After internal reset PRAM and SMC microphone still does not work properly

I've recently updated to el capitan. For the first time that I had to use the microphone internal, so I went to the system preference, the maximum capacity, the value clapped my hands, but the microphone reacts just as shown on the scale bar. So I reset the SMC first then the LANDAU and now it reacts a little more because I clap my hands, I want to tell the scale bar that detects the incoming sound shows like 5 spots (and there are 15 points). I tried to register and the sound of the recording is very low. Is this normal? What I need to fix my mac (3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB of DDR3 memory a 1067 MHz, GB 999,35-909, 89 GB free)? Thanks for any response.

Susan of morro bay , October 28, 2014 16:21
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I cleaned the little tiny micro holes - and it worked:

I also had a problem with my internal microphone. In system preferences > Sound > entry, I had the internal mic selected, and the entry level bar would show some activity when I typed in the top of the computer, but not when I spoke. So first of all, I had to figure out WHERE the microphone was actually and I googled and found this on top of my iMac - a very small circle of TINY holes, right in the Middle at the top of the screen. Turns out I have had covered with a decorative Angel, using a sealant that is usually used to stick things to the surfaces. I removed the little angel and PuTTY... but did not always receive my voice recording in the bar of entry-level in sound preferences. I used canned air to blow at the level of the tiny holes, but that did not help. Finally I found a brooch (thinking it was actually too thick, drill holes of small microphone) but I WAS able to push the small holes - so I poked each other - and voila - my internal microphone now work! Yay!

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