Hi all I am a new owner of an IDEACENTRE AIO 700 24ISH.

What I used to do is connect laptop I had using cord to female connector hdmi etc etc movies streaming on my 50 inch TV. I did display high tour strings/clone, then only show on TV witch if off top of Tower, so then basically my TV was my monitor cut short drrr. Anyway when I try this on my lenovo IDEACENTRE AIO 700 24ISH. THE RESOLUTION WON'T WHEN I GO TO THE SHOW ON TV ONLY. Every GREAT THING of GOING. my crazy case dear Magach. What I can do is to clone the screen resolution, but then I am unable to turn off the monitor of lenovo. But the tv shows like the lenovo. but I have 2 screens on. Who is destraction and not nice viewing. Also if I listen to a movie and its projection on both tv and lenovo monitor screen. The film won't strem properly, or not at all. Also if I keep up with the huge icons and the taskbar and zoom in to the proper resolution on the internet. The movie will not play again and it is in the only exhibition tv with no lenovo monitor screen on. But if I switch back to ideacentre only every thing is ok. I also tried re my laptop computer and that always works either mode and plays perfectly. So for me there is something on the hdmi to the tv connection. So what I'm trying to achieve is to use my tv as a monitor in simple terms, but in detail above if it makes no sense. Thank you all for reading my Virgin post here. Looking forward to hearing cheers Wayne.

UPDATE I went to intel and used their update utility and got the latest graphics driver. So I am now able to play streaming of movies but the best configuration for use in Panel of intel. check use application settings. When I turn on the TV now, I get always a big task and icons bar but the correct zoom on the internet and how it works. But beware, play with the same parameters as its still a bit unstable. but playback / pause seem ok. So, anyone having this problem maybe be able to find a direct solution through updates from intel. I geuss it will improove over time with updates and I will buy the latest version of HDMI cables. The laws have changed even on them as to what can be written on the packaging and the standard to be sold. Wayne has soon

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    Just bought a 700-24ISH AIO ideacentre and running diagnostic tests for the first time gave this error below.

    Any ideas on what I should do?

    Thanks - Mike

    Center solutions Lenovo Log File

    go to Device Manager then display adapter and then click intel graphics hd 530 then click on driver tab then put day pilot

  • IdeaCentre AIO 700 - BIOS update error 0162


    I have a Lenovo ideacentre AIO 700.

    I tried to update the BIOS of O1KTT30AUS to the most recent available on the pilot product page and the software that is listed as O1KKT35A.

    Now when I start up I get an error message from American Megatrends saying error 0162: configuration data integrity check failed.

    It displays two options:

    Press F1 for Setup

    Press F2 to resume.

    The PC restarts, and then Windows loads OK, but this process repeats whenever I reset my PC.

    In the application of configuration of Lenovo, it shows my BIOS as still being O1KTT30AUS.

    Any help on how to solve this receipt with gratitude!

    Mod edit: System model added to the front of the subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

    My apologies - she always checks to correctly read the insutrcitions

    It is said to enter the configuration and press F10 to save on the Lenovo Web site.

  • Product name: 700-010xt: HDMI does not work after upgrade to Windows 10 - product name: 700-010xt

    I upgraded my desktop HP ENVY 700 to Windows 10 computer and HDMI I used for the second monitor no longer works.

    It worked when I had windows 8.1.

    It has the graphic card NVIDIA Geforce GT 640 (as displayed in the list of devices)

    I tried HP Recovery Tool to restore the original driver, but it didn't work. Second monitor is not detected.

    Any HELP is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Product name: 700-010xt


    Try this driver and see if that helps

  • His use of the AIO Inspiron One HDMI input jack 2330?


    I'm looking at the computer Inspiron One of AIO 2330 with the Core i5 processor. I understand that this computer comes with an HDMI port

    I can't seem to find information on what I could use this port for so I was wondering if someone could enlighten me. Specifically, I was hoping that he could've able to do the following. My TV provider digital tuner box using HDMI to connect to the TV. I was wondering if I would be able to snag one of the digital tuner until the HDMI in port on the computer and use it as a monitor for the tuner box?

    Thank you


    Hey, Gord

    Yes, you should be able to do. Let me mention that I did on a XPS One 2720 system and the video was nice connecting the my set - top box HDMI signal. However, the audio did not work. In theory the HDMI can carry video and audio signals, so I don't know what the problem was. But the video part worked fine.

  • Want to 700-215: HDMI port

    Is there an HDMI port? I apparently can't find a. Thanks in advance.


    The serial number of your unit has two options:

    • Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 (GT2) (in combination with the processor)

  • IdeaCentre AIO 700 - selection of graphics cards

    Hey guys,.

    When you browse the Details of the driver through Windows screen, I see that the active graphics card is the Intel onboard. Impossible to find a way to disable the onboard via Bios and force the machine to run with the discrete Nvidia card (which is indicated be fully operational by the test of the equipment program). Is it functioning?

    If so, does this mean that, behind the scenes, the system uses the two?


    It took me a while to understand as well. Open the right icon NVIDIA GPU NVIDIA Control Panel in the system tray (or find it via a search of Cortana). Click on manage 3D settings. You will see two tabs. Will allow for the global default to the NVIDIA GPU settings if you wish. By default, it selects based on the currently running program. The other tab allows you to set parameters programmatically. I don't know if there is any advantage to using the Intel GPU ever. If anyone knows, I would be grateful this info.

