After the upgrade to Sierra disappeared all my documents in the folder

After my upgrade to Sierra, all the files in the document files have been lost.  I tried to go to time machine and which was also a failure.  Much word, pdf and excel files have been lost.  Help!

If you have opted to turn on iCloud for storing items in office and documents, they are now in iCloud drive.

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  • Problems after the folder of the mobile user.

    I had the same thing happen to me. The computer is new and works with Win8, so the argument of late migration does she not really. The problem is that the file has been transferred directly into a partition, and now the file thinks it is a partition and vice versa. I have not found a solution to this. Please help (basically, we need a way of saying the file is not a system volume to migrate to its default location.

    Separated from the:

    Hi Kathleen,.

    For your information the travel records user is not recommended by Microsoft.

    To restore the user folder to the default location, try the steps for all the user folder to the default location.

    a. in Windows 8.1, go to research charm, type %UserProfile%, and select the folder whose name reads something like C:\Users\yourname.

    b. once there, you can move your documents.
    c. right-click on the Documents folder. Select Properties.
    d. click on the location tab
    e. click on restore by default and then restart the computer

    f. when the process is complete, repeat it with photos, music, videos and all the other files that you want to move to the default location.

    I hope this helps. Let us know the status of the issue.

  • After having upgraded to iOS 9 all the ipads and iphones running very slowly not to backout ios8

    Since the update to iOS 9 + all our apple devices have worked extremely slowly. iPad 3, mini ipad and iphone 6s, who were all 16 MB of memory. Is it possible to improve or uninstalling 07:51?

    No, the decommissioning is not possible.

  • copy to hard drive during the installation of Encarta 2001 WA stops working after the folder has been created on HD

    Encarta World Atlas 2001

    Hello pledliec,

    I didn't know that encarta World Atlas 2001 listed in the Windows Vista Compatibility Center. So it probally is not compatible with Windows Vista.
    You might see if the compatibility mode to operate.

    If the program is not compatible, then you try to install and run the program in compatibility mode.
    Use the following steps:
    Run the program compatibility Wizard

    1. Open the program compatibility Wizard by clicking the start, clicking Control Panel, clicking programs, and then clickingUse an older program with this version of Windows.

    2. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

    If you are unable to install a program, insert the installation for the program and, using the wizard disk, navigate to the program setup file, usually called Setup.exe, Install.exe, or something similar. The wizard is not designed to work on programs that have an .msi file name extension.

    To change compatibility settings manually for a program, right-click the icon of the program, clickProperties and then click the Compatibility tab.

    I hope this helps.


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  • More storage after upgrade of Sierra - yej! ... But how can I claim it?

    After my upgrade to Sierra, I get the report attached when you click info on my HD.

    It is said that there are 158 GB that can be deleted - how can I do this? Where are these files?

    I'd love to get this if possible storage space.

    I hope someone can help

    Click the  menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Select "at about this Mac".

    In the comments Panel click on "Storage", then on the button 'manage '.

    The Panel to manage, click on "recommendations" in the sidebar.  Use the last option "reducing clutter" - press the button "Review files" to see the files that can be removed.

  • at least that I share and reactivate the folder in the folder shared not accesible

    Win XP home edition:

    I have some folders that are shared, but if some files have been added after the folder has been shared, I am unable to access it from another PC in the House, unless I go back to the original pc where the records are, cancel the shares and then re-enable records.

    It is very annoying. Is this normal behavior and the limitation of the shared folder on a family Win XP Edition machine, or is this something that needs correcting. Of course, these files are not added directly by a user, but rather by a sharing of program files that stores these files on such predetermined files, once the file is completely downloaded.

    Thank you for your help.

    When you "move" a file on the same drive from one place to the other, the permissions of files in this folder are not changed by default.  So if you create a file in a folder where you have only access permission, this permission then follows the file when moved to your share folder.  Perhaps the simplest solution to this problem is to 'copy' the file in the folder share instead of "move".  When you copy, the newly copied file takes the permissions of the folder that contains.  These default values can be changed if you wish.  You can read more here:

    "How permissions are handled when you copy and move files and folders.
      <> >


  • After the upgrade of Camera Raw 9.1 all cases and objectives profiles have disappeared.  How to make a comeback?

