After clicking on the link, Firefox opens 2 tabs double address of this link.

After clicking on the link, Firefox opens 2 tabs double address of this link.
Here is the site:

On the right side of the page, when I click on SHOW, 2 tablets of addresses duplicated this link open.
I've been on this site before and 1 tablet would open normally.

I think this started to happen when I clicked on 'Restore Default Set' in the window customize the toolbar.

This does not happen with IE or Chrome browsers.

The link DISPLAY on top of the site, seems to be the only link that what is happening.
When I click with the right button on a SHOW and click on "Open link in a new tab" 1 tab opens.

No change in safe mode.

This happens to someone else?

Any ideas appreciated.

Thank you

Hi jorb, it doesn't surprise me that scripts work sometimes differently in different browsers. Unfortunately, the scripts are hard to follow, so I can't offer a specific solution.

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