Airport Extreme in Bridge Mode?  What did I want?

I'm AT & T Uverse with Gigapower.  Until today I had 2 networks in my home, the AT & T router then the one I created on my Apple Airport Extreme.

The tech told me that I can implement the airport just mirror or fill the AT & T network.  In this way all devices in the House are on the same network.  In the past, there are times where someone has been connected on the AT & T network, but wanted to print to the printer WiFi, which stood on the Airport network.  We must also be on the Airport network in order to access the iTunes account via the Remote App.  Only, it would be easier if everything was on the same network, and we did not have to worry about switching.

I want to use Airport Extreme to give us better coverage downstairs in the House.  The AT & T router is in a closet on the floor.  The signal is not large in some rooms on the ground floor.

How to make the Airport Bill as a Repeater for the AT & T network?  What is this called bypass surgery?

Thanks in advance for your help and your big brain.


Yes. Plug your Airport Extreme in a spare Ethernet port on the router AT & T. open Airport utility, click on the Airport Extreme, select Edit, select network and the router Mode value: Off (Bridge Mode) and update. Your Airport Extreme is now part of the AT & T network.

p.s. You need to connect a cable Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet of the AT & T to the Airport Extreme router since they are in different places in the House.

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  • How will I know if my airport extreme in bridge mode?

    How will I know if my airport extreme in bridge mode?  My internet provider suggested I check into that and disable the bridge mode for a problem I've had with wireless help all my IP addresses.

    Assuming that you have a current version or recent Mac OS installed on your Mac...

    Open Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility

    Click on the image of the AirPort Extreme

    Click on edit in the window that appears

    Click on the tab at the top of the next page network

    If the router Mode setting = Off (Bridge Mode), then the AirPort Extreme is configured in Bridge mode.

    It's OK for AirPort Extreme setting, unless you want to play with a setting of DHCP and NAT and a network called Double NAT error.  If you do this, AirPort Utility will display a message telling you that the correct setting for the AirPort Extreme is 'off (Bridge Mode).

  • Second Airport Extreme in Bridge mode, ethernet ports does not

    I have two routers, I want to use. The first is a time Capsule (old model 2 TB) connected to a single cable modem. The second is an Airport Extreme (also a little older, the 'flat' last body model until they began to sell towers). Both have the 7.6.4 firmware.

    The problem is that I want to use the second to extend my network, but I don't want to use wifi. I have the second of the WAN port connected via an Ethernet cable to the network served by the time Capsule, but when I launch the extreme in Bridge mode with a Mac Pro plugged into one of the ports ethernet to the extreme, it says it is not connected to the net.

    Y at - there a trick to getting the second router work ports ethernet when used in this way?

    Thanks in advance!

    Deleted message, thread posted by mistake.

  • How can I configure my Airport Extreme in Bridge mode (use the 3rd party router)?

    Data sheet:

    Airport Extreme - v 7.7.7

    Luma Surround Wifi 8

    I recently bought a wifi (luminance) surround system.  It comes with 3 routers that you place around your home.  Unfortunately I still have stains died in my house I'm looking to add my Airport Extreme (AE) to Luma network.  Is it as simple as plug the AE to the network (via Ethernet) and the bridge mode selection in the configuration of EI?

    I can see the AE of my iMac, and it is green.  How do you know that actually extend the wifi of my router Luma range?

    I searched the forum and all messages dealing with this are several years old.

    Thanks for your time...

    Basically, you want to create a mobile network with your Luma and AirPort Extreme routers. As you said, the extreme would need to be connected to the luminance by Ethernet and reconfigured as a bridge.

    In addition, the following are also required on the extreme:

    • Wireless mode: create a wireless network
    • The network name must be the same as that used by the Luma.
    • The type of wireless security and the password must match that of the luminance as well.

    To 'know' that the extreme extends the network of Luma, simply consult the BSSID value in the drop-down of OS X Wi - Fi. It must match the ID of the airport on your base station. Note: You must hold down the option key before clicking on the icon of the free Wi - Fi connection.

  • turn Airport extreme in bridge

    I have Verizon FIOS if it even matters, just bought the airport extreme. How can I configure the extreme up to a bridge.

