After 4 years of use my computer without any problems at all, I get a message saying that my copy of Windows Vista is NOT activated.

Original title: Vista Activation issue

After 4 years of use my computer without any problems at all, I get a message saying that my copy of Windows Vista is NOT activated.

Of course, he was and has been deleted now tile view! I made no changes to anything on the computer, so I did a little research

and found that it could be a virus trying to get 'paid' for a new activation code. I did a complete reinstall of Vista to remove

such viruses or errors and it still say my copy of Vista is not activated. When I try to follow the steps to activate Vista,

I got nowhere! Everything I've read say s do the activation of the phone, but my computer doesn't give me the option of phone!

It gives me only 3 options - "Buy a new online product key", "Enter a different product key", "Contact Hewllet Packard to help solve this problem."

I called HP and of course my warranty has expired and they even want to talk to me about $100! I'm going crazy trying to figure this out! Help someone?

Thanks for the reply, but I tried ALL the links you've posted over and over again until I've already posted my question here! The links you suggested sent me round in circles! They say all "choose the Activate by phone option" but I was not getting the phone option on my computer for some reason any.

I have corrected the problem and HERE IS HOW - 1-800-Microsoft

It was as simple as that! Now, if only they post this number somewhere here on the site it might save people hours or days of research! After calling the number, work your way through the automated system until you get a man! The guys at Microsoft that answered the phone was great and had activated me and up and running in minutes!

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