machine to replace.

    If my post is solved your problem and click the accepted as button solution under him. In order to thank a technician for a post click the thumbs up button under the post. You can even click on the two buttons.

  • Advantage of ink HP deskjet 5525: I can't find the ink cartridge for my printer

    I bought a printer HP deskjet ink advantage 5525 in Saudi Arabia, then I brought it to the Philippines, I found the same ink cartridge for the printer here (655 in Saudi Arabia, in the Philippines, it is 685) but the problem is my printer rpet ink, I bought is not compatible. What should I do? Thank you


    You must contact HP Office in your country now and ask them how to reset the printer to allow to use inks in the new country. Please read:

    Kind regards.

  • Advantage of ink HP Deskjet 2520: could not print

    Hi, I would like to ask you a few questions is aboutj my printer. I bought this printer 2014 form.

    My printer now have a few problem is when I have my printer is connected to my laptop and power running, the power, media icon light and the light on the printer display will Flash.  and I check the guidelines that show the status light flashes is show that scan some problem and you need to restart the printer. Yes, after I restart the printer flashing icon is disappear, I try to print my staff of Mr. my printer connected to my laptop and I press print my documents, the document comes out and I m sure that I put the paper on the paper tray. I have to restart my printer but still cannot print paper. sometimek the printer will I spent 2 hours just to print a document.  also, you can not copy any document.

    This is my problem and I hope can be resolved as soon as possible.  Thank you very much.

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)



    Hey @jiax,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see that you have a problem with printing from your PC to 10 Windows for the Deskjet Ink Advantage all-in-one printer 2520. I can help you with that.

    First of all, make sure that the printer is plugged directly into a wall outlet, not a surge protector. Once this is done, try and make a copy of the front of the printer.

    If you are unable to make a copy:

    The printer is having a hardware problem. When the printer is on, remove the power cord at the back of the printer for one minute. If you are still unable to make a copy, the printer needs to be replaced. You can contact the HP Support by clicking on this link and fill out the form below to discuss the options based on your warranty.

    If you are able to make a copy:

    1. If the printer is connected to your PC via a USB cable, remove it.
    2. Close all other programs that you have open.
    3. In your search type in printers bar and open devices and printers.
    4. Right click on all the icons in your printer listed.
    5. Click on remove the instrument.
    6. Repeat for any other copies of the printer listed.
    7. In your type of Services Research and open Component Services.
    8. On the left, click Services (Local).
    9. On the right, do a right-click on print spooler.
    10. Click on stop.
    11. Open your drive C:\, then Windows, System 32, coil, and printers.
    12. Delete everything in this folder.
    13. Return to the Component Services window.
    14. Right-click on print spooler.
    15. Click Start.

    Now, if you have disconnected the USB cable, plug it. Otherwise:

    1. Return to the printers and devices window.
    2. Click Add printer, and follow the prompts to add your printer to your computer.

    Please let me know the results of the rest of the foregoing. If you are able to print, click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click it by clicking the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

  • Advantage of ink HP Deskjet 1515: print but not scan

    Hello world

    I am using HP Deskjet Ink 1515 advantage and when I am trying to scan a page or a picture, shows the following error: the HP Deskjet series 1510 was not found. This is something that has happened today and never before.
    Although the error shows that the device is not found, I can normally print with it.

    I would appreciate all the advice really.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey there,
    Try the next step, I believe that this will help you overcome the problem.
    1. start by dissconnecting the USB cable.
    2 remove the printer driver of "devices and printer" which is located in Control Panel.
    3. Download this file ( which is the solution complete for the HP Dj 1515 series.
    4. extract the contents of the file.
    5 open the "Utils" folder and choose the folder 'x 64', inside you should be able to locate a file called 'RemovePreInstalledDrivers' > once you open this file black screen opens, wait for it to close, then move to the next step.
    6. go to the main folder where you have already extracted the software and right click on the file x 64.msi (name is most likely your printer model), then choose the Option "repair". > Subsequently, you will be asked of preformed a reboot. (Incase you will get a Messege saying "this action is only valid for products that are currently installed" simply double-click the file instead)
    7. after the restart, the head disk Local C/ProgramFiles/HP/PrinterModelFolder/bin/USBSetupLuncher and double click it.
    8 follow the steps for you, and connect the USB cable when prompted to.

    Who should add the scanner to your imaging devices.
    Best Of luck ~

  • advantage of ink HP deskjet 2545: Tablet android on printer hp 2545

    Hello. I have a samsung s tab compresses. Currently, I bought a printer (hp deskjet ink advantage 2545) and let me know how to download the drivers on the Tablet, because I don't have a laptop


    How do you connect your printer now? Please, search Google Play/Store app HP ePrint and install for your Samsung (it uses no drivers, it uses applications). As long as your Samsung and your printer are on the SAME network, you can use HP ePrint for printing. You can also use the HP AiO remote scan.

    Kind regards.

  • advantage of ink printer deskjet 4625

    do I have to change the cartridge color the3 during execution

    Hi there, your printer uses individual inks so you need to replace the colour that is empty. You will receive e-mail both on the printer or the pc that one or more of your supplies on ink not enough. You don't need to change supply immediately and many people continue to use until the quality of the output of the printer has visibly deteriorated.

    After the back if you have other questions.

  • Ink Advantaje Deskjet 3545: printer does not detect the computer

    When I try to scan something, the printer displays a message saying:

    "No found computer."

    Make sure that the printer software is installed on your computer, and that 'send to the computer' is enabled.

    But it is set up correctly, and when I print from the computer via USB, it prints very well.


    Update to improve performance of the printer HP Deskjet 3540 series firmware

    Then try to run this.

    HP printer install wizard for Windows


    After that.

    HP Print and Scan Doctor


  • advantage of ink HP deskjet 2545: wifi hp 2545

    how to activate wifi hp deskjet 2545 ? and pasword ?

    Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

    Your wireless printer connection is covered on page 47 of your User Guide.


  • Advantage of ink HP deskjet 2545: My HP deskjet ink advantage 2545 printer not scanning

    Please, I got my printer a few days ago. It prints without any problem, but it is not the scanner. When I click on "scan a document or photo" in HP printer not great companion... absolutely nothing happens. I tried to uninstall the printer software and reinstall its still the same issue. Please I need urgent help because I got the product mainly to analyze things. Thank you

    Hey @nnamdiokon,

  • Advantage of ink HP deskjet 1515: why does my printer print fonts that are so small even read?

    So I bought this printer about 3 months ago and everything went smoothly... But last night when I tried to print a slide power point, it prints all of a sudden the texts which are so small... In fact I put it for 4 days by sheet until I print it, but then when I print, everything was compressed into 1 A4 paper... As I can't do anything... I tried to print other documents from ms word, but also have the same problem.


    Welcome to the Community Forum of HP.

    If I understand the question, then the problem MIGHT be that "Scale to fit" may be active and should be DISABLED on preview before printing.

    Printing PowerPoint: slide c. size printer Page size

    Click on the thumbs-up Kudos to say thank you!

    And... Click on accept as Solution when my answer provides a fix or a workaround!

    I am happy to provide assistance on behalf of HP. I do not work for HP.

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