After display driver update of my Satellite P100 (PSPA6A) is very HOT


I've updated the here screen reader
and my graphics card is a GeForce Go 7900 GS, but now the computer are very very very hot in the bottom/left keyboard...

Can you tell if I have this correct update?

Thank you


Why you want to use a different driver which is not Toshiba? You have problems?

As Akuma said, always use the driver from Toshiba.
Here you can download: Support-Online Download Center-Online laptop-online-online Satellite Satellite series P-online Satellite P100 PSPA6A

On this page you can also find the BIOS updates.

Good bye

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  • Re: Satellite A300-1LT - after display driver update, I get an error message

    Hi all,

    I have A300-1LT PSAGCE and a update my toshiba Download Center display driver.

    Type display driver
    Mobility Radeon HD 46xx/45xx/43xx subtype
    Size (KB) 108950
    Version 8.611
    Model Satellite L550, Satellite L500, Satellite A300, Satellite Pro A300
    Operating system Windows Vista 32-Bit

    When I reboot laptop computer error showed:

    "The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the version of the driver for your graphics to enable. If you please update your ATI graphics driver or enable your ATI card using the display manager. »

    Cannot find Manager displayer have only man of color. What should I do?

    Help, please!



    Well, for me it looks like you didn't uninstall the old display driver software. Before installing a newer version, you still need to delete the old version. So go in Control Panel > software. Select ATI display driver software and remove it. After restarting the laptop, you must clean the Windows system using CCleaner (Google is your friend to find it). Restart again and after that, you can install the latest version of page of Toshiba.

    I hope this works.
    Moreover, what graphics card do you have?

    Good bye

  • Toshiba display driver vs other sources - Satellite P100


    A few questions...

    A couple of weeks ago, I bought a P100-188 (pspa3e) of PC World (don't hate me, they were cheaper than if she had in stock!), it came with the installed NVIDIA - presumably from the Forceware 84 of NVIDIA drivers.

    Toshiba driver download page offered a version of the driver, posted on 7/30. I got it, but when I tried to install it, he told me that he is older than my current version. I did not allow the installation to continue.

    Can someone tell me:

    1. What is the difference between tosh drivers and drivers nvidia reference? I know that nvidia drivers refrence support officially this laptop (and I have not tried to install). Are there features of pilots tosh useful to have those for?
    2. what version of display driver other owners P100-188 are on their machines?
    3. what tosh non riders tried of people?
    4. don't Toshiba properly maintain their display on the site to download drivers? The pilot seems to rest on Forceware 83...

    I hope you can help :)


    As far as I know the original nVidia drivers is designed for desktop PC graphics cards and not for laptops. The gift of t mobile graphics cards are different. There is only a chip from nVidia. Because of the laptop miniaturize cards have no own strong cooling modules. Therefore, the graphics drivers from Toshiba are responsible for execution of the graphics card. If the graphics card temperature increases at the critical level driver degrades performance. Then, the temperature drops to the lower level.

    Production graphics card drivers original don t support such function.
    I read that some people have used an omega drivers. But be aware that the Toshiba doesn't recommend using different drivers. You must use own graphics driver from Toshiba. But if you want to use another driver, you do so at your own risk.


  • Cannot adjust the brightness after display driver update on Satellite L855-118


    I just bought a SATELLITE L855-118, with ATI graphics card today, it was between this and another of them, but I know that you have problems updating graphics drivers on a portable Sony.

    I did a restore point.

    So I uninstalled the ATI catalyst graphics card and then did a sweeper driver and rebooted and then installed catalyst 12.6, installed fine, but my screen went to the maximum brightness and I can't adjust, BRIGHTNESS osd is displayed but the brightness of the screen does not change.

    So I used my restore point.

    This time I crushed the catalyst 8.9 with 12.6 stock, still cannot adjust the brightness.

    Someone knows how to solve this problem.

    My spec full in the link below.

    Satellite L855-118 - product specifications - Toshiba

    Thank you


    You mean that you can not use the Fn or Fn + F6, F7 button combination?
    Do other combination works properly?

    Also check this doc:

    There is a that installs the additional registry key

  • Satellite P100 (PSPA6A) - white screen, crashes and then restarts by itself


    I have a Toshiba Satellite P100 (PSPA6A) and am running Windows XP on it. Last month, I had a problem with my computer when the screen becomes white, then freezes and restarts itself.

    I took it to a computer store to get the snippet, but they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I tried to find if all programs are at the origin of this problem but I have not been able to find. My computer can be on for 10 h, before this occurs, and it can be on for 5 minutes before this problem occurs. It can also occur during the loading screen before reaching the windows welcome screen. If it helps, there is a slight delay when the screen becomes white and when it's freezing (I have music in the background several times where the music was still playing for a few seconds while the screen was white, and then it froze and rebooted).

