After that reinstallation of vista I lost e and entered emails in windows mail windows calendar I can retrieve these

After reinstalling vista I lost all the entries in the windows calendar and emails in windows mail can retrieve these


When you reinstall the operating system you wipe the hard drive.

Depending on how you have reinstalled Vista:

Look for a folder windows.old

"How to restore your personal files after performing an installation of Windows Vista or Windows 7"

And you can try this free program to try to recover data lost, etc.:

Other meanings, you will need to contact companies for recovery of data, which are very expensive.

See you soon.

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  • LOST laptop computer SOUNDHave WITH WINDOWS. His lost after automatic updates for VISTA operating system. Don't KNOW HOW TO GET sound BACK. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?

    Have a laptop with the Windows Vista operating system.  After an automatic update of 3 steps software, I had sound.available and can not hear anything when I use Media Player.   I don't know how to get the sound to my laptop.  Can someone give me some advice on what I can do to get

    my sound back on my laptop?

    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.


    Hi rmartinehp,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are facing the issue with sound, after the automatic updates, you have lost the sound.

    Before you start the troubleshooting steps, I need the information required.

    1. this problem occurs with particular application?

    2. (

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  • Failure recovery Windows vista CTOERROR.flg and after that error the error 0 x 643 during the installation of windows update

    Hi all

    system information: HP DV6 LAPTOP, windows vista sp1

    When I try to install windows vista sp1 disks/recovery partition that I get the error recovery manager prompting me to choose either to see the details of the failure or restart: CTOERROR.flg as a Notepad on my desk. I did try 100 times but nothing helped. I can't restart after this recovery failure message because it shows the dialog box when restarting: windows security update is not properly installed or is not approved. So, I have to go through the process of recovery again to see the desktop (any operation - music video, internet, all), but only once.

    The last time I got this message too. When I did the windows installation of recovery a few months back discs, this time I figured out to install all updates IMP to automatic update via update of windows. All updates have been installed successfully, then it restarted and gone through the process of language settings, time settings and everything...

    But this time when I'm trying to update windows, I get windows update, error 0 x 643 which is updating security for .net Framework 3.5 sp1 and update family. I don't know the answer how to exit with this error "windows help" and also this forum too, which asks for the installation of the updates of the .net framework from the windows update site directly. But the problem is:

    Updated Windows ask me to restart windows automatic or manual update installation takes place and restart causes problem because it shows the dialog box - windows security update is not installed successfully. I need to install all updates at once like last time of my understanding. :

    1. so, if I install the update to windows (to try my luck as last time) it says error 0 x 643 for .net framework and you ask to reboot, and after that when I try to manually install failed 0 x 643 updated it asks me to restart windows for pending updates.

    2. in the alternative, if I try to install the update failed everything first just after the failure of the recovery it doesn't allow me to install important updates for vista sp1 and asked to restart windows.

    All I need is to update all updates via windows automatic update that is not happening at the moment.

    Not even be able to upgrade to sp2 bcz it also restarts for installation.

    Help, please.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi harry973,

    Download Service Pack 1 will not convert in a disc in Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

    A recovery disk will not be useful to perform an Inplace upgrade to.
    You will need the original Windows Installation disc.
    If the disc that came with the computer, then it would be a drive OEM (manufacturer). This disk can only be used for a reinstallation of Windows.

    Hope this helps!

  • Lost after that computer woke up from his sleep and sound after the Microsoft Fix It

    Original title: no sound


    No sound from my computer.  The Conexant device work properly.  Volume is in place on the speakers and the sounds of Windows.  Windows Media Player is not cut.  No speakers or headphones are involved.

    This problem started a couple of weeks, when I ran Microsoft difficulty It Center.  I used the difficulty It Center because I always lost sound after that my computer is awake to being asleep, which means that I always had to reboot to get the sound.  But now there is no sound whatsoever.

    Can you help me?


    You can refer to the following link to download the latest version of the Toshiba support drivers.

    Toshiba support

  • After the reinstallation of Vista (32 bit) I'm done with Windows and most of the stuff on the disk 1 (c), but with stuff on the disk 2 (d).

    original title: after reinstallation of Vista (32 bit), I found myself with Windows and most of the stuff on the disk 1 (c), but with stuff on the disk 2 (d). It's hard to backup.

    I wish all the disk 0, which is 250 GB, leaving the 1 free 500 GB disc to have been the repository of backup and archiving of others.  But I don't want to have to reinstall everything.  I couldn't move bootmgr, BOOTSECT. BAK and 'boot' folder on the disk 1 (c) by somehow the system partition?  Then there would be no OS stuff on disk 0 (D :); back, but better than mixed.)  What happens if I disconnect physically the smallest disk, Startup Repair will make the disc with Windows boot and system partitions? Thank you.

    Hi OldScientist,

    Before performing these steps, it is recommended to make a backup of your important data.

    Step 1: Mark Disk 1 (C) as active partition, then launch Startup Repair

    Follow the steps mentioned in the link below to mark C as active partition

    Mark a partition as active

    Follow the steps mentioned in the link below to launch the Startup Repair tool

    How to use Startup Repair?

    If the problem persists,

    Step 2: Follow the steps mentioned in the article below to rebuild the BCD (Boot Configuration data)


    Error message when you start Windows Vista: "the Windows Boot Configuration data file is missing required information".

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to regain access to JPEG files after that I have Photoshop 6.0 uninstalled and reinstalled

    I had a problem with a tool in my Photoshop 6.0 and decided to uninstall completely and after that, I rebooted my system and reinstalled the program. This specific tool (paint bucket) and all the others work fine now. I noticed a problem later however, where if I go to MY DOCUMENTS in the background toolbar and go down through my various files named in the vertical list, some JPEG files are visible. Is there a sort of PS I need to change so I can see / access them directly?
    The other head-scratcher is if I go to START > MY DOCUMENTS and access these same various named folders in this way, ALL the jpeg files are visible. I have a Maxtor USB drive connected to my CPU and which did not help to reappear either, so wonder if it's in Photoshop?

