Airport network - difficulty to its replacement by a component of roaming

I have a roaming (ethernet) Airport network.

Cables/modems (UBEE of TW) - Airport Extreme - out ports WAN on Time Capsule and Airport Express (also connected directly to the radio). Configuration, as far as I know, conforms to Wi - Fi base stations: how to install and configure AirPort Express for AirPlay and iTunes - Apple support>

The Airport express was old and keep people with their streaming music dropped. So I had a new Terminal Airport Express 802.11n.

I can add it to the network - but as soon as I do, the internet connection goes down. When I remove it, the internet connection is up.

I can't understand what could be the problem; the old Airport Express does not cause this problem with the internet connection.

I'm under El Capitan.



This type of problem occurs when the Express is first set up to connect to the network using Wireless... .and then the Ethernet connection is applied. In other words, the Express waiting for a wireless connection but it also gets an Ethernet connection... and this creates a massive feedback loop that effectively blocks the network.

Please, try the following:

Turn on the Express for a minute or two

Maintain in the reset on the back of the Express button until you see the yellow light starts to Flash quickly, hold a few seconds when it occurs, and then release the reset button. Give the Express a full minute to restart again.

Make sure that Ethernet network cable is connected to the "O" on the Express WAN port

Click the WiFi icon at the top of the screen of the Mac, and then click directly on the AirPort Express Terminal to start the configuration "Wizard". The first screen that appears resembles the illustration below, except that you will see your devices and the network name is displayed.

Type a short and simple name that you want to use for the Express

Click next

Now, look at the following screen to confirm that the Express is set up to extend using Ethernet. It is the confirmation that the Express will be configured correctly.

When you see the message Setup is complete, click done.  And you're done.

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  • Invited with 2 airports network expansion

    I have a Time Capsule 802.11ac (used a router with DHCP and NAT) and an extreme recently added as an extension of the network.

    I configured the extreme through the Airport utility to expand the networks via a connection time Capsule wireless net of ether. I have configured the router out of the box with the utility Airport a few weeks ago and everything seemed ok. When the update to Airport utility and Firmware was released this week I updated the two airports (now at 7.7.7) and Airport utility.

    Who broke the network extended comments. In my opinion, he was working before the update, but it was not much used. After the update, the primary network of comments Time Capsule airport operating normally as before. But when it connects to the network invited by the extreme mode bridge, my devices that all get a self assigned IP. Apparently, broken updates bypass DHCP.

    I have reset the extreme at the defaults and it reconfigured several times with Airport utility, but it still does not work.

    To summarize the network is Time Capsule (DHCP and NAT) with the network comments-> Extreme (bridge with network feedback mode) connected by ethernet. The main wireless network works on the two airports. The distance between the Airpotrts is 3 floors and about 60 feet, so that they do not interfere with each other and the networks may be extended wireless only via ethernet.

    Has anyone another considering also occur after the recent updates? Before?

    I contacted Apple support, and so far, they are puzzled. The technicians were not very familiar with the expansion of network of comments and intensified the issue to engineering. I believe that the recent update may have caused the problem, but not sure.

    I solved this problem. When you use Ethernet, you must have a direct Ethernet connection between airport expansion and airport router (no switch between the two). Now comments from both airports network functions.

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  • Airport network problem

    Today I started having problems with my home network that worked for a couple of years now without any problems. The network is based on a 5th Gen Time capsule as the main with a router number of secondary devices providing a roaming throughout my home network that is to say a 2nd Time Capsule Gen, 2nd Gen Airport Express and 1 st Gen Airport Express all connected by ethernet. The problem my wife initially reported that its Macbook Air was not connected to the internet. When I used the Airport utility to see what is going on he has reported that all secondary devices cannot be found. At the same time, I found that my MacBook and our iPhones and an iPad where no connection to our wifi. I said to THE forget secondary devices and then tried to switch the power to them to see if they would then appear in Airport utility, but without success. If I turn on secondary devices that they do not appear in UA. If I try to use configure other... in UA to access secondary devices it does not appear to be able to communicate with them.

    I don't know if it's relevant or not, but I remember that, on 21 August, I discovered that Time Machine did not all backups since 15 August and I restarted the primary time capsule by activating / deactivating the power. Since then, Time Machine seems to work very well.

