After the last update Windows 10 - Z30 Satellite screen problem - has


After updating Windows 10 (threshold/1115) one of our Z30 - A sometimes wakes up after hibernation with the screen off. The only solution is to turn it off by holding the power and then turning it back on, button which is obviously annoying because open files may be lost or corrupted. The other Z30 - A that you don't show the behavior of sound.

Someone at - it ideas? I would really appreciate the pointers.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards!


Sounds like a driver problem.

go to control panel and uninstall different drivers (sound, display, wireless, etc.), then let Windows update install the latest versions.

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  • Hi, I have 0xc0000142 error when I start the first pro after the last update, before that I had no problem playing first pro...!

    Hi, I have 0xc0000142 error when I start the first pro after the last update, before that I had no problem playing first pro...!

    Hello Gene,

    You may need to check this: Re: Premiere Pro 2015 won't open after the recent update

    Kind regards

    Navdeep Pandey

  • After the last update of BIOS that Satellite P100 locks with BSOD


    Due to several problems meeting with updated Toshiba Satellite P100-221 (PSPA6E) launch second online BIOS updated. I have download and I solve problems with my video card and the race of missing keyboard. After a short period, they put on the update of the BIOS rd page 3 drivers.

    I'm trying to find what ever they change with this new update, but I na? t find anything. So I decided to update my BIOS again. Now as a result my system crash very often when I quit & restart my computer (blue screen).

    Microsoft advised me to reduce the video acceleration for video adjustment.
    Maybe can someone explain to me why I have this problem?
    I use the same drivers and software same as in the second update
    I can find BIOS previous to rewrite again, because this one works very well with my laptop?

    Thank you!

    Hi Sebasian

    I use very long books and I've never updated the BIOS if not necessary. What laptop works well, OS stabile, why should I do it? I don t care if new BIOS update is available or not. I've always been skeptical about the updates to the BIOS. That's just my opinion.

    As far as I know, it is not possible to downgrade the version of the BIOS without special tools and it can be done by service partners. It is not easy to tell if the BIOS is responsible for this, but if possible, try to send us illustrated if BSOD errors.

    If I were you I backup all important data and reinstall the recovery image, configure OS for my needs, and make sure that everything is clean pre-installed. My experience with BSOD were always related software.

  • After effects CC / CC encoder Media rendering bug after the last update version / 2015.3

    Hello community,

    After the last update CC, I have a big problem. There is a problem of sound reproduction of the AE through the Media Encoder. When I export directly from AE everthing is fine but when I send the export files via dynamic links to the Media Encoder I get wrong its encoded at the last second of the clip. Curiosly there is a part of the track to another point on the same track in there. There is a sharp break and then in the last second you can hear just a random sound fragment (in this case a femal voice). It's hard to describe. Here's a link wetransfer where you can hear what I'm talking about.


    Like many I noticed it any project, how often or which format settings... it's always the result. We are doing on the production of air... I need to solve this urgent problem.


    This problem is fixed in update fixes after effects CC 2015.3 (13.8.1). This update, available now, can be installed by using the creative Office Cloud app, or by choosing Help > updates within any Adobe application.

  • After the last update, new tabs show a boittiaux search, left the window 'related searches', announces low & Bing becomes default in the search bar.

    After the last update:
    (1) open the new tab - rather than thumbnails of frequently visited sites, I now get a Bing search page.
    (2) all new pages now arrive at a window on the left side of the "Related Searches" and an ad that runs along the bottom.
    (3) this has been fixed but could be due - after the upgrade, my area of research has been failing to Bing (I do not use or as Bing). When I reset, it is again changed to Bing. I removed Bing entirely and he returned. I removed it again and so far it does not appear by default upward again, but he's back to the list of search engine after removing two times.

    Thanks cor - el. I so reset Firefox and then to about: config and updated the keyword.url of Google search string. Seems to have finally worked - let's see it.

    An another massive Microsoft f & * % up - those who do not or use Bing are more anti-Bing than ever.

