Airport express appears is not on the iPhone, macbook pro

My express airplay airport appeared on iTunes (macbook pro with El Capitan), but it does not appear on my iPhone (6 s more with the last update iOS 10.0.2).  I have an old iPhone (iOS 9.3.5) 5 c and airtime appears that iPhone.  Don't know why I can't see it on my main iPhone, can not see on macbook pro on option of airtime on the menu bar top-side wifi unique display and clock are located.   On macbook pro if I open iTunes it appears through the iTunes program.  I restarted all my routers, modem, computer and telephone, still no luck.  Any suggestions to find my airplay?


I solved this, new ios10 a little goofy.  See this link: Re: problem airplay ios 10

Still not listed is not on my macbook pro well.  If I go into the audio output on computer settings I'm able to find, very strange.

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    LR 5 doesn't work is not on the new Macbook Pro.  Have tried 2 CC downloads, download licensed 5.6 and 5.5 download licensed, all the results in the same thing.  It comes up with the screen base but no signs and gives that an error occurred when changing the modules.  Nothing I have tried seems to help.  He also said "start with lightroom mobile at the top on the left, although it said it's Lr 5.6.  Anyone else having problems?  Calls to adobe are no help and have to wait until Monday for technical support.  Surely this must run on a NEW laptop with any other installed software!

    Setup logs was very good.  Application installed but is not working properly.  Finally got Adobe support and it turns out be a file permissions error.  Had to add applications and myself as accessors of the Lightroom folder under ~/Library/Adobe/ path and set permissions to read & write (was read only for everything except system) and apply to all the cases closed.   Works fine now.  Including this here in case when someone else is going through this issue.

  • Apple Airport express records is not on the wifi network

    HI, I bought an Apple Airport Extreme new several months and I haven't connected my Airport Express so far. For some reason, the Airport Express is same does not record on the network. I unplugged for several minutes and plugged in. I don't know if there may be a software update that I missed?  Someone had this problem?  I would be grateful for any help. Thank you! Chuck

    If you have not reset the Terminal AirPort Express to settings by default and then set up again to extend the network provided by the AirPort Extreme... so now may be a good time to do this.

    As it is, the Express is not "appear" on your network because it has not been provided with the settings to do.

    If you need some advice on how to get the Express running... we will need a little more information from you as follows:

    (1) your AirPort Express Terminal has two Ethernet ports... or... does he have one?  If is has one, we need to model on the side of the unit number. It starts with an "A" followed four digits.  For example... A1264.

    (2) AirPort Express Terminal will connect to the network using a permanent connection to the Ethernet cable wired to AirPort Extreme... or... the Express will connect wireless?

    (3) what device you use to configure the AirPort Express Terminal?

    (4) If you have a Mac, we need to know what operating system they are running. If you are not sure about this, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then click on about this Mac and post back with the Version of OS X number that you see there.

  • Airport Express (1st generation) not connect to iPhone 6 iOS 10.0.2

    I am trying to connect and listen to music from my iPhone 6 iOS 10.0.2 through the music app. My phone does not see the Airport Express Terminal more. All I see is my Apple TV. I can connect to the Airport Express terminal when I use iTunes on my computer. My iPhone is used to connect to the Airport Express Terminal.

    I checked my Airport Express for the updates and it is updated in accordance with the programme of AirPort and PC utility App.

    AirPort Express (1st generation)

    Version: 7.6.7

    I also tried to restart the AirPort Express.

    Any ideas on how to make of this connect on my iPhone?

    Thank you!


    Try a reset > reset an airport base station FAQ - Apple Support

  • Interruption of the WiFi connection.  Green light is the Airport Express. Settings Network said the cable for the Wi - Fi connection is not connected or the device at the other end does not respond.

    Interruption of the WiFi connection.  Green light is the Airport Express.  Settings Network said the cable for the Wi - Fi connection is not connected or the device at the other end does not respond.  Tried to reset Airport Express, but remained light amber or orange flashing.  I unplugged it and waited and plugged back into the light turned green.  Rebooted computer (Mac Pro). Parameters of said the same thing.  Managed to create a WiFi "network with the ethernet in the network settings section, and yet I am wireless.  I am online but not wired and WiFi settings still says not connected, and either the cable for the Wi - Fi is not plugged or the device at the other end does not respond. I don't understand this situation.  My original WiFi name disappeared.  How I am on the internet?

