Airport the Time Capsule Configuration for desktop?

I have an airport Time Capsule that I use for support and wireless connectivity to the top of my MacBook Pro.  I have a PC connected to the time Capsule of internet access to the desktop PC.  Is it possible to set up backups from the PC to the time Capsule?


Usually the time Capsule storage drive is formatted for use with OS X.

As the old time Capsule (Time Machine backups) are crushed

by the software as they go obsolete or when runs out of storage space, a

Backup of Windows files on the same unit would not be a good idea.

If the 'PC' indicates that your desktop under OS X, then it would

be able to make backups of the other Mac software Time Machine

and the total capacity of the unit of the time Capsule may be mitigated by

the addition of claims on this other machine for the ability of autonomy.

What is the storage of Time Capsule? I'd look for a separate device

backup of a Windows system; However if a Mac running Windows, it

may be possible to set something up for its operating system, other backup players.

Here is an old source, but good for some information on OS X

and Time Machine (and time capsule)

• Apple OS X and Time Machine tips:

Maybe someone who has set up a workaround for Windows backup solution

(separate drive, perhaps connected to Time Capsule/AirPort extreme)?

can answer; that there is an extremely useful contributors in this area.

Good luck & happy computing!

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  • Can I use the Time Capsule wireless for multiple computers without using it as a router?

    I am looking for an external backup for 2 computers drive.  I have a desktop iMac and MacBook Air.  I like the idea of being able to back up my MacBook Air wireless, but I need to make sure that it will work the way I need to.

    I already have a wireless router that works well for me, I don't need the time Capsule to act as a router. I'm just needing a wireless backup drive.  So, the question is, can I use the only time Capsule as a storage device for backup of wifi or do I also have to use it as a wifi router?  My fear is that the router service is not as good as the router, I currently have.  I live in a big House of 2 floors, making it very difficult to receive a strong signal throughout the House.

    can I use time Capsule only as a backup wireless storage device or do I also have to use it as a wifi router?

    Time Capsule need to connect to your router/modem existing using wired Ethernet wired, permanent.

    If you plan to use the time Capsule to back up your Mac with the help of the application Time Machine on every Mac, the Mac will have to save on the wireless signal Time Capsule for the process to be officially supported by Apple.

    While it is possible to turn off wireless on the Time Capsule and try to save it to your existing wireless network... and it pourrait work... but there will be no Apple support backup problems... so it would be a good idea to plan to use Time Capsule wireless backup purposes.

  • I have a new time capsule airport. How to limit the search for who can use the time capsule backup process?

    I have a new time capsule airport. How to limit the search for who can use the time capsule backup process?

    Set a password to disk... disk tab in the utility... and just give to those you want to use the TC...

  • How can I configure Time Capsule 3 to and Motorola NVG589 to access the Time Capsule backup drive?

    I have ATT Uverse service and am ok with the performance of the WiFi of the NVG589. I want to configure my Time Capsule 3 to extend the network and be able to access the drive for backups Time Machine. I think I am following the steps in Airport utility, but once installation is complete I can find is no longer the time Capsule.

    I want to configure my Time Capsule 3 to extend the network

    The time Capsule cannot "extend" the network Uverse using a wireless connection, if that's maybe what you're trying to do. The time Capsule can only wireless "extend" the signal of another router from Apple.

    The Capsule can be configured to extend the network to Uverse if it is connected permanently... anytime... to the Uverse router using a connection through wired Ethernet cable.

    Please specify on what you're trying to accomplish, so that we can provide the correct steps.

  • Airport Extreme, Time Capsule best practices configuration

    I searched for articles showing exactly what are the settings that I would see in my Airport Extreme Time Capsule. I put in place of the years before, but more recently WIFI was slow or choked several times a day. Our internet service provider recently upgraded its network, even though they claim that any slowdown is not their problem. I made sure the Time Machine backups do not cause them selfs. The Capsule is connected via CAT5 to the modem. All devices can connect wirelessly to the network.