  • After the last update of FF13, I double click on the bookmark button and the window does not open, so I can edit.

    When I double click the bookmark (star) button a window still down so I can change the bookmark or place it in the folder I want. Now, after the last update of FF13 (June 2012), I can click once and the page is a bookmark in the "home" folder, but when I double click nothing happens. (1) I restarted FF, did not help 2) I rebooted the computer, did not help.

    You just click on the star once if the star is high already turned on to indicate that a site is bookmarked. Normally, you would click once to bookmark the current site, then click once, if you want to change the new bookmark. If you double-click and you open and close the pop-up edition.

    After you enable hardware acceleration can cause problem with edit op - up doesn't work does not correctly, so in case of problems, you can disable hardware acceleration.

  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit freezes on startup after the last update.

    I think I have updated a major problem with the latest update from microsoft.

    I've been running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit for over a month now, as I received it for a launch party I was the host.

    That's all works fine but a few nights ago, he just stopped from upward, it just hangs at 'Starting Windows' screen, the windows logo does not yet appear.  He would not go into safe mode and startup repair couldn't do anything.

    This happened right after that I had installed a windows update, but I thought that nothing of all this at once, but one of my friends mentioned that their windows vista pc did the same thing after the last update, still, I don't think not that it was bound.

    I had no other way to get the things on my hard drive, so I tried to reinstall windows on top of the old, it does not work either.

    I gave up, I formatted the hard drive last night and just reinstalled.
    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit,
    NVidia graphics driver
    Microsoft Security Essentials,
    Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate,
    Apple's iTunes and Quicktime.

    The computer worked so very well, so this morning I came back to it, it was working fine, there was a box saying that a windows update was waiting to be installed, I clicked it, it was of course a big one because it was the first for this new install to get.  When he asked me to restart, I did, he went through his usual routine and now, as I sit typing this, I am facing screen "starting windows" frozen again.

    My processor is an Intel Pentium D
    I have 4 GB of RAM.

    There is obviously something wrong dangerously with the last update of windows, were there any other reports of this?

    Too, I recently had problems with Win 7 freeze on me. After you have uninstalled all the updates I had installed on 24 December 2011, 1 update could not be uninstalled and it was the update to sp1 of windows 7. After you have uninstalled all updates (except SP1 cause could not be uninstalled) I tried to play again the media and my system hang or aka freeze for a few seconds, and this happened even when I was gaming.  I had a lot of problems after that update, including any media type of videos to play just thrown music windows media player. After restoring my computer to a previous state (before that the updates have been installed) now my computer works normal again. So, for those of you having problems with windows and your way of thinking too yourself Uggghhh, why he did this? Well this is the service pack 1, windows now, I don't know any alternative to restore your computer to an earlier date before the updates took place, and if you don't have a win 7 is pretty smart and im sure they have a restore to the factory settings. These are the only options that helped me get rid of my system hanging up. I hope this helps some people and I'm sorry I can't guide you threw it and the steps how to restore your comp because of parameters factory all the comps are different.

  • After the last updates of windows have problems with start up and now drivers


    After the last updates of windows have problems with start up and now drivers. I get an error code 21 when I try to install the drivers AMD apparently missing.

    May 14, last night I had several (automatically) downloaded windows update

    Today, I was unable to boot my computer with Windows - tried the disk check, start checks etc, and eventually had to use System Restore (for help before the critical update to restore).

    Perfection, everything works, but knowing that windows will attempt to redo an automatic update, tried to check online - no one seemed to have a problem and (naivly) thinking I could always do another restore of the system, I rebooted again.

    Same thing worse. Could not do a sys restore either just before restarting or last night. Chose a date earlier (last week) but then lost the USB drivers and pilots display. Downloaded updated but refuses to let my AMD driver install Windows I have a very unpleasant screen... and I must now stop the installation of this update "critical."

    Would appreciate advice how do my installed display driver or whether anyone else has problems following this update

    Thank you

    Hi Jane,

    You have a disk to install Windows 7 with you?

