After downgrading from Vista Satellite L30-101 does not read DVD


Like many people, I didn't like Vista and so returned to the use of Windows XP.

In doing so, I lost a lot of things like the ability to watch DVDs and sound, most of these problems fixed so easily by downloading the drivers from this site.

However, even after the DVD driver download I can't read DVDs yet.
When you try to play through Windows media player I get say error message that I did not have a MPEG-2 decoder, in the section web site help, it suggests where to get one, but you have to play for each other.
After having one in the first place, I don't think I should buy a new one.

If anyone has a solution it would be greatly appretiated if they could let me know.

Thank you

PS I have a Satellite L30-101


I think you have a codec problem, but I'm not sure. Maybe you should install the latest version of Media Player and codec Xvid, DivX and AC3. These are free (google it!). Or you can try alternative software, such as WinDVD or PowerDVD, you can try the demo versions.

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    OK well my laptop has played lately and I have installed the new update of Windows Vista.
    Now my laptop didn't boot.
    It just won't turn on. I tried everything and its not working everything simply do not.

    Whats gone wrong turned with her and is anyway I can fix it?


    Do you mean the laptop does not illuminate or only the Vista operating system does not start?

    You see the home screen Toshiba appearing at the beginning?

    Feedback would be appreciated

  • Satellite L30-101 does not start


    I have starting problem with my laptop.
    After working, when I put the lid, system will stand by as it should.
    When I leave it like that for quite a long time (over an hour) and I open the lid and press the power button all the lights go down and it does not start.

    No matter how many times I try it remains dead. I have tried everything that disconnect pluging the battery and adapter, nothing happens.

    Help, please!

    Usually when you want to reuse for laptop you simply open the lid and laptop should be awake alone.
    What happens when you just open the lid?
    Does button walk / stop still flashes and portable rest in sleep mode?

  • Satellite P300 - CD does not read DVD

    Purchased by Satellite P300-16 t about a month ago, using Vista Home Premium. Until today, my cd/dvd rom drive worked very well.

    Now when I try and insert any dvd is not be recognized at all, i.e. that there is no disc in the drive. Audio CD play well, but any type of dvd or original dvd-r/rw is not recognized.

    When you click on the player itself in 'computer' drive ejects then and I get a message to insert a floppy disk in the drive. I'm not too knowledgeable about these things, but I checked the drivers are up to date.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and also to set a system restore point upward on a week but still no luck. I prefer not to take it back to the store that I have pictures and videos now on the laptop and one galley to remove so if someone can provide that a solution would be grateful. I also deleted the values of upper register in redegit and deleted any software addition burning like nero. Now driving me crazy

    Thank you

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    > I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and also to set a system restore point upward on a week but still no luck.
    OK... you have attempted to assign the OS to the point of time at the beginning, but have you also tried to boot from a Toshiba Recovery DVD.
    If this problem is related to the hardware of the CD/DVD drive problem, then it shouldn't t possible to boot from the Toshiba Recovery DVD.
    In this case, the CD/DVD drive should be replaced by ASP.

    But if it of possible to boot from the recovery Toshiba DVD so your ODD is not damage which could be only a software problem.
    In this case a new installation of operating system and use of recovery DVDs should help solve this problem of CD/DVD drive.

    In my opinion it s worth a try

  • My iMac does not read DVD


    My iMac does not read DVD. Every time when I put in DVD (free or with content), it runs for a while and that he died. CD works for most very well, but sometimes they go inside and the drive is not recognized. And also sometimes the DVD drive is not recognized in ¨informations on system"in the Apple menu.

    Thank you

    Matouš PIkous

    Did you use a cleaning CD in the optical drive?

  • Windows 8 does not read DVD but CD runs without any problem

    Original title - I habe upgrade to windows 8 way back but my DVD player does not read DVD but CD runs without any problem

    DVD stalk does not read DVDs but reading the CD with no problems. Even in my computer drive shows as CD drive type.

    Hi Rohan,

    I suggest you try the steps suggested by AtishayMSFT dated dated March 6, 2012 at the following link:

    Note: this section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click the following article: back up the registry in Windows 7

  • DVD player does not read DVDs but reads CDs only.

    my hp compaq 420 core2 duo dvd player does not read DVDs but only reads the CD. How can I fix this, please help me with the correct answer.

    It will probably replace the drive. There is more than one laser in there: one for each function. You can go bad without the other goes wrong.

    608141 001

    Above is the part number for the DVD burner. I couldn't find one on eBay.  In here is a online:

    Replacement is easy. Remove one screw on the bottom and drag the old hunt and replace it with the new drive.

  • USB ports on the Satellite L30-105 does not work after the downgrade from Vista to XP


    Model: Toshiba L30-105 PSL33E-02S02HFR.
    USB ports (2) do not work after the downgrade from vista to Windows xp family. All the drivers downloaded from Toshiba Web site.

    Thanks for any help,


    Have you installed Win XP all service packs?
    SP2 provides some patches on the USB feature.

    You definitely need to update the Win XP OS

  • Satellite L300 PSLB8A - cannot locate the WLan adapter after downgrading from Vista to XP

    Model - L300 Satellite PSLB8A-01F004
    Australian model
    Place of residence current UK

    Happy new year to you all. I have a problem with the adapter wireless following a downgrade from Vista to XP Pro home. Device Manager indicates that a network adapter, which is the LAN and it does not work properly.

    I have two points with one exception - Ethernet controller and Modem on Bus High Definition Audio device.

    I find all the major engines of the Toshiba Australia but he lists three (I think) site possible WLAN - Atheros, RealTek, and one of the other manufacturers.

