Airport Extreme and Cox Internet IPv6 problem

This is one notification to others as well as a question:

I have Cox Cable high speed Internet in several places using an Airport Extreme 3 GB connected as a router to the modem cable Cox.

For more than a week, we would find regularly in the morning that the outside connection to internet DNS servers were lost.  We called Cox several times and they have done the usual reset of the router and the modem and things seem to work for some time.  But the next day again.

They came out and replaced the connections, I I had to buy a new cable modem and I replaced a digital switch.  Every time things seem to work for some time.

I thought to replace the Airport Extreme (I read others did in a similar situation without result).

After much frustration, I started looking for Airport Extreme and DNS and found similar stories.

After that several unproductive calls with Cox Internet of first level support, I finally reached a level which acknowledged that Cox was the IPv6 deployment and he was having a problem with Airport Extreme routers.  They said Apple was working on it and gave me a number to call for support from router from apple.  Unfortunately the number they gave was no longer valid.

I persisted and finally got the Apple support and indeed they knew the problem and said Cox was working on that... But there was a temporary problem - and that was to disable iPv6 on the airport extreme (more precisely (internet > Internet Options > configure Ipv6: link-Local only).)

For now it seems to have stopped the decline during the night which seems to happen between 12:00 and 02:00.  By experience, I do not think that its really a problem of compaibility IPV6, but how the router meets some kind of rebate to zero/test signal signal service is done in early morning.

So the question is - does anyone know with certainty what happens or who really works on this.  From my point of view, both sides think it's the other problem.  BTW - I've read about other people with Non Apple routers running after something similar.


I also had a similar problem.  Prior service of Cox Communications in Phoenix AZ has been rescinded and recently restored (March 1) yesterday afternoon.  After the departure of the technician, the wi - fi failed to produce a valid connection, citing DNS error and no response from the server.  We have a new modem, CISCO, at an Air Port/Time Capsule 2 TB ethernet cable.

After talking with support for level 2 level 1 and then Cox, there was sufficient evidence for a correct signal via the modem, but the Port of the Air was not picking up or he issued (by Cox).  Check my Air Port Utility apps on iMac and iPhone shows a signal Internet or Air Port casual, but never the two together.  The modem and the Air Port so would show appropriate green led lights up, but in vain to work wi - fi.

The only thing that has worked so far is your solution listed above: Air Port utility > Internet > Internet Options > configure Ipv6: link-Local only.

Thank you, GABarber.

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    I did a search and didn't see a post on this in the discussion forum.  Thank you

    What is the brand and model of your router Verizon? Verizon provides you with administrator access to it to allow you to make changes?

  • Network configuration of Roaming Wifi problem I just bought an Airport Extreme and I intend to use it as my router

    I just bought a refurbished Airport Extreme and I intend to use it as my router & combine with our old time Capsule of existing one to create a roaming Wifi network.

    The new Airport Extreme (renovated) is in my studio/Office - directly connected to our internet broadband wireless (WAN port)

    Our small ethernet is connected to my iMac [mid 2010 running OSX 10.11.5] & a PC and extends up to 2 other domains through an ethernet switch.

    This configuration works very well, our internet speed has improved slightly - better than our old T-Link router bit.  WiFi available throughout the House - better on one side.

    Time Capsule (2 TB) is connected by ethernet on the far side of the House, offer backup Time Machine and strong Wifi to this area.

    This time Capsule was an existing installation that went perfectly with the T-Link before I bought the Airport Extreme.

    I used the Airport utility to set everything up and it seems to work.

    The problem is:

    Combines the Capsule and extreme connected & active, the Internet gradually slows down and grinds to stop. -Wifi seems to follow suit, but is much more gradual.

    If I disable the Time Capsule, the internet connection is back to normal, Airport Extreme Wifi signal is strong and extends to almost all areas.

    I got to the departure of the two units configuration problems, so I reset both factory default and from that moment managed to do all this work - with the exception that the internet connection slows down.  Whenever I visit a different web site, it takes more time to load/link upward.

