After upgrade, can not receive or send messages

After the automatic update, I am unable to send or receive emails


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  • I can not receive or send e-mail messages I get an error message

    I can not receive or send email I get an error that says:-the connection to the server has failed. Account: '', server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, secure (SSL): Yes, Socket error: 10060, error number: 0x800CCC0E

    All of a sudden it stopped working. I have no problem with the internet service and no changes on the computer.

    Roadrunner email works fine if I go to their website.

    Roadrunner email works fine if I go to their website.

    This does not mean that their servers are working. I would check with them.
    Another thing to try is to disable analysis in your e-mail anti-virus program. It is a redundant layer of protection that devours the CPUs, slows down sending and receiving and causes a multitude of problems such as time-outs, account setting changes and has even been responsible for the loss of messages. Your up-to-date A / V program will continue to protect you sufficiently. For more information, see: 
    Why you don't need your anti-virus to scan your email
    Note that for many AV programs, it may be necessary to uninstall the program and reinstall in custom Mode and uncheck e-mail scanning when the option is available.
  • I can not receive or send emails - get code error 0x800CCC19

    All of a sudden for the last three days I can't receive or send emails in windows... I know there are some here - I can access it directly from the Charter.  Help!

    Is the error 0x800ccc19? There is no error in 0x000ccc19. Well, there is no in Google. Its a time-out error

    If it is the 1st mistake, Norton Internet security is installed? Or Mcafee?

    If this is the case, disable it. Or disable e-mail analysis. It is making the time out emails

    Or uninstall it, and then use the removal tool, so she takes off the rest of its files

  • My Outlook Express set up in my computer by Time Warner Cable is bad functioning. I can not delete/forward/send, messages etc. The messages seem to be stuck.

    No significant change has recently attempted to my computer.

    My wife and I have separated accounts of mail Outlook Express on the same computer and years they worked very well, so far. Even my own account works OK, it's only the account of the wife that we're having trouble with. In the Inbox, sent box & box removed, we can't delete, forward, send, etc. How to rid us boxes of old messages?

    Go to file | Identities and setup a new identity.  Then, within this identity, click file | Import | Messages and select OE6 format and then your wife's identity.  Then it will import its messages and records should be free of corruption.  Then add the account information of your wife to that identity.  Then make a backup of all 3 identities and once things are working properly you can possibly remove the old and corrupt identity.
    See also the points 2, 3 and 6 here: and here for background:
    It is important to keep the messages saved, as OE folders are very sensitive to corruption.

    No significant change has recently attempted to my computer.

    My wife and I have separated accounts of mail Outlook Express on the same computer and years they worked very well, so far. Even my own account works OK, it's only the account of the wife that we're having trouble with. In the Inbox, sent box & box removed, we can't delete, forward, send, etc. How to rid us boxes of old messages?

  • Can not receive files, send to mobile phone

    It's a strange problem.
    My BT usb dongle provided with Toshiba battery v 6.0. My desktop pc is vista. My phone is touch diamond2.

    When I send all the files to the pc on BT since any device other than my phone, first on my vista pc on the taskbar, icon of BT turns off, then a pop-up appears for you to confirm the location received in your player.
    He simply press ENTER and then will proceed with it.

    However, when sedning of files from my phone, BT icon will still dark but the pop-up never come until my phone tells me something like an error occurs.

    I'm sure that my bt phone has no problem because I can send files to another pc or mobile phone to bt.
    Did anyone here have the same problem with vista?
    What is the problem with that?

    A response would be appreciated.

    Is it possible that the window is hidden somewhere under another?
    If not, change your security settings for testing purposes.
    Right mouse click on your icon Bluetooth-> Options...-> Security-> Custom Level-> set checkmark in "Security Mode: link level applied...". »
    Confirm it, and then try again. Switch security level to 'default level' later.

  • I can not receive or send iMessages to a single contact.


    I never had a problem with my girlfriend until iMessaging recently as she got a new contract sim. She has an iPhone itself but now for some strange reason the feature iMessage does not work between us. I can't send or receive any iMessages of her but we are both able to iMessage other people. I tried all necessary helps out as my phone reset, reset network settings, deleting the contact / conversation and their reopening etc. but it is not yet been resolved. I don't know why it does not detect that it has an iPhone that I've never had this problem before!

    Sort the question!

    My girlfriend had to:

    • Turn off iMessage
    • Uncheck all emails/numbers, you can send receive
    • Repeat the same steps for FaceTime and off FaceTime
    • Restart the iPhone
    • Delete the cat once the iPhone is back
    • Turned the iMessage & FaceTime back

    And the problem solved!

  • My Windows Live Mail telling me that I can not receive or send mail, error - 0 x 80048820.

