After having recently updated Firefox, I lost my menu bar Freecorder. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it still does not appear. It is in internet explorer, but not firefox

Desktop running w7 64 bit


To insert a toolbar in Firefox, Freecorder needs to install an add-on Firefox in addition to its own program.

The standard response from their tech support is to uninstall and reinstall:

I installed freecorder 4 audio, but the toolbar does not appear even after activation Add ons

Freecorder Toolbar disappeared

Without installing it myself, I don't know what else to think.

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    Start the command prompt, and then type


    Do check and see what the result is.

    Also run full system scan with:

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    Hi sharonc,

    Have you tried to reinstall the plugin Photoshelter for Lightroom CC newer version 2015.

    See the below for the upgrade to the latest Version - Lightroom-Plugin

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

  • Firefox 3.6 doesn't open, uninstalled and reinstalled but still cannot open any web browser except IE8

    Firefox 3.6 doesn't open, uninstalled and reinstalled but still cannot open Firefox or other web browser except IE8

    After the Java Update

    User Agent

    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB6.4; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; InfoPath.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152 .NET CLR 3.5.30729)

    Hi - yes even!
    I did nothing else during the last 3 days but now Firefox has decided to install and it loads fine - I have no idea why or what caused it as I have not downloaded one thing - but thanks for the aid application. Regards Terry

  • I recently did something that changed my Firefox to a version focused on Yahoo. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, but when I reinstalled it is still Yahoo.

    During the summer, I tried to download a free photo colorization program and I think that, in doing so, I accidentally agreed to Yahoo my default browser. My Mozilla Firefox flaw opens on Yahoo and other Yahoo features. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Firefox, but it is always default to Yahoo and I noticed that I have more windows pop up after this connection to Yahoo. I just disappeared and redo my popup settings and will try and change my default screen, but I wish I had my old original Firefox without any Yahoo. For example, say my toolbar File, Edit, View, history, Favorites, tools, Yahoo!, help. I just really want to get rid of the intrusion of Yahoo. On the troubleshooting page I noticed that my Extensions configuration includes the toolbar Yahoo! and RivalGaming, which began to be the provider of many pop ups or independent of opening screens when I click on particular objects or best I wish to see. I want to get rid of both.

    The reset Firefox feature can solve a lot of problems in restaurant Firefox to its factory default condition while saving your vital information.
    Note: This will make you lose all the Extensions, open Web sites and preferences.

    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Firefox > help > troubleshooting information.
    2. Click on the button 'Reset Firefox'.
    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

  • Firefox toolbars are missing. Can't do ANYTHING! Uninstalled and reinstalled but it's the same. What should I do?

    On my firefox toolbars disappeared. I can't do anything with it and must use Internet explore for now.
    I unintstalled and reinstalled but it does not work. I have a screenshot, how to post?

    Make sure that you run not Firefox mode full screen (press F11 or Fn + F11 to toggle; Mac: Command + SHIFT + F).

    If you are in full screen view then hover over with the mouse upward to make the bar appear Navigation and tab bar.
    Click the expand (in the top right Navigation bar) to exit full screen or right-click on a space empty on a toolbar and select "exit full screen" or press the F11 key.

    Make sure the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible.

    • Firefox menu button > Options
    • View > toolbars (press F10 to display the menu bar)
    • right click on empty toolbar space

    Use the toolbar (Customize) to open the Customize and set the toolbar to display items.

    • If the missing elements are in the toolbar palette then drag them from the window, customize the toolbar
    • If you do not see an item on a toolbar in the toolbar palette and then click the button "Restore default" to restore the default toolbar set up
  • I had 26 successful updates for SQL Server 2005 SP3 KB970892, but I keep getting a yellow icon who invites me to install it. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I still get the prompt to install the update.

    I have Dell Dimension 8100 with Windows XP Home Edition that has Visual Studio 2005 Express installed that has SQL Server 2005 with her. I had a problem with Windows Update and will prompt to install SQL Server 2005 SP3 KB970892 since October 14,2009. I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything first and always kept getting the prompt, then I tried another solution that I got from a forum of symantec. I uninstalled the update again, and then I went into the registry to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Resume REG_DWORD and changed the value decimal from 1 to 0, installed the update and restarted the machine. It worked for the person who posted, but this has not worked for me. I waited a while hoping that Microsoft will come out with a fix for the next monthly update that has not yet happened. If anyone has a solution, please send an email to . I thank very you much for your time.

    [NEVER publish or use your real email address in a public forum or a discussion group!]

    Visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy. If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • sometimes Firefox does not correctly load a few days and I don't see some items. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I get the same result

    Sometimes certain pages of Firefox do not load correctly, there are very few pictures and text on the page is not material to the normal website.
    I can still maneuver around, but it is extremely difficult


    Please try pressing Ctrl + F5 on the keyboard when a problematic site.