    I spoke with our ISP, the link to our tower is solid. The technology suggested that I put Wifi on each unit to use a different channel (2 frequencies & several channels each available).

    So far, this has not resolved the problem, I will continue to make adjustments.

    I googled this - most of the answers are not to date - usually 2012, 13, 14. and not directly related to my situation.  But I will continue my search.

    I'd appreciate if anyone here has any suggestions

    The new Airport Extreme (renovated) is in my studio/Office - directly connected to our internet broadband wireless (WAN port)

    What is the number and the model of the modem or modem/router that your ISP has provided you?

    Should we assume that you use a Mac with the help of a current or recent operating system?

    If you get out of the Capsule of time and leaves disabled for now, the network AirPort Extreme continue to run at full speed for a few hours and not slow down?

    We ask these questions because we must first confirm that the AirPort Extreme works properly until we can begin to troubleshoot the connection to Time Capsule.

  • Internet connection with XP Pro SP3 and Airport Extreme - possible only Internet with no secruity, WEP - "status is always acquiring network address.

    IMac seen the router and connected flawlessly, Sony Vaio however under secruity always gives me "absorbing the network address", I was looking around and heard xp pro sp3 has problems with wpa2 so I changed the settings for wep on apple Airport extreme and it STILL does not work. If I have no secruity that it picks up the signal from the internet and everything is fine. I tried to update the drivers for the wireless LAN card already, any input would be great

    SOLVED... apparently xp pro sp3 has problems with wpa2, it refuses to connect. I went to settings on extreme airport secruity but wep was not an option, I had to click on OPTION on my MAC keyboard, then click the settings secruity and wep is there, so I removed all the "preferred networks" and restarted the process 'learning' on the vaio and everything's fine. Thanks for all the help, I can get some rest tonight

  • Problems with AirPort Extreme and Qwest Modem/Router.

    I have a Qwest ActionTec 1000 DSL VDSL2 gateway and want to disable the functions of router wireless and those through direct AirPort Extreme. I know that in the Modem I have to disable the functions of addressing and turn them in the AirPort Extreme to avoid address conflicts, but what are the settings I need to change in both devices? And what is "A Transparent bridging" on the side of the modem?

    But what are the settings I need to change in both devices?

    Sorry, we can't help on the settings for the modem/router, because it would be a question of Qwest as to if this is even possible and if so, if Qwest will support this type of installation. Sometimes the ISP lock modem/router settings, and although it seems as if you can change the basic configuration of the unit, you can really.

    Yes, it is possible that another user of Qwest has done with the same modem/router you have and an AirPort Extreme... and may know the answer... but the chances of the person who holds this information also to see this post are slightly above zero. But, I guess it's possible.

    If the modem/router can be configured to operate only as a simple modem, then the next step would be to get your Mac connected directly to the modem to test the connection in this way. If Qwest is going to help you, they will do it no doubt with your Mac connected directly to the "modem" as well.

    Once you know the exact details of the PPPoE authentication to establish a connection, these parameters can be transferred to the AirPort Extreme and removed from your Mac. To do this, you reset the AirPort Extreme back to default and then put settings in place again. The installer should detect the PPPoE connection and then ask for your login information.  After this, the correct settings apply to AirPort Extreme during the installation.  You can still use the same wireless network name and password you used before if you wish, or set up a new network name and password.

    PPPoE on the routers of the airport, at least in my experience, was not a reliable way to connect when I tried this in the past, but you don't really know how well... or even if... it will work until try you it. Unless you really want the airport to distribute IP addresses to devices on your network, things would be a lot more simple if you went ahead and used the modem/router "such what" and then let the airport works in Bridge Mode to transfer information in connection with network devices.

    When you have the modem/router converted to act as a simple modem and made a successful connection using your Mac connected directly to the "modem", post back and we can help with the configuration of the AirPort Extreme if you need more advice.

  • A network that extends with AirPort Extreme is causing Internet failure.

