After the update of Windows XP, now whenever I click on a file, I get a message 'open file-security warning '.

As a result of updated Microsoft's XP, whenever I click on a file, a. JPG file, for example, a window opens and says: "Open file security warning", it gives me the ability to open or close. To the bottow of this little window is a box that is enabled by default. It is said: "always like before opening this file". I uncheck because I want to disable this warning for all files with this extension. What a pain. I tried to go to file Options in the control panel. I said that files with the. JPG extension is expected to be opened by a VuePrint. But it says something that's basically nonesense: "to change all settings that affect all VuePrint files, click Advanced. When I click on advanced, another window opens (of course)... and the options are "Open" and a few others and 'Options', which I click Set Default.But this never works. Whenever I click on another. JPG, the same file * again. I have no idea what jibbing is all about. What I want is simple and straightforward: to open all. The jpgs with VuePrint and I do not want all these security warnings, options, values by default, click heres and other important arise.

Hi softball1,

See the article after some troubleshooting:

I hope this helps!

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    After the update of Windows 10 birthday I have problems with my sound card. There are two sound cards listed by Device Manager. The first is "Conexant Audio of ISST" and the second "Intel High Definition Audio". I know not weather it was the case before the update. I just recognized it after the update when I had sound problems.

    In any case, on a sound start works on the other boot it does not work. It seems that Windows chooses the sound card, every time when it starts. Sometimes it takes the bad sound card.

    I tried to uninstall maps its and their resettlement. On the HP site, there is a driver for the Conexant map bot no driver for Intel High Definition Audio card. 10 Windows itself is not find a driver for this sound card. I also tried to reinstall the other drivers, chipset drivers for example. But unfortunately it did not help. I also tried to disable the Intel High Definition Audio, but also without success.

    What else can I try? I don't want to reinstall Windows. There must be a solution without this. Any ideas? Here's a screenshot of my device manager, perhaps it helps:

    If you need more information, please let me know.

    Best regards


    I just tried this driver and I still have sound after 6 resets.

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  • Photoshop and Illustrator is not opening after the update of Windows 10 anniversary


    After the update of Windows 10 anniversary, Photoshop and Illustrator can't open. What should I do?

    Thank you!

    not serious.

    You get an error message or Apps do not respond when you try to open.

    You can run the System File Checker to see if there are any problems with Windows OS after upgrade files,

    As for the latest CC applications you need to install the latest package updates Visual C++ Re-distributable.

    See the link below:

    Updated Visual C++ Runtime 2015

  • CS2 problem reinstalling after the update to windows 10

    After the update to Windows 10, I get a message saying that my license file is damaged or something of this nature.  I'm going to connect to the Adobe account and use the old version of registry.  By putting in the license number, it says it is already in use.   I tried to uninstall and install CS2 but get the same result.  How can I re-register?

    Thank you

    Hi tonytiny,

    You cannot save Adobe CS2 products as the CS2 products activation server is no longer available. To use a CS2 application, you must uninstall your existing application of CS2.

    Once done, please download and install the CS2 products from the link below. You cannot reinstall from your original disks.

    Please find the link for more information about the Activation of the server unavailable for CS2 products below...

    Error: "Activation Server is not available. CS2, Acrobat 7, pass a hearing 3

    Please follow the link below to download the CS2 products. You will also find the serial number as well as the configuration file.

    Download Acrobat 7 and CS2 products

    Please let us know for any further assistance.

    ~ UL

  • Whenever I click on recorded TV I get this message "Windows Media Center has stopped working. A problem caused the blocking of the program works correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. »

    Title: original problems to access TV on Windows Media Center recordings

    My media center has suddenly stopped working for recorded tv.  Whenever I click on recorded TV, I get this message:

    "Windows Media Center has stopped working.  A problem caused the blocking of the program works correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. »

    All other features of the media center work correctly.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi vater19,

    Remember to make changes?

    Method 1: Run the installed TV tuner Troubleshooter and check if it makes the difference

    Open the Setup TV tuner Troubleshooter

    Method 2: Auditor of file system (CFS) scan to fix all of the corrupted system files. To do this, follow the steps mentioned in the link below:

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Method 3:  You can see the steps presented by Umesh P, post dated Tuesday, September 7, 2010 16:49, in the link below that relates to a similar question

    Thanks and greetings

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • After the updates of windows, the computer stops responding with a black screen at startup of the system

    Original title: Windows XP does not start after the update, no error message

    Has made no changes to the system, but the last thing that happened was an update of Windows security on stop.