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    I don't know what to do. I'm trying to download a trial version of A.I., but when downloading, my adobe application manager keeps trying to update but will not exceed 10%. I can't access anything on my manager. I tried to re download the program, but the same problem persists. What are my options?

    If you just open the Application Manager, it successfully updated?

    In Illustrator, you can download setup offline (CC 2014).

    Make sure you follow the instructions very important on this page.

  • After installing Lightroom 6, whenever I use it, it freezes. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it still does the same thing. Why?

    Please could someone help me. I am trying to edit some photos for a client and I need to fix this problem.

    [Ask in the correct forum allows... Left non-technical Forum Lounge for forum specific program... MOD]

    Have you tried to uncheck the option of GPU in the Lightroom preferences?

  • Japanese text replaced by boxes after the recent update of Windows

    Windows 7 can not represent the Japanese text after that Windows Update - changes the text boxes - applies to all applications - itunes, Windows Live Mail - mail header text replaced by boxes. The emails themselves are not affected - Japanese content can be displayed. Made a restoration and Japanese text returned. However then windows update again and the Japanese text has been lost, which means that this issue is one of the updates.

    Hi HiniKuru,

    Allows us to try to understand the problem causing the update.

    Install the updates, if the problem persists

    You can try to change the display language for the Japanese, follow these steps:

    1. click Startand type change display language in the box start the search .

    2. click on view change of language.

    3. in the drop-down list that appears, select the language (Japanese) that you want, and then click OK.

    Now, check if the problem is resolved, if the problem persists

    Follow the steps mentioned in the link below

    Windows 7 language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 7 ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise

    Uninstall the most recently installed update until find you the problem causing the update:

    1. click on start to reduce this includes this image, type Appwiz.cpl in the Start Search box, and then click Appwiz.cpl in the list of programs . Collapse this includes this image if you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or click continue.

    2. click on view installed updates.

    3. click on recent update (go by the date) that you want to uninstall, and then click Uninstall.
    Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the uninstall process.

    Note: It is not recommended to uninstall an update; We try the following steps to understand the problem causing the update. Uninstall an update at the same time, restart the computer each time and check if the problem persists.

    Let us know the problem causing the update (make a note the number of KB) and let us know for further investigation

    For more information, see the link below

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • Recently updated Firefox 3.6.13 Firefox 13 - crashes when you try to open

    I've been using firefox 3.6.13 for quite awhile; the reason why I have such an old version is because it's for a work computer, and an upgrade to newer versions in general is not homogeneous and can interrupt the working process.

    Anyway, I find some downtime and decided that I would be upgraded to the latest version of firefox. Every thing seems to install fine, and he copied all of my addons on apparently (which I am thankful for). How ever, when opening Firefox it opens and displays two tabs saying "connection", but nothing happens beyond that. It just completely freezes providing the "waiting" icon when you move it. I tried + 10 minutes waiting for what ever treat was to finish, but nothing happened. To close Firefox, I need to kill the process in Task Manager.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the same problem occurs. I tried to search earlier, stable versions of firefox, but couldn't find anything.

    One possible cause is security software (firewall, antivirus) that prevents or limits Firefox or plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after the detection of changes (update) for the Firefox program.

    Delete all rules for Firefox and the plugin-container in the permissions list in the firewall and leave your firewall again ask permission to get full unlimited access to the internet for Firefox and the plugin-container and the update process.


    Create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problems.

    See "basic troubleshooting: a new profile:

    There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "tools > Modules > Extensions & Plugins" in case there are still problems.

    If the new profile works then you can transfer files from the old profile to the new profile, but make sure not to copy corrupted files.


  • Does not work. Removed from Firefox and downloaded. Still does not work.

    Can't use Firefox to access the internet. Deleted Firefox and downloaded again. Still does not connect to the internet.

    The works of Windows Internet Explorer.

    See this support article - difficulty of problems connecting to websites after Firefox update

  • Renderer missing after the recent update


    I use Adobe CS5 on a 64-bit computer to Windows 7 with 12 GB of RAM. Even though I have a Quadro CX. the CS5 first complains that he cannot use the Mercury Playback Engine the GPU acceleration. It happened after the recent update to CS5. I checked the contents of the cuda_supported_cards.txt file and there seems to be no problem at all. I'm lost. Any kind of help will be appreciated.

    no rederer.jpg

    Try to update your video card driver.

  • After the recent update 38.1.0, my local files moved to the bottom of the list of accounts; How their return to the top?

    I have 30 + our organized in thunderbird and I structured the list of accounts to get a quick overview of all accounts. the recent update to thunderbird things around substantially changed; now local folders are down on the list and imap accounts are on top. I can't find a way to change where to display the local folders; the add-on "Manually sort folders" does not help with the position of the files local vs other accounts.
    What Miss me? Any thoughts?

    I found the solution: the add-on "manually sort orders" has been altered after the Thunderbird upgraded. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it and the possibility of local folders on the top worked again.

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