After 5-10 minutes my Satellite L650 makes a stop and restarts

I have a strange problem with my new laptop Satellite L650.
Initial bootstrap is ok, and I can start to work. Then, suddenly, after 5-10 minutes the laptop makes a stop and restarts!
The second start is fine and I can work normally for hours.
Everyone has the same problem?
What should I do?
I have the most current BIOS installed, sw suggested by the Board of Directors of Toshiba report but nothing has changed.

Hello Michele

An error message appears before shutdown of the laptop?
Is a certain application in use when this happens?

Since when you noticed this behavior?

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    ·        This happens randomly, or when you open any application on the system?

    ·        Since when are you facing this problem?

    ·        Remember to make changes to the system?

    Check the event viewer for the newspapers and let us know. Follow the steps mentioned in the link below.

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  • Satellite L650-1EQ - black screen and overheating problems


    I have a problem with my laptop Satellite L650-1EQ.
    A few days ago my laptop was overheated quite often.
    I would like to start playing a video game and the computer could actually turn off after 10 minutes of playing it.

    I realized that this was getting serious so I stopped using my computer to play games and I decided that I need to clean it. However, I was looking for online on how to clean up my computer and then my screen turns white!

    I didn't know what happened and was very scared.
    I turned off the computer.

    The next day I turned on the computer to see if it was good, and the screen was black however the laptop power light comes on and I hear the vents work.

    I turned on the computer and tried to start it again, and the computer started fine.
    The image appeared and the problems disappeared.
    But I knew that something bad was about to come so I took the laptop computer repair technician.

    I told her what happened.
    He has used the vacuum to "clean" the dust of the computer and told me to go back if the computer kept a overheating.

    I restarted the computer again when I came home, and after an hour and a half the computer screen turns white but I don't think that it overheated. : s

    I tried to start the computer and the screen is black, no picture, the only light on is the power one and I hear the vents work. I tried of transformed market but now it just stays as if it were now.

    I tried on another computer for solutions such as the battery and pressing the power button for 2 minutes and other things, but nothing has worked. I don't know what to do so I decided to create a thread to get answers: s

    Please help me, thank you!

    PS: I'm sorry for my English, I know that's not the best


    This does not sound very good boyfriend. I'm afraid that there could be some sort of dysfunction material Mr. something like the problems of graphics card or motherboard issue.

    You can try plugging the external monitor to the laptop just to see if something would be visible on 2nd screen.
    But if nothing will appear on the 2nd monitor, I think that the chip of the graphics card died :(

    Of course, this is just my personal opinion and a laptop computer technician must check the laptop to know what part of the laptop could be faulty.

  • Satellite L650 - 12 p - black and white colors on webcam

    Hello people I have a quick question on my laptop which is a Satellite L650 - 12 p.

    When I bought it, I'm sure that the webcam was color, but now it turned black and white. I tried different settings but cannot retrieve the color. Why it happened and what can I do?

    Someone please help.


    The webcam shows usually more colors like black and white only.

    I think that it s just something wrong with the parameters of the webcam. You should check out this article from Toshiba on webcam different parameters:

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    I can uninstall and reinstall Lightroom and works great except that I can't do updates. I did all of the above procedures above at least a dozen times.  It was working fine up until a few weeks before.  I had a problem installing Office 2016 when I contacted Microsoft and they tried to understand the problem, after which I had this problem with Lightroom.  They did a repair of the operating system and I still have the same problem.  Office 2016 installed fine after the repair.

    Suggestions for this problem?

    John B

    This is a windows problem, but I don't know if a new facility is needed.  you could try right click the Setup file, clicking "Run as Administrator".

  • A satellite stops and restarts

    Each step and then my computer turns off and then restarts, then will turn off back again and so on
    The only option is to use the product recovery disc which solves the problem. Then a month or two later, it will never happen.

    It s extremely frustrating, when it start to close and restart it stays on for a few seconds or so turns off again. This will happen again and again and again until I have use the product recovery disc.

    All ideas were that it could be?
    Don t think that it s overheating, as product recovery disk made it work again.

    Help, please!


    In my opinion, the case is clear: you install any program 3rd party that after installation of recovery causing it restarts.
    So can you tell us what programs you install next to the recovery disk?

