After running the Nightly build, which dates back to 5.0 shows the FirstRun page + my homepage

same question, but more in detail...

(1) run Nightly build
(2) close nightly build after surfing for a while
(3) open FF 5.0

The FirstRun page as well as my home page fixed


You must have separate profiles for each version, otherwise you will get a "first release" whenever you pass versions when you are using the same profile.

Create a new profile exclusively for every night and create a shortcut on the desktop with Pei 'profile' attached to the target to launch this profile.

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  • Try to download a trial of Lightroom, after running the installer of creative cloud, the download gets partially and then disappears.

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  • Cannot run the JSPX page

    Hello world

    First of all, excuse me if my terminology is inaccurate; I am a newbie with JDeveloper.

    When I try to run the JSPX page, the browser cannot connect. (Should I say 'deploy' instead of 'run' in this case?) Everything works (navigation, principal, update, delete) when I use the browser of Business components. So, I'm sure it's associated with VPN, and a configuration change is probably in order on the WebLogic Server. However, I can't even connect to the console ( / console). In JDeveloper Preferences, all under Internet and Proxy browser appears to be configured correctly as Proxy Test is successful, and as mentioned, I have no problem of communication with the DB.

    It comes to the target URL which breaks down: .

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Lou's right. If you run an application in the built-in server, the server administrator is used as a deployment target too. The console and the application use the same port in this case.

    Please check the settings of the built-in Server: browser server application-> server-> properties and click the configuration tab. You should see as hostname, and check the preferred port be the one you use in the url (7001) in your case.

    Your comment, I conclude that you are running a virtual machine on your pc too (, Check if you have set up the network to use NAT with port forwarding. If this is the case check if you transfer favorite port. If this is the case, you must use another favorite port that you are not transferring.


  • R12.2.4 data lost after using the dialog Page and return to the calling page. (Help please!)

    Hi team,

    I'm new to OAF and works on a requirement to add some custom validation when the user clicks a button in a seeded standard page.

    The approach I took was to extend the seeded controller object managed this press event button and put my custom logic in the extended controller and substitute the standard controller through customization.

    The standard rate which was pressing the Complete button A Page, the user was taken to the next and epepinee page (Page B) some operations based on records that have been chosen Page A.

    Part of the custom validation requirement that was if some postings were not met, the user must be a pop-up asking if they really wanted to move forward and if they have selected Yes then continue with the seeded standard flow (transition to page B) and if they have NOT selected then just remain on the current page.

    I have used OADialogPage and to do this, in part, the question , I am running into is that when the user selects one or more records using a check box in a region of several record (table) and click the full page and if the validation fails then a modal page and the user made a selection i.e.either Yes or no modal page and when they return to the calling page (ex. Page A), all data (records) they chose previously is lost (the Page is refreshed). Based on what I see on this forum, I suspect it's because after having click Yes on the modal page and then return to the original page the processRequest fires again and the VO data is queried again and has all the parts on the page are lost. Since I am changing the flow in seedlings pages based on the intervention of the user I'm confused as to how this problem can be solved. that is, prevent the page refreshes or preserve the selections that were made before you navigate to modal page. Any help is really appreciated!

    My Code:

    ' Public Sub processFormRequest (OAPageContext oapagecontext, OAWebBean oawebbean)



    If (oapagecontext.getParameter ("completeOps")! = null) {}



    If (warnCount > 0) {}

    OAException message = new OAException ("not in order...", OAException.WARNING);

    oapagecontext.putDialogMessage (message);

    OAException message = new OAException ("XYZ Violated rule. Do you want to continue? ", OAException.WARNING);

    DialogPage OADialogPage = new OADialogPage (OAException.WARNING, message, null, "","");

    String Yes = oapagecontext.getMessage ("AK", "FWK_TBX_T_YES", null);

    String number = oapagecontext.getMessage ("AK", "FWK_TBX_T_NO", null);

    dialogPage.setOkButtonItemName ("ConYesButton");

    dialogPage.setNoButtonItemName ("ConNoButton");

    dialogPage.setOkButtonToPost (true);

    dialogPage.setNoButtonToPost (true);

    dialogPage.setPostToCallingPage (true);

    dialogPage.setOkButtonLabel (yes);

    dialogPage.setNoButtonLabel (no);

    oapagecontext.redirectToDialogPage (dialogPage);


    If (oapagecontext.getParameter ("ConYesButton")! = null) {}

    Write Yes button Action code

    oapagecontext.putParameter ("completeOps", "Continue");


    If (oapagecontext.getParameter ("ConNoButton")! = null) {}

    Write the code of the Action for the No button

    Dim errormsg = ' rule Violations have occurred. "

    throw new OAException (errormsg);


    super.processFormRequest (oapagecontext, oawebbean);


    I managed to work around this problem by adding a simple control in my controller processRequest method extended to avoid the call to super.processRequest incase lhen control returns to the page once the user has made a selection on the Page of the dialog box

    If ((oapagecontext. (GetParameter ("ConYesButton") == null) & (oapagecontext.getParameter ("ConNoButton") == null)) {}

    super.processRequest (oapagecontext, oawebbean);


    Thank you!