    A network that extends with AirPort Extreme is causing Internet failure.  When I unplug the extreme internet works fine.  What is the problem?  The extreme old used to be the main, but I reset when I bought the new Time Capsule.  Time Capsule is now the principal.  We had extensive network in the House for over a year with no problems until I put the Capsule in the mixture.  Why they arrive as well as the other?

    Is AirPort Extreme 'extension' of the network by wireless connection to the Capsule of time... or... AirPort Extreme connects to time Capsule using an Ethernet cable connection?

  • Airport Extreme and Time Machine

    Two questions:

    I have a 2nd generation (I think) Time machine. Network performance is slow throughout the House. MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, etc. In addition, we have internet high speed ugly (country life). The new Airport Extreme upgrade will speed up my network? Also if I buy AE without Time Machine can I use always current Time Machine for backups and not as a router? Running Mac Mini end of 2014.

    If the seed is limited by your internet provider then a new router will not help.

    Try to connect to a Mac via a cable (Ethernet). That will help determine if update will help your wifi router with internet high speed.

    An Airport Extreme includes NO storage. Apple's time Capsule incorporates an Airport Extreme and a hard drive for storage in a single package/case.

    Even if you bought a time Capsule you sill use your existing storage unit for your Time Machine backup

  • Airport Extreme and Airport Express remove blackheads effectively.  The Eeco seems a better solution.

    Airport Extreme and Airport Express do a bad job to expand the WiFi connection in a House.  The Ethernet port on the Airport Express doesn't seem to work.  The Eeco product seems to have done a better job to extend a Wi - Fi network in a home.

    You posted your comments as an issue. You have a question or a problem that you want to get help related to Apple network so that we can try to help you to?

  • Hi I have cone t to infinity of BT using my AirPort Extreme and Draytek Vigor 130 modem

    HI I went to BT Inifity a few months ago and started using the BT Hub, which accompanies it, now I want to use my AirPort Extreme which I have connected to a modem of 130 Vigor.

    I have reset the MONKEY and connected on 130 Vigor and everything looks fine please see the first photo,.

    However this page will automatically open in my web browser (see second photo)

    Your BT Home Hub is a device of combination modem & router or gateway. Your Vigor 130 is a simple modem. Your ISP is only expected that you have one or the other attached to their Internet service. What is your goal for the AirPort Extreme and what exact model is?

  • AirPort Extreme and airport express bought in Europe will work in the United States?

    AirPort Extreme and airport express bought in Europe will work in the United States?

    Airports will work on 100-240 Volts and 50/60 Hz, so they'll work wise power, about anywhere in the world, assuming that you have a power adapter to change the European plug to a US plug.  A voltage converter is not necessary.

    European wireless operated from 1-13 and the United States channels 1-11, so you will need to make sure that you use 1-11 If you want other users to be able to connect to the wireless signal.

  • Can I connect my HP5580 to Airport Extreme and print wireless?

    I use a MBP early 2011, 2.2 g of 15 "and an Airport Extreme Wi - Fi system.  Can I use my HP5580 connected to my Airport Extreme USB, to print wireless?

    Thanks for your quick response.  I tried the procedure suggested you, but to no avail.   I then started to grope in the different sources of information and stumbled on this after having plugged the computer in Airport Extreme and cycling the unit you have recommended:

    If you are using OS X, go to Apple System Preferences > print & scan remove the printer selected by pressing-, then press on + to add a printer, select the printer even to add it.

    Once I did that, the HP C5580 will appear as connected via usb to an Airport Extreme and it prints like a champ!

    So, you support led me in the right direction - thanks again!

    Bob Fort

  • Problems with the Wi - Fi (Airport Extreme and At & t Uverse questions)


    We used an Airport Extreme with AT & T Uverse to our network wireless successfully since 2010. Recently Uverse sent me a new modem, and our wireless service has taken a turn for the worse. The network has two different wireless Internet for our House. Please let know us how we can solve this problem. We use a Mac, mac laptop 2, iPad 2 & all Iphones 2 are up-to-date with the latest version of the software.