    After the upgrade of Camera Raw 9.1 all cases and objectives profiles have disappeared.  How to make a comeback?  My camera and lens where in there before and worked fine.

    You can see a screenshot of the area of optical Correction to ACR, the list of the brand expanded?

    The ACR and DNG Converter store their profiles in the same folder.  If you have recently uninstalled the DNG Converter, maybe he deleted all of the profiles?  You could put them back by reinstalling the DNG Converter 9.1, which is available on the Adobe updates page:


  • After the upgrade to Firefox 10, all my Add ons have disappeared. How to reactivate their

    This morning I upgraded to 10 FF of the previous version. It worked well. After start-up the computer mode sleep and by opening the home page of firefox, I was shocked to discover that none of my previous Add ons (extensions) were available, even if it was there earlier after the upgrade.

    I think I solved the problem. I restarted my computer and then restart Mozilla Firefox. When the web page opens, all the add ons that I had previously appeared on the tab bar, with a request to reinstall. After completing all applications and restart firefox, all the addons is back as before and proved to work well. This solved my problem

  • Random OS freeze or crash after the Upgrade of the Sierra

    Since the upgrade to Sierra, I started experiencing random freezes or crashes, the operating system.

    In general, I keep the mouse control (connected via trackpad), for at least a certain period of time. However, only the movement is possible - applications cannot be selected, there is no reaction to the clicks, etc. Attempts to pass via cmd + tab don't produce no result.

    I tried waiting for the system to respond. She finally slept, then crashed with a wake on the lack of sleep.

    The other answer is a hard reset by holding down the power until button a restart is forced.

    I ran disk in rescue mode utility, and he reported no problems with the disk. I've yet to try some of the more esoteric answers as reset NVRAM and so on... which is probably intended. I saw a report that said this problem was happening with El Capitan, and there is no resolution. I don't know if it's the same problem carried over, or a new.

    I got exactly the same problem you describe, on an iMac of retina of 2014. I've updated all non - App Store applications I have thought (and removed dozens of them), disabled launch points, unplugged my USB hub, downloaded EtreCheck (very useful application, incidentally) and road to combing through reports in the Library/Logs folder. On a Reddit thread on the problems with the Macs wake from sleep after installation of Sierra, someone suggested using the following command in a Terminal: kextstat | grep - v

    The command shows you what non-Apple kernel extensions are running in the background. Extensions of core apps such as Airparrot, strap, and duo caused problems with macOS Sierra. In my case, officer was running a kernel extension - then I deleted this app and went through my library/LaunchAgents and records of the library/LaunchDaemon, remove all items launch left by home and others deleted apps.

    EtreCheck reports said that so-called SIMBL caused several accidents. So I got rid of this, by following the instructions on the site SIMBL.

    Here's the problem: even after all these efforts (and each variant reset, I could think of) troubleshooting, nothing has changed. My Mac always has exactly the symptoms you describe, upon awakening from sleep. Every time.

    In the end I just gave up and restored my iMac to its State, 4 days ago in a backup using Time Machine. (It took 12 hours). With Dropbox, I didn't lose all of the work I've done in the meantime. So, I am now running a stable El Capitan, with an understanding to why people wait a few months before installing the latest OS updates.

    Sorry I can't offer more useful troubleshooting options - but perhaps some things that did not help me could help you anyway? Thanks for posting: it seems that the Sierra has been a pretty smooth update for most people, so I guess we're just out of luck?

  • Albums Photos custom within folders disappeared after the update of the Sierra

    Before the upgrade to Sierra, I had created a lot of albums for specific events (file > New Album...) in pictures and placed them in folders (file > new folder). After the upgrade, all these folders and albums are now missing from the sidebar, but when I use the search box I can find and see all associated. Without having to try and remember the names of all these albums, is there a way to restore the folders and albums on the left navigation pane?