    The main time Capsule is set to use back to my Mac.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Apple has had some recent problems with Back to My Mac, which seem to have been resolved, but still there may be consequences.

    For now, please turn off Back to My Mac on the Time Capsule and let all other airports shut down.

    Check that devices can connect to the Capsule of time properly, and that backups are properly trigger.

    Once it's done... and assuming that the devices can connect at the same time Capsule correctly... Turn on only other airports and check to see if the devices can connect to the airport "extended" and also if it will appear in AirPort Utility.

    If so, then start another airport and test the same way.  Continue to turn on airports and tests as you go.

    If the entire network is power back up and running new and get the rear Capsule and work as well as your main Mac. Back to My Mac to reactivate and check that devices can connect to properly Time Capsule.  Then, turn the other airports, one at a time to check each of them before you turn on the other.

    However, if one of the other airports will not work properly or it does not appear in AirPort Utility, then you have to stop at this point and after return.

  • Airport network guess without the access control list.

    In fact, on the page AirPort base stations: on the guest network feature, Apple write this:

    "If enabled, access control lists will be applied to both the main Wi - Fi network and the network of comments. If you use Access Control Lists, you will need to add your comments network clients to the list so that they can join. »

    I think that on previous versions of the airport, it was possible to use the network to guess without the access control list.

    The idea is that only the (primary) private network should use this access control list.

    The network presupposes that is give for direct and temporary access (not necessary to access Airport utility, ask your friend and note its Mac address, restart the resort from the airport... for every friend who invited you to home)!

    Is there a workaround resolution?

    Unless you have set up a default rule 'No access' in the timed access settings, then it is not necessary to set up a rule for each "guest." Just give them the password for the network of comments and they will be able to access the network.

    IF... you have set a default rule 'No access' in the timed access settings, then you must also configure a rule for each device that you want to allow to connect with the settings for the time that the device is allowed to access the network.

  • Device dropped offline to the Airport network


    My Genesis 3 iPad was connected to the net one night and the next morning was not.  Check my AirPort Extreme shows current update and Internet connection on all other devices (10).  The wi - fi address is listed and shows the 'excellent' connection, but the orange dot feared to the internet.  I restarted the airport and iPad so much that reset the network on the iPad.

    The iPad connects to the network through the personal hotspot on my phone.

    Thanks for any help

    The point of 'orange' would indicate that there is a problem with the connection to the Internet from the router or the modem.

    I suggest that you try to perform a new round of full power of your network hardware to try to solve this problem. Check out the following Tip of an airport users for more details on how to do it. Note: You can skip the part to accomplish a 'default' reset on the base station to this point. Please post back your results.

  • Critical Airport network functionality can be enabled to provide access to printers, Apple TV, music player?

    Hello friends,

    Apple documentation says that the network comments feature may be enabled to provide access to users invited to use Internet and restrict them from all the resources of the network.

    I'm curious to know since Apple tags invited with the id VLAN network traffic can something like 1003, guest users will be available still use printers, Apple TV and Hi-Fi connected to the network main Airport via the configuration of the airport utility wireless?

    Thank you

    No, it's all the sense of the guest network... not the LAN access... in the case otherwise you may as well give them full access. Once they access the system printer and music they can access everything.

  • Multi airports network problem

    I have an acting express airport as my internet gateway / firewall/router for 5 other airports that are each the clipping value. It works fine for a while but on a regular basis one or more additional airports gets 'out of sync' and needs to be reset to restore the functioning of connections wifi devices. All airports are 'green', even when not give ip addresses to wireless devices. Each airport has a static outside the DHCP range, but compatible with the network ip address. Each has identical wireless, security and bridge settings. I eventually addresses DHCP or router set in a way that is not ideal for consistent operation? See the screenshots below (1 global configuration, two are the "fiber" gateway/DHCP airport, two are from one of the additional airports):

    It is apparent from the first screenshot that all the base stations are connected to the "fiber" by Ethernet, except 'the barn stables', which seems to be connected by radio to the base station "barn." Is this correct?

    The 2nd generation AirPort Express stations base having only two Ethernet ports, you also use Ethernet switches into your current network configuration? If so, where they are placed in this global configuration?

