After migrating to a new iMac, my applications Adobe CC back to trial versions

After migrating to a new iMac, my applications Adobe CC back to trial versions. How can I fix this please?

Migration of Mac with Time Machine WILL NOT WORK with the Adobe program activations due to hidden registration files

Sign out of your account... Uninstall... to run vacuuming...

-non-Cloud programs, to disable the service before uninstalling

- (and uninstall)

-using the vacuuming after uninstalling and before reinstalling is often necessary


-Restart your computer... Sign in to your account... Reinstall

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  • CS4 will not load after migration to the new imac

    I've migrated just of my older iMac to a new iMac.

    When I try to load photoshop I get an error: 150:30

    Apparently my license has been affected and is not recognized for the new computer.

    I have the CD; However, the new iMac do not have a reader of DVD player.

    Can I download it from the adobe site?  If Yes, should I completely remove my old program CS4?

    Migration does not work for the Adobe programs.  Uninstall everything first, then use the cleaning tool before installing.

    Adobe Creative Suite cleanup tool

    helps resolve installation for CS3 thru CS6 and creative cloud problems

    CS4 -

  • CS4 has migrated to the new iMac - am getting error code 150:30

    All my programs have migrated to a new iMac - none of the CS4 programs will launch.  I get the message "licensing for this product has stopped working" following the advice on the Adobe site, I downloaded the license recovery tools, but get the message "can't open 'Licence recovery Launcher' application because the PowerPC applications are no longer supported.  Any advice as to the next step would be appreciated.

    Migration does not work for the Adobe programs.  You must install using installation files.  Uninstall what you have, use the cleaning tool and reinstall download if you don't have a disc.

    Adobe Creative Suite cleanup tool

    helps resolve installation for CS3 thru CS6 and creative cloud problems

    CS4 -

    If you need find your serial number, it may be available through your Adobe account online if you have registered the software when you initially installed.

  • 5.5 inDesign crashes on startup after upgrading to a new iMac

    Any ideas why InDesign 5.5 crashes at startup after updrading to a new iMac? I am able to open and work in Photoshop and Illustrator without problems. Thanks for the help.

    Here is the crash report:

    In addition to needint updated 7.5.3 the accident seems to be SINGING (see Deletion of SINGING), but most importantly, it is don't have yo tried to migrate programs? This doesn't; t work, so if you have done so, edition and reinstall it from the original installers, then run the updates.

  • Dreamweaver CS5.5 no longer works since the migration to the new iMac. How can I re - install?

    I have a subscription Adobe CC for InDesign, but am still ongoing for Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS5. Recently all migrated to a new iMac running Yosemite, and since then, Dreamweaver does more (no problems with Photoshop). See screen shot of the error message. I thought that the simple answer would be to reinstall but can't figure out how. I don't have an installation disc - CS5.5 was a download. But when I log into my account, Adobe, CS5 products are not listed. I vaguely remember my manager has bought a lot of licenses for us user, and I have a note of the serial numbers.Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10-07-15, 18.11.39.png

    If you have the info set, you should be able to use the cleanup tool to remove the program all together (migrating from one machine to another rarely ever works), then download the correct version of Adobe, install and enter your registration information to activate...

    Cleaning: use of the Adobe Creative Cloud cleaning tool to solve installation problems

    (Bottom of page) download: download and Installation Help | Download and Installation Help

  • I try to use After Effects on my laptop, but all his telling me, is that "you can't use this version of the application"Adobe CS6 effects"with this version of Mac OS x.

    I try to use After Effects on my laptop, but all his telling me, is that "you can't use this version of the application"Adobe CS6 effects"with this version of Mac OS x.

    Install the latest update of CS6:


  • Try to install Flash Player on my new iMac, but my Adobe password is rejected. Any suggestions?

    I am trying to install Flash Player on my new iMac, but my Adobe password is rejected. Any suggestions?

    You don't need an Adobe password to install Flash Player, but you may need your computer's administrator password.

  • After the migration to the new iMac 10.11.3 - unable to repair permissions on your Photos App library

    I bought a new iMac running El Capitan and migrated from my old iMac running 10.6.8 and opening of the Photos app after migration ended I see the error "failed to repair permissions on your library. Initially, when I open the Photo app, I'm asked to select the library migrated or create a new. I select the library migrated and then see the above error.

    I tried on my new iMac running disk utility, and there is no error reported. "I tried too hold down the command and option keys when opening the Photo app and I go as far as the window pop up prompting me that" you are about to repair of the 'iPhoto Library' library but after selecting the repair, it returns the error "year error occurred while repairing permissions" and citing is the only option given.