    Base Station name is unique. Network is not hidden. Password is super strong. Wireless security is WPA/WPA2 Personal, just in case the older devices need to connect. In the window of the wireless Options, 5 GHz network name is disabled. 2.4 and 5 GHz channels is set to automatic. Router mode network is DHCP and NAT.

    I don't know if we're even using the 5 GHz mode. I want to make sure that we are optimizing on the installer. Any help is very appreciated.

    Wireless security is WPA/WPA2 Personal

    It's bad... AC is optimized to WPA2 and you will suffer significant slow down with WPA1. Even if your TC is former model Wireless N, that customers with AC wireless cards will not work as well.

    Use an AP gradually charge for older clients N or G... almost nothing today will be limited to the WPA1 unless it is very old and very slow.

    Name of the 5 GHz network is unchecked. 2.4 and 5 GHz channels is set to automatic. Router mode network is DHCP and NAT.

    The Apple 2.4 ghz speed limit... and always have.

    You will get the wrong speed on 2.4 ghz and is therefore the only way to improve the speed force customers to 5 GHz that can usefully use it.

    Check the 5 GHz range and give it a different name for the principal name wireless... It's the only way you can force clients to use the 5 GHz.

    How old and exactly which model is the TC? The base A1xxx please if you do not know.

    Age affects things. Routers wireless for some reason any servant of quality have a service life of about 3 years... the TC is actually worse than average... being more stressed to the load of the hard drive.

    I made sure the Time Machine backups do not cause them selfs.

    You actually turn off TM? Sometimes the TM always works, even when people think it's the start.

    more recently WIFI was slow or choked several times per day

    It's what I expected with TM still working on a computer.

  • Is it possible to use express Airport and Time Capsule both as two Wifi-repeaters at the same time?


    I have a time Capsule from the airport. I use it for my back ups and he repeats my wifi in the House (bottom).

    Now I need a Repeater wifi upstairs. I think to buy Airport Express. I will connect the Airport express with a Lan connection on the floor. And then I would also have wifi on the floor.

    But is it possible to use the time Capsule Airport express airport and at the same time: two repeaters-wifi?

    1. I have a Fritz! Box router / wifi (we called wifi Fritz! box)

    2. I have a time Capsule airport / wifi Repeater (we called the turtle wifi)

    3 and now I want Airport express on the floor for the wifi upstairs (another name for this wifi?)

    Is this possible?

    Before I had used TP-link (in socket), but it works for a few months.

    Thank you for your help and advice.

    2. I have a time Capsule airport / wifi Repeater (we called the turtle wifi)

    I think that your terminology wrong... the TC cannot work as a Repeater in the Frtiz.

    I think that you have done is connect via ethernet and run it as wireless... or WAP Access Point. It is perfectly great way to do it.

    3 and now I want Airport express on the floor for the wifi upstairs (another name for this wifi?)

    This is connected by ethernet, then it will work fine... you can call it Expresswifi

    You are certainly going to clutter the wireless channels, you could so be interesting rather than auto setting fastenings.

    2.4 ghz has been set to 1, TC 6 and 11 Express then Frtiz.

    5 GHz is less of a problem... auto should be fine, because the beach is mediocre.

  • To transfer the old backups Time Machine from a hard disk external to the airport in Time Capsule

    Is it possible to transfer the old Time Machine backups from my external hard drive to Time Capsule airport?

    Having done this in the past, I can say that it is possilble... but is not anywhere near the amount of time and effort it will take to do this.

    Even when I was successful, Time Machine has started a new backup of the Mac... it has not added on the old existing backups, so I lost a good part of the backup on the Time Capsule space.

    This will be easier if you keep just on the hard drive for a few months... in case you need to go back and pick up a file... While the time Capsule built a new story backups tons.  After 3 to 6 months, you will not need the old backups, and you can erase the disc and use it as a spare part.

