After a search of Yahoo. It won't on the site in the list that I click on.

Using 50.0.2 with Windows 7. It worked OK in the past, but now he ignores me if I left click on a result in the list. I need to right click and select "Open link in a new tab. That does not appear above, but previously, I don't have that extra step.


Bob - m said

FredMcD said

Launch Firefox in Mode safe

Is always the problem?

No, the problem goes away.

It could be the work of one of your modules. Type of topic: addons in the address bar to open your add-ons Manager. Access key; (Mac=) A)

In the Manager of Add-ons, on the left, select Extensions. Disable some add-ons, then restart Firefox.

Some added toolbar and modules of Kaspersky Anti-virus are known to cause problems with Firefox. Disable all of them.

If the problem persists, disable some more (restarting FF). Keep doing this until the problem is gone. After, you know which group is the origin of the problem. Reactivate the last group ONE AT A TIME (reboot FF) until the problem reports.

Once you think that you have found the issue, that disable and reactivate all the others, then stop and try again. Let us know who the suspect is, detective.

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    Yes, it's the Google site and this entry field uses autocomplete = off, Firefox won't store form data that you enter in this field of research.

    You can use the build-in on: home page as your home page that does not have this attribute.

    See for a similar case with the name and password fields.

  • AVG says your messed up my Verizon Yahoo's email server. The line that bed, delete, move, not spam, but... does not load. I can see my email, I just can't open

    I spent over 5 hours in computer shares with AVG. They said your server messed up my email account. I can access my email account, but the line that reads "delete, move, not spam, more' loads ever... so I can't delete the email or anything else. My email account is to verizon yahoo. I need access to my email for various reasons, one of them being pay several bills online and my email account is where to get confirmation that the payment has gone through! My email works through IE, however. I don't want to use IE to see my email... I use Firefox for everything and it would be a pain in the end to have to switch to IE to access my mail. Not to mention, I hate IE - it's like using WEBTV! It's so slow... [address removed by email, please do not provide sensitive information in a public forum] is my email...

    So Safe Mode made no difference?

    To test how Firefox works no 'custom' on your system, could you experience in two minutes?

    Create a new Firefox profile

    A new profile will be your plugins installed by system (for example, Flash) and extensions (e.g., security suite toolbars), but no themes, other extensions or other customizations. It should also have databases of completely fresh settings and cool a cache folder.

    Out of Firefox and start in profile to help Manager start > run:

    firefox.exe -P

    Do not delete anything here.

    Any time want to switch profiles, exit Firefox and return to this dialog box.

    Click on the button to create a profile, assign a name like TEST and skip the option to choose a different folder location. Then launch Firefox in the new profile that you have created.

    Yahoo does not improve in the new profile?

    When you return to the Profile Manager, you might be tempted to use the button Delete a profile on TEST. It's a little too easy to accidentally delete your 'real' profile, so I recommend you to resist the temptation. If you don't want to clean up later, I suggest to make a backup of all your profiles first in case something go wrong.

  • Why Google AutoComplete fails in Firefox 17.0.1, when I type something in the search field, there is no pull down the list of options as I type?

    When I type a word or phrase in the Google search bar, the AutoComplete fails; There is no drop-down list of options for research, only thing I totally typed in. I type the full word or the word I'm looking for and press ENTER to get the results. I use a MacBook and OS X 10.7.5 Please help! It's so frustrating!

    It could be 3 things.

    1. you have disabled the Suggestions show inside the Google search bar.

    To activate the Suggestions show:

    Click once inside the search bar, then click inside the bar.

    At the bottom of the context menu, choose Show the Suggestions

    2. If you are connected to your Google account, you can set the option to turn off AutoComplete in the Google search parameters.

    Read this guide to find the settings area and check your settings:

    3 or, perhaps, you have Javascript disabled in Firefox. In case you were wondering, Javascript and Java are not the same thing. Java is a plugin used for the online games and other applications.

    To check if Javascript is enabled:

    Firefox button > Options > Options > content

    Make sure there is a checkmark on "enable Javascript"

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    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for posting your request here in the Microsoft Community.

    We have a feature called schedule a task, this will help you plan the task of putting the computer in Mode standby when you want the computer to access the Mode sleep. See the following Microsoft Help article to learn more about this feature.

    For more information, you can consult the following Microsoft Help article.