    Now when I boot, the BIOS p.o.s.t. shows good HDs, good DVD-Rom, RAM, but Windows never starts, goes just a black screen, HDs are not accessed.

    -F8 does nothing, can't use the last known good Config or Mode safe

    -Change boot order in the BIOS to boot from the Windows XP DVD, hoping to get the recovery console, but the same thing: black screen, no attempt to spin-up DVD or HDs.

    -Removal of mobo battery to reset the CMOS, no joy.

    -Checked and re checked all connections inside.

    -Stripped devices and added one at a time, no joy.

    -Traded-in an old video card in case it was difficult to generate the higher res gfx, no joy.

    I was construction/upgrade / repair my own PC for 3 decades and can usually solve the problem and fix it myself, but this one me completely baffled.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi Cougarific,

    We recommend that you repair your Windows installation in according to method 2 of this article and check the result.
    See computer stops responding with a black screen when you start Windows XP

    Note: When you perform a repair installation, it restores the current installation of Windows XP to the version on the installation DVD. This requires you to reinstall all updates that do not appear in this version of Windows XP disc.

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  • Dell Vostro 1510 Audio has stopped working after the update of Windows Vista.

    Nice day!

    My computer (vostro 1510) began to revolt recently and I wonder if you could help me with this.

    Basically, last week I was talking to my friend on Skype when suddenly my computer restarted due to the update of Windows (I have Windows Vista Business 32-bit). After he turned his back, I realized that there is no audio from the speakers. I tried using headphones but still - no sound.

    Immediately, I went to the 'Sounds' menu and checked if my speakers were still 'active '. They have been.
    Next thing I decided to do was to reinstall the Realtek audio driver, however, did not help or the other. Since then, I tried to reinstall several times but, unfortunately, everything remained the same.

    Then, I thought that maybe something was wrong with my hardware, however, audio spent ALL Dell diagnostics audio tests (so my hardware is very good, yes?). I also tried "System Restore" option and returned to the point before the update... Nothing has changed!

    In addition, as far as I know, all the audio settings in Windows (checked in Registry Editor) are OK.

    What should I do now? My last hope is to completely reinstall the system, however, I decided to contact you first.

    Thanks in advance!

    Solved the problem by reinstalling the operating system.

    Thank you!

  • After the updates of Windows 7 computer does not start

    I received a notice from the system Windows 7 updates have been downloaded and available for installation. I selected the installation of updates. After the updates when installed I was in charge to restart. The computer will not start at the top. It tries but stops at a blue screen with a cursor. I tried to boot into "safe mode" and get the same. I booted from my original Windows 7 disc and I went back to my restore point before the update. It appeared to restore successfully but I still get a blue screen.
    What is my next course of action? I certainly DON'T want to format the drive and start again.

    The only thing I can say is that I know that you will not like to hear.

    It is to re - install Windows 7 (do not enter the product key and uncheck the 'Activation').

    Then immediately turn off automatic updates.

    Then, go to the Microsoft Update site and only install one update at a time (make a note of the number KBXXXXXX), restart and check that you do not get the blue screen. Then download the next update and repeat the process until you either find to have installed the offending update or updates without any problem. If all goes well and the problem did not repeat, then you can activate Windows.

    If you find yourself always with the blue screen after a given Update call Microsoft and tell them. If they won't listen, then create a new post on this forum, making reference to the question of the blue screen AND the number associated with the update. Also post the number here if I can do some research on the problem.

    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • No Internet access after the update from Windows 7

    Since the update of Windows 7 (from my list of update I can not single out one specific) sent 15 Dec - my computer will access my internet connection - the only way that I can access is to do a system restore to a point to Dec. 14 or before - I have a new computer - and no new programs have been added to the system during this time - it becomes troublesom because I have to constantly to do system restore to get online

    I called Support Center, Monday - and after having him work for almost 2 hours, we decided that the KB2467659 update is the culprit and we have disabled this update to be installed - HOWEVER the windows update program was H - LL BENT on installing this update - the technician called me back 2 days later Wednesday--and we did other things magic to ensure that this implementation to day has NOT been installed again - so far (knock wood) No recurrences of the problems

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    original title: Trojan suite!