    Connect an Ethernet cable from one of the four <-->LAN ports on the router FIOS on 'o' WAN port on the AirPort Extreme. This cable must remain in place at all times. Then, click the WiFi icon at the top of the screen of your Mac and click on AirPort Extreme under the title of the new AirPort base station.

    If you use an iPhone or an iPad for configuration... Tap Settings on the home screen, tap WiFi. Tap on AirPort Extreme under the title of the new Station's Base. This illustration below shows an AirPort Express, but you will see AirPort Extreme on your screen.

    Who will get Apple "Assistant" setup running and it will automatically set up correctly for AirPort Extreme, shown below, if you do not have to worry about things like the Bridge Mode.

    Simply fill in the blanks for the name of your network wireless, the name of the AirPort Extreme, password, etc.. Click Next, wait a minute for the complete configuration message and click done.  And you're done.

  • The most convenient airport in Bridge mode lose packets

    Hi all.

    I have an airport extreme with the version of firmware 7.7.7 (later at the time of this announcement). My modem ISP settings are blocked and it is already fixed to make routing/DHCP/Nat, so I use my airport extreme in Bridge mode to avoid the double NAT (it connects connects to the ISP with DHCP router).

    Both the ISP modem/router and Airport extreme are creating two different 'wifi networks", which belong to the same network (

    I can enter each of this Wifi network, obtain an IP address in both cases and start using the internet.

    However, when I use it on my ISP router, everything works perfectly, however, when I use it on the airport network, it fails from time to time.

    If I start ping an external IP address (e.g.:, I've never lost a packet on the network of the ISP router, but I lose packets often on the airport extreme network.

    Also, if I ping the ISP of the airport extreme network router I lose packets from time to time. Sometimes also vice versa. I never lose packets when ping the router whose network providing I'm connected to.

    All the settings on the airport extreme values by default (except that I created an additional network of 5 GHz).

    Can you give us some advice as how to solve the problem? I read somewhere that disable ipv6 connection sharing could solve the problem, but it didn't. Thanks in advance

    If you have the Ethernet cable from your ISP router that is connected to the "O" on the AirPort Extreme WAN port, unplug the cable and plug it into one of the three ports LAN <>- on the airport to see if this will help with the issue.

    However, if you have the Ethernet cable from the ISP router already connected to one of the LAN <>- port on the AirPort Extreme, then you'll need to reset the AirPort Extreme back to default settings and then set up again.

    If you have any further questions, the Airport extreme is defective and must be replaced.

  • Airport Extreme network orientation parameters

    Here is our network (diagram below) configuration:

    Internet is available through a pass by modem cable to the Sonic Wall set with a static IP address. The wall of sound, we have a port to a point of cradle that is not with a static IP and gives on a totally different range of the IPS via DHCP to our POS. Another port of the Sonic Wall, I had going to the WAN port on our new airport extreme. I have a switch with some control machines connected to the Airport extreme via an ethernet cable. All devices connected via wifi or hard cable with Airport extreme are placed for IPS via DHCP.

    I am trying to configure parameters on a new device extreme airport our Wi - Fi to my company. We recently had some problems of internet connectivity for a minute or two at a time and I wonder if it could be some sort of conflict of IP address or if it was just a failure of the internet that did not affect the status of the modem lights cable (all were green = connected). Brief history: the most extreme airport on a port of our Sonic wall with the airport extreme is default DHCP and NAT (he gave me the orange light, and he suggested that I put it in Bridge mode). Internet in all of our network seemed to work very well, so I just left it alone.

    30 days later we have a brief interruption in internet connectivity with our credit card processing POS two days in a row for a minute or two of. After the second case, we shut down the extreme airport just in case that was causing our problem. I had a technician COMPUTER down and he suggested I put the airport with a static IP (x.x.7.80) outside the range of IP addresses of our wall router Sonic DHCP-range (let's say it was x.x.7.100 - x.x.7.252) he has been giving and then configured the network settings for DHCP LAN only Airport (I used x.x.7.10 - x.x.7.70) with a range that doesn't overlap the IP of the Sonic Wall range. Part of the confusion, I had during the configuration of the airport was if I needed to plug in our Sonic Wall static IP address in the 'router' address and if I needed to use the DNS servers that appeared in the Sonic Wall settings (I thought he was shooting at those of the cable company). After you make these changes, I got a green light on the airport and the connection was working fine when tested. The next day, we had another interruption of connectivity where our treatment card and internet from WIFI got interrupted. I unplugged the power of WIFI and it seemed that our POS network has begun to process cards normally again.

