Advantage of the MAC address cloning?

What is the advantage of the MAC address cloning?

There is no "advantage" to clone the MAC address. The only benefit would be to have internet or not.

In many cases, it is absolutely useless to use the clone MAC address. If you have an internet connection through your router, then there is no need to use the MAC address cloning feature.

Only when you find that you have a working internet connection on a computer directly on your modem, but not when you connect through the router (or another computer directly into the modem) then it is necessary to use the MAC address cloning feature.

Usually, this is only the case with cable TV ISP. They allow you to have an active internet connection single at any time. They do this by remembering the MAC address which connects via a specific modem. If you connect first a computer for testing directly to your modem, you will have an internet connection. Now if you connect a different device to your modem it does not work is because the ISP has always blocked the internet connection, the MAC address of the first computer.

How to remove the lock depends on the ISP and the modem. Sometimes just reset the modem or to turn everything off. Sometimes you turn off everything for a few hours and after that the first connection device is the one with the internet connection (i.e. make sure you connect the router then...) If you want to know exactly how your ISP to do this, you need to ask...

The simple solution is to use the MAC address cloning feature. The router "clones" the MAC address of the first computer, i.e. it basically pretends to this computer. The MAC address is accepted by the ISP and is immediately authorized to the network. You have a working internet connection on the first computer, either through the router directly because both use the same MAC address. (This is no problem on the router because the MAC address is used on the internet port only...).

Of course, remember all this. If at some point later, you connect another computer directly to the modem (for example you have connection problems and want to know what is wrong) you can "lock" in a different MAC address for your connection and you will have to wait to find the connection to a different device.

But once again: there is absolutely no need to use the clone if you have an internet connection through your router.

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  • Why is the MAC address Clone?

    When I disabled it Clone MAC address I lost access to the internet.

    Does anyone know why MAC address Clone is necessary and what it does?

    Clone MAC address changes the MAC address of the router on the internet port.

    You can use the function of the cloning MAC address to clone the MAC address of a computer if you used before your computer directly to the modem.

    Some ISPS (especially cable ISPS) only the customers to have an active internet connection at any time. To do this, check the MAC address, that is, they remember the MAC address that accessible line via the modem and lock the connection to this MAC address.

    If you test your internet connection directly with your PC first and then connect the router the router can not get an internet connection because the row is locked to the PC's MAC address. Now if clone you the address MAC from the PC on the router the router "pretended" to be PC and the ISP will accept traffic again.

    Usually, simply reset or turn on the modem to reset the lock again. Sometimes, you have to turn off the modem for a couple of hours (for example, through the night) after a few hours of inactivity the ISP removes the lock again. Sometimes call the ISP to remove the lock, but it's not very often.

    So basically, generally useless clone MAC address at all because you could accomplish the same thing by resetting the modem or it turned off for a few minutes. If you connect the router to the modem, ISP learns the MAC address of the router and it gets working internet connection. (Of course remember, that once a computer directly connected to the modem would not get active internet connection unless you change the MAC address of the computer to the MAC address of the router).

    But the function is useful if you do not want to. You simply set the MAC address of the connected device before, and you get a working internet connection.

  • WRT 120n problems of mac address cloning

    Hello everyone .

    After that I bought my linksys wrt 120n some time ago, I had problems with my pc mac address cloning. I wasn't able to do. The cloning option tab become gray and could not be selected. Prior to that, everything worked fine for a month or two. I wouldn't change anything.

    Reset for 5 seconds does not solve the problem, unplug and plug back or bring back the default values does not work either.

    I'm updating to the latest firmware due to other problems of people with version (mine is default 1.0.01) and power Cycle has not helped.

    I decided to contact linksys chat based help and I got solutiion of the consultant that solved the problem. I thought that I put it here in case someone else got the same problems...

    Solution below in the next post.


    1 make sure that the computer is connected to the router with cable (cable connectivity.---> cable modem RJ45---> > port the router Internet---> > port Ethernet 1 of the router to the computer; the connection will be the same only);

    2. power should be on;

    3 reset the unit: -.
    -Press and hold the button of reset for 50 seconds.

    - Then disconnect the Dungeon can now hold the reset for 30 seconds.

    -Plug back in the power and keep the button of reset for 30 seconds.

    -Release the reset button. ;

    I'll just add that I used only the wired connections don't wan, on windows xp. I also noticed that the base of the router configuration browser has problems sometimes under some browsers other than IE...

    Hope I helped someone. See you soon.

  • Back to 'mac address cloning.