    I suggest you to check the event viewer for error details report.

    Open event viewer.

  • After the last update of windows, I now shadows behide the fonts & photos

    After the last update of windows, I now shadows behide the fonts & photos. What has caused this & I can fix it?


    What is your Windows operating system?

    Right click on my computer

    Select Properties

    Select advanced system settings

    Running, click on the settings button

    Uncheck show shadows under menus

    Disable shadows decline of use for the desktop icon labels

    Click on apply, Ok

    Click OK

  • Monitor flashes after the last update of Windows

    I use a newer computer that already had Windows 7 pre-installed.  After the last update my monitor started flashing.  It didn't happen in Mode safe and I could not diagnose any systemic changes that can occur.  He also doesn't seem to be a problem with the refresh rate.

    I ended up coming back to a restore point from before the update.  The problem occurred after the following updates have been installed: KB2719857, KB2735855, KB2736233 and KB2741355.  Someone knows that could have caused the problem, and if so do I really need?

    All updates have been classified as '' Important '' that's why I didn't question them.

    However, it seems that my monitor was kaput.  It happened to be a coincidence that he begins to not just after a Windows update.

    I thank everyone good help.  I'll keep updating in mind suggestions, in case something strange happens in the future.

  • Illustrator 2015... Black window after the last update

    After the last update "Illustrator 2015" shows the window that contains the still open tables. This has also no open tables. Much more practice and efficae was the scene of previous versions.

    It ' a new bug or a bad choice of adobe to have this window that limits the display on the desktop even without any Illustrator open table?

    Or is it a way to harmonize systems mac os windows?

    "Framework application' is in the main menu bar in"View. " It is not a preference.

    Please read the manual on how to cinfigure workspace.

    Illustrator help | Characteristics of the Illustrator workspace


    New analytical features to Illustrator

  • Icons, windows and adobe acrobat toolbars are very large after the last update

    Im having a problem with the last update of acrobat pro, toolbar, windows, and icons is very big after the last update. how re its size?

    Please check the doc: Hi DPI, support Retina display. Acrobat, Reader

  • After the last update of Firefox, youtube videos do not play. The answers I've found are not relevant or too complicated.

    After the last update of Firefox, youtube videos do not play. The answers I've found are not relevant or too complicated.

    Hi Cbella, YouTube is generally used with an HTML5 player, who is a player who does not use a plugin video in MP4 format (for example, it does not use the Flash plugin).

    Now, I based this assertion on Windows, Mac may vary.

    Could you do two tests for me?

    Test #1:

    To verify which player you see (which does work), try a right click or Ctrl + click on the YouTube Player and check the "context menu" that rises. If it's the Flash, there will be a menu short, referring to the Flash on the last line. If you do not see that, if you get a regular menu of Firefox, it's probably the HTML5 player.

    Are what player you?

    Test #2:

    If you open the following test page, which videos to play?

    • The video "H.264/MP4" play?
    • The video "WebM" play?

    Thank you.

    Also, you can check if your Flash plugin is up to date? You can use the site Mozilla Plugin check for this (please ignore the other plug-ins page wants you to update at the moment avoid making the situation more complicated):

  • Single-pass does not work for Web sites after the last update of firefox

    Single-pass does not work for Web sites after the last update of firefox. This works in IE and Chrome and it works under windows (when starting the computer), but not with any website in Firefox.

    Firefox 30 spent some less commonly used "Always turned on" plugins "asking to activate. To check and change this to SimplePass, you can use the page modules. Either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click on Plugins. Then on the right, check the control on the right side of the SimplePass.

    You may need to exit Firefox and start it again before it takes effect.

    A little luck?

  • New tab doesn't seem to work after the last update. Please fix this

    After the last update, I was not able to open a new tab (if using the menu FILE > new tab or by pressing CTRL + T). I use windows 8.1 SL 64-bit. When I restore the old version, the new tab feature seems to work.

    This problem may be caused by an extension that is not working properly.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe

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