    The point side cradle of the network is to grasp what IP the sonic wall gives him and give the address on a completely different system that is used in the other part of the network. Another question would be if I can just put the Airport extreme to DHCP mode under the 'Internet' parameter and go to the bridge on "Network" setting Mode I don't know how the bridge Mode would affect our network. I'm not wanting to do anything on the side POS (point of cradle) which is rather difficult with someone like me who is not an expert. Any thoughts are appreciated to help me resolve this issue.

    Brief history: the most extreme airport on a port of our Sonic wall with the airport extreme is default DHCP and NAT (he gave me the orange light, and he suggested that I put it in Bridge mode). Internet in all of our network seemed to work very well, so I just left it alone.

    There are two schools of thought on this.  The traditional method (better, in my opinion) would have the AirPort Extreme, put in place in Bridge Mode... Since you already have another router... (the Sonic Wall device which is upstream of your network)... providing routing services.

    Although you might be able to make a network work well with two different devices acting both as of the routers on the network, it complicates things, adds another firewall to the network, and also produces a base called Double NAT network error.

    Sometimes you can get away with a Double NAT error on a simple network, but the double layers of NAT may cause some unpredictable problems. The usual problem is slower navigation, or you will not be able to access some Web sites.  Network devices may not communicate reliably, or communicate at all in some cases.

    This is why Apple software configuration you advise to set up AirPort Extreme in bridge... Mode to fix the Double NAT error. This type of configuration simplifies your network... Since one device will put a router... not two.

    In recent years in particular, we have seen some tips on forums that goes against the rules of traditional networking.  These people that it is OK to have two devices both try to act as routers to the same network... and to 'ignore' the Double NAT error on the network.

    It's interesting tips, since the Apple software advises you avoid having a Double NAT on the network... and some advanced features like Back to My Mac specifically Apple advise to avoid a Double NAT error on the network.  If you have a console online game and you want to play interactively on Internet, you already know that a Double NAT error will not allow this.

    My suggestion would be so... If you have not already tried it... to set up the AirPort Extreme in Bridge Mode.  Apple calls this setting off (Bridge Mode)... which simply means that routing services are turned 'Off' Mode bridge.

    You can still assign a static to AirPort Extreme IP address, if you want, but the devices that are connected to the AirPort Extreme will receive the Sonic Wall router network IP addresses... Since the airport acts as a simple device to "go" when he returns and in Bridge Mode.

  • Network of comments Airport Extreme (7.7.3) has stopped working

    Our network of comments Airport Extreme (7.7.3) has stopped working.  We moved offices and even if my MacBook Air (13-inch mid-2013, El Capitan 10.11.3) can see the two networks, the option of comments does not connect to internet at all.  I did a reset of the Airport (essentially started above) and always the option of comments does not connect.  All software are up to date.  AAACCCKKKKK!

    You probably had AirPort Extreme to the old office set up as a router to provide DHCP and NAT services for the network.

    Now, the AirPort Extreme in the new offices may have probably been implemented in Bridge Mode to work correctly with the "new" network  If this is the case, then the guest network will not work correctly when the AirPort Extreme in Bridge Mode.

    Check this option as follows:

    Open Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility

    Click on the image of the AirPort Extreme

    Click on edit in the window that appears

    Click on the network at the top of the next window tab

    Check the settings for the router Mode.  Is is "Off (Bridge Mode).

    If so, the guest network is unable to function properly in this environment.

  • Thinking of adding Airport Extreme for Google Fiber

    Hello world. Wanted to start a new question related to Google fiber... slightly different from the issue of Back2Mac earlier.

    I just Google fiber. House is wired throughout with CAT6. Wired connection works fine. Wireless is great, sometimes, but do not receive the beach or the consistency we want.

    Can I add an Airport Extreme, hard connected to the Google fiber network box (which is a router, "PNG" for short) and everything work well and be safe?

    There is a lot of information out there, but most are very technical and I think talking to try to take the PNG of the equation all together. I don't need or want to do. Looking to replace PNG with a wireless Airport Extreme wireless. I think that all that I have to connect the Airport Extreme to PNG by wire, set the Airport Extreme in Bridge mode and "create a wireless network" and disable wireless of PNG.

