After years of use without problem with Thunderbird, 10 days ago was the end of it: all the types of errors that IntelliAtlantic has finally admitted that they can fix. Can you?

they can solve the problem. After agreeing to pay their fees, they submitted a 'Service contract' and tried for three 3 consecutive days do healthy Thunderbird again - no success! After the creation of an e-mail message, it could no longer sent because the small box 'send' had disappeared. They fixed that, and after clicking on the button "Send" a message to 'Confirm' strange appeared:
"There was a problem, including the file:///C:/DOCUME~1/ADM/N/~/LOCALS~1/Temp/nsemail.htlm file in the message. You want to continue to send the message without this file? "Available options: /OK/ and /Cancel/
Lat night, after dialing a msg eMail with 2 attachments, after clicking on "OK", the message has been sent, but without the part of text - only 2 attachments.
Without the help from you, I would be forced to seek another provider of Internet e-mail which I hate to do. I look forward to your help on my eMail < [email protected] >. or 843/689-5040. Thank you! Rolf Zenker


What is your anti-virus software?

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