Alienware 15 R2 skylake


I have a technical question about SSDS
Alienware 15 R2 skylake
nVMe is compatible with?
The motherboard for nvme ssd is ok?
Thank you very much

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This SSD M.2 NVMe is with alienware?

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  • It seems that Alienware forgotten Skylake for Area 51

    Maybe next year some time?  ;-}

    Regardless of the difference in performance, area 51 R2 (and very probably the R3) use a different chipset chipset regular Skylake as Tesla was noted. That means that Skylake be taken in charge and would be regular processors.

    Currently, area 51 R2 uses the Haswell-E (5000 series) processors. Most likely, the successor will use Broadwell-E or Skylake-E, if Alienware jump Broadwell.-e. Those who don't start coming until next year. Alienware refreshes generally when new CPUs or chipsets get rid.

    (And I replied to the wrong person. Ugh...)

  • Alienware 17 R3 wifi problem!


    I just had my Alienware 17 R3 yesterday. Inteli7 Skylake 6700, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, SSD 256 + 1 TB hard drive, GTX980M 4 GB of DDR5 memory, card wifi killer in 1535. I'm a gamer so I have buy this machine, but this machine is having serious problem in internet connection.

    Download streaming Dota2 took me 14 hours, only 120 - 500 kb/s. I can confirm that this is not my router or my internet problem, because my roommate has not faced this problem with the MSI. Everyone is fine with the connection, but just me facing the problem. It seems that the wifi connection is not stable.

    I have checked through many test of connection speed, it's worse to my roommate. using the command "ping check" my ping is around 240ms-600ms without any download or steam. My friend is around 69ms-80ms. Beside that, I also tried disabled my killer and activate again, nothing changes. The killer driver already up-to-date.

    Can someone help me with this? I do a lot of research on it, but it does not work. I tried to disable the wifi connection and connect the lan cable, which is even worse!

    Help, please!

    Thank you.

    We have released a new driver to resolve this problem the software is available here:

    Please let us know if the problem persists after update.

    Thank you very much for your patient with that.

  • (Redirected) Skylake Area 51 R3 - rumors, etc.. ?

    Impatience-detail of the announcement of the Skylake Area 51.

    Better in this position in the Alienware owners Club Forum, here:


  • Skylake

    The iMac 27 "to the end of 2015 with the 1 TB drive merger there Skylake?

    It is very difficult to tell from the website of Apple, or even the Best Buy site. Is anyone here know for sure?



  • 15 - AB292NR: HP Pavilion 15-AB292NR i7-6700HQ Skylake - hindered by slots memory DDR3L-Only. Does not accept DDR4.

    I bought this HP Pavilion 15-AB292NR 'Flagship' portable nine in April 2016, is come with core i7-6700HQ CPU - only to discover later that DDR4 RAM do not accept the storage media on this laptop (and no, it has no notches on UniDIMM in media, memory, decision-making is notched for DDR3, only).  I discovered this after much digging, wading in the documents, and many and endless calls to HP Technical Support - I finally got answers after that it took the Department of HP parts.

    It is currently 16 GB of RAM of the DDR3L - 1600 CL9 (1.35 v), and standard synthetic benchmarks of the industry and real-world applications confirm this: this system accuses other systems in the same class (same processor but with RAM DDR4-2133) of 18% to 20% in the overall performance.

    This decrease in performance is particularly felt by the onboard intel HD Graphics integrated 530 (even once, optimized for DDR4), whose performance is directly related to the speed of the main system RAM. The limitation of the Board of directors only new DDR3 system holds this system in performance 18-20% FPS - I measured myself.

    Skylake processors and chipsets are optimized for DDR4 memory.  This laptop is hampered by only DDR3 sockets.

    I bought this laptop thinking that its status as a "Flagship" meant that he would be a more efficient.

    Looks like I was sadly mistaken.

    Yes it's me... direct and transparent. You could mark one of the answers as a 'Solution' as I suspect, it will start to become a common source of confusion, and when you score a 'Solution' that it rolls upward in the research.