    What is the brand and model of the Internet modem or gateway that you have the base station "fiber" connected to Ethernet?

    Finally, your needs networking requires a network of comments as well running?

  • Extend an AirPort network

    Hi, I have several devices from the Airport (1 airport Time Capsule 'version 7.7.7', 2 Airport extreme 'version 7.7.7' and 3 airport expresses 'version 7.6.7') that I use in our House. Latest generation.

    My problem is that when I want to expand coverage, I connect directly to the main Airport base station. It's not send me good results because the main access point is located at one end of the House.

    Here's what I want to do:

    Call the main base station (1), and an airport extreme (2) and an Airport Express (3).

    Currently 2 extends 1, and I can't make 3 extend 2. Is there a way for 3 to extend 2? Even if I lose the network wireless on 3, that all I need is to connect using ethernet.

    Currently 2 extends 1, and I can't make 3 extend 2. Is there a way for 3 to extend 2?

    No, not in the sense that Wireless devices will be able to connect to 3.  Wireless devices will be connected to the 2. Another way of saying the same thing is that a network can not be extended twice wireless, the network can be extended only once. Please see this quote from Apple of an Apple support document to confirm:

    Important note

    If another extended ➋ terminal of Wi - Fi is placed between primary ➊ Terminal Wi - Fi and the prolonged use of Wi - Fi base station ➌, the ➌ extended station basic Wi - Fi will allow not guests to join her. All extended Wi - Fi base stations must be direct scope of station primary base of Wi - Fi

    Even if I lose the network wireless on 3, that all I need is to connect using ethernet.

    Implement the 3 AirPort Express to "join a wireless network", not "extend a wireless network. When the AirPort Express Terminal "attached" to a wireless network, it will not provide additional wireless coverage, but the LAN Ethernet on the Express ports are enabled, then it is possible to connect any Ethernet device to the network in this way, use the Express for AirPlay, or connect a compatible USB printer. Here, I assume that you have the latest version of the Express A1392, or the previous version of A1264.

  • Diagnose/improve the wireless Airport network

    I'm no expert on wifi networks, but try to improve ours.

    I have an Airport Extreme, connected to a modem of the Charter down.

    Upstairs, in my office, that I have an Airport Express with a printer connected via USB.

    I think I Express correctly configured to expand or develop, or whether the network.

    My MB Air is sitting on a desk about 7 feet to Express in my office.

    If I connect to the Express via Ethernet to the MB Air USB connector, my download speed is about 65 MB/s, download about 4 MB/s and the Ping on 31ms.

    If I connect via wifi, download is about 20 Mb/s and the stay of the upload and the same ping.

    Make sense?

    Anything to improve the wifi?

    When websites take a long time to react and fill the page, what is the download or ping, or both?

    Thanks in advance for all the education on wifi. Enjoy.

    Make sense?

    Makes perfect sense.  First, we assume that the Express extends the network by connecting using wireless back to AirPort Extreme, correct?

    When you "extend" with only a wireless connection and connect using wireless on your Mac, you will generally lose about half or more the speed on the network.

    Why? The wireless should make a "leap" in Airport Extreme for the AirPort Express. He must then make a second "hop" of the AirPort Express using Mac wireless. It will take a lot of overhead or bandwidth.

    When your Mac is connected directly to the AirPort Express Terminal, the wireless is only to make a "leap", so find you speed or bandwidth that is lost when the Mac connects to the Express on a second Wireless 'hop '.

    You want to improve your network?  Connect terminal AirPort Express to the AirPort Extreme, using a wired Ethernet cable connection.  There is no loss of speed of the signal through the cable... until approximately 325 feet or 100 meters... so the Express receives a signal of full speed... rather than a slower wireless signal... because the wireless signal slows the other he has to travel and also slows down if it encounters obstructions in the signal path... like a wall or a ceiling.

    When websites take a long time to react and fill the page, what is the download or ping, or both?

    Could be both, but is usually a DNS problem. Try to use the Open DNS servers or the servers of Google to see if things improve. In general, the DNS servers are better than those that use your Internet service provider.