    What is the brand and model of the modem Internet you have the AirPort Express directly connected by Ethernet? What exact model number is your Express?

  • AirPort Express is no show in the utility AP

    Airport Express 1264 does not appear in the chart of AirPort Utility.

    I had my time airport Capsule (3rd generation) running for years.

    Buy a model 1264 1st Gen Airport Express to extend the system.

    CAT6 used to connect Express to Time Capsule but Express is a utility AirPort show

    Not connected Express directly to Mac-Mini photo express is a show.

    2 days, I played and I tried many internet configuration scenarios.

    Can you help me or would it be better to mix the 1264 and buy another Express?

    Thanks in advance,


    AirPort Utility is based on both the mDNS (aka, Hello) and IPv6 IP protocols to find an AirPort base station.

    I suggest that you check that your Mac mini is configured for, at least, only link-local IPv6 mode. To do:

    • Run system preferences > network > select depending on how you connect your mini to the network Ethernet or Wi - Fi
    • Select Advanced
    • Configure IPv6: Link-local only
    • Click OK.
    • Click on apply.
  • Airport Extreme appearing does not in Airport utility

    Airport Extreme is connected to the internet but will not be displayed in the Airport (see image below) utility.

    My home network consists of the following:

    Cable modem Comcast Arris TM722

    • Airport utility to view an IP from Comcast ending 1
    • Now, it displays 10.0.xx.1 and is connected to the internet, but the IP is really the same old Comcast ip address ending 1

    Airport Extreme Office worm 7.7.7 (primary - dhcp)-has an IP from Com

    • Airport utility to view an IP from Comcast ending with .xxx and internal ip address of 10.0.xx.1, but the ip address is really the same old Comcast ip address ending in .xxx internal ip address of 10.0.xx.1

    Airport Extreme lounge worm 7.7.7 (bridged)

    • Airport utility to view the internal IP ending par.2 (static)

    Airport Express Patio worm 7.7.6 (bridged)

    • Aport utility always displays an internal ip address, ending (3) (static)

    All computers are:

    MacOS worm 10.11.6

    Airport Utility ver 6.3.6

    Question: Neither Airport Extreme appears in Airport utility (both are gray with yellow triangle! icon), the Airport Express appears fine.  Everything worked as it should until yesterday, I haven't changed anything.  From time to time I run a vpn on one of my Mac client.

    I can access one of the ends using the option "Set up other" under the menu of Airport utility file.

    Wireless and internet work as it should, the usb drives attached to the 01 extremes are accessible.

    Things I've tried (based on the reading of the support articles that I found from 2013 to present):

    Electric bike on everything.

    • Does nothing.

    Soft reset everything.

    • Does nothing.

    Hard resetting everything.

    • Does nothing.

    Affecting the default extremes and reconfigure them.

    • Does nothing.

    Definition of 'Configure IPv6' to link-Local only on the two extremes.

    • Does nothing.

    Activation of the guest network

    • Makes the show of extremes, but only one at a time, not both.

    I am completely confused and looking for suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

    This is because by turning back to my Mac on the extremes of the airport, so basically it comes a problem of iCloud.

    The fix in this thread of Mac rumors- - but.1987777 / #post-23234030

    In. short, turn off the back of my Mac on your Airport Extreme (or time capsule).

    We expect that Apple will fix this.

  • Setup Airport Express: how to manually set the IP address and DNS?

    I just bought an Airport Express for the wifi in the ethernet cable that I have in my dorm room.

    To connect to the internet via the ethernet cable, I need to enter a number IP, DNS, gateway and mask provided by the dorm (as I did on my Macbook).

    The problem is that I don't see where I can do for the Airport Express. After I plugged the cable into it, it keeps wanting to configuration alone, which does not work (he's trying to "join the network" forever, without success).

    How can I configure IP, DNS etc. manually?

    Thank you much for the help


    I read the post and found article suggested for her: OS X El Capitan: connect to the Internet or a network using Ethernet

    Thank you!

  • AirPort Express 'expand' works not

    I just got a new AirPort Express Terminal 2nd gen and I'm trying to expand the network. We do not have an Extreme or Time Capsule. AirPort utility happens me an error stating that "this AirPort base station could not extend the wireless network. Make sure the wireless network you are trying to expand has been implemented and works correctly, you have entered a password for wireless network corresponding to this device, and that this device is in range of the wireless network". The network works fine. The password is correct for you. My phone is connected to the network, and the airport is connected by ethernet. Why is this happening? How should I do?