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Have you checked the RAM yourself using Memtest86 as resident suggested? I mean Memtest86 is really great to test the RAM and if there is a problem, Memtest86 should prove.

    In addition I recommend you to check the HARD drive. Therefore, you can use Drive Fitness Test and Google is your friend to find.
    This program is also free.

    In the worst cases, you should go to an authorized service provider. Maybe it of a problem of the motherboard or processor, and this can be checked by a technician of the laptop.

    Good bye

  • My Satellite L350-171 gets very hot

    My Satellite L350-171 gets very hot and then stops spontaneously. When I pass it back on I can get the message that he has not closed properly and I want to boot into SafeMode etc.

    Does anyone else have this problem / solution?

    This isn't the latest model cell phone, so I assume it's pretty full of dust that blocked cooling grill and the cooling fan. In my opinion, you should clean it up to cooling system of free brand of SCT. After this laptop will be able to take a new breath and material can be cooled correctly.

    How to do this? On the internet you can find many pages and short films how to do this using compressed air. Google around a bit.

    Second option is professional cleaning. In this laptop case will be disassembled and cleaned cooling system. Of course, it is the best solution but must be done by authorized personnel only. Contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask how much it costs. It is perhaps not so expensive.

  • White screen after the Satellite Pro P200 display driver update

    I installed the latest display driver ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 (8.432, on the site of Toshiba through Tempo) on my Satellite Pro P200 yesterday. Reboot, everything seems good as much as the screen "Please wait...". "Windows Vista professional, but instead of showing the page of connection I get an empty screen (with a mouse cursor that moves around as usual). All I can do at this point is to be able to, and I'm running out of ideas on how to move forward.

    Things I've tried:
    # start in safe mode, the video resolution or last known good configuration, result the same screen empty.
    # connect to the system using remote desktop (to disable the driver) is not possible because the system has not yet loaded the network drivers.
    # I can't go back to a restore point because Vista can't find (I did a manual after you install updates windows over a couple of days).
    I can run a system command line options of recovery and prefer to use it to disable the driver + if + I knew how before the use of the more radical options.

    A search on the web ( N) reveals that this has happened on a wide range of laptops with
    previous versions of the driver, but none of the links I've looked at to give a solution which does not exist for me.

    I agree with Hairyfool, you who should solve problems using an external display. If no image appears, then something with the material might be.

    Please give some information about your situation...

    See you soon

  • Update on the Satellite P100 (4200 RPM at 5400 RPM) HARD drive

    I had my laptop game Satellite P100-347, abandoned for a while now and want to give it to my little brother. This laptops come with 4200 RPM HARD drive and I would like to know if it is upgraded to a 5400 RPM / MIN 320 GB finally fails the system or am good to start!

    Thank you!

    Unfortunately, there is no public document on update on this model of laptop HARD drive and I can't say for sure but I believe that there should be any problem. If anyone post here own experience about these updates buy the HARD drive and test it.

    If there is a problem, you can send the HARD return drive.
    This info can be useful for other members of the forum. Because of this, please post the upgrade result.

  • Display driver update is not possible on Satellite L350

    Hi all

    I have the card view "mobile intel 965 express chipset family" with the version of the driver (13.09.2007)
    Pretty old for Vista...

    Site Web de Toshiba only gives me this driver - no updates so far!
    On the site of intel, I found a new necessary with the version

    Updated via Device Manager is not possible, that it is said that my version is the latest...?
    Update through exe is not possible, that it says that the installation was successful, but it was not validated...?

    How should I proceed?

    BTW: my laptop is L350 - 12 c

    Before update you the display driver, you must remove the old one. Then, restart the computer and install the new drivers via setup.exe or in Device Manager.

    On the Toshiba site is a newer driver for the Satellite L350 available you have ( So, you should try this one: > support & downloads > download drivers

  • HP 15 ac101tu: after the failure of the display driver update, cannot open my laptop

    my laptop's ac 101tu... I was updating the display driver, but unfortunately the network had disappeared. After that, he says that he does not. so I try to restart the computer, but I can't open that only he says there is an error had to be reset, but I tried a lot of things for the auto repair, it does not work. Please help me...

    Use the recovery flash drive you must have created now. Start-up and in the advanced choose System Restore. Choose a restore point prior to the update as dated.

  • Windows not start successfully after updating BIOS on Satellite P100-240

    Hi all
    After you install a new version of BIOS my laptop wouldn't start windows xp properly.
    It just freezes in a screen black, I was able to go in safe mode, but then I reinstalled windows and now it's the same problem and I can't go in safe mode as I haven´t went through all the procedures of installation of windows.
    Please help me: I can reset the BIOS to my old?

    I use a satellite P100 - 240 (PSPA3E) and any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you


    What version of BIOS you have loaded? Version 4.20?