    I tried all three without success but am willing to acknowledge that I can have a mistake, perhaps by installing all three drivers at the same time for example.

    The indicator on the front of the box portable wireless lights on or off with the hard switch setting.

    I am also unable to locate the display of all available wireless netrworks, this can be a symptom of the driver is not installed.

    I tried to locate the wireless card, but it doesn't seem to be accessible through the background panels, including the Panel of RAM module.

    Any ideas please?

    > I have two Articles with one exception - Ethernet controller and Modem on Bus High Definition Audio device.

    The Ethernet controller is the WLAN adapter.
    I guess that the WLan driver is missing and so the wireless network card does not appear under network adapters

    Please check this Toshiba How TO:

    This will help you find the right WLan driver for this chip.
    and here you can find the drivers:

    good luck and good news 2011 ;)

  • x 200 Wireless does not work after downgrading from Vista to XP - please advise

    Information system: x 200 74553YG / Windows Vista business product key

    Question: Used the recovery CD to downgrade from Vista to XP - downloaded all the drivers and updates to the operating system. everything worked except LAN wireless. Tried all possible ways to solve this problem (re download drivers)

    Your support and recommendation are highly appreciated

    so, there is no unknown device in the list? go into your bios and see if the wireless is turned on there or not.

  • Satellite L30-101 will not boot after memory expansion


    We have a Toshiba Satellite L30-101 with 512 MB memory

    We also bought 2 X 1 GB-compatible modules to extend the memory to its max.

    When we installed the two new modules the laptop won't boot.

    We tried to install one at the time and both work individually. I also tried 1 X 512 MB
    and 1 X 1 GB, which also worked.

    It seems that we are not the only one with this problem!

    1.5 works much better on le.5 but it doesn't seem to be a shame to have the autres.5 but its unusable!

    regards db

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    I think that you have incompatible modules for mode dual channel.
    What RAM do you have?

    A module is maybe corrupted and so he doesn t run in mode dual channel.

    You can check the module with a program like Memtest86: []

  • Satellite L30-101: could not connect to Orange Livebox via WI - FI

    Hi all

    Bought my first laptop today, a Satellite L30-101 with Vista. I finally managed to connect to my livebox after filming of encryption and the Vista firewall. Now, I turned as well on I can not connect. I get a msg of error saying 'the settings saved on this computer do not match the requirements of the network. I tried to repair the i.p address and tried to change the security settings in the properties.

    Ideally, I would like to completely remove the existing profile then the Connection Wizard may start. This is probably very simple, but I am new to wifi and Vista and would be grateful if anyone could offer advice.


    Hi again,
    Following the previous, I have more the error msg. I changed the Livebox WPA security only and on the L30, I put the WPA-personal security type and TKIP encryption.

  • Satellite L650 - ODD does not read most of the CD or DVD after BIOS update

    While DVD copy, asked me to do an upgrade of the bios for the included software on my laptop, so I thought that coming from toshibsa, it must be safe. I closed all my apps and let the update occur, restarted my pc and tried to continue to copy my dvd.

    Now my dvd writer does not read most of my CD or DVD, original as well.
    I managed to get hold of my previous Bios version after a battle before the update to see if I can go back to my old version, but the executable file runs a program that says the version is older then the one I use, so it will not load it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated I have two days to copy 100 DVDs for a customer and I can't do it now,

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L650 running windows 7 64 bit 8 GB memory with a SSD hard drive

    > I can return to my old version, but the executable file runs a program that says the version is older then the one I use, so it will not load it

    I don t think that the BIOS is the problem here, the point is that CD and DVD support details are stored in the firmware of the CD/DVD drive and NOT in the BIOS of the laptop.
    So in my opinion the update of the BIOS is not the reason for your problem.

    I think you should check if cleaning the laser lens allows you to read discs.
    Use a fluid wadding tip and alcohol to gently clean the laser lens.

  • Re: Satellite A200-1N7 does not read the SDHC card using Win 7 32 bit

    Hi all

    After that I installed windows 7 32 bit on my laptop, it does not read my sdhc card.
    And he did it when I got Vista.

    Can someone help what to do?

    Thank you very much:



    Have you installed the driver for the card reader?
    Have you noticed an unknown device in Device Manager?

    Please see the page of European disk from Toshiba for the card reader driver.
    Satellite A200-1N7 belongs to the PSAE3E series
    I found the driver of the card reader for Vista 64-bit
    Usually the Vista driver should work on Win 7 OS too

    If this does not work, then try the drivers released for A500 or L500 series!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A200 27z does not recognize DVD drive


    Ive got the computer laptop toshiba Satellite A200 27z & a while a go it wouldn't turn on at all, I took it to a computer repair shop & they seemed to solve the problem, except that they delete all the "stuff" that comes with the laptop.

    On the most part, he always does things I want to do. But recently I went to play a dvd in there & it won't work, even if it does not play DVD if theyre sent to me by msn etc.

    Normally, when I put a dvd, toshiba dvd player would automatically right away, but now he used. When I go to manually open the dvd player toshiba a message just ups saying:

    * the specific drive is not found. Check the settings by going to settings > stock settings > source. or otherwise check that the disc has been correctly connected to the levels

    Ive been in the "action settings", but the source area is blocked (do not type anything in it). I don't know much about computers and so do not know how to check if the drive is properly connected.

    It will not also recognize when I put a cd that he either, as normally if I put a cd in and then itunes would automatically load upward, now itunes will not appear if a cd is in the laptop & I can't find it anywhere.

    can help someone, I have no idea about these things!

    I had this problem a few months ago, I thought that I should send it to be repaired but Windows Mr Fixit made and my dvd player is running again
    Here is the link

    I hope this works for you

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