After coming from the mode screen resolution problem 'sleep'. Vista SP1


I have a Lenovo laptop 3000 N200 0769-BXG (nVidia 7300). After installing the Vista SP1 a few days ago, I have a problem with my resolution. He switched to 1024 x 768 each time after coming from the mode 'sleep'. My native resolution is 1680 x 1050 and I have to rearrange my icons every time, witch is a bit annoying.

I have red that it is a problem not only on laptops Lenovo-Vista and I need to install the latest video driver, but I have the latest drivers.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you



Here is the downloadlink to the nvidia updated the driver.

NVIDIA driver

Let me know if it solves your problem.

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    When the computer goes into mode 'sleep', she tells all the features of sleep too. These devices are sometimes ill wake up.

    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps.
    a. open Device Manager. 
    b. and go on the network card and expand it.
    c. right-click on the wireless device and choose Properties.
    d. click the power management tab.

    e. Uncheck allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

    Let us know if it helps. If the problem persists, we will be happy to help you.

  • Satellite P850-30W - the fan does not work after returning from the mode "Eve"

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P850 30W with bios 1.90.

    Sometimes the fan does not work at all after back mode standby on windows 7.
    What happened twice (perhaps several times without knowing me), and Ive had the computers for a month.

    Normally the fan starts to run when the CPU gets more than 50 degrees celsius and stops less than 50 celisus...

    I tried running Prime95 when this fan-this occurs and the time of the computer got dangerously high (near 100 degrees)! the fan did not start at all
    .. .This error could damage the laptop potentinally...
    to get the fan turns once again I have to restart windows

    anyone experienced this?
    I guess that the fix would be to never use standby... or toshiba needs to fix it with an update of the bios.

    > Sometimes the fan does not work at all after back mode standby on windows 7.
    > What has happened twice (perhaps several times without knowing me), and Ive had the computers for a month.

    You said it's happened twice and only sometimes done this means that above all the fans are working well?
    In this case, this would mean that it of difficult to reproduce this problem, but you might be right: maybe a BIOS update would help solve this problem permanently

    I found some discussions on the stand-by mode and fan activity and in most cases, the update of the BIOS was the key.

  • Satellite L falls down after returning from the mode "sleep."

    My laptop has this bug, whenever he goes to "sleep" when it "wake up" the system said that Explorer windows stopped working and almost everytime I have to restart with the power switch. I changed the operating system from Vista to windows 7, but he continues to act like that. Someone at - it a solution?


    For me, it looks like a Windows operating system problem.
    Maybe you should try a CCLeaner which cleans up the registry and other files on the HARD drive.
    You should also try to defragment the HARD drive.
    If no improvement is noticeable and Explorer windows would keep crashing, then a new installation of operating system is necessary.

    Good luck

  • having display problems with my macbook air, first version of 2015. When I turn on my macbook, after boarding the password, then press on enter three lines (not really they look more like flashes coming from the top of the screen appear) in

    having display problems with my macbook air, first version of 2015. When I turn on my macbook, after boarding the password, then press on enter three lines (not really they look more like flashes coming from the top of the screen appear) in the colors Blue, green and red.

    also when I turn off my laptop just until the display on the top of the screen that is 2 and a half inch thick green line appears and goes about a second.

    help someone?

    Thank you

    Howdy Yaser of zoysia,

    It seems that your screen displays some graphical anomalies when you connect to your user name. I would use these troubleshooting steps in the following article on the resolution of screens:

    Restart your Mac in safe mode to reset the default display resolution.

    If booting safe mode doesn't resolve the problem, reset your Mac NVRAM and SMC to reset the video ports on your Mac to their default values.

    From: get help with graphics issues on external displays connected to your Mac.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • Satellite U200 - 1920x1080@64Hz on the external LCD screen resolution problem

    I am the owner of a SATELLITE U200 and I would use it with an external LCD display.