    I have not bought the Airport Extreme and wouldn't bother, if it will be technically above my head. I've seen many references to static port forwarding, DMZ, IP, etc.. Are there others that should be configured to secure my installation? In addition, the activity of the network of wired and wireless devices will share work together (for example, iPhone wireless to AppleTV wired antenna)?

    Thank you and appreciate any help anyone has for a novice with little network experience!

    Connect an Ethernet cable from one of the ports on the fibre-optic LAN <>router - port WAN "O" on the AirPort Extreme.

    Turn AirPort Extreme for a minute or two.

    Click the WiFi menu at the top of the screen on your Mac and are looking for a list of new AirPort base station.

    Click on AirPort Extreme just below this list.

    Who will get the facility operational Apple "Wizard". It will take a few seconds to analyze the network, and then display a screen similar to the example below, except that you will see a picture of the AirPort Extreme.

    Name of the network... Type a short and simple name that you want to call the wireless network

    Base station... Enter a device name short and simple that you want to use for AirPort Extreme

    Password... Type a password that will be used for the wireless network and a base station

    Check... Type the same password to confirm

    Click next

    The "Wizard" will configure everything for you automatically. ... then you don't have to worry about things like the 'bridge', 'security' mode or other parameters.

    When you see the message Setup is complete, click done, and you're done.

  • Airport Extreme is not able to join the network

    I'm trying to implement a repurposed Airport extreme in Bridge mode. Before, I was always able to use the "join the network" option, but now it only gives me the option to create, expand or inactive. I have a model a1521 (6th generation) that I have as my main router. I also have an express airport of old I have in Bridge mode. I am trying to add the a1143 (3rd generation) to the right network and put it in Bridge mode. Is intended to be used as a wireless print server until I can move my printer and the 6th gen at the same location. This option has been removed? am just missing something?

    Apple has removed the option "Register" for the AirPort Extreme (and Time Capsule) when it introduced version 6.x of the AirPort with Lion (10.7.3) utility about 3 years ago.

    If you have... or you can borrow for 15-20 minutes... a former Mac under Leopard (10.5.x) or Snow Leopard (10.6.x), or a PC with the utility AirPort for Windows installed on the device... you might be able to manually configure the old A1143 AirPort Extreme to 'join' the network using a version 5.x of AirPort Utility.

  • How to configure DynDNS for camera IP with Airport Extreme?

    Hello... I recently bought an airport extreme 6th gen.

    I have an IP camera installed on my cabin, which I would like to access remotely for security reasons.

    My internet provider does not have a fixed IP address, so I need to be able to access my camera, even if my IP address changes.

    I understand that I must install a Dyn DNS, but I can't seem to set it up on my airport extreme.

    Is it possible to do?  If not, is there any IP camera on the market that is completely compatible with Airport Extreme for remote access?

    DynDNS don't think you can do this with an Airport Extreme>

    If you have another computer in the cabin, you can then run a DynDNS update utility on this computer.

    If not, perhaps you should consider a different router for the cabin.  You could put the Airport Extreme in Bridge mode and still use it.

  • How can I configure my Airport Express to mesh with new cable modem bridge mode?

    Time Warner sent me a new cable modem and my Airport express still flashing orange light. How can I configure the Airport express in bridge mode?

    You can simply do using AirPort Utility on your iMac or iPhone, as follows:

    • Run the AirPort Utility.
    • Select the AirPort Express Terminal and then, select change.
    • For a Mac:
      • On the network tab, change the router Mode to: Off (bridge Mode)
      • Select to update and allow the base station restart.
    • For an iOS device:
      • Select Advanced > DHCP and NAT
      • Change the router Mode to: Off (bridge Mode)
      • Select done and allow the base station restart.

  • Apple Airport Extreme and new FIOS router - problem

    Hello, I have an Apple Airport Extreme 802.11n base station, which worked well with a Comcast router.  When you set up with Comcast router, I set the router to comcast to bridge and the Airport Extreme has done all the work as the main router. When I switched to Verizon FIOS today, I get the typical mistake of NAT double (that I did with the Comcast before configuring the router to Comcast to bridge).  However, the tech support guy FIOS said that was not an option, so he set up my Airport Extreme in bridge - router off mode mode.  This really live to the top incoming access using SSH, Timbuktu or the Apple screen sharing, given that I can't assign fixed IP addresses to the computers on my network and can not use the Airport Utility Network Port settings to open "pipes" for a particular computer.  In addition, I'm more comfortable using Airport Extreme, rather than things FIOS. Someone at - it other than enter Comcast suggestions?

