After having my system repaired, I can't have my mobile data card (wireless broadband modem) to operate. I can't get any service from the server.


I had to have my computer repaired, now I can't get my mobile card data (wireless broadband modem) to operate. I can't get any service from the server. I called them and they said that when the laptop has been repaired. The Ports were not tied and cannot open anything. All other elements of work of these ports (wirelsee mouse/printer and I explained this to the technician, it is only thought was to call in a repair service.) I think their answer is like the auto machnic said to go and change the air in your tires. Can you give me any advice?


I suggest you to stay in touch with your Internet service provider.

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    Hi Bernard,.

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    Apple will release a bug for her fix soon. software-implementation to date.

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    Hope this helps,
    Jeremy Eramian

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    Hello Sue.

    Go in view > toolbars > Navigation toolbar.

    If your Menu bar is not visible, press ALT or F10 from your keyboard to make the Menu bar temporarily visible. If you want it to be visible at all times, go in view > toolbars > Menu bar, or right click on the Navigation bar (for example, the Reload button), and then select menu bar.

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    Help, please.


    (Mac Pro 10.6.8)

    The name of the access point is simply the name of the wireless network that provides AirPort Extreme.

    You can see the name of your wireless network by clicking on the WiFi icon at the top of the screen of your Mac and by checking that the name appears.

    There will be a check mark next to your wireless network name.. which is also known as a wireless access point.

    It would be the same name that you had before... unless you have changed some settings on the AirPort Extreme.

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    You can try this program:

    Use the deep Scan option. It may take some time.

    The System File Checker can repair some of the files in there, but probably not all.

    It's probably at least some of the files that have been overwritten. so I would say the the more safe thing to do is to reinstall Windows.

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    Material:  I have two 4 ESXi hosts to work, each with local VMFS volumes.  They share a private vlan common and a vlan common public.  They each ssh, ftp, wput, wget, and rsync available.  I have a Windows 2003 Server VM which also hosts a NFS and the VI client and other VMWare tools.  It also has private and public interfaces as do virtual machines that would be to make and receive the OS files.

    Question:  How can I transfer a file from the operating system to a backup of the production running VM virtual machine?

    Thank you!

    Yes Mr President, make sure you set the network on this virtual machine to be connected to the 'Internal' vswitch, you set up before turning the power on to the virtual machine.


  • After an automatic update on 8/11 my screen is Brown and I can't get any pictures standby screen to work

    Many updates were automatically installed on 8/11.  Updates began while I was using an application and stop my program.  Auto restart my screen saver picture disappeared to be replaced by a brownish color screen which I can't get rid of.  The feature to customize using a right click on the desktop does not work.  Select a photo of screen saver, click on apply does nothing.  The category for the personal image that I used for a screen saver seems to be missing.  How can I get rid of that YUCKY Brown screen ugly?

    Hi Hwhamilrton,

    1. are you referring to the screensaver or desktop?

    2. what version of windows is installed on your computer?

    Step 1

    Try changing the background image of the control panel.

    A. customization open by clicking theStart button, then Control Panel. In the search box, typepersonalization, and then click customization.

    B. click on a theme to apply it to your desktop.

    Step 2

    Run the scan of SFC (System File Checker) to replace the corrupted computer files.

    Reference:what is a theme? Using themes   

    Bindu R - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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