    Sorry, but "Extend a wireless network" feature Apple's patented and designed to work only with another router from Apple if you try to use the AirPort Express Terminal to expand the wireless network.

    With a router not Apple, the Express can expand the network, but it will wired Ethernet wired, permanent access to the main router.

  • Maildelivery error message for a specific when contact of the envoys of Macbook, NOT sending the iPhone.

    Hello! When sending mail to a specific contact from my application of Mail of Macbook, I started getting error messages Maildelivery a few weeks ago and discovered at the same time that the mail goes by without problem when sending from iPhone.  My Macbook Pro running OSX El Capitan 10.11.5.

    The error message I get is:

    This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

    A message you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its

    beneficiaries. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

    [email protected]

    retry timeout exceeded

    Reporting-MTA: dns; vie01a-pqmta - .net

    Action: failure

    Final beneficiary: rfc822;[email protected]

    Status: 5.0.0

    The error only occurs when the message is sent from Mail on Macbook, NOT sending the iPhone. And only this one contact me. Any ideas? Help would be appreciated since I need to send important emails very frequently. One more thing: this occurs when sending account as well as the account, but both mail on Macbook.

    This information should help you get help using iCloud Mail - Apple Support

    If you cannot send or receive e-mail on your Mac - Apple Support

  • Does not support the Iphone 4

    I have an Iphone 4 and I was about to download this new app called Kylie and Kendall. I scrolled down to see what IOS, it supports and it says it's compatible with the IOS 7 Ipad, Iphone or Ipod so I was really excited to download and play. Long story short, after I downloaded it, I opened the app, and it started to load, but then he said "does not support the Iphone 4. I was really disappointed and sad, I was wondering why it says it's compatible with the IOS 7 and later, but apparently not. Because when I clicked on it says that it is not. That actually makes the loose money app and glory because owners of the Iphone 4 can be the game. Please someone tell me why he cannot support Iphone 4 or an expert in this company help us users of the Iphone 4. This isn't the only time where it happened to me happens to me in several applications, but I don't really understand this situation. Please help someone!

    This has nothing to do with Apple or iphone.

    You will need to contact the developer of the app and ask them what the issue is, or look at their support site.

  • Sony z3 appearing is not in the google Device Manager

    Sony z3 appearing is not in the google Device Manager

    I checked the security rating...

    even with my new Tablet sony z3.

    Strange thing. Are you ready to try the fix? Do it with CCP if you want:

  • Connection to the local network not appearing is not in the area of notification on the Windows 7 computer.

    Connection to the local network not appearing is not in the area of notification on the Windows 7 computer.

    Right-click on the taskbar and select Properties, and then click Customize.  Look for the connection and modify to display the icon and notifications.

  • missing net.rim.device.resources.Resource of class, ask not appearing is not in the Simulator

    Hi all

    I use the Eclipse JDE plugin to develop my application.  It worked well until I have start using hash tables in my code.  After that my application will not work and gave error "error loading of class net.rim.device.resources.Resource.

    This class is part of the standard library and do not know what this error is due to.

    I tried to reinstall eclipse and all the plugins and now my request will not even appear in the Simulator .

    Help, please.

    Thank you


    What M.Sohm said is true. To expand a bit about it: If you have a ResourceBundle and the package in the file .rrh statement is at odds with the .jdp, strange things can happen. And if you move a ResourceBundle in a different package, training package not updated automatically, you must address yourself.  Make sure that the package in the .rrh statement corresponds to the Package Explorer view say it should be.

    So when you add hash tables, which was the only thing that you added?

    Do not panic on the application not appearing is not in the Simulator.  When you run an application in the Simulator, build files (.cod, .jar, etc.) are copied into the directory of Simulator (\plugins\\components\simulator).  When you reinstalled, the directory of Simulator has been rebuilt from scratch, without the build of your application files.  Because you can't build, you don't get new build files to copy into the Simulator.

    Hang in there.

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    (1) If you have already installed the previous version

    (2) if the creative cloud is not enabled on your machine

    (3) with the help of a version outdated cloud creatives desktop application.

    Please refer to the following links.

    For installing previous versions CC

    Activation of the questions Solve common Adobe Creative cloud activation of (log) and questions (disconnect) disabling or error messages

    To uninstall the desktop application uninstall the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application

    For installation Download Adobe Creative Cloud apps | Adobe Creative Cloud free trial

    Please let us know if the above information is useful for you.

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