    In the worst case there s a hardware problem and you need help from an authorized service provider. Technicians can repair the laptop for you.

  • VM NIC disconnects after a stop and restart

    ESXi 5.5.0, 1331820; vCenter 5.5 device 1476327. I noticed a problem with VM NIC disconnection after the stop of vcenter. Last week, I shut down a machine to clone virtual w2012r2 and restarted. No network. Look in vcenter and of course it is disconnected. Looks like that has happened since I went to 5.5 (new installation). The virtual machine shows no change event to account for something happening to the network card. VMXNET3 adapter.

    Any ideas?

    VMware.log shows this interesting tidbit.  ethernet0.startConnected = FALSE

    This led me to the other setting that I had not checked: connect to power on. Oopsy daisy. Me solved problem own stupidity.

  • Satellite L855 makes a noise and hangs expecially in games


    I just bought a SATELLITE L855 - 10 p (, with last Wednesday ATI graphics card, but my computer came with one problem (which I will try to explain, because already, I went to the store to pass for another and the cams newone with the same problem as the previous one, also the tecnic can't find the error). Now the problem:

    When I'm in 'youtube' or 'windows media player' or expecially when I play LoL (League of Legends, online game) my computer freezes for a few seconds (one or two) and that it crashes, it makes a noise too.

    If I'm with a helmet I listen to that noise in the headphones. I tried everything like reinstalling the video card and sound card drivers and it changed nothing, accidents and noise remain. I don't know what to do...-

    Is there a solution? I can not even find what the problem... And tecnic store seems to not be able to solve either...

    I appreciate your help.

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    Could it be that the system hangs during the second view and appears so this strange noise?
    In most cases, the system hangs because the CPU is stressed and overloaded

    Someone in this thread had some streaming video LAG
    Maybe your problem could be solved also.

    Another idea:

  • Satellite L650 - Wi - Fi comes and goes

    Connection Wi - Fi comes and goes several times each minute. With the laptop connected to the modem with the cable, this does not happen. I tested two Wi - Fi routers, it happens with both. The laptop is 1 m distance to the Wi - Fi router. Other devices (I e iPod) running well without disconnects with my net wifi. Seems that the problem is in the laptop.

    Sorry if maybe again this topic again, I tried to find a message already on this issue, but without success.
    Thanks in advance.


    What of the Wlan driver update?
    Have you tried it?

    Some wireless network cards have a problem with different ciphers.
    If you recommend to test the WiFi with an open WiFi connection. I mean without the use of WPA/WPA2 encryption. But doing it just for testing purposes.

  • Satellite L650 - speakers suddenly stopped working

    Suddenly my laptop speakers stop working. Volume was 60% not too strong.

    All the drivers are ok and updated and the laptop bought 1 nine months ago

    Hey Buddy,

    You may notice the same behavior if you connect headphones or external speakers? Maybe it of just a bad setting and sound with external devices, you can test this.

    Also have a look on the Windows sound settings. You can change the balance between the left and right speakers.

    If he s really a hardware malfunction, please contact an authorized service provider. Guys will have to repair your laptop (free) warranty.

  • Satellite L650-11f he sleep and fresh?


    This laptop has sleep and fresh, and if not, can I install?

    Thanks in advance


    I m not 100% sure, but I put t think that your cell phone has it.
    Sleep and free software is installed on your laptop?

    One last thing: not all models of laptops have this feature. Laptops equipped with this feature have small symbol/symbols specific to certain USB ports. It looks like THIS symbol appearing on the screen of the laptop. In other words, two of them. Near the typical USB symbol, there must be additional lock symbol.

    If your computer laptop doesn t have such ports I m afraid this function cannot be used.

  • Re: Satellite L650 - 108 WLan stops when the lid is close

    Hey, so everything is in the title :) people

    I got this wireless card; RTL8191SE. Everything is big, internet go etc...
    But when I close the lid, is stop internet:(en se qui n'est pas grande quand je veux télécharger quelque chose d'assez grande)

    How can I fix it?

    I got the latest driver, I think that: 21/05/2010... 2016.2.521.2010



    You should take a look in the power of Win 7.
    There should be an option to close the lid.
    Put the cover for doing nothing.

    Maybe this will help.

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