  • How the name of your AirPort network expanded

    I set up my AirPort Express for wireless extend my AirPort Extreme wireless network, but there are a few things that are not clear.

    1. must / can the Wan have a different name?

    2. which network you connect to?  The original network or Wan name?    If this is the original name, so how do your devices know to use the network regular extended vs.

    1. must / can the Wan have a different name?

    It cannot have a different name if you use to extend the wireless network.  See this thread for more information:

    Possible to give Airport wifi extender name custom wifi?

    2. which network you connect to?  The original network or Wan name?    If this is the original name, so how do your devices know to use the network regular extended vs.

    The theory here is that devices will connect to the airport with the signal stronger. The theory works well with Mac, but not so well with computers and mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad.

    Plan to temporarily cut off the WiFi when you move a PC or a mobile device from one area to another area which will be closer to another airport. Then, turn the WiFi and the device will usually meet the most powerful signal of the nearest airport.

  • Apple airport network problems

    Hi, I have a network that worked for a while, but has stopped! My main internet connection arrives on a new time capsule airport which also set up the wireless network, I have an other time capsule and an express airport connected by ethernet to extend the network and add the network wireless to other areas and adding printers. I also have 2 several base stations of the airport to add a wireless access and wireless printing. I just added the ethernet connections to the other capsule of time and the Airport express. All additional elements of the airport which the second capsule are all set to extend the wireless network and all have their channels set to automatic. I'm losing access to the base stations and the network keeps dropping out. I wonder if I need to change the setting on the devices that are connected via ethernet? I used ethernet as the stall kept wireless signal. Do I go about this good sense is there a better way to ensure that I have good signal all over for the wireless so having 2 x backup and wireless printing? Any help / advice appreciated.

    I just added the ethernet connections to the other capsule of time and the Airport express.

    And, when you did... do you have your remember to first reset the Time Capsule and AirPort Express back to default settings... then... establish the Ethernet... and then... reconfigure the devices 'extend through Ethernet?

    IF... the Time Capsule and AirPort Express were previously configured to "Extend a wireless network"... as you enter... and you simply added the Ethernet connection to devices... This will create a massive feedback loop and crash efficiently your network.

  • An Amazon fire TV Stick can join a wireless Airport network?

    An Amazon fire TV Stick can connect to the internet via an Apple Airport WiFi network?

    It should work... but I strongly encourage you to get rid of the names of apple...

    Use all the names that are short, without spaces and pure alphanumeric characters.<10 characters.="" do="" not="" use="" apple="" recommended="">

    Also, use changes to comply with the above... but may be > 10 characters if you are paranoid.

    Still have questions try locking channels 2,4 ghz to use no security just to test... If he still refuses to connect when other clients in the same place can then you are facing a more serious problem.

  • Target RT Apply network settings: an its own adjustable cRIO IP address...

    Was looking for a way to port 1 IP address of a target it cRIO setting ' self - progammatically

    (1) without having to know that delivered such intellectual property

    (2) and without having to know as shipped MAC ID

    Get info target works very well with the loopback address so I undbundle the MAC ID and use it to apply settings target. What mistakes on 56.

    NI_Real-Time Libraries.lvlib:FPC Discover systems (all interfaces).vi
    Complete call chain:
         NI_Real-Time Libraries.lvlib:FPC Discover systems (all interfaces).vi
         NI_Real-Time Libraries.lvlib:RT Apply Target Network Settings (Static).vi:1

    Apply works very well when I provide the MAC ID of the target, then run it on the development computer. But I was trying to avoid having to save the MAC ID.

    I wanted to have all cRIO it's own initialization IP address - and retrieve the address of a file of gxml.

    Is this possible?


    If you look at the second link I posted, it talking about going into the .ini file and change the IP address it. I think this method could be made of the cRIO itself; However, in general, we recommend having the cRIO put its own ip address. I guess that's why the error 'Apply network settings' VI. The cRIO having set its own IP address can be problematic if it is attached to something that the computer is unable to find. Good luck!

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    When you try to do it now, Beats can reinstall itself even if I use the generic driver from Realtek... Is it possible to prevent this? Or is my only hope to sell this laptop and buy another brand?

    Thanks in advance.


    Edition all the old driver sound

    install the new

Maybe you are looking for

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