    If you want to try it anyway... see this article:

  • Could not find the Time Capsule for Time Machine backup drive

    My iMac is running El Capitan and Time Machine is unable to find the Time Capsule backup drive.  I blew the backup several times in hopes that it will fix the problem.   The only thing I found which will allow a return to the top is to unplug the Time Capsule and plug it in again.  The work around works only once, then it's back to "can't find the backup disk.

    For anyone a cela or similar questions are you go in your Utilities folder (in your applications folder) and run the utility airport to see what he says about the disks attached. This cannot work for the readers of time capsule Apple rather than third party readers who have been designated as the backup time drives machine.

  • Connected to but the Airport utility does not see the time capsules

    Hi, I have several time capsules.

    I can connect to the web, but the airport utility does not see the time capsules.  I tried to restart the time capsules, router, computer, but I still don't see any of the devices on the network.

    What now?

    Have you tried the airport utility in the iOS version... Download on the App or iTunes store and load... Works better than the Mac version.

    Other than what Mac running what OS do you use?

    This modem you have and how is the installation of TC on the network.

  • the power light comes on is when I power up my Airport Extreme, Time Capsule.

    the power light lights not is more when I place my Airport Extreme, Time Capsule of power, but I hear whirring noises.  I tried to reset the unit but get the same answer

    Sorry, but from your description, it is possible that the power supply to your Time Capsule is defective.

    What exact model of the time Capsule did you? If it is new, you can get it replaced by Apple, especially if you bought it with another Apple product.

  • Should I buy the time Capsule

    Hi all!

    I currently have an Asus router ac68u from T Mobile. It worked well this year I got it, but with one problem. USB 3 external HARD disk configuration and the service is terrible. The firmware is crippled by T-Mobile and does not have some built-in functions that it should have. I really want to be able to use it with time machine for my MacBook pro and my IMac 27 at the same time. The problem is the speed of backups and fear to use it to view files on the internet. After days of reading and research, my first thought was to replace it with a time Capsule. I would tend to think that the installer would be much less of a headache and it would be much safer way for Mac on the normal FTP or Samba which offer other routers.

    After reading so many comments, I'm wondering 3 things:

    1. the age of the technology of the time Capsule.

    2. the speed and the autonomy of the time Capsule.

    3. Wifi calling under a load.

    The peak use, there will be 14 devices share the router. But the most common are scenarios, four 802.11ac devices using Skype, youtube and Netflix at the same time with a wired broadcast LAN 4 k video peripheral. And 2 readers of streaming HD video over 802.11n.

    It strained my Asus router, but it keeps her on. My service is cable 150mg and I get full 150mg less than 30 feet with a single connected device. The T Mobile router does a good job at wifi under full load calls. I guess it's because the QoS configuration they use.

    Then the time Capsule stand or perform at least as good as my AC68U using my home or should I be looking for a monster like the 3200 AC or an AC-5300 router and buy an external hard drive. I fear that the program installation and safety, but I don't want to lose money on the Time Capsule if it cannot follow.

    You can find the specifications at Then select the time Capsule to find the specs on all models from the beginning. They were initially released in 2009.

    My preference would be an Airport Extreme Base Station with a connected backup USB drive. Probably just as good as the time Capsule but more reliable. Backup speed will be slightly faster than Ethernet.

    I don't have experience with the help of so many features at the same time, so I can't comment on this issue.

    The time Capsule and are all two AEBS Gigabit capable. Typical range is clearly brought 150 feet. Walls, windows, walls, ceilings and floors will reduce this range according to the material and the distances.

  • My verse ATT modem (non apple devices to use this modem} is connected to the ATT line, Time Capsule (iPhones, Macs Time Capsule use) via ethernet Uverse.) Non apple devices can collect data from iPhones or Mac using the time Capsule?

    My verse ATT modem ({use of devices not apple wifi of this modem} is connected to the ATT line, Time Capsule (iPhones, Macs use the wifi of the time Capsule) and connect to the Uverse modem via ethernet.)

    Both devices are set to the highest security and each uses separate passwords.

    Non apple devices can collect data from iPhones or Mac using the time Capsule?

