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I never learned much about computers other than to turn it on and watch stuff on the internet, purchase of Amizon, do the email thing, etc... At a yard sale, I bought a computer called a Mac Book Pro. Look for the serial number, I found was 13 inches of mid-2010. The problem he had, is that the guy said that he forgot the password. I followed the instructions online to get through there and got to me except that the new administrator and who already have the previous owner was is now the guest. Thing is not everything works. He has a lot of personal stuff previous owners still on it, but you cannot access it. I'm sure that this computer was stolen in the case otherwise things would have been deleted. Everyone thinks I'm stupid to want to find the owner and return it to them because the last time it was active was 2012 and they most likely passed to another computer and well, you get the picture. But that's just the way I am. Is there someone who could take over this computer remotely and either find out who she was, or if it is not possible to format it to I can then use it myself? I have a disc with him but do not know what to do? Please advise or help me. My preference would be to return to the owner. I don't know what to do and I don't know if it's something to address here and I apologize if not.

No, nobody can do that and in addition if someone offers, run!

Follow these steps, the seller does not obviosly.

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    guigs2 said

    Hi CiRiX,
    I understand that you are using a dark theme and have changed the settings in topic: config, that could change how the button toggle works in the themes section for about: addons...

    It is possible to reinstall the extension, or try these troubleshooting steps:

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    A few years ago it was recommended to remove the battery of the laptop if the AC adapter is plugged. What keeps the constant charge battery
    New age of batteries are better you can leave the battery in the Bay it s ok and it should not affect the performance

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    Glad that your phone is working again.

    What you were doing by pressing the button home and sleep for 10 seconds, until the Apple logo came back, is called "force restart '.

    You won't lose data by doing this, but it can cure a few glitches. It is usually the last thing to try before you restore the phone to factory again or visit an Apple Retail Store or Apple authorized service provider, where your phone does not at all.

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    But I don't know how I can use this information to improve the quality of the image, or in my case how can I use it to balance the values of pixels surrounded with the rest of the image.

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    If anyone has any better ideas then please share.

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    Not that I know of.  You can buy a LED light powered by your USB port. You can try searching the web for a keyboard that has integrated lighting.


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    The 700 d EOS would be a very nice and capable camera that will surpass the SX60 in low light. Don't forget that the objective of the kit comes with the camera is a F3. 5 - 5 6 18-55 mm and that it would not perform as well as a lens that is F1.8, F2.0, F2.8. The more F is small, the aperture and so, the best performance in low light. The downside is that the price increases considerably with the smallest F number. I would like to get the lens with the smallest F number that you can afford. The kit lens will always be better than the objective on the SX60, but of course you will not have the same zoom range. There are some EOS kits 700 d that have two objectives as part of the package, with a 18-55 and 50-250 goals, for example, but again, they are usually on F3.5 or at best. The EOS 650 d is the old model of Canon, but still available, and some feel in fact that it is a better deal. Whatever it is, the low light performance is infinitely better than the small sensor cameras.

    Steve M.

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    I have Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3.  I have 3 updates that load, but then the icon appears again advise that even the dates are ready for loading.  Is it possible that updates sent me are for the 2003 Version?  Whenever I update these 3 updates, a window shows updated loading successfully, but they still remain as an icon in my taskbar?

    CrystalBall © SEZ...

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    It is also used in some software to the end user (as snakr RSS reader) and others)

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    The print function is good, but has only problem in copy functioln.  How to clear the dark midline?

    Hello tseng0719,

    I think it would be useful to have more information in this case. For example:

    What printer do you have? This happens when you copy of the bucket or the adf? Do this also happen when you scan a picture?

    A small tip would be to clean the glass of the scanner because it migh be fine it's only down to the dirt on the glass (especially if this happens when you scan using the adf).

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    Hi AndreiArseniu,

    Welcome to the community! Since you are new, please make sure that you have checked our Forum.

    In this case, it may be best to contact Sony Mobile service customer of in your area, they should be able to help solve this problem.

  • Opening of Amnesia: The Dark Descent; Black Box error Amnesia.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module < UNKNOWN > to 0023:00000000

    Original title: Amnesia: The Dark Descent; The black box error


    I had this problem with amnesia called PC game.  My problem is everytime I open the menu and start the game, it crashes and reads: Amnesia.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in the module to 0023:00000000.  I don't know if it is the game or my version of Windows that I went to the Control Panel, to find and resolve problems, and then to run programs made for Windows versions, and I searched my game and did everything I could do, but it still does not.  Someone in line told me that it was because of my version of Windows, I have Windows 7, so I tried to change and he did not.

    So I asked Windows if they can make updates or things that can help me to play the game normally. If you want to email me, my email is * address email is removed from the privacy *.  Thank you


    James Donegan



    I suggest you take the Amnesia: The Dark Descent game folder under the Appdata folder and check if persists it to the question. To do this follow these steps:

    a. click Start, then Control Panel and write in the search folder optionsbox.

    b. now, click on Folder Options to open and select (dot), display the hidden files and folders.

    c. open a Windows Explorer window.

    d. go to C:\Users\(User Name) \AppData

    e. search for Amnesia: The Dark Descent game right click on the file or folder, click Propertiesand then click the Security tab.

    f. click Advancedand then click the owner tab.

    g. click on Editand then do one of the following:

    To change the owner to a user or group that is not listed, click other users and groups , in area enter the object name to select (examples), type the name of the user or group, and then click OK.

    To change the owner to a user or group that appears in the area of change of ownership to , click the new owner.

    h. (optional) to change the owner of all subcontainers and objects in the tree view, select the check box Replace owner of subcontainers and objects .

    i. try to open the game and check if the problem occurs.

    For your reference, take a look at the link:

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    None. Like Zone Alarm, Comodo, Ad-aware and AVG, they lost my confidence.

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