  • Lenovo ideacentre AIO 700 mouse jump, screens acting weird and closing randomly

    Can anyone help, just recently, my mouse has become virtually unusable, and when I can get internet or documents to launch they become magnified or close altogether... it's driving me crazy! McAfee is running and the downloads are updated. Uninstalling the drivers of mouse and key board and even disconnected the USB wireless does not stop random circular ping on the screen - what can I do?

    Finally figured it out - disable the touch screen in Device Manager and all returns to normal - do not know what was the problem with the screen touch, but who cares I have my office back.

    Lenovo support and help desk not easy of access or to get a good sense-shame it's so hard... but the good news all sorted!

  • 700 AIO monitor display problems

    I got a Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700 for Christmas and once through the initial updates after a black screen reboot, when I connect it to my TV it will go through my tv, but no more detects any other screen, how can I go back on the screen of computers?

    In response to customer relationships of the black screens intermittent when the 700-24ISH AIO devices are turned on, Lenovo comes from Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 700 scalar fonts improved Firmware to solve this problem.

    The CONSULTING Service is available here:

    The firmware can be downloaded here:

    Thank you

  • Studio XPS 8100, GPU upgrades?

    Nice day. I hope an expert can help me.

    My computer: Desktop computer Studio XPS 8100 Dell, intel Core i7 870 2.93 GHz, 8 MB, etc.
    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 single memory 1 GB. Reading, not sold at retail and is now no longer available

    I do not use the computer to play games. Graphics card fan started making noise and heat, perhaps should be changed. I can on this card - EVGA GeForce GT 620 700 MHz HDMI PCI-Express could it be a compatible replacement. CCAN you Please provide DETAILS for me a graphics card in replacement of approximately the same 'power' +. I can myself, slot load driver and be operational. No not in the evolution of the other pieces. In the meantime, thank you for your help.


    You've always had a "have a constant orange light on the motherboard" means that you have AC and 5v standby is available.  If you have no light there is no input power and so you will NEVER turn. The day before on the card itself power light. Once the PC is plugged in and power supply is turned on, even if the PC is always OFF. Because the LED is about the size of a bullet, some call it at the flea market.

  • Update Windows 10 1511, build 10586.14 breaks my WiFi

    Just this last version of Windows 10 pushes my ALL NEW Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 700 and he broke the wifi on the computer that was working fine before.

    To reset the device to factory settings then went through the process carefully (taking up hours of time) and he broke again. Adapter WiFi does not appear in Device Manager.

    This is a JOKE! If I don't get this fixed in 2-3 days then this computer goes back to the shop and ask for a full refund.



    Thanks for the reply. I managed to fix the problem last night by uninstalling the driver wifi, but ensure that the option to completely remove the drivers and files is checked. A reinstallation of the driver seemed to correct the problem. I'll be followed to make sure that it still works today.

  • HP ENVY 700-339-video bad HDMI on the Second monitor

    In a Setup dual monitor a Samsung T240 and a Samsung T240HD the HDMI output a very poor text quality monitors.  The DVI quality is excellent. I changed the DVI and HDMI between the two monitors and the poor quality of HDMI is obvious on a monitor. HP has fixed the computer and replaced the AND R7 240 video card but the problem persists.

    HDMI output and DVI with these monitors went well with my old HP Pavilion Elite PC m9150f.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

    I have an older video card that supports dual monitor output, should I try it?

    Someone at - it already update the video card in their 700-339 and can make recommendations on what works? If I receive information on the card and power supply, if it was upgragded so?

    SGPatterson, welcome to the forum.

    Here is a video card that works in your computer.  It requires only a power supply (PSU) with 300W.  It does not require an additional power connector.  There is a video for you to look directly below the map on the page.

    You can try your old video card if it will work with your power supply.  It should not cause problems if it works with the UEFI Firmware in the motherboard.

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  • connecting the 2 everything in those with hdmi


    We recently purchased a HP Envy 27 runnung windows 8.1. We have already had a HP Touchsmart 610 Windows 7.

    I would use the 610 as a second monitor for the new Envy27. I have connected the 2 computers with an hdmi cable, but can't get to save as a second monitor.

    Can someone help me, or is it not possible to link these 2 all in UNITS?


    AIO machines are designed to run as AIO (stand-alone machines, without having to connect what either). At this point no other choice than to use an exit USB video card on a same machine and UNPLUG the video card in any other machine. You want to do this? Buy the USB video card and another monitor, it's much cheaper and more convenient.

    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion 20-b010: HDMI compatibility

    I'm trying to connect my computer to my TV with an HDMI cable, how do I do this?


    Even the USB to HDMI option for many machines AiO (much cheaper):

    Kind regards.

  • Upgrading the video card to have both HDMI and DVI

    I just bought a model 700-327c HP Envy.  I need to update my video card to have the two HDMI and DVI on the same card.  Y at - it all the features that I need to worry about replacing my existing video card?

    You are welcome.

    Yes, it is certainly an option.  Here is an example of an adapter that you could use.  There are 2 ports USB 3.0 on the back i/o ports.

    There are others that can add up to 6 monitors to a single computer.  I am not sure that this would not require an upgrade of the power supply, however.

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