    Normally it shouldn´t do problems, especially after upgrading your BIOS. May I ask if the version of Windows installed on your machine you´d is on the media recovery or from scratch (from scratch means install with a genuine Windows CD and install the downloaded drivers)?

    If everything fails then send you the machine and let check the laptop on certain shortcomings of the BIOS.
    Click [HERE: 000000871] to reach the index of ASP (authorized service provider) and find one that is closest to your country.

  • Satellite L505-144 - need to display driver update


    I recently bought a new computer game, but has been dismayed to find constantly crashing. Customer support people told me to update my display drivers (version 8.653.0.0) as they are since last September. While I was told that a newer version is available on the ATI site, download the driver from Toshiba installation package tells me I have the latest version.

    Toshiba is late on the update of drivers or something?

    Thank you

    Hi Wasila,

    Page directly ATI display drivers doesn t work on laptops because they use mobile graphics cards, that they are not supported for display driver.

    If a more recent and pre-tested driver, you can get the official website of Toshiba:

    I put t know what OS you have, but for Windows 7, version 8.653 is already the latest version.

  • BIOS update fails on Satellite P100-429

    I had a bad flash on my Satellite P100-429.
    The utility crashed which left me with a bookend. Not happy

    I ve created a floppy crisis recovery disk & bought a USB floppy drive after a lot of internet hunting for info.
    Problem is that I need to check on the exact key combination for my laptop to the crisis recovery mode reverie.
    Power on I have the usual symptoms, LED flash, power for CD-rom, click on power of floppy etc...
    I just need to check the correct sequence for the combinations of keys.

    Can anyone help?
    Win - f, victory-b, f - fn, fn - b, victory-esc, fn-escape doesn t seem to work for me

    The waiting time for floppy drive boot after combination etc?


    I n t have experience with these tools of recovery of the BIOS because I think it s a little too risky. There is no official way to recover a BIOS and I don t want to destroy the whole ROM module.

    In my opinion if a BIOS update n t successful, you should go to an authorized service provider. Contact a technician for laptop and explain your situation. The technician can try to reflash it and they have more experience. I think that this should t be a problem to connect with one. ;)

    Good luck!

  • Driver Conexant HD Audio - Satellite P100 PSPA3C Win XP problem

    I have a Satellite P100 PSPA3C MA202C.

    I found on the Web from Toshiba site a new Conexant HD Audio driver version for my laptop (Windows XP, 3 GB of RAM)
    and had the bad idea to install it. After installation, the sound is terrible Crackle and interruptions.
    including the sound of Windows boot at startup, when you first open during playback and audio files.
    When a UC program gets started.
    It's never happened before.

    I acknowledge that during installation, I received a message from the system
    warning that this driver is not signed as having managed the "Windows logo test '.

    However, the same situation stands for previous versions of site Web from Toshiba, like, who gave the same problems.
    Then I wanted to let Windows choose the right driver, but it turns
    "Microsoft function driver UAA for HD Audio Conexant Waikiki" which provides its own, but has no audio in (microphone).

    So now I'm stuck with the crackling and interruptions of Conexant, or with Waikiki have no microphone.

    It's strange, because the initial configuration worked well. Unfortunately, I do not know how to restore the original configuration,
    It is not written anywhere, that the system cannot understand itself and of the restoration came with the computer dvd
    only allow for a radical total restoration of the status of the day of sale, which is not acceptable.

    What a disappointing experience!

    Can someone help, please?


    S DVD supplied with the computer are called recovery disks and it's the way to return to the factory settings.
    The disc contains the Windows preinstalled with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba.

    I know it's strange, but in my opinion, there is no other way to solve this problem. So back up your data first HARD drive will be completely formatted.

    Good bye

  • Problem running 4,80 Bios Update on the Satellite P100-473

    I have a satellite P100-473 enriched with 4 GB of ram, using ubuntu 10.04 lucid 64 with nvidia driver.

    Problem with often increase GPU to high temperature (over 100 ° C) using sensors applet to check.

    I guess that's a BIOS and a driver problem.

    Windows 7 x 64 I don't have this problem with the latest nvidia driver (using speedfan to check the temperature)

    I tried to Flash the bios with the latest version => _Update.exe BD1_BIOS (V4.80) version 4.0, I actually and all flashing same mistake you Error - 121. update of DXE etc...

    While the .exe to extract the contents of the flash on your c:\tmp I'll try a bios flash with a bootable usb key and phlash.exe with the BD13C43. WPH.

    The problem is to find the phlash.exe official back... Phoenix does not provide such tools ;(

    I understand the need of simple bios flash on windows... but I don't understand the .iso missing for flashing at the start when the operating system does not match...

    If you have an idea thanks ;)

    Toshiba has offered traditional old BIOS updated (diskette), a long time ago. Now you can find WIN updates only.
    You can try to contact the closest service Toshiba and ask if they have traditional BIOS update.

Maybe you are looking for

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