    Oh OK. This should be simple and especially in XP (I'm Recalling that you're running XP?).

    It's all about file Associations. Go to control panel > Folder Options > file Type. Wait for the list to be completed. Scroll to the bottom for JPEG, JPG, JPE, and for each, change, choose the program desired for those. The display of the dialog box should give you a few logical choices, but if you don't see what you want, doing scroll programs for the. EXE file. Let alone PSD, because it is associated with PS I do for all JPEG files, because I don't want to launch of the PS, but rather a small and fast image viewer. Vista was much the same, but some things changed with Win7, and it is not quite so simple now, but still generally feasible.

    Good luck and hope that helps. Thanks for the clarification and you are correct, missed me the problem.


  • After that my virus clean my printer does not work I have windows xp and my printer Deskjet F 300 said

    After that a virus clean my printer HP Deskjet F 300 quit working they installed Windows XP from Windows 2000 and I can't make it work help

    "they have installed?  You had somebody "clean" your computer and they have also installed Windows XP (you used to have Windows 2000)?

    The first thing you need to do is to determine if 'they' a legitimate version of Windows XP installed.  Download and run the MGADiag tool.  If the tool does not report that Windows is "genuine", take back it the computer and demand that 'they' install an authentic version, paid Windows XP.  While they are at it, tell them to install a driver for your HP Deskjet F300.

    If you do not have a genuine version of Windows XP, then go to this page:
    You have several choices to this page.

    • The top line, which only says: 'Pilot' is the complete set of software including software HP's Photosmart printer drivers and the scanner of your Deskjet.  As the HP notes, this is a very large download, so if you want this package, you must have a high-speed Internet connection or order the CD.
    • The second line, which says "Driver - Product Installation software" includes the basic print and scan drivers.  HP has said, "not all product features are supported with this installation package."  I don't know what "features" are not supported if you choose this option.
    • It should not necessary the "Patch" because or the other of the first two downloads is dated after the patch and so should be included.  After things are installed, you can download and install the most recent of the 3 "Updates".

    When you wrote that the printer "will not work" after a new installation of Windows XP, I assume that the printer is not installed at all.  Just in case, however, previously, you use the package that you download from HP, follow the instructions here to clean all traces of a failed attempt to install it.  (Note: remember "Step 4".)  "Step 6" refers to the directions outlined in the upper part of this post.)

  • After that stright connected to iSCSI (initiator) Host cannot ping the server iSCSI (target), but the target can, why?

    After that host on vSHere 4.0 strightly connected to iSCSI (initiator) host cannot ping the server iSCSI (target), but target can.  And iSCSI works well. I mean I can create and use the iSCSI disk, why? It makes me confused.

    Thank you!


    iSCSI traffic uses a VMkernel port, instead of using the command 'ping', use 'vmkping '.


  • Vista went blue screen and computer chap installed windows 7 for me and paritioned my hard drive can I remove the section from my hard drive vista

    don't need anything on this subject but load anything sections c and d of new points has the space so I geta message that there is no space

    How to change a hotmail password


    My advice to you is to take the person to the computer and get windows 7 resettled corredtly

    If you have vista installed on a partition, it can be deleted, but we do not know how your operating system have been implemented by them

    and for Hotmail issues:

    I'm sorry, but we cannot help with hotmail problems in these forums in response to vista

    Please repost your question in hotmail in the hotmail link below forums

  • I wish I had my day starts at 08:30, 12: 00 no, but that change in the options does not seem to affect the appearance of my calendar, how can I change this?

    I just started to use Windows Calendar.  I wish I had my day starts at 08:30, 12: 00 no, but that change in 'options' does not seem to affect the appearance of my calendar, how can I change this?

    Exactly why you want to change the start time of day?
    If the part highlighted changes in the calendar view, which means that the option is selected.
    I suggest you to see the link and check if this is useful:
    Customize windows Calendar
    I hope this helps.
  • After Run DEFRAG in VISTA has lost 37 GB of disk space

    I ran disk cleanup after my loss of hard drive space that remove all restore points except last option and I do not recover FROM my concert 37 loss of hard drive space.  What does Windows Vista DEFRAG! ???  He dé-compresser some old compressed files?  In addition, during the execution of the "System Tools" folder defragmentation, there no option to see you an analisys "REPORT" of the hard drive before or after the execution of the actual DEFRAGMENTATION.  In addition, for a disk hard 320 GB with ANY other running application (3 GB of memory on an AMD Turion TL-60 2.00 GHz HP Laptop) it took more than 24 hours for the defragmentation to finish.  Help!  I want my rear disc space!

    Hello Halima,

    It was an excellent and informative answer...  If you read my other two messages about this problem, I explained that I am very aware of the technical aspects of DEFRAG as system support for environments IBM Mainframe using IBM DEFAG back in the early 1980s.  My main concern was what happened to my DISK space.  Your reply explained what actually happened.  A little more complete history: it is a new DRIVE that I had just put into service (used CMS of TRANSFER of DATA to copy the entire volume, including the OS) upgrade to 160 GB to 320 GB.  He had worked flawlessly for two weeks.  I decided that I wanted a copy of my hard drive again and that he wanted to 'clean & not fragmented' volume before I copied it to a NEW 320 GB volume spare.  It was when I Defraged this week two used the volume I had my 'problem '.  I could get my space by manually deleting some files work and execution 'OWN DISC' system with deletes everything except the last system restore file.  Thanks for your time in my question ansewring.

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