  • Pls advise RE: purchase of / resale MacBook Pro w / retina after Skylake-chipped MacBooks are released.


    I'm looking for advice from the community RE: purchase of

    MacBook Pro 13 inch with Retina display

    Core i7 processor

    16 GB OF RAM

    512 GB Flash storage

    I need a laptop NOW. So, unfortunately, I look forward to the implementation of models of MacBook Pro with chips of Skylake, would have been to be released maybe in June 2016?

    1. I guess that's a bit like buying a car, for example, the machine value will depreciate as soon as we get to my office and then drop when the new models take place. Is this correct?

    Despite my suspicion, that the answer is a YES in the above, I tell myself to buy the machine, I need now and when the Skylakes fall, I can sell the MacBook Pro, I'm about to buy.

    Skylakes or not, the above specifications are how I would set up - I wish the 1 TB of Flash storage, but I would not spend $ 500.

    2. the Flash storage problem would significantly influence the resale value?

    3. should I buy this or I am about to make a terrible mistake?  My (endless) research indicates this is a good machine - & I visited it in the store and fell in love with a video duck / the Retina display. I love more screen real estate in general, but I decided to trade for portability since I've also got an iMac. I would really appreciate the wisdom of the community and put an end to the fatigue of my decision.

    Thanks as always for your help!

    Since you told us about what you plan to do with it, we can say anything on the Mac you have chosen.

    It was my standard answer that if you need now then buy.

  • Firefox 4.0 is not working properly (Alienware laptop running Windows 7) - how can I go back to 3.6

    I just downloaded and installed Firefox 4.o and it does not work properly. I am running Windows 7 SP1 on a 64-bit Alienware Laptop i7 cpu 1.2 Ghz, 8 GB of RAM.

    Black boxes cover the text when the mouse passes over it; Some Web pages appear completely black; other flash between black and normal. I can't see tabs when I hover over them (they appear in black). The scroll bar on the left does not. It is very difficult for this type because every time I hit a strike the textblock turns black. It is also very difficult to move to the bottom of the screen.

    The problems seem to be exactly the same as when I downloaded the mine field.

    Can I restore to 3.6?

    Just download it here:

  • Broadwell vs Skylake on iMac 21 "


    I have a few questions about the processor on iMac 21 "4K:

    1. it will be soon possible to buy an iMAC 21 "using the Intel Skylake ?

    2. don't Broadwell processors (i5/i7) remain the only option that can be selected on the Apple store online for the iMac 21 "?

    3. If Skylake processors will be available on 21 "iMac, when would it possible?

    4. is there a substantial difference between Broadwell and Skylake?

    5. I want to buy an iMac 21 "which will last 8 to 10 years. He would with a processor i7 Broadwell or should I wait for Skylake option available on this kind of office?

    Note: I have shared the Office in order to use Apple AND Windows. I would like to use the computer for internet movies, office, composing music (for example, recording and editing music through the connection of my digital piano to her).

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

    Kind regards

    All members of these forums are users like you and don't have any more information about Apple's future plans as you.

  • wanted: new HP desktops with the Intel (Skylake) CPU 6700 series

    For those who have purchased a HP desktop with Intel (Skylake) CPU 6700 series in, you should read this web info on a defect confirmed in CPU micro code which can cause blockages or problems when doing some heavy calculations:

    A fix has not yet been determined by Intel and my cat with the HP support was not successful to determine what HP knows about this problem and what they will do to ensure that those of us who have bought desktop witht this CPU will have the problem fixed.  According to web article, it could be something as simple as an update of the BIOS or as drastic as a reminder of the CPU and the replacement by Intel.

    I hope someone from HP will know more about it and reply to this post so that we are not left out in the cold.


    It is a peer to peer forum.

    HP maintains no official presence here.

    I suggest using this link and ask HP to keep you in the loop.

    Who knows, they may not even be aware of the issue.

    I know that they are good enough to go back to people in this way.

