After update 10.11.6 (15G 31) electric guitar Garageband has static fort

Hi all...

Not sure if it's my audio interface or the recent software update to blame, but this morning, I used my electric guitar with garageband perfectly without any problems. After that, I installed the 10.11.6 (15G 31) put day and after that, electric guitar Garageband a humming noise entry very loud as very intense static. My audio interface is Scarlett Solo that does not any drivers only, it connects via USB and works. If this update wouldn't have happened I could have blamed the device, also the microphone input works fine it's just the presets for electric that give me the question.

Anyone else have problems with electric guitar in Garage band after this update?

Thanks in advance for your time


problem solved. Apparently the fact that the update and the time where the question arose where it's just one of those unfortunate coincidences. It turns out it's the guitar cable. I replaced the cable and everything is back to normal.

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