    With a bit of work by someone who knows how to do such things, not Apple computers could read some files on the Mac if file sharing is configured on the network... devices non-Apple and... He knew the device passwords or administrator for Macs.

    Mac could also play the files on other Macs if file sharing has been implemented and the device password or admin was known.

    If you ask if a PC can read the files on the Time Capsule, the answer is Yes, without doubt, assuming that the PC knew the password of device for the time Capsule.

  • I have 2 imacs and a laptop computer and you want to back up all three wireless via time capsule on my existing wifi network. If we can also use the time capsule as my wifi and replace my uverse wifi, that would be great. possible?

    I have 2 imacs and a laptop computer and you want to back up all three wireless via time capsule on my existing wifi network. If we can also use the time capsule as my wifi and replace my uverse wifi, that would be great. possible?

    If you want to make sure that you will be able to get the Apple support in case of problems or questions with your backups, you must use the wireless Time Capsule to back up your Mac.

    As long as the time Capsule provides a wireless signal, you can decide who to your 'main' network, then use it wireless Uverse for "guest", or children. If you do not need the Uverse router/modem wireless at all, it is possible to turn off wireless on the device and make it work only as a support modem/router...with Uverse wired.

    At this point, you can start thinking about how you want to configure things and get back in touch if you need some advice on how to do it.  We need to know what operating system that uses the Mac that you normally use to administer the time Capsule, provide good instructions, if you need it.

  • can't see the time capsule on network

    I have a router modem wireless method

    2.5/5.0 and I want to continue to use the wireless installation.

    I am up-to-date on El Capitan.

    The router via ethernet is an express airport 2nd generation connected to an amp for antenna and in addition to the express via ethernet is a time capsule of 3rd generation? in a press room feeding a number of multimedia devices.

    What I want to do is to backup my Mac Book Pro on the time capsule which I see in the finder, but not its content, nor I see

    It is contained in Time Machine.

    Can someone help?

    It can be very difficult if not impossible... or only very little reliable if you do not connect the computer directly to the TC...

    Anyway... have a go... find the IP address of the TC of airport utility... no chance then don't first plug the computer by ethernet directly to TB. Use Thunderbolt for the ethernet card if your mobile phone is failed.

    Once you have the IP address... Use the top Finder menu... Go, connect to the server.

    Type AFP:// (substitute your real IP of the TC).

    When the connection is done put the password and save in keychain.

    It will work up until the IP... Therefore, force is not to change.

    Still had problems give me a screenshot of the airport with the pages of summary of the Express and the TC utility.

  • How does the Time Capsule?

    I'm looking into buying time Capsule Airpot but I have a few questions and hoping someone can help! I'm basically looking for a way to back up my MacBook Pro and replace my crappy router in the thought process was a good deal... However what I was asking, that's exactly how the backup works? It's like an external hard drive where my information will sit until the end of time? Or will they finally deleted? Like say I backup all my pictures and then remove them from my MacBook... They are never saved on the time Capsule airport or eventually be deleted?

    I suggest a visit to Time Machine FAQ of Pondini for more information about Time Machine. Time Machine performs a type of backup archives where the old files can be deleted and replaced by new ones. Time Machine backup on a disk in the time Capsule.

    TM only deletes older files if they have been removed from the source and when TM needs space on the backup to a new incremental backup drive. Time Machine "Jules Destrooper" its backups. over 24 hours, old backups, except the first of the day; These "dailies", old more 30-day backups, except the first day of the week. The weeklies are kept as long as there is room.

    So, how long a backup rest file depends on how long it was on your Mac before being deleted, assuming that you do at least one backup per day. If she was there for less than 24 hours, it will be maintained for at least a month. If she was there at least a week, it will be maintained as long as there is room.

    Note that, on a Time Capsule, the sparsebundle grows in size as needed, but not descended. View of the user of the TC so it seems that no space was released, although there may be space in the sparsebundle.

    Once TM has found that it cannot free enough space for new backup it reports the disk is full. You can erase the backup disk and start your backup or replace the disc with a larger drive.

Maybe you are looking for