    The AT & T device is a modem/router that provides a signal of wireless network with a name something like ATTa1b3c3d, for example. Your AirPort Extreme also provides a wireless signal by using a wireless network name that you have assigned to the device.

    Thus, it would be normal for you to be able to 'see' the two wireless networks.

    If you don't want to not use the ATT Wireless, just ignore it... or... If you think that it is at the origin of the conflict with the wireless AirPort Extreme, it is possible to turn off wireless on ATT modem/router, so that you only 'sees' the AirPort Extreme network.

    AT & T support can help you in the task of turning off the wireless... or... If you have the number of brand and practical model of modem/router, AT & T, we can try to find an online configuration guide which could provide instructions for this task.

    If you encounter a different kind of problem, please provide details on the problem.

  • Need help to repair the internet connection; Airport extreme and microsoft xp pro

    I have the internet service of Rogers, a Dell laptop with microsoft xp professional and Apple airport extreme. I can't connect to the internet. I tried Apple, Rogers and Microsoft and no one can solve the problem. This has happened once before and Rogers has solved the problem by changing something on the WPA or WPA2 but I don't remember the details and they don't seem to help. We rebooted the router and my pc. I deleted and readded the connection; not good. Someone at - it ideas?

    Hi Julie,.

    1. do you receive an error message or error code?

    2 have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    WPA authenticates users to ensure that only authorized people can access the network. There are two types of WPA authentication: WPA and WPA2. WPA is designed to work with all wireless network cards.

    This problem can occur because settings of Internet connection or drivers, try the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    How to troubleshoot wireless network connections in Windows XP Service Pack 2:

    Method 2:

    This problem can occur if authentication enable IEEE 802. 1 X for this network checkbox is enabled. If this box is checked, but there is no server to authenticate the connection is interrupted. If you turn on the wireless network connection, it disconnects again after a short period.

    To disable authentication IEEE 802. 1 X, follow these steps:

    a. Click Start, type ncpa.cpl, and then press ENTER.

    b. right click on your wireless network connection, then click Properties.

    c. click the wireless networks tab.

    d. under preferred networks, click your wireless network, and then click Properties.

    e. click on the Authentication tab, click to clear the authentication enable IEEE 802. 1 X for this network check box and then click OK twice.

    Refer to the steps in the following Microsoft article.

    Wi - Fi and in Windows network connection issues:

    Keep us updated on the status of the issue.

  • Access airPort Express and Vista Internet problem

    I have an Apple AirPort Extreme Wi - Fi n and although my two Vista Home Premium machines can see and connect to the signal or goes out to the internet. Both IE and Firefox then expire and return with messages of type page is not displayed. I tried WEP, WPA and even disable security does not change this. I have a Mac, two XP machines and a meal, all connect and access the internet. 3-4 hours with Apple support resolved nothing. Any ideas out there? Thanks for any help.


    You did changes to the computer?

    Method 1: See the Microsoft site

    Troubleshoot Internet connection problems.


    Method 2: Clean boot, start the computer start-up in minimal mode and check if the problem persists. How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: to set the computer back to start normally, use the step 7 in the same link.


    Method 3: Disable security software

    Disable any security software and check if the problem persists

    Disable the anti-virus software

    Important note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    I also suggest you to see link below:

  • I just bought an Airport Extreme and try to put in place.  I have Fios cable with a router.  I can not get anything except a blinking orange light.  After reading the instructions, it seems that the problem with the ethernet cable but I

    Must not exceed the flashing orange light.  have tried three ethernet cables to the Fios router.  All thoughts

    What extreme version do you have?

    Test the cables connecting the airport to your Mac with them and see if the ethernet works on Mac. Green connectivity light should go... If it fails, then the AE died.

    Please do a factory reset, then try again.

    Sometimes Mac airport utility works well... If you have the preference or iphone ipad, download and use iOS version airport utility and try it for configuration... It is much less awkward.

Maybe you are looking for