    My latest issue of 'mac address cloning' has been resolved, but now I have another. Before, I had to reset my router to turn off and reset everything and it worked. Now I have to activate "clone mac address" to get my pc and the server let me contact them (thru 'MSTSC') with my wireless laptop and then I have to disable it to get on the internet. Is there a way for the pc and the server to be reset and start fresh?

    It is most likely a name resolution problem. When you don't have the address cloned MAC and you ping dan - pc, do you have the answers?

    Unless you have a server configured on your network, WINS all of your PCs have static on the router DHCP leases, or if you run your own internal DNS server, or if you have the file for all of your internal machines LMHosts entries, it is unlikely that you will be able to be able to resolve the names of the computers on your local network.

    Probably the easiest way for you is to refer to their IP address. If you have changed the port they listen to on, so you can access separately from outside your network (when you're not home for example) you must add this airport number to the IP address in the input address mstsc block, IE for them and for the other (this is for example... I don't really know the IP addresses or ports that you used...

  • Set the Mac address of vCloud VM


    For a client, I need to clone a VM production regularly in vCloud for a test environment. The virtual machine must have an address identical Mac because of some outdated licenses. After cloning, it is there a way I can easily put the Mac address of the virtual machine to the original Mac address? Even if the virtual machines in the same environment of vCenter, but various groupings of ESXi hosts.


    It will not work for change the MAC on the main Board... Change the name of the virtual machine and the MAC for everything you need them to be.

    $vm = get-civm 'MyVMName '.

    $vm. ExtensionData.Section [2]. NetworkConnection [0]. MACAddress = "00:50:56:12:34:56."

    $vm. ExtensionData.Section [2]. UpdateServerData()

    See you soon,.


  • Determining the MAC address generated by VMX

    How the MAC addresses are generated when a new virtual machine is created/cloned using ESX and especially LabManager?

    Is the set of predictable, algorithmic MACs potential, or is it completely random?

    The use case, is that I need to know all of the potentially valid MACs which can be assigned to any given virtual computer.   It is calculated from the CMA of the physical host?  Is it still a finite set?

    Any idea is appreciated.  Thank you

    Generated by the Lab Manager MAC address will be in the following format:


    Where XX is the installation ID of your Lab Manager you will find on the General Settings page. Remember that you must convert to the spell. Example, if your installation ID is 41, so all your MAC address will look like 00:50:56:29:NN:NN.

    NN:nn is the unique number assigned to the network adapter. each virtual computer

    So let's say that I log in the laboratory Manager (whose installation ID is 41) and create a virtual machine with two network cards. It can assign these MAC addresses to my two network adapters:



    Now say I have add a new network adapter. The MAC address assigned to the third NIC will be 00:50:56:29:00:62.

    Now let's say I delete the first NETWORK card MAC address is 00:50:56:29:00:60. Then I go and add a new network adapter. MAC address will be 00:50:56:29:00:63. The MAC address that was previously removed won't get recycled, at least not immediately.

    In order to predict the MAC address is doable as long as you are aware of all MAC addresses in use on your system.

  • where can I find the mac address for Airport Extreme

    just bought a new Airport Extreme 802.11ac and I don't know here to find the MAC ADDRESS. Can someone tell me where to look. I have the model and serial number, but can not find the MAC ADDRESS.

    Is the AirPort Extreme, set up and operation right now... even if he could not have an Internet connection?

    If Yes... Open the AirPort on your Mac utility... (Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility)

    Hold down the option key on your Mac when you double-click on the image of the AirPort Extreme

    The next page will display a summary of the parameters

    The AirPort Extreme has done 3 different MAC addresses... Ethernet, WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi.   If your AirPort Extreme is connected to a modem by an Ethernet cable, then the Ethernet ID is the MAC address.

    If the AirPort Extreme has not set up yet at all...

    Open AirPort Utility as above, and then click the file menu in the upper left corner of the screen next to the Apple icon

    Click on configure the other

    For address, enter

    A password is normally not necessary, but if you are prompted for a password, use the word


    Click OK, the settings summary page is displayed.  In most cases, given that the AirPort Extreme connects to a modem via an Ethernet connection, you want to use the Ethernet ID as the MAC address.

    If you are still experiencing difficulties, you have 90 days of support Apple phone. Call them and maybe they can explain why that should be a very simple task is so difficult.

    Contact - Support official Apple

  • The printer receives do not all data. It is caused by the MAC address filtering.

    How can I solve this problem.