    The external monitor supports up to [email protected]

    When I select the [email protected] option in the properties of the screen, I get an image enlarged and out of range of the scale. However, by selecting [email protected] seems to work very well.

    My question is: is there anyway I can get the [email protected] option working properly?

    Some info about my following system:

    Version of the OS Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
    Version of the BIOS Version 3.70
    Video Mobile Intel (r) Express Chipset Family worm = 945GM (* even if intel provides versions of this driver newwer, this is the last custom by toshiba *)

    Intel(r) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile report

    Report date: 13/03/2009
    Report time [hr:mm:ss]: 11:24:18
    Driver version:
    Operating system: Windows XP * Professional, Service Pack 3 (5.1.2600)
    Default language: Spanish
    DirectX * Version: 9.0
    Physical memory: 1015 MB
    Minimum graphics memory: 8 MB
    Maximum graphics memory: 128 MB
    Used graphics memory: 14Mo
    Processor: x 86 family 6 model 8 Stepping 14
    Processor speed: 1828 MHZ
    Vendor ID: 8086
    Device ID: 27A 2
    Revision of the device: 03

    _Accelerator Information_
    Accelerator in use: Mobile Intel (r) Express Chipset Family 945GM
    Video BIOS: 1358
    Graph current mode: 1920 x 1080 True Color (64)

    Connected to the graphics Accelerator_ _Devices
    Active monitors: 1
    Active screens: 1

    Name of the monitor: Plug-and-Play monitor
    Display type: analog
    Gamma value: 2.20
    DDC2 Protocol: support
    Maximum Image size: Horizontal: 20.0 inches
    Portrait: 11.0 inches
    _Monitor Modes supported: _
    640 x 480 (60 Hz)
    640 x 480 (67 Hz)
    720 x 400 (70 Hz)
    800 x 600 (56 Hz)
    800 x 600 (60 Hz)
    1024 x 768 (60 Hz)
    1024 x 768 (70 Hz)
    1152 x 864 (75 Hz)
    1280 x 1024 (60 Hz)
    1280 x 1280 (60 Hz)
    1440 x 1440 (60 Hz)
    1920 x 1080 (60 Hz)
    1920 x 1080 (64)

    _Display power Management Support: _
    Standby mode: not supported
    Standby mode: not supported
    Active off the coast of the Mode: supported


    Name of the monitor: Plug-and-Play monitor
    Display type: digital
    Gamma value: 3.54
    DDC2 Protocol: support

    _Maximum image Size_
    Horizontal: Not available
    Vertical: Not available

    _Monitor Modes supported: _
    1280 x 800 (60 Hz)
    Display Power Management Support:
    Standby mode: supported
    Standby mode: supported
    Active off the coast of the Mode: not supported

    Thank you in advance!

    It s nice that your monitor supports the screen resolution 1920 x 1080, but you should check your owner's manual.

    On page B-4, you will find a list of the supported screen resolution and I must say that the resolution 1920 x 1080 is not taken in charge.
    You can select 1920 x 1440 but not 1920 x 1080.

    Sorry, but the material doesn't supports his screen resolution.

  • Portege 7220 screen resolution problem

    I recently bought a laptop portege 7220 and windows me was installed until I can get more ram added for win xp. The problem I have is that the screen resolution is set at 16 bit color and it is stuck in resolution 800 x 600. I can't go to 1024 x 768 pixels. So instead of having a display full screen, everything is displayed in a small box on the screen. I have tried to install the drivers from the toshiba site and even have local pc tech shop trying to fix it, but to no avail. Does anyone know how I can sort this problem because it's a great laptop and I want just full screen to work. Thanks for reading and any advice/info on the left.