    Please reply with the status of the issue so that we can better help you.

  • I wrote the HTML code and everything worked until I downloaded firefox. And now won't load the image that I put there. It shows like a damaged. What should I change?

    I think that the doen't just browser allow large images to load for a job faster, or something, but I can't find anywhere where to change these settings.

    Reduce the image and give it a try.

  • Pages won't open the files that I've updated 2 days ago missing index.xml extension?

    I've updated several documents marketing two days ago. When I saved the files, there was a pop-up notice that they have been saved as a newer version of the file as a result of the most recent update. Today, I went to a few final tweeks before loading the changes on my printer and files will not open. It is said that the error message "missing index.xml file. I just checked and downloaded/installed all the updates available and rebooted my macbook, but the files will still not open. PLEASE HELP ME TO RECOVER MY FILES!

    You have two versions of Pages on your Mac, probably the Pages ' 09 and 5.6.1 Pages.

    When you have clicked on your Pages ' 09 version previously opened in Pages 5, 6.1 and was converted into a format of Pages 5.6.1.

    When you double click on the document today you opened in Pages ' 09, who cannot open the format of Pages 5.6.1.

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    I suggest you to contact the hardware manufacturer using the link below:

    Hope this information is useful.

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    and thank you for taking the time to respond and let us know

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    My laptop with Windows 7 (64-bit) can not see the other desktop PC running Windows XP via a wireless connection, except if it is plugged into my laptop so only I can see them on the network.
    I checked all the working groups to ensure that all are the same.

    However, when my laptop into Wi - Fi, I could see the other wired desktop PC by specifying the network path in "search programs and files" to the start menu in the Windows 7 laptop, I was able to add network folder by specifying the drive letter for the connection and file I want to connect via a right click on the network to connect a network drive...

    Then, finally I can access any other desktop pc wired to shared folder via the Wi - Fi by this method.

    But I still don't see them on eventhrough network I can access by this method. Please help me solve this problem.

    Hi Hkway,

    • You are able to see the Windows 7 machine Windows XP computer when connected through wireless and if it is accessible through network?

    First of all, check if the NetBIOS protocol is installed on your Windows XP computer. To install the NetBIOS Protocol, follow these steps:

    1. click on start, click on Control Panel and then double-click network connections.

    2. right click on the card that you want to add NetBEUI to and then click Properties.

    3. on the general tab, click on install.

    4. click on Protocol and then click Add.

    5. Click to select NetBIOS protocol in the list, and then click OK.

    6. restart your computer.

    Also make sure that NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled in the Windows XP computer. To do this, follow these steps.

    Turn on NetBIOS over TCP/IP

    1. click onStart, click on Control Paneland then click on network connections and Internet.

    2. click onnetwork connections.

    3. right click onLocal area connectionand then click Properties.

    4. click onInternet Protocol (TCP/IP)and then click Properties.

    5. click on the tabgeneral and then click Advanced.

    6. click on theWINS tab.

    7. underNetBIOS setting, click Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP, and then clickOK twice.

    8. click onclose to close the local area network connection properties dialog box.

    9. close the network connections window.


    After following the above steps, check if you can access the computer Windows XP of Windows 7 computer using the wireless connection.

    I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Why Yahoo is hijacking my search preferences despite my repeated reset of the preference and the removal of Yahoo?

    Other users seem to have the same problem but I do not see that they are answered (apart from some people succeed after the installation of additional software to remember their search preferences).
    My problem just started today.
    Something is wrong and I am trying to determine what happened. I changed the preferences of search to google three times today and in the process remove the option of google. Or at leasts, I chose the option that allow me to highlight and see this line removed when I clicked on a button remove the notice.
    When I restart my computer and open Firefox search preference goes back to yahoo. The first time, when this started today it also put back my yahoo homepage, but is not appeared so far.

    Some think, Macs are safe from unwanted software, but it is not true. Bad modules can sneak in with other software that you install. Uh, thank you for your information system, which shows the extension Searchme and other shit.

    Please try to disable all non-essential or unrecognized extensions on page modules. Either:

    • CMD + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click Extensions. Then, in case of doubt, disable (or delete). Especially Searchme.

    Often, a link will appear above at least an extension disabled to restart Firefox. You can complete your work on the tab and click one of the links in the last step.

    Who help me?

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