    My Windows Live Mail telling me that I can't send or receive mail, error - 0 x 80048820, what is - this?


    The best place to ask your question of Windows Live is inside Windows Live help forums. Experts specialize in all things, Windows Live, and would be delighted to help you with your questions. Please choose a product below to be redirected to the appropriate community:


    Windows Live Mail

    Windows Live Hotmail

    Windows Live Messenger

    Looking for a different product to Windows Live? Visit the home page Windows Live Help for the complete list of Windows Live forums to

  • I'm using windows mail (vista). It worked fine until the other day. I can not receive or send emails now and receive errors 0x800ccc19

    Windows Mail has stopped working on vista

    First, make sure that is not a mistake on the mail server.  See if you can connect via webmail and account works fine.

    Otherwise, see its likely that you have tight with antivirus software.  After checking, remove your email account, compact and repair the database ( and then add your account mail back again once and ensure that any analysis of the electronic mail is disabled by antivirus software, and on the other.


  • BlackBerry smartphones can not receive or send e-mails on 8300

    Hi - my handheld computer has ceased to be able to send or receive e-mail from (apparently) one moment to the next a couple of days. I don't think I changed the settings, and the bond is strong. The unit was purchased from the United Kingdom and I'm in the USA, but it's worked here every time before today. Can anyone suggest how I can send/receive emails again? Thank you.

    Try the procedure described in the following link:

    My E-mail address, arrested on arrival

  • Mail can not receive or send email; password for the account no longer works

    I just got back my repaired MacBook Pro and cannot get my email Yahoo Server.  Update of the logic board, memory, and a new design was needed.  I got home yesterday, and since them, I've not been able to get my yahoo email.

    I changed my password 2 times since yesterday, but it does not recognize these either!

    What could happen? Please, it is very annoying to spend hours trying to figure it out.

    Thank you

    Lisel CA

    Remove the password in Keychain Access (Applications/Utilities). While there, menu Keychain Access of relief.

    The problems of Keychain - see post of khati

  • cannot receive or send messages, get error 80048849

    Original title: Windows Hotmail

    I get an error number 80048849 on my Hotmail account and can not receive or send an email. Can anyone help?

    Hello Jack,.

    Do you mean and Windows Live Essentials? Please follow the instructions below:

    1. open Internet Explorer.

    2. click on Tools and select Internet Options.

    3 click on LAN settings.

    4 select automatically detect connection settings.

    5 click on the Advanced tab.

    6 uncheck check the CRL.

    7 click ok and apply.

    8 restart Internet Explorer.

    Thank you.

  • Can not receive messages from premium on Android 6.0 content


    So I have the compact Xperia Z5 (E5823).

    I had all sorts of questions initially not be able to send messages to short codes. This problem has since been corrected, but I can't receive messages from short codes.

    For example, I'm trying to put my phone for mobile banking services and to verify my details, that the Bank must send me a code to my phone number. It is in the form of a text Message from a number of shortcode.

    I can not receive this message, I have been in contact with my provider and they can confirm that the messages were sent to my number but think I can't receive them because the phone is somehow blocking messages from premium content.

    But because it is Android 6.0 there is no place to go in the settings of applications to enable this option.

    How can I fix it? Why is this happening?

    The problem seems to have fixed itself.

    I uninstalled all applications, messaging and the Bank and got my provider application to reset my email at the level of the network service.

    reinstalled e-mail and banking and now I can receive messages from short code.

    Annoying, but at least all worked in the end.

  • I can send emails but can not receive emails

    I have a problem with Apple Mail, I can send emails, but I can't receive them. I checked all my settings several times, everything is configured correctly, but I can not receive emails. Everyone knows about this problem? I would be grateful the help!

    Thank you!

    What email provider?

  • Why can I not receive or send images incorporated in windows live hotmail

    We have an account on windows live and hotmail on a single.  When I receive or send messages through this e-mail clients, most of the pictures that are embedded

    in the own e-mail do not arise.  I get an error message telling me that if I continue the photos are not included or words to that effect.  I've been on the forum Windows Live and have received several solutions, but none seems not to work.  It may be something in the software that is the cause of the problem, but is not not a computer guru, I don't know even how to check.  I need HELP!

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Answers site.

    The question you have posted is related to Windows Live Hotmail and would be better suited to the Windows Live community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will support what ask you:

  • My 9500 storm blackBerry smartphones can not receive files via bluetooth, but I can't send

    Please help someone, my blackberry storm can not receive files via bluetooth, but I can send, what could be the problem?

    Have you tried and went to accept via Bluetooth? Some of the older software on the BBS, you need to go to the media file and say accept via Bluetooth. Consider the two features are already paired.

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