  • How to close all windows after running the SaveAsPDF script?

    I ran into the problem where I adjusted the SaveAsPDF script to backup my PDF files with a preset specific PDF I use. But after executing the script, all newly created PDF files are open in illustrator and I have to close it manually one by one, choose if I want to 'Save' or 'do not save' (even if they are already registered). I would like for them to close right after that the PDF is created.

    I've added in the script:

    if ("w")) {

    Who's going to run the script and close the files, but for only 3 of the 10, I opened. The 7 remaining won't be saved or converted to PDF. Is there something wrong in my script or anything else that I can try to solve this problem?

    Here is my complete script:

    /** Saves every document open in Illustrator
      as a PDF file in a user specified folder.
    // Main Code [Execution of script begins here]
    try {
      // uncomment to suppress Illustrator warning dialogs
      //app.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevel.DONTDISPLAYALERTS;
      if (app.documents.length > 0 ) {
      // Get the folder to save the files into
      var destFolder = null;
      destFolder = Folder.selectDialog( 'Select folder for PDF files.', '~' );
      if (destFolder != null) {
      var options, i, sourceDoc, targetFile;
      // Get the PDF options to be used
      options = this.getOptions();
      // You can tune these by changing the code in the getOptions() function.
      for ( i = 0; i < app.documents.length; i++ ) {
      sourceDoc = app.documents[i]; // returns the document object
      // Get the file to save the document as pdf into
      targetFile = this.getTargetFile(, '.pdf', destFolder);
      // Save as pdf
      sourceDoc.saveAs( targetFile, options );
      alert( 'Documents saved as MarkPreset PDF' );
      throw new Error('There are no document open!');
    catch(e) {
      alert( e.message, "Script Alert", true);
    /** Returns the options to be used for the generated files.
      @return PDFSaveOptions object
    function getOptions()
    {var NamePreset = 'MarkPreset'; 
      // Create the required options object
      var options = new PDFSaveOptions();
      // See PDFSaveOptions in the JavaScript Reference for available options
      // Set the options you want below:
      // For example, uncomment to set the compatibility of the generated pdf to Acrobat 7 (PDF 1.6)
      // options.compatibility = PDFCompatibility.ACROBAT7;
      // For example, uncomment to view the pdfs in Acrobat after conversion
      // options.viewAfterSaving = true;
      return options;
    /** Returns the file to save or export the document into.
      @param docName the name of the document
      @param ext the extension the file extension to be applied
      @param destFolder the output folder
      @return File object
    function getTargetFile(docName, ext, destFolder) {
      var newName = "";
      // if name has no dot (and hence no extension),
      // just append the extension
      if (docName.indexOf('.') < 0) {
      newName = docName + ext;
      } else {
      var dot = docName.lastIndexOf('.');
      newName += docName.substring(0, dot);
      newName += ext;
      // Create the file object to save to
      var myFile = new File( destFolder + '/' + newName );
      // Preflight access rights
      if ("w")) {
      else {
      throw new Error('Access is denied');
      return myFile;

    Try this change

    for (i = 0; i< app.documents.length;="" i++="" ) ="">

    for (i = app.documents.length; i > 0; i--)

  • I received the error message: 0x0000ffff after running the system restore

    Original title: 0x0000ffff

    has run the system restore and got this error code. How should I do?


    could a. you give the error message as well?
    b. are you try to create a system restore point or restore the computer to a previous state?

    c. Why do you try to restore the computer to a previous state?

    We can try the following methods and check.

    Method 1.
    Disable the security software and then try to run the system restore and verify.

    Method 2.

    Let us run restore the system from the command prompt and check. Follow the steps described in the article below to get there.

    Start the restore of the system from a command prompt

    Method 3.

    I also advise to use the boot minimum troubleshooting to find the conflicting program.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    You can also consult the methods listed in the section below to learn more.

    No restore points are available when you use Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 operating system in a dual-boot with an earlier Windows operating system configuration

    System Restore: frequently asked questions

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.
    If this post can help solve your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • I can print before and after on the same page?

    Hello world.

    I'm really proud of my editing on a particular image.  I want to print the front and then on the same page, just as I can see the before and after by-side in the mode to develop.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks for your help.

    Yes, but you will need to make a virtual copy by going to the menu:

    Photo > create virtual copy

    Then open the copy 2 in the develop module, and from the history panel, change the setting at the time of importation (usually the bottom of the list) or use the reset button to return to the original camera file.

    You can then select copy 1 & 2 and go to the print module to set up your page with two pictures.

  • How to make the first page my homepage, Privacy page not Firefoxe

    Prior to version Firefox 29 brought to the top of my home page - the only one. Now, no matter what I said to be on the 'privacy' page Firefox home page is loaded first with my homepage as a secondary (and not shown) page.
    Loading the page confidentiality loses time CPU and is aggravating. How can I disable this key, the default page?