    Hi, this must be a driver issue; your 7220 native resolution is 1024 x 768, that's why 800 x 600 is displayed in a window

    I suggest that you switch to Windows 2000, it works perfectly on a 7220 and has the lower memory requirements than XP
    In W2k there is most appropriate drivers available and with the drivers from the toshiba site, your problem should be solved

    BTW: Make sure that your BIOS settings are good (especially the "extended-mode display"), you should consider updating your BIOS to the latest version

  • My iMac 27 "was missing from the option of resolution 1920 x 1080 since the day I bought it. Apple said it should be fixed in future updates to OS x, but that didn't always happen.

    I have a beginning 2013 27 "iMac I customized with all the best options at the time. Since I bought it, the resolution options have displayed no 1920 x 1080 option, I tried several things as now the option key while noting key worked. In years past, I asked Apple several times about this, and their response was always 'it should be fixed in next update OSX." Well, its been a few years already, and 3 new releases OSX and the problem has never been resolved. I'm pretty sure its a problem with the graphics card from Nvidia, but I can't contact them for support because they can't really do anything. It is not like I can update the drivers for the card, software update is supposed to handle this.

    I think that its ridiculous that I had this problem for so long without help at Apple. It isn't that I'm missing a non-standard resolution.

    What happens when you:

    Define the main screen resolution

    1. Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, click view, and then click display.
    2. Select chipped, then select one of the options of resolution nationally.
  • Re: Tecra M5 - cannot use the native screen resolution of my external monito

    Hi, I have a Tecra M5 and just bought a BenQ G2220HD monitor. However, I can't display the native resolution of 1920 x 1080. I guess it's a problem with my video card.

    If so, can anyone please suggest what video card, I need to buy?

    Thank you



    I checked the manual of your laptop (it can be downloaded from the Toshiba site) and it seems that the resolution 1920 x 1080 is not taken in charge.
    Here is the list of manual of the supported screen resolutions:
    640 x 480
    800 x 600
    1024 x 768
    1280 x 1024
    1600 x 1200
    1920 x 1440
    2048 x 1536

    I think that should answer your question ;)

    And as Akuma says the graphics card can t be exchanged because it s soldered onto the motherboard. In the area of the FAQ in the forum, I founded this interesting article:

    Good bye

  • Impossible to change the laptop screen resolution

    original title: laptop computer screen resolution problem

    Reference Dell Inspiration 8200 computer laptop running Windows XP.  The screen resolution is set to 1600 x 1200.  When I change to 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600, the Office is shrinking and is centered on the black space screen all around rather than to just all look more and filling the screen as it happens on my desktop computer.

    How can I fix it?

    The laptop has one (and only one) goal and it's playing a game on it.  The game comes tiny in the center of the screen and I want that it fills the screen as in the same way as on my desktop.  The game's maximum resolution is 800 x 600.

    HI Maria Corina,

    Follow the steps below to update the graphics card:

    • Access the manufacturer's Web site and save the most recent display on your desktop driver
    • Follow the steps below:
    1. Click the Start button
    2. Right click on my computer
    3. Select Manage
    4. Select Device Manager
    5. Expand the display adapter by clicking on the + sign next to the device
    6. Right click on the adapter
    7. Select Update driver
    8. Select No, not this time in the options to connect to the updates on the wizard
    9. Click Next
    10. Select install from a list or a location specified
    11. Click Next
    12. Select include this location in the search , and then click Browse to go to where you saved the driver
    13. Click Next
    14. Once the driver is updated, click Finish
    • Try to change the resolution of the screen
  • tiles Windows 8 app has disappeared from the splash screen

    My computer has forced a reboot for an update today and after I back in all the tiles from the app (weather, photos, applications purchased in-store, etc.) had disappeared from the start screen, with the exception of desktop computers and store.   Nothing seems to be disturbed in desktop mode this just seems to be the Win8 apps.   I didn't install anything (with the exception of windows updates).   How to bring back these tiles?

    Windows key + X, select command (Admin) prompt and type sfc/scannow and return.  If it detects and repairs system files, run it again until no error.

    If this does not correct the situation, you must do a refresh install.

