After change of the host, I can't find my old mails, but they still appear in the search...

Hi all

I just changed my host and the server settings etc in my account settings for my e mail account. All my old messages disappeared. I guess it's 'normal' when you change the host, but I can still find the emails when I search a specific e-mail address. I can still see the texts of the mails in the search, but when I want to open them I can't. So that means in fact that not deleted emails? Y at - it a possiblity to recover?

Thanks in advance, Michal.


If you want to keep messages never change the details or the settings of an older account. Always set up a new account.

Use of IMAP account, then the messages are stored on the server, so when the service is no longer available to you, the messages on the server will become also unavailable.

Thunderbird manages a summary of messages. This is probably what will appear in the search. This does not mean that the messages themselves are stored anywhere useful.

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