    Don't know what you are because albums and file transfer intact from 1.x to 2.0 Photos Photos - perhaps you should hover the mouse on the word albums in the sidebar and click on 'show' that appears on the right


  • Cannot connect to more than one mail account after the upgrade to Sierra

    I have several provided ISP e-mail accounts that work successfully for a long time on elCapitan.  After the upgrade to Sierra this afternoon cannot connect all accounts and I asks me to enter the password.  Why isn't Sierra pick up the passwords of my trousseau?

    Oddly enough, my Hotmail account seems to be ok.

    How can I fix this without having to re - enter all passwords?

    As a result of the foregoing, I found that my connection Keyring contains entries for all of my email accounts.  However, these dates are back in July 2011.

    After an episode of lost or stolen iphone, I had to update all of my passwords by e-mail in February this year (2016).

    Search in my keychain, I found dated entries for my email accounts in iCloud Keychain section.  I don't think that I never activated iCloud for my email.

    How the entires of e-mail account eventually sub iCloud and why the old entries from email account not updated?

  • After the upgrade to 20.0 FF (Ubuntu Linux), some of the icons to the right of the search box on the Navigation toolbar disappeared - Springpad, Evernote, etc..

    After upgrading to FF 20.0 some of the icons (not the Favicons) to the right of the search box on the Navigation toolbar keep disappearing. The icons are Springpad Clipper, Pocket, Evernote, Ghostery, Greasemonkey extension. Whenever I start FF some (or all) of them are missing. I tried a Firefox "Reset". The first time after the reset, after synchronization, all icons appeared. The second time (now) the Springpad icon disappeared.

    You can check for problems with the file localstore.rdf.

  • After the upgrade to the latest Firefox, my icon disappeared from my screen, and I can't find how to retrieve

    After the upgrade to the latest Firefox, my icon disappeared from my screen, and I can't find how to get it back.

    Go to START then all PROGRAMS then find MOZILLA FIREFOX, right-click on it, select SEND TO and select DESKTOP (CREATE SHORTCUT).

    Thank you

    Please check 'Resolved' the answer really solve the problem, to help others with a similar problem.

  • After the upgrade to the new version of Firefox, one losing all my tabs, whenever I close. I did what was suggested in the FAQx, but I still lose all when I close. I want to solve this problem. How?

    I want to know how to make my tabs save when I close Firefox. I did what was suggested in the FAQ section, but all my tabs disappear whenever I close Firefox, you use the command "exit", or the "X" button That was the reason I never updated to the new version previously, but hoped that the problem had been addressed and updated, now I'm stuck with having to reopen each tab whenever I open Firefox. Please tell me there is a way to fix this. And I'm not fluent technospeak, so I need simple and basic instructions. Thank you. Mark


    By pressing Alt + T on the keyboard displays the Tools menu.
    To see the full menu bar temporarily, press Alt or F10.
    To make the permanently visible menu bar, right-click on the + after the last tab and enable (check) menu bar or press Alt + V > toolbars > menu bar.

    Everything on tools > Options

    Keyboard shortcuts


    Useful links:

    Beyond the tools > Options - about: config

    Subject: config entries

    Information page (Alt + T) tools > Page Info, right-click > view Page information

    View without Plugins

    Files & Firefox profile folder

    Firefox commands

    Basic troubleshooting

    After the upgrade

    Safe mode

    Extensions of the issues

    Troubleshooting Extensions and themes

    Troubleshooting Plugins

    Test Plugins

  • Letters "fl" disappeared in all my texts after the CC2015

    I know that maybe it's a simple preference, but I really don't have any idea where to find. Just after the upgrade to InDesign CC2015 all my texts with the letters FL (words like "florest", for example) had this problem: the letters FL disappeared. Then I have words that appear like this: "orest".

    I tried to change the font and the problem persists. The only way to have "florest" appears not as "orest" is if I change to Arial fonts. In others, I see this problem.

    It might be an automatic action for some abbreviation (FL = Florida) or something like that... I do not know. Any suggestions anyone?

    I use Windows 8.1 and CC2015 works smoothly and quickly in my book. The only problem is this...

    1. Check the fonts (T1 fonts are not compatible with the new operating system)
    2. Check the language in the paragraph style
    3. Check in the paragraph Styles > justify if you chose the correct composer
    4. Check the characteristics of OTF, the part of the ligature, turn off the power once on and try if things are correct.

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