    I then tried to go back to my old iMac and did a full rebuild of my photo library using the command and option keys when opening iPhoto App and also ran disk utility. Then I made another backup from time machine fees and moved once more to my new iMac. This has not improved the question, and I see the same mistakes.

    I also tried the iPhoto App 3rd party download manager but it does not allow me to open the application because it returns the error iPhoto Library Manager, must have iPhoto 8.1.2 or later must be installed. Of course when you run 10.11.3. My App Photo conforms to this requirement.

    I am really confused on this issue and would appreciate any help or advice for this problem.

    Kind regards


    you have 90 days free telephone support from Apple with a new iMac.

  • InDesign CS4 crashes on startup after the migration to the new iMac


    I recently used Migration Assistant to move the contents of my old iMac running OS X 10.5.8 to my new iMac running OS X 10.7.3.  Unfortunately, whenever I try to launch InDesign CS4, it crashes without giving me an error message. I already could not start Illustrator CS4 on this new iMac and I received this error message:

    "Fatal error - missing component Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS4/customer 4.0.0/VersionCue.framework.

    and I was able to transfer the file Client 4.0.0 on my new iMac and Illustrator CS4 please stand up and running.

    What can I do to get InDesign running on my new iMac?

    You will not be able to download Adobe's CS4. They have downloads of the current version.

    Are you sure? (I'm confused about this and my Adobe Downloads aren't the consumer normal ones so I can't easily check, but I have a number of reasons to be skeptical... certainly old volume licensees can continue to (re) - download old versions.)

  • migration to the new iMac iMac

    Hi all

    I am looking to buy a new iMac 27 "to replace my iMac 24" aged 8 years.

    I intend to use the "Migration Wizard" (first time) and I would like clarification on a trifle of file transfers.

    First, files such as emails are copied in their entirety?

    Second, I assume that the "Migration Wizard" copy only through the elements still in use? In other words, it is not clone the older drive? I want to leave behind trash of the multitude of old programs, etc. which have been removed over the years and indeed to start with a completely clean Mac except for what's current.

    Thank you very much


    When you use Migration Wizard, you can choose what to bring: I suggest you bring your user account (which should bring all your letters, and documents), but do NOT bring the applications and settings.

    In the old days, reinstall the applications was a pain (often searching for old CD case to find serial numbers), but now with many applications from the App store, resettlement is quick and easy (sign in with the same Apple ID and download a copy fresh and up to date).

  • Photoshop CS6 independent migration to the new iMac product new trial for extended at the launch.

    As says.

    Just migrated from a Macbook Pro to a new iMac by using Apple's Migration assistant. When you launch Photoshop icon on the dock that launches a trial version of Photoshop Extended. There seems to be sort of launching or under "About Photoshop" authenticate using my serial number or ID.

    Please advise, thank you.

    Transfer/migration does not work with Adobe applications.  You must install using files of facilities.

    CS6 -

  • Why did all of my files migrate to my new iMac using Time Machine?

    I recently bought a new iMac and used Time Machine to transfer my data from my Macbook.  Why not a not transfer files of Pages, Numbers and Keynote?  Why all three have a? on the dock?

    Files transferred without doubt, but the Dock shortcuts are not connected to them.

    Try to remove these shortcuts from the Dock and replace them with news from your Applications folder.

  • Migration Manager and new iMac

    I bought a new iMac and want to transfer my old iMac on the new Migration Manager. The new iMac has Pages, Numbers and Keynote installed, but I don't have them on my old iMac. Migration Manager will overwrite these programs on the new iMac?

    N °

  • Help! After migration from windows to IMac, I can't use my license to elements14!

    In recent years, I use elements on my windows computer. Now, I decided to switch to an IMac and I migrated my photos and the catalog successfully. Everything works on my new IMac, but I can't the license version IMac of 14 elements. My serial number, I used on my old computer Windowc, is not accepted on the IMac. What should I do? I heard it is possible to use a single license of components on both computers. Who can help me? What should I do? Do I have to purchase another license, I bought 14 items only a couple of months.

    Thank you


    Hi Helmut. Go to this link. Click on the blue button; When logged in with your Adobe ID; then click on Chat 24/7. Ignore the proposals of links that will take back you a full turn on this forum. Continue straight on the blue button at the bottom.

    Contact the customer service

  • problems of migration to the new iMac

    I bought a new iMac, and now when I try to download creative cloud it will not install.  whenever I try to install creative cloud, it say creative cloud is damaged or missing and I need to download a copy of the creative cloud.  never, the cycle ends... Any suggestions?

    Hi rjt74752653,

    Use this to remove any previous traces of CC cleaner CC use the Adobe Creative Cloud cleaning tool to resolve installation problems .

    Restart your system and then refer to this KB document for the download & installation instructions download and install Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

    Kind regards


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