    I did a search and didn't see a post on this in the discussion forum.  Thank you

    What is the brand and model of your router Verizon? Verizon provides you with administrator access to it to allow you to make changes?

  • Problems with AirPort Extreme and Qwest Modem/Router.

    I have a Qwest ActionTec 1000 DSL VDSL2 gateway and want to disable the functions of router wireless and those through direct AirPort Extreme. I know that in the Modem I have to disable the functions of addressing and turn them in the AirPort Extreme to avoid address conflicts, but what are the settings I need to change in both devices? And what is "A Transparent bridging" on the side of the modem?

    But what are the settings I need to change in both devices?

    Sorry, we can't help on the settings for the modem/router, because it would be a question of Qwest as to if this is even possible and if so, if Qwest will support this type of installation. Sometimes the ISP lock modem/router settings, and although it seems as if you can change the basic configuration of the unit, you can really.

    Yes, it is possible that another user of Qwest has done with the same modem/router you have and an AirPort Extreme... and may know the answer... but the chances of the person who holds this information also to see this post are slightly above zero. But, I guess it's possible.

    If the modem/router can be configured to operate only as a simple modem, then the next step would be to get your Mac connected directly to the modem to test the connection in this way. If Qwest is going to help you, they will do it no doubt with your Mac connected directly to the "modem" as well.

    Once you know the exact details of the PPPoE authentication to establish a connection, these parameters can be transferred to the AirPort Extreme and removed from your Mac. To do this, you reset the AirPort Extreme back to default and then put settings in place again. The installer should detect the PPPoE connection and then ask for your login information.  After this, the correct settings apply to AirPort Extreme during the installation.  You can still use the same wireless network name and password you used before if you wish, or set up a new network name and password.

    PPPoE on the routers of the airport, at least in my experience, was not a reliable way to connect when I tried this in the past, but you don't really know how well... or even if... it will work until try you it. Unless you really want the airport to distribute IP addresses to devices on your network, things would be a lot more simple if you went ahead and used the modem/router "such what" and then let the airport works in Bridge Mode to transfer information in connection with network devices.

    When you have the modem/router converted to act as a simple modem and made a successful connection using your Mac connected directly to the "modem", post back and we can help with the configuration of the AirPort Extreme if you need more advice.

  • Implementation of Airport extreme with the same SSID

    My House has very thick walls and so I run a Cat5 cable for a number of rooms and installed an Airport Extreme for everyone to create a local WiFi network.

    For the moment, each creates its own wi fi network which is very good for connecting phones, tablets and laptops but I'm trying to connect some SONOS devices and they are not find each other so not a link to the main controller of SONOS.

    SONOS support suggests that if I could get the extremes of the airport on the same SSID, which should help you because they would all be network extensions and so devices would be able to find each other.

    I tried making them all extensions of the network wi fi router but can't see not in the options when I select "Extend an existing network", although on my iPad, I can see wi fi network to the router where the Airport Extreme is so too, it is wired to the router would have thought it should be possible to make all the extensions of a single network.  Research in the community, it seems that the airport is unable to extend a wifi network not Apple, but I could at least get all the airports on the same SSID can help.  I also tried to set up airports so they all extend the network, but they do not see each other because they are too far away.

    I'm not an expert in network management, I understand bits having to solve problems earlier, but if there is there advice or suggestions of the community that would be great

    Thank you


    You choose to extend a network when the incoming signal is wifi. What you need is a "mobile network". Simply connect each airport to the router by ethernet and network with the same SSID and password than the original. Reset the airports so that they put in place from the new so that they detect the arrangement and get into bridge mode - you do not want to provide the IP numbers, you want the home router to do and airports to pass.

    See this page and scroll down to "Roaming Network (Wi - Fi connected base stations)':"

    Wi - Fi base stations: extend the reach of your network wireless by adding additional base stations Wi - Fi - Apple Suppo...

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