    This can result in problems with the files that store the preferences and possibly other files as the file compatibility.ini.
    You can have security software that protects certain files from changes.

    Delete a possible user.js file and files numbered prefs-# .js and rename (or delete) the file prefs.js to reset all the prefs by default, including the prefs set via user.js and pref which is no longer supported in the current version of Firefox.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

  • a cursor which date back to the safari - facebook Messenger!

    I have a strangebehaviour of the cursor when I try to type in the box of thefacebookmessangner in Safari!

    As soon as I write two separate words the cursor back at the beginning, by deleting the words!

    When I go to the messages section, this does not happen. When I use FB in chrome, this can't be!

    Thanksfor help!

    Go to , download and run EtreCheck, copy paste here the status report.

  • to the subject of responses which dates back to the old download area, also work with ESR 24.4.0

    I use esr 24.4.0. Can I replace the Downloads box with something that does not remove things with a single click, and... not a not the left panel is displayed when you look at the downloads (waste of office space).

    Note that Firefox will always manage downloads in new Manager downloads (library) that uses the file places.sqlite, if you define true

  • Computer does not start after running the utility Boot Lenovo.

    I replaced the power supply with a CX550M of Corsair, increased memory by exchanging the 4 GB to 8 GB for a 16 GB total, I added a hybrid 2 TB Seagate HDD and all worked fine until yesterday, about 1 month.
    Yesterday, I decided to run all the tests of the Lenovo startup disk and after that I restarted, the computer does not start.
    When I press the power button, the fan starts and it stops after 3 or 4 seconds and nothing happens, the monitor says no signal, I removed the external USB disk and printer, I reoved the second drive and the same thing heppens.
    Any idea what this problem could be? Would it be a bad power supply?
    Thank you


    Resolved, I erased the memory CMOS, moved to following ankle boot, back up the cmos.

    Thank you

  • My system hangs during startup "for the first time" after running the system recovery.

    HP G62 - 227 CL

    Win 7 (64 bit)

    No error message, in itself; just a screen frozen on reboot.

    Months, my computer has suddenly started glitching on me.  I stopped and tried a reboot.  The system froze on start with flying colors.  System recovery tried several times but must have made a mistake because he wouldn't.  Resolved to buy a new hard drive and reinstall from the recovery disks.  Delayed unnecessarily until today, months later.

    Before you buy a new hard drive, has decided to relaunch the system recovery.  It worked!  I tried the option that has deleted everything and restored to the software and factory settings.  Everything seemed to work like a charm: hard drive reformatted, reinstalled software, the system prompted me to reboot.  Yes, I did.  Windows started to boot, "Preparting your computer for first use of Setup" appears... and freezes.  For hours.  Hard drive led is off.

    BTW, made sure the button Wi - Fi was on what I read on the problems of recovery if it was turned off when the program is run.

    Restarted.  Press F11.  A ran maintenance and checked the hard disk for errors.  There are errors.  Unfortunately, the default setting of CHKDSK does not repair them.   A opted for a command line.  RAND CHKDSK again with option '/ f/r' seen in other posts.  Here I am too ignorant to get the program to run properly, I guess.  I ran CHKDSK on the two player X and C.  No error found... sort of.  I know they exist because the system will not start.  (Yes, I tried again.)  Return to the command prompt, I tried to run CHKDSK on the drive C again.  This time I got a message that I must first dismount (remove?) the reader.  As I don't know what that means, I opted for the 'no' and have decided to post this help message.

    So.  Suggestions on what do I do then?  More specifically: How do CHKDSK to fix the errors it found?  I think the message was: "errors in $130 of the sector...". "It shows this message two times at the end of 62%.  Freezes for a long time.  Gets will still only slow down to a crawl again around 70%, but no longer.  Then returns to the start of system recovery screen.

    System recovery ran again for the pleasure.  Again, seemed to work like a charm.  Unfortunately, the laptop again sits frozen at "Preparing... for first use" screen again.  It heats more turns.  The audible fan works now plans higher... If none of this helps.  I am stopping and waiting for your advice.

    Thank you!


    My apologies for the delay to return to you.  Believe you that computer gremlins have not hit my very stable desktop which has been fine for years with sudden instability driver?  McAfee thanks for this most recent update!

    In any case, after several diagnoses and find the hard drive has failed in each of them, I decided to install a new copy of Windows 7 as a test while I wait for my upcoming recovery disks in the mail.  I did it by removing all partitions on the drive and do a fresh install.  Here again, everything seemed to go well until that (apparently) a certain area of the drive was used to save/installation of the files.  Even after CHKDSK runs several times (each time he repaired several defective sectors but stalled after only 10% of the disk) the system will become unstable - the last number being a blank screen after logging on to Windows.  So, all in all, epic fail on the side of the hard drive.  The new drive is installed and waiting for my recovery disks.

    Thanks for all your suggestions.  They have been a great help with information, but not with the results because of the training.


Maybe you are looking for