  • Fusion 4.1.2 on MacBook screen resolution problem

    I have a MacBook running Lion 10.7.4, and which is connected to an external monitor.

    The valve of the MacBook is closed, then the only active display is the display 1920 x 1080 external.

    However, Fusion somehow seems to think that the office is 1280 x 800 and restricted my Windows Windows of the unit

    to be placed too far to the right.

    This affects all windows in Windows (Windows XP).

    This occurs also in mode full screen!

    I can't drag the Windows Windows too far to the right of the screen.

    I just upgraded to 2.0.6 to 4.1.2.

    2.0.6 doesn't have this problem!

    But of course, it worked only with 10.7.3 and lower...

    VMWare, please go to the bottom of this.

    It seems (from the forums) that this problem of "multiple monitors" has been around for Fusion 3.x.

    I operate every day in the same configuration with an MBA with the lid closed. You must make sure that VMware Tools is installed the latest version. You can do this by using the toolbar of the Virtual Machine and select install VMware Tools.

  • Strange noises coming from the D command

    I bought a Toshiba computer and installed the program, the laptop produces a strange noise coming from the drive D as given that any departure or visit regularly. This happens like every 15 min or 20 min. Is this not a major problem. I just bought the laptop 3 days ago can I change my computer by another?

    I've had in the past a laptop making the same noise and the D drive stop working in 1 year

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    Which drive D mean? The STRANGE internal or second partition?

    Which laptop model you purchased?

    Here he s a user to user forum and it is difficult to say if this is normal or not without hearing it. If in doubt, you should contact an authorized service provider. They can give you an official response on this behavior.

    In addition if your laptop is only 3 days old he should t be a problem to swap it with another.

  • Satellite U405d-s2850 - noise coming from the fan high pitch

    I bought my computer laptop 2nd Friday last for the school. I bought it at Costco after comparing with some other laptops.
    I like it so far, it is a tone high from the fan noise. First I thought it was my ear, but it wasn't. This high pitch noise is so darn high, it makes me crazy.

    This means, there is something wrong with this laptop?
    Or am I just darn sensitive?
    My other laptop Toshiba is very good. It's just this new laptop!

    Should I return this laptop and get a new one or is it normal?


    Are you sure that this noise is coming from the cooling module?
    Usually, it is really hard to say what causes these sounds of high pitch without disassembling the whole laptop and check the single parts.

    > This means, there is something wrong with this laptop?
    To be honest, I never noticed the sounds of high pitch on my three different notebooks.
    So I guess there might be something wrong with the single computer laptop part.

    So if you aren't really sure what causes this noise of high tone, then I recommend contacting ASP in your country for and verification of the laptop.

    Welcome mate

  • Satellite C70 - A - 16 L - screen resolution problem


    I recently had a screen resolution problem with my laptop (C70 - A - 16 L).
    The max screen resolution which is imparted to me is 1366 x 768, whereas before I think he used 1600 x 900.

    I tried the latest drivers, Bios, etc. and have also restored the operating system to a previous backup, as well as a new installation.
    I also tried to roll back to Windows 7 (with proper drivers). They all offer the same problem.

    This new maximum resolution display correctly - as if the LCD does not deal with the timings of 1366 x 768.
    I believe that the Panel is OK and the problem he reports the EDID information properly - to force windows to use the new resolution.

    Is there a download monitor.inf file that can be used to bypass the EDID reported by the Panel?

    Kind regards


    If the right to display drver is usually installed everything should be OK.
    Have you installed Intel driver Toshiba download page version?

Maybe you are looking for

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    After the installation of Wind8.1 my Hp 250 G2 (FOY89EA #ABE) lost the PCI device and when I connect to HDMI or VGA, no image is produced on the TV. How can I solve this problem?

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    Original title: AVG vs 10 widows I used AVG Internet Security 2015 and AVG PC Tuneup 2015.  They will create no problem if I install Windows 10 as a replacement for Windows 7 Home Edition? wouldn't be better to remove them?