Are the Airpod 2016 just October is going to be compatible with iOS devices, or they will also be compatible with the Mac? Any thoughts?

Phone, watch, iPad or Mac, says the following:

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  • AIRPod has worked with the iphone 6?

    I want to know if I bought airpod will work with my iphone 6?

    Airpod will work with iPhone 6 as long as it is updated to iOS 10.

  • Airpod investigation

    Pouvez ear pods b used with android phones?


    Yes, Airpod will run on Android devices however, you will not be able to use them completely as the use of Siri. They can be linked to like other bluetooth headphones/headset would be

    Thank you


  • AIRPod for iPhone 6

    The AirPod will work with the iPhone 6?

    According to some details that I read, many of the old iPhone

    models that can be upgraded to iOS10, should be able to

    Use the new headphones of the AirPod. There should be better details

    in the technical specifications of the Airpod to support online.

    some details are ignored here:

    Good luck!

  • Then two sets of the Airpod be used for listening to same iPhone?

    Is it possible to pair two sets of the Airpod to the iPhone same so that two people can share and listen to the sounds, like a watching a movie or a game together?

    Number one at a time.

  • The AirPod will work with the iPod 5th generation?

    Thank you.

    No. not compatible.

    Airpod requires account iCloud, Mac Sierra, iOS 10 or 3 WatchOS.

  • Airpod will be included in orders after Oct?

    Unclear on the question of whether the Airpod are all simply not pre-order iPhone 7 and it will be included if you order after release of the Oct, or if it will ever be included and you will still have to buy it separately? Anyone know?


    Airpod are and will remain a separate purchase.

    EarPods (wired, with lightning connector) are provided with the iPhone 7 and 7 more.

  • Airpod will come in the same package with iPhone 7 in October?

    I heard they arrive in October, but they will come with iPhone 7 in the same package? I will be able to choose between Airpod and EarPods?


    No - Airpod are a separate purchase.

    EarPods (wired, with lightning connector) are provided with the iPhone 7 and 7 more.

  • Bluetooth & waterproof Airpod to water

    Hi all, I have two questions about the new airpod.

    First of all, be impervious to water as the iPhone7 and watch series 2?

    Second, will they use the standard bluetooth to connect to the iPhone. Today, I can't use bluetooth headphones when viewing a movie because there is almost a second a delay between the sound and the image (I have an iPhone6 for now). This will be the same with an AirPod?

    I hope someone has the answer to do this, thank you for your help.


    Airpod are not watertight.

    Airpod connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth. When using them, avoid a second delay. If you encounter problems, contact Apple technical support or make a Genius Bar reservation at the time wanted to for assistance.

    More information:

  • can I use the airpod apple coming out in October with apple products only, or can I use it with my laptop?

    Apple airpod only work with apple products, or can I connect it to, lets say an HP laptop?

    It requires iCloud and OS X 10.12, or iOS 10 or look at OS 3For your computer or your smart device or Apple Watch. At the moment, the answer is Yes for those, not for something else.

  • Bluetooth Airpod and non-Apple devices

    Dear Sir

    I have laptop (Lenovo) with bluetooth Jabra wireless headset.

    Could I use the most recent Airpod with my laptop or any other non-Apple bluetooth device?

    Best regards

    Denis Miller


    Airpod will work with non-Apple devices that use of plug in charge of Bluetooth headsets, but in doing so will not provide specific features of Apple.

    When you use Airpod with Apple devices, users can benefit from automatic installation, Siri features and intelligent switching (with iCloud and macOS Sierra, iOS 10 account or watch OS 3).

  • Airpod risk

    so when I hear that the Airpod will have an infrared signal to connect both speakers at the same time, how can I be sure that will damage not cancer or have an impact on your overtime of health with the use of these? I'm not really wanting to have something like that in my head every day...

    + 1, cool question!

    I hope that the company's reputation is not good. This means that Apple has done enough research on it I hope.

  • The AirPod are compatible only with iphone 7? Or we can use it with more than 6 s... or any android device?

    The AirPod are compatible only with iphone 7? Or we can use it with more than 6 s... or any android device?

    Here are the tech specs:

    They are bluetooth devices, so they work with the iPhone 5 or more.

    See you soon,.


  • Can I connect the watch or Bluetooth headset at the same time?

    The watch or Bluetooth headset (maybe a pair of the Airpod) connect at the same time?

    I have iPhone 6 now and will update to 7 earlier.

    I do it all the time with my iPhone 6. I assume you mean to plug the headphones into the iPhone, right? Whatever it is, you can connect to the phone or watch.

  • How to use iphone headphones 7 on mac?


    I wonder how I'll be able to use my iphone headphones 7 with my computer? In the box provided with the phone, the included adapter allows me to my phone compatible with ropes to the... However, the adapter does not work in reverse order to allow my helmet compatible to plug into a power cord to the. Help.

    for the Lightening wired headset iPhone 7 you need a 3rd party lightening to the 1/8 in (3.5 mm) adapter.

    The Apple a HABIT of WORKING to plug these headphones with 3.5 mm jack apter

    These are used to connect the headset to 3.5 mm to an iPhone 7, but nothing else.

    At this moment I saw not a Lightening of 3.5 mm port that has a reversed end to accept the helmet

    Accessories Apple Airpod market are bluetooth and do not require a physical even if card to enjoy these headphones all the features you need 10 iOS or OS 10.12 Sierra and an iCloud account.

Maybe you are looking for

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