    Just removed a Trojan horse, but whenever I click on a file it asks me what I want to open it with it's never happened before and I can't get on the internet or any other files. When I click something on open with, for example Adobe reader, it downloads something! All solutions? My computer is not your old ive had it a year and his dell

    Hi GraceZE,

    Method 1: Run the fixit available in the links below and check if that makes a difference-Worth to try
    Difficulty of broken desktop shortcuts and common system maintenance tasks

    Fixit would attempt to recover bad sectors on the hard disk, in the course of this process there are chances of DATA loss from that particular area.

    Method 2:
    you can run the fixit available in the link below and then check

    When you run an .exe on a Windows Vista-based or Windows 7 computer file, the file may start another program

    Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

  • All the Menus in Windows 7 are lined up right after the update to Windows

    After installing updates recommended for Win7 via Windows Update, all menus are now lining up with the right side of the title of the menu instead of the left side. For example, instead of the left edge of the menu file lining up under the 'F' in the file, the right edge is aligned under the 'e' in the file. This happens in all programs except Firefox and it's annoying. Ideas for a fix would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Context menus appear on the wrong side in Windows 7/Vista - the Tablet PC - the Winhelponline Blog settings:
    Ramesh Srinivasan . The Winhelponline Blog
    Microsoft MVP, Windows desktop experience

  • Cannot install Itunes after the update to windows 8

    Ive had my phone for about 3 years and bought with windows 7 on it and installed iTunes and it worked perfectly fine, even after I did the free update to windows 8. However, I've recently had to factory reset my laptop and now when I try to download iTunes on it keeps saying that it is not compatiple with this softwear... Help, please


    See if this helps you:

    "Remove and reinstall iTunes and the components of the software for Windows 7 and later versions.

    Use the control panel to uninstall iTunes and software components in the following order:

    1. iTunes
    2. Apple Software Update
    3. Apple Mobile Device Support
    4. Hello
    5. Apple Application Support 32-bit
    6. Apple Application Support 64-bit


    After you download and save iTunes > right-click on its setup.exe/install.exe > select run as administrator to install it.


    If the advice already given does not, please contact Apple for assistance.

    "Not to install iTunes or QuickTime for Windows"

    "iTunes support-how to use iTunes.

    "Contact iTunes Support.

    Or ask in the community Apple iTunes:

    See you soon.

  • Satellite Pro L850: ATI Catalyst was able to start after the update of Windows

    Satellite Pro L850 with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit running OK with default Toshiba Catalyst Control Center and the 8.982.10.6000 video driver version. Video chipset is AMD Radeon HD7670M.

    This week, Windows Update offered an update of WDDM1.2 for HD7670M video driver to version 9. I thought it was OK to install it, as he came formally to Microsoft. The updated video driver installed OK.

    After a reboot everything works perfectly except the specially modified Toshiba Catalyst Control Center. CCC reports that "there are currently no parameters that can be configured using Catalyst Control Center". After that I drove back the new video driver version 9 to version 8.982.10.6000, CCC started working again.

    I checked for my laptop model Toshiba product support page, but it is not a new CCC by download. Toshiba will never be released a new CCC that works with the new Microsoft video driver? What alternatives are there?

    As far as I know these drivers are offered as option drivers and you should not install them. Stay with the original drivers. Don t update a driver offered through Windows update.

    Have you tried to roll back the OS to an earlier time before this update has been installed? If it does not do it and check the functionality.

  • No screen of the computer after the update of Windows 10 anniversary

    I just got a new P50 with IPS 1920 x 1080 screen, Samsung 512 SSD nvme and graphs of M100M.

    I noticed that after installation, its only Windows 10 worm 1511 (10586.545) instead of the last 1607 (14393.82), I have the new version works very well on my current W530 so I decieded to update, BIG MISTAKE.

    So basically after the Lenovo logo update appears as usual and then it starts with windows, but there is no display on the laptop, I can see the HARD drive activity and the lights on the keyboard so I know that its still doesn't work. I decided to plug in an external monitor of DP mini and I could see my screen finally but nothing on the LCD screen.

    Everyone knows this? You are looking for assistance.

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