    The printer attempted to join the network but does not receive any data.  This may be caused by the MAC address filtering. If MAC address filtering is enabled and you want to keep enabled, add the MAC address of your printer in the list of devices allowed for your wireless access point or router before continuing.

    HP Officejet 4500 - G510n wireless all-in-one printer

    Not at all use MAC filtering.  Make sure it is off in your router.

  • Determine the MAC address of the LAN knowing that the model and serial number

    Laptop Toshiba SN 96592614 G

    Is it possible to determine the MAC address of the network card, knowing that the model and the serial number of your laptop?

    How to enter the Toshiba addicts.

    I saw you using Toshiba unit details page with the serial posted Qosmio F30-113 offered in Russia.

    Your laptop is stolen or what?

  • WLAN is missing the MAC address and can not use WiFi

    After an important virus corrupt my system, I got everything running except internet Wifi access.

    The configfree detects the unit, Wireless 2200BG, which is enabled and the latest driver downloaded from Intel, but he said nothing to the MAC address.

    IPCONFIG displays the wifi MAC address and loading upward it says wireless networks detected but it can not always connect.

    Configfree using I get error message c-15, c-16, c-16.

    I can hard wire to the internet using the LAN.

    IM using XP Home

    Ive took the wireless card, reinstalled, deleted, and updated.

    Any help would be appreciated


    Have you checked the TCP/IP protocol settings?
    Do this!

    The settings are located in:
    Network connections-> network connection WLan-> properties-> Protocol TCP/IP-> properties

    There you have to make sure that settings such as; obtain an IP address automatically, get the DNS should automatically be marked!

    PS: The router must has disabled the mac address filtering!

  • Can I get the MAC address for my lost iPad?

    I think I left my iPad Pro in the street today while loading and led away.  When I realized it, I rolled back, but he had disappeared.

    It's a Wifi model only, so find my iPhone will not be much help.  However, my local ISP is a service where you can register the MAC address of the device and it uses one of the many public access tasks automatically, then in this case I find my iPhone could help.

    Is there a way to determine MAC address the iPad when I don't?  Perhaps through iTunes?  I checked the box, but only the serial number is in the list.


    Lol sorry

  • Find the MAC address of the host remotely logged on to a domain


    I work in an environment where we use the thin client (Sun ray DTU) to connect to sessions. The sessions are communicated through solaris servers, and windows servers. Explain further, the thin client connects user to the layers of solaris that connects to windows to allow the user a session window. Window servers are in a private domain. I work as a security consultant in the business and use a management software log for surveillance of newspapers. I collect the windows logs via the software (Application, security, installation, System) agent. My question is, HOW do I GET the MAC ADDRESS OF THE THIN CLIENTS? I have the IP address, username etc but not the mac address of the workstation. However - the TASK MANAGER and REMOTE DESKTOP SERVICES MANAGER give the MAC address in the CLIENT NAME. I raised the level of the event log to ' 5 "(through registry), enabled all policies audit with categories and subcategories as well but always without success." " I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition.


    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.

    See you soon.

  • MAC address: Is it possible to change the MAC address of a machine & also if there is a way to see the physical address of the machine on the other to see through the command line...?

    Is it possible to change the MAC address of a machine & also if there is a way to see the physical address of the machine on the other to see through the command line...?

    Is it possible to change the MAC address of a machine & also if there is a way to see the physical address of the machine on the other to see through the command line...?



    Of course - you use 'other/unknown', then...?

    (Google for "MAC spoofing").

  • Analyze the Mac address with the regular expression matching

    Hello world

    I have a problem with the function of regular expression matching,

    I try to analyse the response both a query arp - a to retrieve the MAC address of the remote IP address, I used the following regular expression: ^ ([0-9a-fA-F]{2}[:-]){5}([0-9a-fA-F]{2})$

    I wonder why should I do a subset of the first string to extract only the part of the MAC address. The regular Expression function is not able to recognize the regular expression directly in the middle of a string?

    I only works when I extracted the subset of tring right as in the picture below.

    Thanks for your replies.

    Get rid of the "^" at the beginning of your regular expression. You are ordering him to find the model at the beginning of the string.

  • Find the MAC address of my computer

    I know that there is a simple command to run in the command prompt window when I want to find the MAC address of my computer to connect to my router for the MAC address filtering.

    I thought it was MSCONFIG, but it isn't and darn if I can remember the correct command.  Can someone help me?

    Thank you


    Hi, Walt:

    Run ipconfig/all from your command prompt command in accessories


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