  • Envy 15 t-q400: updates of Windows 7 on my laptop Skylake

    I recently bought and Envy 15 t-q400 with an i7-6700HQ running Windows 7 Professional. Anyone know if I will continue to get updates or until when? I looked towards the top of the list of HP laptops supported running windows 7 on a processor of skylake but I don't see my model. I just bought this laptop 3 months ago so I was hoping that I would get even a few OS updates kind.


    Thanks for posting in the Forum from HP Support.

    Here is the official Microsoft article:

     Support will be provided until July 17, 2017 and its recommended that these systems be upgraded to Windows 10 as soon as possible. After July 2017, the most critical Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 security updates will be addressed for these configurations

    Microsoft will continue to release critical and up-to-date security for Windows 7 by 2020.

    All other updates (those non-critical) for machines 'Skylake' will be available until July 2017, in accordance with article Ms.

    If Windows 7 works well for you, I would recommend that keep you it this way and not want to move to a newer operating system. Windows 7 is a great operating system, in my opinion.

  • Upgrade of RAM Acer V15 Nitro Black Edition (Skylake)


    I just ordered the new model of skylake V15 Nitro Black Edition. Before that happens, I want to go look for an upgrade of RAM and that the first order of the day. I wonder if the 8 GB model is using 4GBx2 or 8GBx1? And also, what form the RAM are so I know what will work with the existing stick?


    Yes of course. You can use HWINFO portable version (without installation). You will see the brand and the part number of the memory module.

  • AE 2500 does not install on Alienware M17x with Win7 home Preimum 64 bit

    Hi all

    I got the AE 2500 after the a N750 Linksys dual-band wireless router.

    the router is soft, but to my surprise the internal Wireless NIC does not support 5 GHz networks.

    his embaracing to say that all the apple devices, including MAC, iphones and ipads 2 stand it... including my Galaxy s4 work.

    I own an alienware m17x running win7 64 bit home premuim.

    at bost performance I had the USB AE2500 adapter, when I plug in the Device Manager recognize as "Unknown device" and no matter what I do on the Web, nor what I download Linksys it used to recognize and install the adapter.

    When I thought that maybe the adapter is broken, I have a 4 year old with win7 lenovo machine that had no problem what so ever grateful and the installation of the adapter and conect to my 5 GHz Wireless.

    in a nut shell it annoyed me.

    If there is a solution out there, please, point me in the right direction

    Thank you.

    Problem solved.

    in the alienware there an eSATA port.

    Once pluged, it works like a charm

    Thank you.

  • HP C4280: Critical bug in software on the systems of skylake C4200


    I just found a critical bug in your software for HP C4200 series (4.exe - PS_AIO_C4200_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_140_404 or PS_AIO_C4200_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_130_140.exe).

    I just bought a new computer with a CPU skylake. Intel has removed USB 1.1 and 2.0 controllers on those systems, and only USB 3.0 is present. When I try to install the HP software, HP C4200 series setup just does not detect USB 2.0 controllers in the system and refuses to install. It is a mistake because the USB 3.0 controller can of course operate in mode 2.0 (and 1.1). Y at - it an option to run the installer to get verification of the 'minimum requirements '? It is a critical bug, I can not install the HP drivers/software in my Windows 7 system.

    Thank you and best regards,



    Of the installation folder extract HP Open the Setup folder and rename usbready.exe to usbready1.exe.

    Next go to a higher level and tun the executable Setup.exe, the installation should now ignore this step.


  • ProBook 450 G2: Upgraded to the 6th generation 4th generation intel processor core i5 to skylake

    My laptop is HP Probook 450 G2. And my processor is 4th generation Intel Core i5. So, I want to upgrade my processor CPU 4th generation intel core i5 to 6th generation intel processor core i5 to skylake. Can I put my 4th generation CPU intel core i5 processor in the 6th generation intel core i5 processor skylake? Pls tell me

    Laughing out loud

    You can't do this for a simple reason.

    The processor on the motherboard socket are not identical.

    4th generation Intel core i5 mobile CPU uses socket 1150

    6th generation Intel core i5 mobile CPU uses socket 1440

    It's a bit like trying to plug the power plug of the American unit to an electric outlet of the European House.

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